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The Clone - illustrated


Story by Ladyprey and illustrations by Karbo




Cloning has become an accepted fact today although strictly limited by the legislative efforts of certain religious and political factions. In this rarefied stratosphere of science versus ethics it was inevitable that a handful of research facilities were to go rogue and cross the line into human research, particularly when it was discovered that a little tweaking of the DNA could produce such astounding results.


One such Facility went a step further after a 'small' accident opened the door to a particularly lucrative black market, which they neatly justified as a source of funds for further research. It seems that fine adjustments to a strand of human DNA produced an embryo that was a perfect duplicate in every respects except being a miniature of the original subject. One other advantageous difference was that development of the organism occurred many times faster than normal thus getting them on the market sooner.


It appeared that the metabolism of the miniaturized organism also scaled down the span of time between embryo and full maturity to a mere 3 weeks. The down side was that the life span of one of these 'clonies' as they came to be called, was only 12 weeks barring any calamities. The Facility producing the 'clonies' had to work under a cloak of secrecy but even so, had no trouble finding a very lucrative 'consumer' market.


The Story


Vivian geared down her BMW as she turned into the parking garage of her condominium complex and parked. She hurriedly grabbed a small molded plastic container from the passenger seat and made her way with rapidly rising anticipation to her condo on the fifteenth floor. Locking the door, she felt like a little girl again as she fumbled with the lid of the container, hardly able to contain her excitement and becoming aware of the familiar stirrings she was beginning to feel that were decidedly more adult.


Now she looked down at a perfectly formed miniature man who stared right back up at her with a quizzical expression. This, she was told was the latest development in clonies. Vivian had obtained several before now and found them very addictive, as did some of her affluent girlfriends. But this was a whole new level since her source claimed they had human intelligence, personality and the facility of speech. Vivian had no clue how it was done, any more than she knew how the engine of her BMW worked and right now she didn't care.


Vivian, a young aspiring lawyer, didn't lack for attractive male company in the world of dating, but on closer examination of this little guy she was almost intimidated by his good looks and well built physique even dressed as he was in standard coveralls that the Facility provided.


Now feeling a little like an awkward teenager, she said "My name is Vivian...did they give you a name?" She practically fell over when he replied "Of course I have a name; it's Sam, but where is this place?" Although she had known that these new clonies could talk, she wasn’t quiet ready for this.


What followed was a lengthy and stimulating conversation where she learned that what he lacked in experience of the real world, he made up for in intellectual capacity and seemed very eager to discover this brave new world. She told him that she had some interesting plans that included him and left it at that, but couldn’t help feeling he could see right through her flimsy deception.


She couldn’t very well tell him her plans included some very stimulating foreplay after which he would give her the ultimate orgasm and satisfy an insatiable primal hunger by being swallowed alive. But she had to admit to herself that this was not going to be without regrets. This was no unfeeling, stimulus-response creature like several earlier clonies she had devoured, or the spare she kept in a cage.


However, that was the point wasn’t it? If swallowing a living, simple minded miniature man could be so stimulating, just imagine the new heights that could be achieved with a real self aware man that can actually feel the terror of being swallowed whole and fighting for his life to his last breath! 


Ah, but there’s the rub. Even if she was a lawyer, she still had a conscience and she’d be killing a human being like herself. Well, she thought, she’d cross that bridge when she came to it and meantime she’d play it by ear as she went ahead with her evening plans.


Sam, from his vantage point on the dining table, watched as Vivian busied herself around the adjacent kitchen. Further conversation was pointless unless she was close enough to hear him. So he relaxed against a centerpiece vase and watched the fluid motions of her very attractive body, still dressed as she was in alluring mini skirt and lacy blouse.


Sam had learnt a great deal about male-female relationships but had never experienced one in his short existence. Now, as a mature male he longed for female companionship and Vivian was a perfect candidate even if a little large. Visions of intimate sex with her were hard to deny, although he wasn’t sure how he was going to manage the size factor, but exploration of her body as big as it was would be amazing.


Musing about the incongruities of his life, he was suddenly startled by Vivian being right in his face. “How about a bite, Sam?” she asked, Her billboard size smile widened into a panorama of formidable teeth as she ran her tongue seductively over her lips. She continued, “I whipped together a little something to keep your strength up for a while”.


“Aren’t you eating?” asked Sam. She replied “Not yet, I’ll be swallowing something later and I don’t want to spoil my appetite”. Vivian was having fun firing these teasing little innuendos at Sam and wondered how long she could keep it up before he caught on. But there it was again, that niggling feeling that it was such a sin to eat someone you liked, and she really was beginning to like this little guy.


As Sam finished a meal that was decidedly better than those he was used to at The Facility, Vivian returned with glasses of wine for the both of them. His of course was tiny and got him wondering where she found such a perfect tiny wine glass. This opened up a completely new topic of conversation and neither of them even noticed the warm glow settling over them as the wine flowed.


So the transition to the bedroom was simply the natural order of things, as was the slow strip tease Vivian now performed before him, as he stood on a chest of drawers enraptured by her beauty. For her part, she was thoroughly enjoying seducing him and beginning to feel very aroused by the power she had over him; how she could devour this man, body and soul and imprison him deep inside her. Oh, this was so much better than her earlier clonie victims.


Now naked, Vivian approached Sam with her breasts at eye level and as he became mesmerized by their gentle sway, he unconsciously shed his coveralls. He was taken completely by surprise when suddenly her enormous cavernous jaws surrounded him.



She had opened her mouth wide and swooped down over him from above, engulfing his 3” body down to his ankles, which positioned his head squarely in her throat with an awe-inspiring view straight down her bottomless gullet.


After a moment for him to appreciate her inner beauty, she slowly lifted off and pulled back to see him transfixed with an expression of wonderment on his tiny face. “What was that about?” he stammered. “I couldn’t resist” she said, “You’re just so cute I could just eat you right up!” She thought to herself “Little do you know that’s just what I’m going to do” and felt a surge of arousal rise deep inside.


Meanwhile Sam thought “I’d rather prove myself as a man than I would a meal so I wonder why I found that so arousing?” Now, as she stepped back and he took in her nakedness again, he was overwhelmed by the sense of predatory power she possessed and how, but for a whim and a quick gulp, he would now be deep in her belly, somewhere above that sexy navel that leered back at him.


Next moment Vivian gently swept him from his perch and caressing him to her breasts, moved to her bed to lie on her back releasing him. As he savored the soft warmth of her flesh she whispered “Pleasure me, lover”. Sam surveyed the amazing feminine landscape stretching away on all sides as he positioned himself below her left breast for a bit of titillating foreplay with her tantalizing nipples.


His knees got a little shaky as he realized right below him lurked her enormous stomach, more than big enough to make a meal of him. He pushed the thought aside and began his ministrations on the already erect nipple before him. He must be doing something right, he thought because soft moans emanated from her throat and beneath his feet, her belly undulated in a most disconcerting way.


Vivian was in ecstasy just from this simple foreplay and was becoming impatient to relieve the growing hunger in her loins, so she experimentally willed Sam to move towards her throbbing vulva. He did just that; he begun crawling on all fours across her flawlessly flat stomach, again a little fearful at the thought of that massive digestive machinery directly below him that even now started hungrily grumbling at him in the way digestive tracts tend to do.


As Vivian spread her legs wide for him, Sam swung down over the mound of her vulva with the aid of two handfuls of pubic hair and found himself staring right into a very hot and wet pink slit that was as long as he was tall. Then Vivian’s voice was saying, “Let’s play a little game where I’m a big bad crocodile and my legs are the massive jaws and you are my prey looking into that terrible throat before you".


Even as he watched, it began opening as if to swallow him. Vivian’s hand was on him in a flash, whisking him off his feet and inserting him feet first into that slick tunnel. In moments he was chest deep, then she let go and her vagina muscles drew him remorselessly deeper until he was looking backwards at the diminishing oval of light that was the outside world.


Sam could easily imagine the crocodile-swallowing-him-up scenario and decided he wasn’t too fond of this game if it meant being digested alive, even in pretense.  But the hot embrace of her vaginal walls was extremely sensual and Sam was becoming increasingly aroused. Except now he couldn't breath with his mouth and nose full of her juices. When she began rhythmically squeezing him with her approaching climax, he took the opportunity to wriggle his way back towards freedom.


As his feet reemerged outside her virgina, Sam was violently constricted by a huge convulsion accompanied by an ear-piercing scream of passion. "I must have hit her G-spot" he thought, so throwing caution to the wind, he repeated his last wriggling motions and sure enough there came an even greater convulsion that threatened to crush him to death.


This wave took her over the edge and she didn't notice him squirming out of her as she shuddered her way down from the heady heights of ecstasy. He too was spent, having shared her orgasm in perfect sync.


Neither knew how long they lay there, Sam sprawled face down in the apex of Vivian's shapely thighs covered in her juices. After a while, Sam became aware of gently being lifted and next thing he was staring into her beautiful brown eyes that had a rather odd gleam he thought. But now she transferred him to the upturned flat of her other hand where he steadied himself and was able to stand.


“That was truly amazing, Sam” she breathed, “But now I’d better clean you up” and she lowered him to her lips. Sam watched in fascination as her lips parted, her tongue darted out and curled around his torso. He was lapped from head to toe by that extremely long and sensuous organ while he gazed into the shadowy interior of her mouth. Vivian finished the clean up and retracted her tongue, noticing that his gaze focused on her mouth.


“Do you like my mouth?” she asked opening it wide for him. The spectacular sight before him struck Sam dumb and he could only wonder at the efficiency of this instrument of predation, this gateway to oblivion for anything that passed inside. As he watched, her tongue dropped lower than he thought possible, opening up the entire back of her mouth into the semicircular archway of her enormous throat.


Now, keeping Sam level with her gaping jaws, Vivian slowly began tilting her head back offering Sam an ever deeper view down her throat. Sam’s heart was racing both with the imminent danger below and surprisingly, his arousal from the idea that she could easily swallow him whole without a second thought. He was embarrassed to realize his erect member was clearly visible to Vivian, who smiled knowingly.


Seeing this, the man-eater in Vivian began to take control and she again experimented with this heady power and willed him to climb down into her mouth. Amazingly he did, simply lowering himself onto her incisors and from there into the left side of her mouth where he could wedge his foot between her molars and inner cheek wall. His sense of self-preservation kept him away from that deadly throat, but he couldn’t tear his gaze away from it for a second.


