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            Amanda cried as she was once again painfully squeezed between the enormous sweaty toes of her captor.  She was unsure of how long she had been here, but the strong sweaty, cheesy smell of her tormentor?s sweaty feet coupled with the painful crushing of the giant toes, was too much for her.

            ?How do you like being my toejam, bitch??

            The booming , bitchy voice belonged to her tormentor, a leggy blonde twenty-something who she had somehow managed to piss off. 

One moment she had been having fun, dancing in the club with her friends, the next she felt some weird stuff on her and then she was tiny on the dance floor before a pair of massive feet in stiletto sandals before being snatched up and stuck between the sweaty toes of the giantess who went right back to dancing and drinking with a now tiny girl trapped between her punishing toes. 

Now she was being flicked between the sweaty toes of the drunken blonde while she sat in the back of an Uber, pop music blasting in the background.

            She caught a glimpse of the huge woman drunkenly grinning down at her, giggling as she crushed her with her huge toes.  The woman?s long blonde hair and makeup still looked perfect despite the hours of dancing and drinking she had been doing.  Her pretty blue eyes were full of glee as they watched the helpless girl struggling between her smelly toes.

            ?Damn babe, I can?t believe you actually shrunk her down.  That?s so mean.?  This voice belonged to the hulking giant man who sat next to the beautiful blonde, his muscular arm draped around her as he stared down at the tiny prisoner with a stupid grin on his face.  He was a handsome man with brown hair and lightly tanned skin.

            ?Well that?s what she gets for knocking my fucking drink out of my hand and stepping on my toes.  I literally just got a pedicure yesterday and this bitch is stepping on my toes and $500 heels while she flails around ?dancing? like a fucking asshole.?  The blonde said angrily, squeezing her huge toes and enveloping Amanda painfully in her warm, sweaty, smelly flesh.

            The blonde was wearing a pair of black stiletto high heeled sandals, with a strap around her ankle and another over the knuckles of her toes.  She also had on a white mini pencil skirt that was almost too short in Amanda?s opinion and a skimpy black midriff bearing crop top, that revealed her toned abs and a diamond navel piercing.

            ?Haha well then I guess she deserves to be between your toes, babe.?  The giant grinned before the blonde turned towards him and the two began to make out while Amanda was forced to watch.

            The blonde rhythmically squeezed her toes along with the music while she made out with the giant, crushing and squeezing Amanda repeatedly between her sweaty, smelly toes.  Amanda struggled to breath as the sweaty toes pummeled and smothered her.  Her little dress was soaked with sweat and grime and Amanda was pretty sure it was torn.  The make out session began to get hot and heavy as the giant slid a hand up her toned leg towards the hem of her short skirt.

            Amanda was helpless between the thick, tan toes of the giant woman.  The giantess ground her between her toes as she scrunched her toes while she made out with the giant.  She was in immense pain and struggling to breathe between the powerful, smelly toes.

            The giant continued sliding his hand up her leg, resting it on her toned thigh near the hem of her skirt while the woman rubbed at the man?s crotch.  They continued to kiss as Amanda continued to be rhythmically crushed.

            The blonde pulled away from the man and smirked down at her.  She wiggled her toes, jostling the tiny girl about between the sweaty digits.

            ?I think I?m just going to smother this little bitch between my toes until she passes out and then when she wakes up, I?m just going to do it again.?  The blonde said giggling and hiccupping drunkenly.

            The giant laughed as he heard her say this.  ?You?re really not holding back.?

            ?Fuck her.?  The blonde said before scrunching her toes together tightly, enveloping Amanda between the smelly, sweaty flesh of her big toes.

            The toes pressed painfully on Amanda?s tiny body, the pressure crushing her frail form.  When she tried to draw in breath, she found the sweaty, hot flesh of the blonde titaness?s toes blocking her nose and mouth.  It tasted absolutely awful.

            Amanda soon began to panic between the toes as she couldn?t breathe.  She was absolutely terrified and could feel herself becoming light headed.  Her lungs screamed for air but she couldn?t get any.  She was suffocating between some giant party girl?s toes.

