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Haiko Dolls
• https://www.mangadex.org/manga/15870/
• [PG]
• 5 out of 7
A story about a mysterious girl with the power to bring dolls to life, who shrinks the main character and treats her like one of her dolls.

Hen na Nee-san
• https://www.mangadex.org/manga/13262/
• [X]
• 1 out of 7
This is basically just a weird hentai (they don't technically show genitals but there's only so much piss and cum a manga can put on screen before I rate it "X"). About 1/3 of it is G/t focused. As a manga it just isn't good, and as a hentai you can find a dozen better ones by just searching "Giantess" on nhentai or something.

Half-Inch High
• http://labbacomics.com/comics-and-art/
• [PG] (R for gore)
• ??? out of 7
This is the kind of cruel giantess story where none of the tinies even have names because they just die every chapter. I actually hate this kind of story, but I would have felt bad giving it a 1 out of 7 just because of my personal tastes in genre, so I left it unrated.

Honorable mentions:
• Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka? is about a tall kouhai and her short senpai, but it has one chapter, Chapter 10, where she dreams about him actually shrinking down to tiny size.









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