Having Sam’s naked body completely inside her mouth was too much for Vivian and she almost gulped him right then, but quickly regained control, leveled her head and began teasing him with her tongue. After thoroughly savoring his salty flavor she again lost control and moved him back to her waiting throat. In panic, Sam was able to get his feet on one side and his head on the other, straddling himself crossways above the hungry chasm of her throat. He watched as her epiglottis moved to seal her windpipe, clearing her gullet.


Alarmingly, Sam could now clearly see 20 feet or more deep into her gullet before it curved into the mysterious darkness below. He now had no doubt that she was trying to eat him and this was no longer a game. He didn’t think there was a whole lot he could do to prevent it except to delay the inevitable. With this submissive thought, Sam imagined how it was going to be to plunge down that hoary throat and slide into to a living death, imprisoned in her greedy stomach.


By now, Vivian was very aroused and her primal urge was kicking in again with Sam poised directly over her throat, a swallow away from her stomach. Her tongue went into action lining him up for the deadly headfirst gulp but Sam retaliated by bracing his hands on either side of the fleshy entrance to the bottomless pit, his body cupped in the chute formed by her tongue, the tip curling back to push on his feet.


As Vivian again tilted her head back for a gravity assist, Sam could only stare in terror as the throat below him expanded and contracted in anticipation. Now a deep, resonant growling was echoing up from the depths while her hot breath blew passed him, in and out. That was when he realized that he could no longer see past her epiglottis since she was now breathing and it had opened to uncover her windpipe, which he could clearly see in the wall of her gullet.


Sam knew the grave risk he was about to take, but he also knew his arms would never hold against her powerful swallowing muscles so he retracted his arms and plunged down into her throat landing on the epiglottis with his hands outstretched. If Vivian had been able to move her epiglottis, Sam would be on his way to her stomach, but his weight prevented the gullet from opening to take him. Instead, she choke-coughed him onto her hand explosively.


After a few seconds to recover from the ejection, Sam cleared the matted hair from his eyes and looked up at Vivian. “What the fuck are you doing, you man-eating bitch?” he said, escalating rapidly from terror to full-blown rage. Vivian replied, “I’m eating you of course, that’s the whole purpose; that’s why I bought you!”


“But why would you do that; I thought there was something special between us, besides the fact it's cannibalism and friends don’t usually eat friends” Sam said. He figured his only hope now was to talk her out of it. Vivian said “I wonder if you wouldn’t do the same in my place; you can’t imagine what an amazing experience if is for me to swallow a living man whole and have him imprisoned inside my belly until he's digested alive. Then followed by the knowledge that he sacrificed himself to my body and he’ll never leave, just nourish my body and be absorb into my cells.”


Sam said “No I guess I can’t imagine that but I sure can imagine how painful it would be to be digested alive; can you really do that to me with any conscience at all?” “Well I…” Vivian hesitated; here was that pesky conscience rearing its ugly head again. Sam was right. She'd made the mistake of getting to know him too well and she really was becoming fond of him. Then an idea occurred to her that would let her have her clonie and eat him too, so to speak.


She desperately wanted to eat Sam but then she wouldn’t have him around any more, at least not outside of her. But what it she satisfied her primal hunger by eating another clonie and had Sam watch? Maybe that would assuage this emptiness in her belly, this craving to absorb a living being. Without a word she put Sam back on the top of the chest of drawers and practically ran from the room. 


Although mystified, Sam began to relax. At least for now he’d avoided the most horrible death a man could imagine in his worst nightmares; being swallowed whole and digested alive in the belly of a monster. But there was something else here. He had actually felt the desire to throw himself down her throat at one point. What the hell was that? He had actually wanted to give himself to her, to surrender himself to her hunger as a sacrifice, as a contribution to her gorgeous body. All very primal and all very confusing.


Vivian was back. She walked over to the Sam and put another clonie down beside him. “Whaaa…” Sam stuttered in utter amazement, taking a couple of steps back. Vivian said “I’d introduce you but this one doesn’t have a name; he’s one of the original clonies so he’s rather simple”. Nevertheless, Sam noticed he was a perfectly formed man but a little smaller than him; only 2” tall and very naked.


He also seemed to have a healthy fear of Vivian and what she might do. It was well founded because Vivian now brought her face down opposite the new clonie at the edge of the chest saying “Watch this Sam, this could be you.” Once more Vivian’s frightening jaws opened to the obvious terror of the clonie who began backing away, not taking his eyes from that yawning chasm and making a pathetic mewing sound as he cringed and hugged his body.


Vivian had successfully exercised her willpower on earlier clonies before ingesting them so she was confident of her ability now, although she had been surprised when it even worked on Sam. She willed the clonie towards her mouth and he complied, his terror rising with each step forward.


Like an automaton he climbed onto her lower jaw and into the pink cavern. Sam could hardly believe his eyes as the little guy crawled across the huge tongue towards Vivian's wide-open throat. Morbid curiosity getting the better of him, Sam moved to the edge of the chest for a closer look.


Vivian was unaware of anything except for the tidal wave of arousal rising as a result of her latest victim offering himself to her insatiable hunger. Sam glanced down over the edge of his perch at Vivian's gyrating abdomen, one of her hands caressing her lower throat, the other, the mound of her vulva. Looking back into Vivian's gaping mouth, Sam was just in time to see the clonie launch himself into her throat with a plaintive wail, quickly sliding down with a wet sticky sound and vanishing out of sight.


Vivian's uvula rose high above her throat as the back of her tongue climbed up to meet her soft palate and with a loud gulp, it was all over. Her climax reached a crescendo as Sam saw her throat open up wide and deep again, revealing emptiness once occupied by the clonie who was now well on his way to her stomach. Was it his imagination or did he hear the little guy's wails echoing up Vivian's cavernous throat?


The emotional effect on Sam was so intense, his legs buckled and he collapsed to his knees while Vivian staggered backwards to flop down on her bed. As he watched her laying there, Sam tried to get his mind around the fact that the clonie that had been standing in front of him just moments ago was even now still alive and imprisoned deep in Vivian's belly.  Now it became chillingly real; that could be him inside her. Poor little guy, what he must be going through right now!


A loud belch from Vivian punctuated this last thought as she rose to a sitting position, looked back at Sam and said reassuringly "Don't worry Sam, that was just what I needed and you're safe now".



As she said this, she caressed her stomach with the classic circular motion associated with a satisfying meal, but Sam still felt uneasy when he saw the look of longing in her eyes. "Maybe she really likes me" he thought, "But then again, how long could one little clonie hold back her monstrous hunger!"


  Chapter 2


Sam awoke with sunshine streaming through the bedroom window and felt his body relax from the tension of a very stressful and restless night. The events of yesterday had spawned a series of nightmares where he was gulped by Vivian and fell victim to her digestive processes over and over. Each nightmare took him deeper into her digestive tract and he would awaken frantic and sweating while beside him, sleeping peacefully was the very antagonist of those fevered nightmares.


In this frame of mind, Sam was reminded of his mortality and the fact he only had approximately 9 weeks of life remaining to him; just a little over 2 months. Although intellectually he knew this was the life expectancy of a clonie, it just didn’t feel natural. He also knew that Vivian’s life expectancy was another 50 years or 2600 weeks in his terms and somehow that felt far more natural. How unfair was that?


This prompted a rather dramatic decision on his part, but he wasn’t too sure of the strength of his convictions to see it through. Life was too short to always take the easy route he thought, smiling at the bitter irony of it. So as Vivian appeared at the door of the bedroom in the brilliant light of a new day with a breakfast tray, he decided he’d tell her before he lost his nerve.


Vivian sat on the bed with her back against the headboard, the breakfast tray cradled on her lap and Sam sitting on that tray with his back against her negligee-adorned body. As they both worked on bacon and eggs, Sam became aware of the subtle sounds and vibrations of digestion emanating from Vivian’s lower abdomen. Images from the nightmares flooded back to mind and he could envision that poor little clonie deep within her, maybe at this exact moment only inches from his back, no more than skeletal remains coursing through her body.


Sam’s reverie was interrupted when Vivian said gently, “I’ve decided you can have your own living space wherever you like and I promise you’ll be in no danger from me. “I know I told you my intention was to eat you, but I can’t do that now, I really care about you.” I can satisfy my primal appetite with the simple clonies so you really have nothing to worry about”. As she said this she thought to herself  “I wonder if that’s really true; I’ve tasted a ‘real’ man in Sam and now I crave the natural conclusion of having him deep inside me.” 


Sam replied “You won’t have to worry about me for long; I don’t know if you’re aware that I only have another nine weeks of life, but for my part it’s not nearly long enough; I could really get to enjoy life around you Viv”. Vivian was touched by this and felt a flutter in her chest. “I love having you around, Sam; you have all the benefits of a live-in boyfriend but none of the associated bric-a-brac”, she laughed.


Sam saw an opportune moment here, so steeling his nerve he began “I’ve given this a lot of thought and although I won’t physically age in the next nine weeks, I can’t stand the idea of just checking out without warning so I want to grant your wish. “Sometime in the weeks remaining to me, I want you to actually swallow me without warning. “Call me crazy but even though the idea puts me in blind terror, it also has a certain appeal and my body would be contributing something useful with my demise. “Above all, we’d be truly together”.


Vivian was speechless. Gently, she picked him up and planted an enormous kiss on his diminutive torso, saying, “If that’s what you really want Sam. “I hate the idea that our time is so short, but if that’s what it takes for us to be together, then I’ll do it”. Once again the carnal hunger began to smolder deep in Vivian’s abdomen. Looking at her, Sam wondered if he hadn’t been a little rash, for once again he was looking at the dangerous predator he met yesterday.


As she watched Sam, Vivian had to push down an overwhelming urge to swallow him down on the spot. “I have to go” she said, “I have to get supplies from The Facility”, and she was dressed and gone before Sam could say another word. He guessed she was getting in a supply of the simple clonies and somehow felt a little responsible for condemning them to a terrible fate in Vivian’s voracious belly. With the sound of the door closing, he said “Rather them than me”.


While Vivian was away, Sam had time to mull around the moral concept of Vivian devouring seemingly dumb clonies. Humans saw nothing morally wrong with consuming all manner of animals. Only they were dead, cooked to a point of ridiculousness and no longer recognizable as ever having been a living creature. It seemed man could not confront the idea of killing an animal and eating it. He got someone else to kill and prepare it so he didn’t have to think of it as something that had been sacrificed for his appetite.