            Amanda wasn?t sure how long she was trapped between the giant toes.  Every second was a painful, suffocating experience or her.  Time was dragging and she lacked any awareness of the situation around her.

            By the grace of God, the toes finally released her.  Amanda gasped for air, drawing in breath after breath of tainted sweaty foot stink.  She didn?t even care, it felt good to breathe.

            Amanda realized the car was no longer moving and that the couple were kissing.

            ?We?re here.?  The driver said.  ?Um excuse me, we?re here.?  The driver repeated, slightly louder this time, as the couple continued to kiss.

            The couple finally pulled away from each other, smiling drunkenly at each other as they did so.  As the giant reached to open the door, the giant blonde turned and grinned down at Amanda giving her a squeeze with her toes and giggling at Amanda?s discomfort.

            ?Come on, babe.  Let?s go.?  The giant said, extending a hand from outside the Uber to help the girl out of the car.  The blonde giggled as she accepted his hand and Amanda?s whole world was rocked.

            Her world violently shook as the blonde scooted across the backseat of the Uber and then began to stand up outside the car.  The air outside the car was warm and the sky was clear, evidence of a beautiful summer night.  Amanda?s experience was slightly different as the blonde?s huge sweaty toes were her world currently.

            Amanda felt extra pressure on her as the blonde stood.  She was squeezed slightly tighter between the blonde?s big, smelly toes.  She couldn?t even budge between them.

            Amanda could hear the sounds of traffic and the city nightlife.  It was rather late but there were still people out.  She heard cars driving and voices although she couldn?t make out what they saying.  She could just see the giant take the giantess?s hand in his and the two shared a quick kiss as Amanda heard the Uber pull away.

Amanda felt sick as the blonde?s foot rose quickly and air rushed by her as the blonde stepped up off the street and onto the curb.  Amanda was deafened by the booming of the blonde?s footsteps.  She could also hear the loud clicks produced by the enormous blonde?s stiletto heels as they struck the concrete with every step.

Amanda was in a world of pain as the blonde walked, being smashed between the large, thick toes with every step.  The world rushed by around her, blurs of color and indistinguishable shapes.  Every other sound was secondary to the booming footsteps of the massive blonde.

The roller coast ride stopped briefly as the couple paused for the giant to open the door.  The ride began again as the giantess stepped through the door and then opened the lobby door and walked in.  The clicks of her heels on the floor of her apartment rang out with each step.

?Good evening, Ms. Kovar.?  The doorman said as the enormous blonde and her giant man walked through the lobby.

Neither giant acknowledged the doorman as the world continued to fly by around Amanda as they walked deeper into the lobby of the upscale apartment building.  The couple finally came to a stop at what a dazed Amanda realized was the elevators.

She could hear the couple kissing above her as the blonde idlily moved her foot around while she kissed the giant and giggled.  The girlish giggles of the blonde were loud and she could hear the giant couple whispering to each other but couldn?t make out what they were saying.

Finally, she heard a ding and the sound of elevator doors opening.  Her world shifted and shook as the couple entered the elevator before the blonde came to s stop inside the elevator.  As the doors closed, the blonde moved her foot as Amanda could once again hear the sounds of the giant couple kissing high above.

She could feel the elevator rising while she was smushed between the blonde?s toes.  She was praying for this nightmare to end.  All she could taste was the blonde?s disgusting sweat and all she could smell was the strong, cheesy, sweaty odor of her feet.  She felt sticky and disgusting and her ears were ringing.

She heard a loud ding, signaling that the couple had arrived at their floor.  The couple withdrew from their passionate kissing and begin to exit the elevator.

Amanda was once more deafened by the thumps of the blonde?s huge high heel clad feet, her world shaking and the hallway flying by.  She was a mess and felt sick as the air rushed by her.

The couple came to a rumbling halt and Amanda heard the sound of keys entering a lock above her.  The couple?s drunken giggling rang out down the hallway as the blonde unlocked the door.