Then there was Vivian who swallowed beings alive and the only distinction she made was whether the living being she was swallowing was intelligent enough to be aware of himself being swallowed or too dumb to be anything else than in terror of dying. Was that wrong? Who knew? But it was the thinking man’s moral law of the jungle. Sam likened himself to a Lemming that in the throes of some primal urge throws itself off a cliff, except in his case he would be throwing himself into the jaws of a predator, his Goddess.


Sam had dozed off when Vivian returned with half a dozen simple clonies and he awoke to the clamor they made when she caged them. She still had a hold of one when she approached Sam and said “Sorry Sam but I have to do this. “I can hardly control my hunger when I get to this point of my monthly cycle and I don’t want you to be in danger.


“It takes my devouring one of these little guys each day to keep it under control. “Do you want to watch this one?” Sam hesitated but the horrible fascination of the spectacle was irresistible and he nodded, unable to say anything for the terror rising in him.


In moments, Sam was standing once again on top of the chest of drawers along side of the clonie and Vivian was rapidly disrobing which seemed to be the prelude to this ritual. Sam looked at the clonie for his reaction and saw the beginnings of fear mixed with awe in the man’s face as he looked at the sheer size of this girl. Once naked, Vivian said “We’re going to make this interesting” and Sam couldn’t help noticing her mouth was salivating as she spoke.


Vivian took a piece of thread and bound it around the ankles of the submissive clonie and tied it lightly. Next, she placed a gooseneck reading lamp so it projected out from the top of the chest and sat Sam on top of the lampshade. A little worrisome for Sam who was now perched over a drop that could kill him.


Puzzled, he watched as she placed a chair beneath him and the lamp, then she took the end of the thread and gently lifting the clonie so he dangled about 15” from her fingers. She carefully gave the end to Sam so he felt bound to take the weight of the smaller clonie as she released the thread.



Now holding the clonie dangling at the other end of the thread, Sam was still mystified until Vivian sat in the chair below and tilted her face up to look at him.



 Her intent became dreadfully clear as her jaws slowly opened wide below the head of the helpless clonie who erupted in fits of terror, almost jerking the thread from Sam’s straining hands.



Over a growing sense of panic, Sam’s mind screamed at how diabolical she was to make him the one to feed her a living man. He watched in hypnotic fascination as her tongue snaked out to tease the little clonie and coat him with saliva.




Vivian’s lustful eyes went from her tiny victim to Sam as her tongue formed a semi-circular channel running back to her terrible throat while her hands began to service the wave of arousal that was now building within her.



In a conquest of wills, Sam managed to resist her intention for him to lower the clonie towards her throat. With horror he realized that the clonie was moving down anyway and entering Vivian’s gaping jaws. Was the thread stretching?




 Then he got it. Vivian was rising up to engulf her little victim, whose head was just now nudging her uvula as he convulsed at the prospect of what waited below for him.



 Sam became aware of his own arousal mixed with horror at this tableau unfolding below him and the knowledge that his grip on the thread was the only thing preventing that little guy from plunging down her throat. With that he tried to haul up the thread hand over hand but his strength was gone.



Sam now saw that the clonie’s head had progressed deep into Vivian’s throat and he was in mortal peril of vanishing forever if Vivian should swallow. He no longer struggled.  Probably paralyzed in fear, thought Sam who was now very aroused but at the same time sympathetic to the clonie’s situation as if he himself were down there poised between life and a fate worse than death in Vivian’s stomach.



In slow motion Vivian’s throat contracted, embracing the clonie’s head and shoulders in hot slick flesh taking him inexorably deeper and then re-opening. She repeated this taking him still deeper. 



With practiced expertise, she was swallowing him down just as a snake swallows its’ prey, engulfing him a gulp at a time.





Suddenly Vivian’s orgasm erupted, her throat completely embracing the clonie and dispatching him swiftly with a loud gulp, simultaneously pulling Sam off his perch to fall headlong into her gaping mouth.



Vivian’s resilient tongue broke Sam’s fall bouncing him into her soft palette and jamming him up against the back of the tongue that fortunately closed off her greedy throat at the moment. In panic, Sam scrambled away from the potential threat with no sensible idea of where he was going as long as it was out. The thread still wrapped around one hand,


Sam tumbled below Vivian’s chin before a sickening jerk checked his fall. The thread had luckily caught under his arms, saving his hand from bearing his full weight.



But now he was rising up towards Vivian’s mouth again. How was this possible?



 Then he remembered that she had swallowed the clonie and it was the power of her esophagus driving the living victim down towards her stomach that was propelling Sam upwards on the other end of the thread.



 He was up over her lips and being dragged with alarming speed towards Vivian’s eager throat before he had the presence of mind to release the thread.



How ironic would that be? To be dragged down Vivian’s callous throat by the clonie he’d dumped in her gullet in the first place. Now sprawled on the massive tongue, he could only watch helplessly as the thread continued it’s journey over the back of Vivian’s tongue and disappeared into the darkness beyond, a chilling reminder of the poor little clonie on the other end sliding to his doom.


Meanwhile, Vivian still recovering from a massive orgasm and unaware of the drama that had just taken place in her mouth relaxed her jaws letting them close on the horrified Sam. In the total darkness of his hot confines, Sam squirmed himself away from where he knew her throat lay in wait only to find he was imprisoned on three sides by large and very dangerous teeth. Feeling Sam’s struggles, Vivian opened her mouth and pulled him out with no faintest idea of how he got there, just very happy he was in her hand and not her stomach.  


Sam felt relief wash over him, glad to be freed from the interior of Vivian that he now felt he had more than a passing acquaintance with; at least up until now his visits had not taken him below her beautiful neck. Sam jerked back to reality as Vivian exclaimed “Oh Sam I can feel him struggling in my stomach, you’ve got to go see if you can hear him inside there”.


With that she whisked him down to just below her left breast and placed his ear against the flesh of her stomach. Again, Sam marveled at Vivian’s insensitivity to his feelings as he could in fact distinctly hear cries of anguish from deep inside, reaching him through the imprisoning walls of her belly.


He could easily imagine that as simple as Vivian assumed clonies to be, this one was starkly aware of his predicament in his final moments of life, and was in no doubt about being digested alive. But Sam fell into a tumult of conflicting emotions again, feeling his arousal arising from the voyeuristic bond he now shared with Vivian and his desire to feed this insatiable hunger of hers.


There was a sort of satisfaction in the knowledge that the clonie was trapped in there and Sam was the one out here, not just another sacrifice to her indomitable belly but a willing accomplice to his hungry Goddess. Wow, was that how he now thought of himself? What was she doing to him?


“Did you watch me swallow him? Can you imagine what it must be like to be dragged helplessly down my throat?” Vivian teasingly asked Sam as she lifted him back in front of her wide-open mouth to add a touch of reality to the image. Sam had no trouble at all with that concept as he stared fearfully into the shadowy depths of her throat, knowing that this frightening portal to oblivion was to be his eventual destiny and she was being very sadistic to remind him of that.


Seeing his anxious expression Vivian teased “Ah, don’t worry my gorgeous little man, it’s not your turn yet; I want to save you for last!” This said as an evil smile played across her lips. Sam had to wonder if by ‘last’ she meant after the remaining stockpile of clonies had met their demise in her belly. Again he began to regret his decision to let her eat him and felt tears welling up in his eyes.


Catching this Vivian said, “Oh God Sam, I didn’t mean to scare you, I think I love you and I don’t want to hurt you!” There, she’d said it and it couldn’t be retracted. She went on “You have to understand that this primal hunger sometimes gets the better of me and I see all men as potential prey, which I guess makes me a monster in your eyes”.


“I do understand” Sam replied, “ I seem to have the complimentary viewpoint to yours in that at times I feel compelled to let you eat me and be assimilated into your body, but at the same time I’m scared shitless at the idea of dying that way.” On a lighter note he added with a smile “I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather be eaten by if that’s any help”. Sam didn’t have the courage to tell Vivian of his growing affinity for her, he suspected it might trigger the predatory side of her nature and he wasn’t ready to join that clonie in her belly.


It was sometime later when they were deep in a discussion of each other’s idiosyncrasies that Vivian told Sam that as a child she had sometimes awoken in the morning to discover she’d devoured a whole bag of gummy bears in her sleep.


“Oh crap” thought Sam, “Here was a brand new threat to worry about; She could eat me in her sleep and be non the wiser”! This was not unlike floating in a pool with an enormous hungry crocodile, simply waiting for the inevitable; floating too close to those jaws and being gulped down as a snack.



Chapter 3


Several days have passed and their relationship is as normal as could be expected between a 5 foot 9 inch girl and 3 inch guy. Sam’s anxiety about his status in the food chain had all but vanished, except for the odd time a glimpse of Vivian’s naked stomach would remind him of how easily he’d fit inside it.


Their lovemaking although a little unconventional, was the high point of day-to-day life and Sam now actually enjoyed the ‘crocodile’ game as much as Vivian. But tonight she had that odd gleam in her eyes and announced a variation in the game. Naked, she set Sam on the floor getting down on all fours herself in the prowling posture of a gigantic crocodile saying “Better run Sam, the big bad croc is gonna eat you up” and opened her mouth wide.


Sam wasn’t too keen on this variation and ran from her feeling very uneasy about his chances if she caught him. Glancing back he saw those jaws advancing on him and cut hard right, running fast towards the sofa.


She was almost on him again and the guttural growl from her throat spurred him to even greater speed. He made it under the sofa and turned to see her peering under there at him and licking her lips. She said, “I can wait Sam but when you do come out you’re going down my throat”. Sam was horrified. Was she still playing?”


He watched as she turned and stalked slowly and seductively away, not able to pry his eyes from her magnificent stomach poised high above him with it’s seemingly hypnotic power over him. Maybe it was the knowledge that he himself had ordained that her belly would be his final resting place. Maybe it was the fact Vivian always seemed to be in the precarious sway of her primal hunger and he had no way of knowing if his next moments might be spent in a one-way journey to that object of his obsession.


Sam suspected his present situation had the potential to be deadly so he would wait her out. In five minutes she was back and crouching on the floor saying, “Sam I was only teasing, you can come out now”. Relief replacing anxiety, he walked out to her.


Before he could react she was on him, lunging like a real crocodile with gaping mouth to grasp him sideways in her jaws. She flung her head up flinging Sam into the air and catching him again, this time headfirst halfway into her mouth.



When she opened her mouth once more to let the angle take him all the way in, Sam stretched out his hands to stop himself from sliding straight into her throat, now opening wide to welcome him. But as he slid downward, her tongue dropped and Sam’s hands glanced off the outer arch of her throat and he continued deeper until his hands hit the back wall of her throat.


To his horror his hands slid on the slick surface but digging his fingers in with all his strength he finally halted, precariously spanning the chasm with nowhere to go but down. “This is really it,” thought Sam, as he once again looked deep into Vivian’s esophagus.


Sam fearfully resigned himself to his fate with a deep regret that Vivian would end it now with time still remaining to him. He felt her throat open wider still and his grip failed plunging him deeper until the hot wet flesh contracted around him, embracing him hungrily for the final gulp. Time seemed to stand still as Sam waited for the sequence of contractions that would start him on his way to her belly. But instead he felt her pinch his feet between her fingers, open her throat and extract him from her mouth.


“You knew I was teasing you, didn’t you Sam?” she said seeing his expression still betrayed the terror of his ordeal. “You know I never could have resisted swallowing you under normal circumstances, but just before our game I ate one of the clonies and he took the edge off my appetite, so you weren’t in any real danger” she said, “Unless of course you had triggered my swallowing reflex by accident!” she added laughing.


 “This girl has one sadistic sense of humor” Sam thought, “But I’m obsessed with her and couldn’t leave her if I tried”. Once more Sam was staring at Vivian’s naked stomach and imagining another poor clonie down there well into the digestive process. Despite Vivian’s reassurances, Sam didn’t feel the least safer. He was under constant threat of being eaten alive and she obviously enjoyed his terror of her ability to consume him.


However, days past and Sam was again lulled into a sense of security with no new threats occurring. He thought back to Vivian’s remark that she only lost control of her primal appetite when it was ‘that’ time of the month. “Thank heavens” he thought, “By now that’s over and she can control herself.”


It was a Saturday when Vivian announced she’d come up with a new game that she thought Sam would get a kick out of. She had it set up in the dining room and that’s where they went now, Vivian gently carrying him in her hand. As they approached the table, Sam became alarmed when he saw 3 naked clonies tied at intervals along the length of a piece of thread. She must have had them held in her mind-control because they made no attempt to escape.


Sam noticed the first clonie faced the edge of the table and was tied by his ankles at one end of the thread. Then after about 12” of thread a second clonie was tied in line by his hands and feet. 12” along the thread, the third clonie was also tied in line by hands and feet. Vivian then gently stripped off Sam’s jumpsuit and sat him on the table facing the third clonie but about 15” along the thread and gently tied the end around his ankles. But she didn’t stop at one knot; she must have tied 5 more knots on top of the first.


This really puzzled Sam who was getting a distinct sinking feeling from these proceedings. He watched her as she began to strip off her own clothes with moves that were undoubtedly for his and the clonies benefit. All were transfixed by her breathtaking beauty slowly being revealed before them and each one of her audience was imagining his fate lying deep within that sultry body. Sam noticed he was not alone in the morbid fascination of her mid-section; all eyes were riveted to her belly, as she now stood naked before them.


Vivian moved over to them and one by one, gently placed them side by side sitting in a line about 6” from the edge of the table, being careful not to tangle the thread. Sam now noticed the surface of the glass tabletop they sat on was very slick, as if she’d coated it with oil but he still was no closer to having a clue as to what she planned to do. He watched her carefully as she now knelt down facing the terrified line of clonies who cringed back from this Goddess.


Their worst fears were realized when she brought her smiling lips down to the edge of the table opposite the first clonie. All watched in fascination as she teasingly licked her lips and slowly, oh so slowly opened her jaws wide. Sam knew without a doubt what came next but nevertheless was horror-stricken when it begun to unfold, as he knew it would. Even so, he couldn’t see her entire plan.


He wouldn’t have to wait long. Overpowered by Vivian’s will, the first clonie begun crawling awkwardly towards her waiting mouth, climbing over the incisors onto her tongue trailing the thread behind him. As he crawled deeper, Sam began to realize with renewed terror just where this was going and his own part in the plan. Sam saw the clonie turn his hopeless face back towards them just as he entered Vivian’s throat. In a second he was gone; simply swallowed up in a massive convulsive gulp, her mouth still wide open.


Sam couldn’t help noticing that Vivian’s eyes appeared to have rolled back in her head as she screamed ecstatically in her arousal, so painfully loud to her audience that they had to cover their ears. Glancing at Vivian’s body through the glass tabletop, he noticed she was kneeling with thighs wide apart and one hand was deep between her legs, vigorously stroking her passion.


Then a movement caught his eye; the second clonie had been jerked off his butt and was being dragged head first towards the monstrous mouth by the thread attached to the first clonie in Vivian’s esophagus. Sam was reminded of his own experience of almost being pulled down her throat by her powerful esophagus muscles and then went into a cold sweat realizing it was happening all over again.


The second clonie squirmed in panic as he was painfully dragged over Vivian’s lower incisors, moving inexorably towards her gaping throat, her panting breath assaulting him as yet another climax approached. Sam was now very aroused himself, watching the clonie helplessly struggle as he was pulled into the throat and tumbled out of sight. His progress down her gullet was evident from the thread steadily moving into the throat behind him while the third clonie looked on in horror as the slack was taken up and he was jerked towards the same fate.


Vivian seemed to be in continuous orgasm now and Sam too was aroused from simply watching this carnal orgy, when suddenly it became clear to him he was to follow the clonie that even now was entering Vivian’s voracious jaws. Desperately he began struggling with the knots securing him to the thread that now led all the way to Vivian’s hungry belly where the first clonie must now be.


One knot was undone and Sam was working on the second when he glanced up to see the last clonie had resigned himself to his fate and was being dragged into her throat and disappeared down her gullet. The loop of slack thread was getting smaller by the second and now Sam was working on the third knot. He was beginning to panic as the thread continued disappearing down Vivian’s throat using up the last of the slack. Sam tore at the knots now as the thread tightened and he was pulled out of his squatting position and dragged forward.


He was down to the final knot but the tension of the thread was making it impossible to untie; and all the time he was being pulled closer to that insatiable throat. Now he was being mercilessly dragged over her teeth and onto her tongue, still struggling desperately with the stubborn knot that tied him to his doom.


Once again, he couldn’t believe it was to end this way. Petrified as he passed under the uvula that pointed his way down, Sam was amazed to find he was ejaculating from the stimulation of being dragged on his stomach over the slick but textured tongue.


His head and shoulders were now hanging over the back of her tongue and he could see deep into Vivian’s esophagus and the darkness beyond where the thread disappeared. It was as Sam thought about those clonies far below he was about to join, he realized his forward motion had stopped; he was no longer being pulled down, but try as he might he could not move backwards away from the perilous chasm.


 He could even hear the faint cries of the doomed clonies echoing up her gullet, along with ominous gurgling sounds. As he pondered his own imminent fate, it became clear what must have happened, maybe by design, maybe by accident, the thread between him and the third clonie had been longer, and it had been this difference that had prevented him from being pulled all the way into Vivian’s throat as the third clonie entered her stomach far below in the depths of her body.


With renewed hope he struggled again with the stubborn knot, hoping upon hope that Vivian wouldn’t choose this moment to swallow. Suddenly he was free and watched the thread fall into the darkness as he backed away, cheating Vivian’s throat once more. He scrambled as fast as he could out of her mouth onto the tabletop, collapsing in a wet sticky heap from the relief of his narrow escape.


Moments later, Vivian became aware of Sam on the table and gently carried him to the bathroom for a clean up. She didn’t seem to have any awareness of what she’d put him through; how close she’d come to finishing him again. Sam asked, “Vivian, did you really intend swallowing me that time because I thought I was a gonna?” She answered “It was a calculated risk Sam, I don’t leave too much to chance; if I’d really intended swallowing you, believe me, you’d be in here with the others” and so saying she caressed her belly.


Sam didn’t know what to say. He seemed to be in love with an enigma. One moment she was loving and tender and the next, a cold calculating predatory monster. Then he remembered back to his ‘education’ at The Facility and a fact that he’d found hard to believe at the time. The fact that men and women had a completely different mental make-up and the description of the female was in fact loving and nurturing and at the same time cold and calculating. But they did manage to leave out the fact that the female was predatory and that his kind were the prey.


Vivian didn’t like to admit to herself that she wasn’t quite as in control of the situation as she led Sam to believe and if he hadn’t gotten those knots undone fast enough, he probably would be in her stomach right now. What she failed to understand was considering how much she loved him coupled with how long past her primal hunger cycle this was, she should be able to control her appetite for clonies.


Fact was she couldn’t. Of course she couldn’t tell Sam this. She did like to tease him but she didn’t want him thinking she was a man-eating monster! But in the moments she could afford the luxury of complete honesty with herself, she had to admit she was a monster. She wanted to eat the man she loved. Vivian didn’t spend very much time philosophizing, but she thought maybe that was the true nature of the human female as it was with other species where the female devours the male following mating.


That evening, Sam was feeling a little more secure about his situation and made his way to the cage that Vivian kept the clonies in. He was intensely ashamed of this flaw in his character but he had a perverse fascination for simply looking at those little guys knowing the fate that awaited them; how each one would experience the terror of being swallowed whole and alive to be imprisoned in her stomach while her digestive juices begun their terrible work.


Sam approached the cage and it was empty. His stomach lurched in horror; there were no more clonies. Only him and she had said she was saving him for last! Could this be the ‘last’ she had meant? This was not good. She couldn’t simply run down to the corner convenience store and pick up clonies when she got the munchies. Oh…this was really bad. Sam considered hiding right then and there but what would she think of his level of trust; on the other hand, she had betrayed his trust so many times with her teasing games.


He really did love the girl and so far she hadn’t eaten him, maybe he’d trust that her love was greater than her appetite. Boy, that even sounded crazy to him. Anyway, he just had to make it until she got in a fresh supply of simple clonies.


Sam made his way to the bedroom where he knew Vivian had settled in for the evening watching TV on her bed. As was customary, Vivian provocatively clad in bra and thong, relaxed on her back, head propped with pillows watching a movie. Sam appeared by the bed and she whisked him off his feet and gently sat him on her stomach. This always had a tendency to make him really nervous especially when Vivian was in mid-digestion but tonight the man-eating stomach monster was quiet for a change.