The door flew open and the couple shared until kiss before walking into the apartment.  Amanda once more heard the clicks of the blonde?s high heels.

?Ugh, it feels so good to be home.?  The blonde boomed as she walked through the apartment.

?Yeah, it?s nice your place is so close to all the clubs and shit.?  The giant man said from someplace else in the apartment.  ?Definitely should pregame here again before we go out next weekend too.?  Amanda could hear a light being switched on and then what sounded like peeing.

?Only if you clean it all up.  I?m so not cleaning up after you all.?  The blonde replied, which was met by a chuckle from the man.  The blonde was still walking, the apartment flying by Amanda, a blur of different colors all around her.

The blonde pushed a door open and then Amanda was temporarily blinded by light as the blonde flicked a switch.  Amanda could briefly she what she thought was a bed and assumed they were in the blonde?s bedroom.  The bed was absolutely gigantic and the room appeared rather spacious.

The blonde walked into the room and then spun on her heels before dropping down onto the bed.  Amanda heard the creaks of the bedsprings and the mattress groaning as the giant girl sat down upon it.

?Time to take these off.?  The blonde said to no one in particular.  Amanda watched as the blonde raised her other leg and brought her foot up, her fingers dancing over the ankle strap of the stiletto and undoing it.  She pulled the heel off her massive foot and brought her foot back down, placing the high heel next to her foot.

The foot which held Amanda suddenly lifted skyward, air rushing by as it did so.  Amanda saw the blonde?s huge manicured fingers pulling at the ankle strap and loosening it enough for her to pull it off her foot.  The blonde?s toes scrunched slightly as she pulled the heel off, squeezing tiny Amanda between them.

Amanda was left trapped between the blonde?s smelly toes as the giantess lowered the heel down to the ground to place it next to the other.  She was suddenly jolted about as the blonde pulled herself further back on the bed, bringing her legs and feet up as she slid back on the bed.

The blonde let out a sigh of relief and began to wiggle and scrunch her toes, clearly enjoying freedom from her stiletto heels.  This meant Amanda was pummeled by the wiggling toes and squeezed painfully with every scrunch.

The blonde?s feet were still dangling off the bed although her legs from just above the ankle and up were on the bed.  The blonde titled and shifted her feet about as she wiggled and scrunched her toes, absent-mindedly torturing her tiny captive.

From her spot between the toes of the giantess, Amanda could see most of the massive titan as she lay sprawled on the enormous bed.  Amanda followed the long, toned, bronzed legs of the giantess up to the small white skirt she wore.  She could see the diamond navel piercing sparkling against the bronzed, toned abs of the giantess.  Her view of the giantess?s face however, was completely blocked by the massive mountains that were the giantess?s breasts.

Amanda saw the blonde holding her phone up above her face, typing and tapping away at it as she held it.  Amanda then heard the floor creaking and could hear footsteps in the hallway outside the bedroom.

?Laying down already?  That?s definitely not the girl I know.?  The giant chuckled.

The blonde dropped her phone on the bed and sighed.  ?You try wearing heels for like, 6 hours.  My feet are killing me.?

Amanda could hear the giant?s footsteps and knew he was drawing closer.  Her view was completely blocked by the giant woman?s toes, so Amanda could only hear the giant and not see him.

?Speaking of your feet, it looks like you got something stuck between your toes.?

Amanda heard the loud, girlish giggling and saw the blonde?s face pop up from behind the mountains that were breasts as she propped her self up with her elbows.  The giant toes began to wiggle, knocking Amanda about.

?Oh yeah, it looks like I have a big piece of toejam down there.  Can you get it for me??  The blonde said grinning and wiggling her toes.

The giant laughed.  ?Of course I can.?

Amanda was yelling out in pain as the huge toes wiggled and grinded her when she suddenly felt immense pressure as something closed in on her.  Amanda was ripped upwards and away from the smelly toes, finally free of the powerful digits after an unknown time of abuse.

She sucked in air that wasn?t tainted by feet although the awful cheesy odor of the blonde?s feet clung to her.  She realized she was between the giant?s fingers as she rose quickly up to his face where she was greeted by an enormous brown eye.