But Sam couldn’t help himself and now in his mind he substituting himself for the clonies he had so smugly imagined imprisoned below him in Vivian’s belly. What if it was his turn tonight to experience first hand the terrifying journey down her throat propelled down that slick tunnel into the hot darkness deep inside her where that monstrous stomach lay in wait for him. This line of thought was just too disturbing and he begun feeling very uneasy even sitting on the outside of that digestive dungeon. He could feel the hunger!


Vivian noticed his discomfort and said, “What’s eating you Sam, can’t get comfy? I’ve just the spot for you” and she gently picked him up, spreading her legs wide and placing him in the apex with his back against her crotch. Sam felt a lot easier here and the thought of what lay directly behind him was much more pleasurable. Caught up in the plot of the movie, he relaxed in the ambiance of the moment.


Then he noticed it; the strong musky scent of Vivian’s nectar and the intense heat radiating from her body against his back. He shifted a little and felt the hot sticky wetness against him and there was no denying it. Vivian was aroused. Sam would have found this stimulating under different circumstances but the fear welling up in him cancelled out any other emotion. He knew without a doubt where this would inevitably go and neither of them could stop it. Tonight, she was hungry and Sam was on the menu!



Chapter 4


Sam sat in the apex of Vivian’s thighs, her arousal very evident from the sticky wetness he could feel on his back. He knew this usually led to the “big hungry croc” game and this time he had no doubt it would progress into a one-way trip down her throat for real. When she was this horny there was no way he could talk her out of it. He had to look for an opportunity to escape. In retrospect he wished he’d hidden himself earlier when he had the chance.


Suddenly he noticed pressure on either side of him and realized she was closing her legs and he was trapped. “The big bad croc has you Sam, it only remains for her to swallow you up!” she said. She opened her legs enough to briefly release Sam so she could raise them and shed her thong. Sam saw his opportunity and grabbing the waistband of the thong, swung himself into the crotch of it as she pulled it up her long legs.


Had she seen him? He wasn’t sure but either way this was bound to be risky because she usually flung the thong on the floor and he wasn’t sure if he could survive that. He pulled the sticky material of the thong around him and held on for dear life. There came a gut-wrenching jerk followed by the vertigo of spinning through the air so she hadn’t seen him. Now he just had to survive the impact…


Sam awoke dazed and winded; the thong must have broken his fall but he couldn’t stay here. “Where’d you go, dinner?” she was saying, obviously searching the bedclothes above. Sam scuttled for the baseboard under the dresser and then looked at the distance to the open bedroom door. Far enough in the open to be risky but he had no choice. “The big bad croc is really getting hungry, little guy” She was saying and Sam glimpsed her crouched on the bed looking over the other side.


 He ran like the wind for the door, made it to the hallway and kept going, desperately trying to decide where he could hide that Vivian couldn’t get to him. This was strictly survival now. He knew if Vivian had to hunt him down and did catch him, she wouldn’t think twice about swallowing him even if she did regret it in the morning. She was a man-eating bitch when she was aroused.


Sam decided to head for the built-in bookcase in the living room because he had already learnt how to climb it and it had the benefit of being filled with books to the ceiling which he decided may be out of her reach. Arriving at the bottom shelf, he began the difficult climb to the top. He could hear Vivian in the bedroom and it was becoming frighteningly apparent the Big Bad Croc game had taken on some seriously frustrated overtones.


He’d just made the top shelf when she came storming out of the hallway, magnificent in her nakedness but terrible to behold as a hungry predator. She was casting about the floor for Sam as he crept along his high shelf till he reached a gap in the books and backed into the shadows. Sam knew for sure the game was in earnest because now she was searching in silence. He couldn’t take his eyes from her lithe, sultry body as she searched for him with a determination that was daunting, knowing the probable outcome.


As scared as he was, Sam couldn’t help thinking about each of those moments when he’d found himself staring down that terrifying passage to her stomach and how for a fleeting moment he would feel compelled by the seductive power of her beautiful mouth to sacrifice himself to her need by simply diving down her throat.


Before he knew it, Vivian was directly below him searching the bookshelves. Suddenly he could hear water splashing and remembered the middle shelf held a large aquarium that contained several varieties of fish. What was she doing? Then he could see her and she held a good size fish by the tail and raised it high above her face. Slowly, her mouth opened wide as she lowered the fish, which redoubled its’ struggling as if it knew it’s fearsome fate.


Sam had a grandstand view as the back of her mouth opened into a massive throat and for a moment she held the fish suspended as it writhed in her grip, then in a flash it was gone without as much as a gulp. Her throat slowly closing behind it, sealing its’ fate while she massaged her stomach and nether regions, her orgasm building by the moment. More fish went down the same way until there were no more and she exploded in climax and collapsed to the floor.


By this time, Sam was trembling from the display of pure carnal hunger, as if she demanded all life she encountered sacrifice itself to her physical being. He felt empathy towards those poor fish as he looked down upon Vivian’s body in repose on the floor, her stomach slightly distended with her fishy meal. At least they wouldn’t suffer long; swimming in her burning acids would bring death quickly in that hostile chamber. Clonies would not be so rapidly dispatched!


With this cheerful thought, Sam backed into the slot between the books and hid himself behind them and the back wall, hoping Vivian wouldn’t renew her search when she recovered. He slept with a head full of nightmarish images of swimming in the cauldron of searing acid that was Vivian’s belly, his skin and flesh sloughing off in great strips until finally he was forced into her intestines to suffer an eternity of digestion, broken down to his molecular level.


He awoke with a great deal of relief to find himself alive and Vivian nowhere in sight. Searching the condo for her proved fruitless and he hoped she had gone for a fresh supply of clonies. Meanwhile he would find a second and even more secure hiding place just on the off chance that he was still on the menu. He found it right behind the now empty aquarium; a small space that was Vivian-proof because she couldn’t move a fish tank that large to get to him.


Sam found other safe spaces strategically placed around the condo in case he needed a quick getaway. He felt a little more secure with this done so now he would wait in the window for Vivian where he could see her pull into the parking garage. After a while he heard a key in the front door and panicking, made a hasty retreat behind the vertical blind. Could this mean she hadn’t picked up clonies? Was he still under threat of being eaten alive at any moment?


“Sam, it’s OK, I’m sorry about last night. I know I scared you into hiding and that was probably the smartest thing you could have done because I hadn’t realized I was out of clonies. But now I have a fresh batch and you can come out. I love you and I hope you know I would never intentionally harm you”. Sam appeared from behind the blinds and there was kissing and caressing between the two unlikely lovers. The hunger was under control; she’d popped a clonie earlier.


The next several days were filled with a deepening love between them and Sam had forgotten all thoughts of becoming a meal for her as long as she got her fill of the little guys. In fact the last time Sam had seen her fearsome throat was when she opened her mouth wide to laugh at the phrase Sam coined that summed up the situation: “A clonie a day, Keeps the hunger at bay”


Their relationship was so normal that with slight adjustments they were able to take romantic walks, go to movies and even shop together. In keeping with this bold new outlook, Vivian decided it was time for Sam to meet her girlfriend, Valerie. “She lives close by and shares my taste in clonies,” she said.


She continued, “I’ve told her all about you and now she’s anxious to meet you”. For one dreadful moment Sam thought she had said “and now she’s anxious to EAT you” but then he came to his senses and realized he was being paranoid. Vivian was saying, “I called her this morning and she’ll be over at eight; I’ll put together a light supper”.


That evening, Vivian ushered Valerie in, introductions were exchanged and the two girls caught up on their girl talk. Sam had an opportunity to cast an appraising eye over Valerie’s curvaceous physique and wonder how many clonies had been sacrificed to that voluptuous body. Sam did get a little uncomfortable a couple of times when he caught Valerie sizing him up with a hungry glint in her eyes.


However, the evening proceeded pleasantly and after Vivian’s light supper was finished, she produced a couple of clonies for Valerie’s and her desert. In the same callous manner that Sam was only too familiar with by now, she suggested Sam feed Valerie the clonie. Before he could object, Valerie was making a suggestion of her own; “Sam, why don’t you try to prevent from me devouring the clonie?”


With that she placed Sam and a naked clonie on the edge of the dining table and knelt down with her face on a level with them. Valerie looked like she was really enjoying the prospect while Vivian looked on with curiosity. Valerie’s smiling lips parted into a yawning cavern and as he peered in Sam saw how her mouth was quite different in architecture to Vivian’s, although also frighteningly beautiful.


The helpless clonie next to Sam began visibly struggling against Valerie’s willpower and Sam realized she also shared Vivian’s ability to impose her mind control over clonies. Sam saw the desperation in the poor guys eyes as he begun stumbling forward towards the waiting jaws as she positioned herself slightly under the table’s edge to catch him. At first Sam could only watch in disbelief.


Even though he knew this is exactly what Valerie wanted him to do, he was going to stop it on principle because he couldn’t stand by and watch a clonie helplessly devoured. He leapt forward grasping the clonie around the waist and bracing his feet but much to his surprise the smaller clonie struggled on, dragging Sam with him. Just before they reached the edge of the table, Sam lunged for the clonie’s legs in a tackle that dropped him halfway off the table, dangling precariously over Valerie’s hungry mouth.


In an instant, her tongue was snaking around the clonie’s body and pulling him down into her jaws while Sam hung onto his legs for dear life. In a moment they were both tumbling around in her cavernous mouth, her merciless tongue coating the clonie in saliva and positioning him for swallowing while Sam managed to grab his wrists and pull him forward. By this time, a clothed Sam was also liberally coated in saliva and resistance to Valerie’s tongue was impossible.



A powerful curl of her tongue launched the clonie backwards, his legs vanishing over the back of her tongue as he slid into her throat with Sam still holding onto his wrists, being dragged after him. In desperation, Sam cast his own body sideways across the back of Valerie’s mouth in an effort to save them both.


Valerie tilted her head back and it became increasingly difficult for Sam to hold on. As the angle became vertical, Sam saw that the clonie was suspended all the way inside her throat with the shadowy depths of her gullet waiting below. A reverberating growl rolled up Valerie’s throat just as Sam’s grip failed and he watched helplessly as the clonie plunged into the depths, his screams echoing forlornly as he vanished into the darkness. 