?She?s a bit smaller than the others.?  The giant?s voice was booming and it hurt Amanda?s ears.  She could smell the alcohol on his breath and gagged as it washed over her.  The giant?s huge eye poured over her as he examined the tiny brunette.

?Yeah I kind of put too much on her when I shrunk her.  It was kind of hard to see and I mean, I am drunk and was pissed at her soooooo??  The blonde said before the giant continued speaking.

?And she reeks of your feet.?

This statement was met by loud, cackling from the blonde.  ?Oh shut up.  My feet don?t smell.?

?I think we both know that?s a lie.?  The giant chuckled and the giant girl giggled.  ?And I think this little thing might disagree after all that.?  The giant said as he moved her away from his face.  The blonde laughed again.

?Who cares what she thinks?  Besides if anyone should be smelling my feet, it should be that little cunt.?  The blonde laughed.  ?Let me see her.?

Amanda could feel the giant take a step and then lean forward, extending his arm towards the blonde as she sat up a bit on the bed, her own arm outstretched and palm open.  Amanda was released from the strong grip of the giant?s fingers and plummeted through the air before landing on a soft, slightly fruity smelling surface.

She saw long, tan fingers stretching up into the sky around her and then the massive face of the blonde came in to view as she looked down at the tiny girl in her palm.  The blonde drunkenly grinned down at her, perfect white teeth large enough to easy tear Amanda in two on display.

Amanda suddenly felt pressure on her sides and once more realized she was being pinched up by fingers, these ones belonging to the giant girl.  She heard the mattress creaking once more as the blonde began to lay back down, Amanda shifting about as she now dangled from the blonde?s fingers.

The blonde was holding Amanda above her face, a smug grin on her face.

?Oh wow, you really are small.  Like, fucking tiny.?  The blonde said, slightly slurring her words.  Amanda could just smell alcohol on her breath wafting up towards her as the blonde spoke.  The blonde began to lower her towards her face.

?You?re an ugly little thing too.  That dress is also like so last season.  Where?s it even from?  The Wal-Mart collection??  The blonde said, grinning while the giant laughed.

?Damn, Paige.?  The giant said, between laughs.

Amanda nearly puked as the rum soaked breath of the giantess rolled over her.  She felt slight tremors and then heard the bed creaking and could feel the bed and blonde shake.

?Are you gonna eat her??  The giant said as he joined the blonde on the bed.

The giantess laughed, her booming laughter shaking Amanda and sending more of her rum soaked breath washing over her. 

?I totally could eat her.  I could fucking swallow her whole.?

She lowered her closer to her mouth, opening it wider.  Amanda gazed down in to the dark chasm below her, absolutely terrified.

Amanda screamed in terror as the giantess continued to lower her.  She spewed out a plethora of pleas for mercy as she was lowered.

The giantess suddenly pulled her away from her mouth and sat up, all of the motion throwing off Amanda.

?But then we wouldn?t get to have fun with her.  Besides, she wouldn?t even fill me up.?  The giantess giggled while the giant chuckled.

The giantess, whose name was Paige, scooted herself along the bed and then stood up, keeping Amanda tight in her fist.  Amanda stared down at the floor from her place in Paige?s fist, seeing Paige?s huge tan feet with their perfectly maintained white nails.  She noticed a gold toe ring on the giantess?s left second toe.

Paige began to walk, slightly swinging her arm as she did, her huge feet thumping along as she walked through the apartment.  Amanda struggled to breathe as she was held fast by Paige, forced to look at the young woman?s tan feet.

The giantess quickly sat down in what Amanda realized must?ve been the living room of the apartment.

?Hey Brad, babe, can you grab me some water??  The giantess boomed.  Amanda winced from the giantess?s loud voice.

?Sure.  Give me one second, babe.?  The giant, Brad, answered from somewhere else in the apartment.

?Thanks!?  The giantess replied before turning and grinning at the tiny girl she held in her fist.

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