Now with Sam alone in her mouth, Valerie demonstrated the ease with which she could align Sam’s body with her throat, first headfirst and then feet first and all this time her panting breath becoming shorter and faster in arousal. Now she moved his head between her lips, closing her deadly incisors around his neck where she could decapitate him with a snap of her jaws.


Sam could see Vivian watching all this with interest but making no move to stop it. The sounds of heightened arousal were now reverberating from Valerie’s throat while she opened wide again and turned Sam to face that awful entrance to her digestive tract. Sam knew without a doubt what she was about to do so why didn’t Vivian? Was this a female thing where girls let girlfriends eat their man?


Either way Valerie was going to eat him and her tongue was curling backwards, forcing him towards her throat that even now was opening ever wider for him. Sam wasn’t going down without a fight and scrambled against her enormous tongue, wrestling to stay away from the back of her mouth but to no avail. Gradually she was working him closer and it was all he could do to keep his body sideways to prevent her lining him up headfirst with her throat.



He faced her open mouth when her tongue relentlessly pushed him over the edge sideways on and he fell backwards into her throat, his backside wedging deep in her gullet. His torso jackknifed by the confines of her throat, Sam’s legs were pressed against his chest and he couldn’t move, had nowhere to go but down.


 Looking up from this unique viewpoint, Sam saw Valerie’s uvula hanging high above him and just forward of that her soft palette climbing to the vaulted roof of her mouth. Looking around him he realized he was coated in viscous saliva, it was very hot, very humid and everything he looked at was pink and wet. Far below he could hear the sounds of Valerie’s internal workings echoing up her gullet.


Despairing for his survival, Sam wondered if he might be too large for her to swallow this way when an explosion of sound, motion and bone crushing constriction took him deeper into her gullet. Valerie had gulped him down and he was steadily sliding deeper in the embrace of her gullet, the entrance to her throat slipping further away as he looked up at the diminishing circle of light.


He could feel the powerful muscles of her esophagus squeezing him inexorably downwards and amid the horror of where he was and the terror of where he was going, couldn’t help regretting that this was not Vivian’s loving body, this was an unfamiliar throat taking him to a terrible fate in a completely alien stomach.


Vivian had watched a little nervously as Valerie teased Sam in her mouth and then clearly saw Valerie push him into her throat, swallow him down and was immobilized by the shock of it. Shock became anger and she flew at her, ramming her fingers deep into Valerie’s treacherous throat and had her fingers severely bitten for her trouble. But the reflex had been triggered and Valerie began to wretch, her body going into expulsive convulsions.


Sam was well on his way to Valerie’s stomach and had given up any hope of ever escaping his fleshy prison. As he descended, the sounds of her pounding heart gave way to the viscous liquid sounds of her stomach as he slid deeper but most horrifying of all were the anguished cries of the clonie imprisoned below experiencing the torture of being digested alive.


Suddenly Sam was caught up in a maelstrom of deafening rumbles, acrid liquids and gases along with a surge of upward motion like an express elevator, then he was dimly aware of being plucked out into wonderful fresh air and light. He was semi-conscious but he knew he was with his Vivian and that’s all that mattered. When his faculties returned, she was gently washing him off, but he couldn’t help noticing her freshly bandaged fingers.


He knew she had literally rescued him from the jaws of death and how ironic was that? He asked “Did the clonie make it out with me?” to which Vivian replied “I’m afraid not, he stayed down so he’s gone by now”. Sam marveled at the finality of her statement; the clonie was gone forever, dissolved in Valerie’s merciless stomach. She said nothing about Valerie so Sam left it alone.


That night, Sam’s sleep was predictably disturbed by horrendous nightmares. Valerie was gulping him down but Vivian was gulping Valerie down. Then he was sliding endlessly down Valerie’s esophagus towards her endlessly approaching stomach, his ears filled with the screams of thousands of imprisoned clonies being digested alive in Valerie’s belly, which was now in Vivian’s belly.


Sam awoke with a start, very hot, very wet and surrounded by sounds that seemed familiar but he was in total darkness. Feeling around, his hand encountered a hard curved slippery surface; a huge tooth? Terror hit him like a physical blow as he realized he was in Vivian’s mouth, at least he hoped it was Vivian’s; but it felt all wrong.


He didn’t seem to be lying on her tongue so where was he? With both hands outstretched he felt around discovering huge molars on either side of his body and her tongue above him. So Vivian must be lying on her side and he was on the inside of her cheek between her teeth. Not a safe place to stay so he immediately climbed inside her molars next to her tongue and begun following her teeth forward. Vivian must be unaware of him because her mouth remained motionless.


She didn’t react to his movements and he could feel her warm breath was in the slow rhythm of sleep so how had he ended up in her mouth?  Was this what he had dreaded ever since she told him how she used to devour whole bags of Gummy Bears in her sleep? He couldn’t worry about that now, he had to get out of here.


As he crawled forward on the side of her molars, he felt the tongue taking a curve downwards and began probing around to find her lips. He felt the flesh curve around and come to an end so he crawled over the edge expecting to find a pillow but instead he found more flesh.


This was peculiar, so he crawled on as it curved upwards and feeling to the left there seemed no obstructions so he crawled in that direction a while before hesitating to try to get his bearings. Maybe her mouth was partially closed and he’d missed the entrance.


Sam felt around himself again. Slimy, slippery flesh surrounded his body except behind and in front of him. How could that be? Well he had to find something he recognized so he kept going. Her heartbeat was a strong reverberation now but he still couldn’t make sense of where he was in this total darkness. Also, he thought, why couldn’t he feel her soothing breath anymore?



Panic hit him like a sledgehammer; he must be crawling down her throat and at any moment her esophagus muscles would reflexively swallow him down the rest of the way to her belly. Shaking with fear he very carefully turned around and began backtracking, hoping he was heading the right way. After some tense crawling in the humid darkness, he ran into a soft obstruction that hadn’t been there before.


It seemed to fold back and that’s when Sam realized it was probably her epiglottis and he must be close to her mouth again. Vivian was lying on her side so her uvula must be ahead and above him. Sure enough he could feel it so this must be the entrance to her throat. But something was missing. Now he felt along what had to be her tongue to where the opening of her mouth should be. It wasn’t there!


He was up against a wet wall of flesh above her tongue that shouldn’t be there. It was her soft palette! Overcome with despair, he realized she’d sealed her throat and he was trapped. What could he do? Even if he could wake her, which he doubted, she’d probably swallow him reflexively without even knowing it. On the other hand, he was noticing that his presence in her throat was generating a build-up of thick saliva and if he were here much longer she would gulp down the excessive saliva with him along for the ride. He was doomed!



Chapter 5


Sam felt hot, wet, bedraggled and thoroughly defeated as he crouched on the side of Vivian’s dark throat. Suddenly it struck him, she would have to open her throat soon in order to breath wouldn’t she? Just then he felt her tongue drop a little and a rush of air as her breathing resumed. Still in mortal danger from her swallowing reflex, he began squirming forward except now his environment was beginning to tilt, disorienting him. She must be shifting her position.


As if he hadn’t been through enough already, now he faced a new danger; her throat was becoming a vertical shaft as her body lifted upright. He began slipping backwards and desperately scrambled for something to hold on to, his hands accidentally finding their way into a crevice in the side of her throat. Judging by the outgrowth above this crevice, it must be one of her tonsils and to his enormous relief his feet also found a footing on what must be the entrance to her windpipe in the wall of her gullet.


Sam hoped she might cough him up, with his feet partially obstructing her windpipe but it didn’t happen. Instead he had to hold on tight because Vivian was now in motion and judging by the jolting rhythm, probably walking. She seemed oblivious to Sam’s presence in her throat and that was probably just as well, he thought, as he was remembering his own reaction to a foreign object in his own throat was to swallow. That was the last thing he needed!


Clinging to his precarious perch, Sam’s mind was going a mile a minute trying to think of a way out of this dilemma. A corner of his mind registered that the motion had stopped and light was beginning to filter into his confined quarters. Also, her breath was rushing past his feet now at an alarming rate as if in arousal. How could that be?


Her mouth must be opening and darkness gave way to dim pinkness highlighted with hundreds of gleaming points of light reflecting off the perpetually wet surfaces of his surroundings. Looking up he could clearly see her uvula framed by the soft palette above and it was getting brighter by the moment. Her tongue began to drop down while her uvula rose up as she opened her throat wide.


Sam was able to raise his head enough to see that her mouth was wide open and quite terrifying from this viewpoint. Two giant semi-circles of teeth framed this deadly red cavern, alive with the motion of her massive tongue, quivering in anticipation of…something. A movement outside her jaws caught Sam’s attention; her hand came into view above her mouth holding something. A clonie!  She held a clonie by the feet and her intention was obvious.


Her rapid breathing indicated full arousal and she was about to satisfy herself by devouring this victim, not aware that Sam was at this very moment hiding in her throat. As Vivian took herself to greater heights by teasing her prey with her tongue, Sam surmised that when she swallowed, his own location in the center of the action would fully involved him in the deadly gulp, taking them both down.


Vivian was slowly lowering the terrified clonie into her mouth and Sam couldn’t help noticing her epiglottis had closed on his feet trapping them while opening her gullet for the incoming prey. She let go of the clonie’s feet and he slid headfirst towards Sam coming over the back of her tongue, his face registering amazement at seeing Sam there, but with no hope of stopping his downward slide.


Her throat contracted around both of them in a deadly embrace, the final prelude to a gulp that would send them hurtling to her stomach. Then came the peristaltic wave propelling them downward but Sam’s motion slowed as his legs were rammed into her windpipe. The clonie disappeared into the hungry pink flesh of her gullet as the muscular sequences dragged him downwards to his doom.


Sam was knee deep in windpipe when all hell broke loose and Vivian choke-coughed him out onto her hand with such explosive force he was knocked unconscious. She was incredulous when she saw who it was.  Here she was swallowing her latest victim and on the brink of climax, then suddenly she was coughing up Sam out of nowhere.


Amazement turned to concern as she looked at the small, inert and very bedraggled figure in her hand. She anxiously washed him off in the bathroom and he began to come back to life. She was so overcome with relief she found herself crying for joy and when eventually she saw awareness return to his tiny face she said, “Sam, I don’t know how you did it this time, but you just don’t seem to be able to stay out of me. “Much as I love it, I’m not ready to lose you”.


Sam explained his side of the ordeal, adding that he was completely mystified as to how he came to be in her mouth in the first place. “Well that makes two of us because I have no recollection of putting you in there” she said, “but if I can do it with Gummy Bears, then clonies are not that much of a stretch. “Thank heavens you’re all right Sam, you seem to lead a charmed life luckily for both of us”.


It took a couple of days for Sam to settle out and feel that things were back to normal. Occasionally he found himself marveling at the fragile fortune that had led to this moment and the fact he’d survived against all odds. Trouble was, by now he was really straining the law of averages. Twice in the same day he had been all but in two different stomachs and had survived both. That was really testing providence!


Vivian was beginning to realize that Sam’s side of their relationship was maybe a little stressful and it just might have something to do with her own behavior. She decided she would have to sacrifice her own desires if she could and consider his feelings in her teasing games. She might have been a little sadistic even if he did provide her with endless amusement and dizzying heights of stimulation.


Just then the phone rang and Vivian answered it. As she spoke on the phone, Sam’s gaze was again drawn to her beautiful abdomen, the seductive contours clearly visible under the tight blouse she wore. He found himself wondering just how close he’d been on his mistaken crawl down her throat the other day. Vivian putting the phone down interrupted his thoughts. She said “Listen Sam, I have to go to New York for a couple of days on business.


“I’ll leave you everything you need while I’m away. “This will be the first time we’ve been separated for more than a few hours and I’m gonna miss the hell out of you. “I love you Sam but I don’t have any choice, I have to leave on the next flight,” she said, gently lifting him to her face and kissing him. Sam reassured her that he’d be fine; he was a big boy now and could look after himself but he would count the hours till she returned.


After some hasty calls to the airline and quickly packing an overnight bag, Vivian was out the door leaving Sam in a very empty condo. On impulse he visited the clonies in their cage where his ongoing project was to teach them English. He was discovering they really were quite simple but did manage to grasp a few words. There were four of them left right now and Sam had to wonder how long before each one of them met his undoing in the pit of Vivian’s stomach.


For a couple of hours now he had been working with them when he heard a key in the deadbolt. Vivian must have forgotten something, he thought as the door opened. But it wasn’t Vivian. It was Valerie! Sam’s heart began pounding; this couldn’t be good! But she’d already spotted him across the room with the clonies. “Hello again Sam” she said as she approached, “Did you forget we had a dinner date?”


Sam was speechless; a dozen questions whirled in his head as he fearfully backed away to the far edge of the sideboard. She continued “You see it was quite simple for me to arrange for Vivian to be conveniently out of the way and she’s long forgotten she’d entrusted me with a door key months ago so I could look after her clonies while she was out of town. “So here I am to feed her clonies… to my belly!”


“So you see Sam, it’s just you and me now; what more fitting revenge on that bitch Vivian than getting oral on her boyfriend. “She has herself to blame; she sold me on the idea of intelligent clonies and the unbelievable heights of ecstasy achievable from swallowing one alive. “Anyway, how bad could it be in my belly? “Non of the previous occupants ever complained and I’m sure you won’t once you’re in!”


Then, cage in one hand and Sam in the other, Valerie took them over to the bookcase and placed them all on a shelf at eye level, opening the cage door. “I want you to watch your friends disappear down my throat Sam, so you can get an idea of what your own trip to my interior will be like and be suitably terrorized. “I find the taste of fear in a man really improves the flavor besides being very stimulating.”


Sam watched fearfully as she pulled the first struggling victim from the cage and held him before her face. Her mouth opened wide and the little figure went rigid in a paralysis of terror as he was thrust into the dripping cave and left cowering on her enormous tongue. To Sam’s horror she grasped a second clonie from the cage and thrust him into her greedy mouth along side the other.


Her mouth still wide open for Sam’s benefit, she began tossing them over and over with her merciless tongue, liberally coating them with saliva and gradually moving them back to where the dreaded archway of her throat was just now opening, her tongue dropping to reveal the shadowy corridor to her insides. This prompted fits of panic from the two clonies; the dreadful significance of that abyss was not lost even on their simple minds.


One of them managed to struggle off the left side of her tongue with his head under the arches of her throat giving him a horrifying view of his unlucky partner as she tipped him into her spacious gullet to be immediately embraced by hot, slick flesh and gulped down. Sam looked on in horror that was no less disturbing even for the numerous times he’d seen this same scene play out.


His knowing the inevitable fate of the remaining clonie actually increased the volume of his terror even as he watched her maneuvered the second victim back onto her tongue and flip him effortlessly into her throat to follow his hapless friend. Now Valerie was taking both the remaining clonies from the cage, placing them back-to-back and binding them together with a length of cotton, immobilizing their arms and legs while they gibbered some words Sam had taught them.



Sam couldn’t believe his eyes and his mind was in turmoil with the horror of what he knew she intended doing next, no less terrible in reality when she placed them headfirst on her outstretched tongue. Slowly she pulled them back into her gaping mouth and straight ahead of them the archway of her throat opened as an extension of her cavernous mouth while her tongue contracted back on itself, moving the well of her throat forward to take the clonies.


While they perched on her foreshortened tongue, their heads overhanging the perilous depths, she gave them a moment to appreciate the horror of being swallowed whole in tandem into her dark forbidding gullet.


Just then an enormous belch blasted up from her belly, bursting from her mouth to accentuate the fate of her earlier victims and jolt her latest victims into the throat where she quickly dispatched them with a tremendous gulp.



 Sam clearly saw a large wriggling mass travel down Valerie’s beautiful neck vanishing below her collarbone and could only imagine the horror awaiting them in her belly.



His body quaking in full-blown terror that he was to be her next victim, he stared into the smiling eyes of Valerie who slid a dripping tongue over her lips for dramatic effect. His eyes strayed to her stomach revealed in all it’s glory by the sexy tank top she wore. The bottom of her rib cage was visible and for Sam, that marked the location of her belly and the terrible drama that must at this moment be unfolding agonizingly for four living, feeling beings inside her.


He remembered his earlier heartfelt promise to Vivian that he would eventually belong in her stomach. Now he realized just how foolish and frivolous that was in the stark reality of this moment. But even that was infinitely more desirable than the fate that now confronted him, being digested alive in the body of this treacherous predator that called herself Vivian’s friend.


But now Valerie was reaching above his head and securing a thread to something on the next shelf up and unreeling the thread as she walked across the room to the other side, stretching it tight and tying it off on the top of the window blind. Returning to Sam she said, “We’re going to make this interesting my little friend. “I couldn’t help noticing you’re in great physical condition and should be up to the task I have planned that can save you from my belly if you succeed.


“You see, if you can make it to the other side of the room on that thread, I won’t eat you. “I think that’s really generous of me since I’ve been looking forward to swallowing you alive since the first time we met”. Sam was not impressed by this offer. He had serious doubts that anyone could traverse that distance hand over hand without falling, besides which he suspected her of more treachery. Then she peeled off his jumpsuit, smiled and said, “Mmmm, I can hardly wait.”


She gently raised him up to the higher shelf saying, “Oh… don’t worry about falling, I’ll catch you Sam so let’s get started”. He hesitantly grasped the thread, which was virtually a rope at his scale and swung out into space, moving hand over hand with deceptive ease at this early stage. Seeing a flash of motion below, Sam looked down at the unnerving visage of Valerie’s upturned face, her wide-open mouth directly below his swinging feet.


Sure… she was going to catch him all right; in her ravenous jaws where she’d eat him alive, but what else could he have expected. As terrifying as the sight was, he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from her clonie-gobbling throat waiting expectantly below, haunted by the insane desire for a glimpse of what lay just beyond the darkness. How could anything so beautiful be so deadly?


He looked ahead and his hopes sagged when the distance to the window seemed unchanged, but at least his arms weren’t tiring yet. Looking down again at the ever-present threat of her gaping mouth, Sam now saw Valerie’s tongue extending upwards into a tapering point that curled in a beckoning motion, seducing him dangerously close into giving himself to her, his visible arousal betraying his physical attraction to her despite his real despise of her as a person.


He noticed one of her hands had slipped inside the waistband of her shorts far below, in response to her own carnal hungers. She kept her mouth level with his progress along the thread ready to ‘catch’ the slightest slip on his part. Looking forward again he was relieved to see he was almost halfway across, but his arms were beginning to tire and his hands were sore.


His foot suddenly swung against something hard and sharp; Valerie’s teeth! Oh God, was she going to take him now? Then he realized the sag in the middle of the thread had lowered him almost into her mouth and that spurred him to greater speed. His pace didn’t slacken until his feet were again above those deadly teeth. Suddenly, in an alarming demonstration of her power over him, she snapped her jaws shut barely missing his feet and laughing at his horrified reaction.


“Don’t worry Sam, I want you alive” she said, “Like this one I’ve been sautéing for hours now”, and she withdrew her hand from inside her waistband holding a naked clonie just glistening with her juices. Sam could only think this clonie must be one of her own that had been imprisoning in her panties all this time. He watched with hypnotic fascination as she placed the little guy across her slightly parted lips, slowly opening them until his legs dropped inside.


Suddenly her mouth was wide open and the clonie was sprawling at the back of her tongue where it met the soft palette sealing off her throat. Staring down and waiting for the inevitable, Sam realized he had come to a full stop so began his forward motion once more, unable to look away from what he knew must happen next. But her throat remained sealed as the clonie stirred and began struggling hopelessly to climb the monstrous vertical tongue.


Instantly Valerie’s throat opened wide and he was gone into the darkness beyond; she didn’t even gulp and the only evidence he’d ever been there, the faint scream echoing up from far below. The adrenaline surge from this latest horror set Sam’s muscles on fire but he continued tortuously forward with renewed determination not to become her next victim.


His arms feeling like they would rip from their sockets, his hands raw and blistered, Sam had to muster a supreme effort to keep going. The only thing worse than his present suffering waiting below to hungrily engulf him should his resolve weaken. He couldn’t help noticing that Valerie’s eyes appeared glazed in arousal as she stared back in anticipation of his body falling into her salivating mouth. Her need for him prompted her to use her special talents to distract him.


“Want to see how one of your friends is doing Sam?” she said gulping a mouthful of air and sucking in her stomach. What followed was both unbelievable and horrifying for Sam; he heard a liquid belch rising from below, she opened her mouth wide and a half-digested clonie erupted from her throat onto her tongue. Coated in her stomach juices, his skin was raw, sinew and muscle showing through.


Hands and feet were eaten away, all that remained of them being white naked bone. “Are you ready to follow him?” she said and her tongue squeezed the small body against her soft palette, a loud gulp and it disappeared once more into her voracious depths.  She smiled evilly and her mouth opened wide again under Sam’s feet. This was too much for him and he felt himself blacking out. The last thing he saw as his hands slipped from the thread and he plunged downward was her throat opening up to take him.


  Chapter 6


The last thing Sam saw as he slipped from the thread and plunged downward was Valerie’s throat opening up to take him. When he opened his eyes again he was looking upwards at the inside of her open mouth from behind her uvula, lying on the back wall of her throat, his feet in a bear trap that was pulling him up and out. A second later he dangled from her fingers above her smiling face.


“Not so fast Sam, I want to savor every second of swallowing you so no willy-nilly diving down my throat for you”. She produced a length of thread and wrapped it around his ankles securing it with a knot and letting him hang by his feet. She was practically panting as she began lowering him slowly into her open mouth.


Sam could only watch in fearful fascination as this very familiar scenario unreeled below him. No matter how often he’d done this before, the feminine oral cavity never lost its’ ability to terrify the living daylight out of him when he was about to be engulfed by it. And now as always, he was torn between saving his own skin and the compulsion to submit himself to the primal appetites of this Goddess.


His head passed between her lips and she slowed his decent, giving him plenty of time to look in awe at her deadly incisors above and below him. With his head now inside her jaws as he turned slowly at the end of the thread, Sam could feel the hunger pulling at him from the darkness below but couldn’t bring himself to look down.


Finally, he forced himself to face his greatest fear and looked down only to find the throat he feared was hidden, sealed behind the back of her tongue and soft palette which didn’t do much to relieve his tension but brought him a little time to look around. His head now in the center of this cavern, he felt the wet heat of it on his naked body and was humbled by the predatory magnificence surrounding him.


He thought about the fact he was in the grand entrance to a dark forbidding tunnel, the destination too awful to think about, yet having the power to pervert his will and draw him to its’ cavernous embrace, stealing his body from him. But for all that, it was difficult to think of this place as evil with its’ perfect flawless teeth, pink healthy tongue and sweet smelling breath.


Oh yes, now he could feel her breath. That meant her throat was open and his time had run out. Venturing a glance down, he saw a gap widening between palette and tongue and found himself powerless to tear his eyes away from the dark throat as it opened wider and wider. By the time his head had leveled with the archway, her gullet yawned hugely and her head tilted back, the flood of light offering a terrifying view deep into that bottomless pit.


He hoped she’d delay his passage past this dreaded point of no return, but slowly he was lowered into her throat that yawned wider to receive him. As he nudged past the uvula, he made a grab for it but it slipped wetly from his grasp, mocking his futile attempt.


Everything about this place was alien. Slimy pink walls all around, hot moist air, everything coated in thick saliva and all accompanied by terrifying rumbling growls from far below that Sam knew were the awful churnings of a stomach working on earlier victims.


Another sound that was hard to ignore was the hollow sticky clicking sound her throat made as it teasingly contracted to embrace his body and then expanded out to enormous proportions, all the time his body dropping deeper and deeper into her humid depths.


His body was engulfed in her esophagus and still the swallow-reflex hadn’t kicked in so he cautiously pushed against the walls with his hands, quickly realizing nothing he could do would stop his decent. Her esophagus seemed wide enough to accommodate three of him at once, enabling light to pass by his body to a considerable depths, the eternally wet tubular walls gleaming eerily and his growing terror feeding on the horrible carnal growls echoing hollowly from below where a monster waited to devour him.


He’d made this same trip once before but that time he neither had the opportunity or presence of mind to take in any detail. Now he was experienced a horrifying sensual overload, his slow decent prolonging his agony and by the sound of it intensifying Valerie’s pleasure judging by moans emanating from her vocal cords above. Glancing upwards he was alarmed to see how deep inside her he now was.


Sam despaired of ever seeing his beloved Vivian again and fleetingly wondered if she would ever know what became of him. In his mind he reeled off all of the pleasure moments he’d spent with Vivian and strangely, some of those were times he’d almost being swallowed by her. What an irony that here he was going to his doom down the throat of the bitch that betrayed his Vivian.


The growls below was becoming deafening and very little light filtered this far down her esophagus, even though it had remained wide open. Looking back upwards he saw he had come around a slow curve and could no longer see as far as her throat. Below him he could just make out the closed entrance to her stomach and his terror notched up as he realized he was going in headfirst.


Then he became aware of the hot slickness of her esophagus on his back as he slowly angled towards her stomach and his head nudged the fleshy valve. He thought to save himself by trying to hold his body away from the valve so it wouldn’t sense his presence and trigger. Too late. He felt the flesh dilate in the center and slowly open, almost like a second hungry throat preparing to swallow him.


Gradually he was slipping through and couldn’t help noticing that his entire environment now moved vigorously to a familiar rhythm. Apparently Valerie could feel his arrival at her belly and it was bringing her to a climax that threatened to start a storm in the already turbulent liquid below.


Now his decent was becoming erratic, first descending rapidly and then hesitating, only to jerk upwards as if Valerie’s control had lapsed, her mind transported in ecstasy. Sam now entirely inside her stomach, gagged on the close noxious atmosphere, the acidity burning his nose and eyes. In the blackness beneath his head he could hear he was perilously close to the raging cauldron of digestive juices and in mortal danger of being plunged into it at any second.


As he jerked up and down and imagined the horrible slow death waiting below he hardly noticed that the chaotic rhythm had subsided, Valerie coming down off her climax. He was relieved to feel himself steadily rising, his feet hitting the solid flesh of the valve as she pulled him up but his relief sagged into apathy as he realized her stomach had sealed shut and he was imprisoned in this chamber.


After a few more impacts of his feet against the immoveable valve that practically broke Sam’s ankles, his motion ceased and he just hung there for long enough to wonder what she might be doing. That question was quickly answered with a familiar sound from above; she had just swallowed something and it was on it’s way down.


In a moment the valve opened deluging him with water and his feet were being pulled through the widening entrance followed by his body. With a fleshy squelch he was clear of her stomach and rising rapidly up her esophagus.  The way ahead getting lighter, now he could see a unique view of her throat as he approached it from below.


He felt both relief and trepidation for surely this was only a temporary reprieve; he knew Valerie only too well to entertain the idea she’d had a change of heart. He knew she was simply getting the greatest mileage out of the erotic potential of swallowing him repeatedly and sooner or later he would be gulped down for good.


Sam rose through her throat experiencing a brief moment of terror when an involuntary swallow was triggered engulfing his body in powerful throat muscles that threatened to gulp him down again but she pulled him clear of their greedy grasp and out in front of her face.


The release of tension of the last few minutes was so great that he was unaware of her raising him to her eyes saying “That was just a taste Sam, next time I may not be able to resist leaving you inside me but you can be sure of this, you belong to my belly, body and soul!”


Sam watched her other hand travel down and caress her flat stomach unconsciously and realized he’d been imprisoned inside that very belly just moments ago and now his destiny was to be digested alive inside it. The idea saddened him but he also thrilled to the terrible seductive power it had to draw him to his destruction.


Valerie noticed the focus of his fearful attention and seeing an opportunity to feed another aspect for her ferocious appetite, lowered his trembling body to her belly and pressed him firmly against it, drinking in his fear of her ultimate predatory organ. For Sam this was like a dry run of digestion, his body immersed in the sound and feel of the ferocious churnings of that chamber and its’ once living contents.


In fact he was so totally involved in her digestive process that he had no inkling of what now followed. The front door of the condo burst open as if hit by a tornado and Vivian flew across the room, her face contorted in rage. Valerie had just enough time to bring Sam up to her mouth and thrust him inside before Vivian was on her.


From Sam’s point of view, one moment he was mesmerized by the fierce growling of the belly he was pressed into, then he was leaving his own stomach behind as he was swooped up to Valerie’s mouth and thrust inside. In the darkness of her closed mouth, her tongue maneuvered him backwards, squeezed him into her throat and with a powerful gulp, propelled him downward with terrible finality.


As Vivian crossed the room, she saw Valerie bring her hand up and palm something into her mouth and swallow it down. That had to be Sam she thought, so she was too late. Now face to face with Valerie, she saw the confirmation of the very thing she had dreaded; a thread was rising up Valerie’s chin and slipping between those greedy lips, marking Sam’s final journey to her belly.



Chapter 7


Vivian watched helplessly as Valerie’s lips curled in a teasing smile, revealing clenched teeth and a thread passing into her treacherous mouth through a tiny gap, marking Sam’s decent. Suddenly Vivian realized that was literally her only slim thread of hope and grasped the rapidly vanishing yarn with one hand and shot the other arm around Valerie’s neck, pulling her down into a headlock.


Valerie began snapping her teeth in an attempt to cut the thread as Vivian steadily pulled it out between her teeth but her mouth opened in a scream when the pressure of the headlock became painfully intense. Moments later Sam dropped out and swung free as Vivian turned, bringing her knee up viciously into Valerie’s groin, watching her collapse slowly to the floor.


Quickly, Vivian turned her attention to Sam who had been lowered to the floor and was just beginning to show signs of recovering from his ordeal, looking very bedraggled coated in Valerie’s saliva but nevertheless in fairly good shape considering two trips to her stomach. After that things were kind of a blur for him.


Ensuring he was safely deposited in the bedroom, Vivian faked break-in damage to the front door and called the police in order to have Valerie arrested for breaking and entering but Valerie had recovered and had different ideas. She sprang at Vivian like a panther and the two of them fought ferociously, Valerie quickly getting the upper hand, laying Vivian out and making a quick exit before the police got there.


When they did arrive, Vivian told them the perpetrator had escaped and they took off after her. What was really upsetting to Vivian was knowing Valerie was still out there on the loose and probably wouldn’t rest till she had Sam for herself. That would be more than she could bear and had to be prevented at all costs.


 Meanwhile, she couldn’t let Sam see her like this, bruised and scraped from her battle so she made repairs to her face and hair. She returned to Sam and explained how the call that sent her to New York had been cleverly arranged by Valerie and had completely fooled her until she reached the airport where she called her law firm for a brief only to discover no one knew of the client.


Instantly she had known what happened and couldn’t get back fast enough to rescue Sam from Valerie’s greedy clutches. Sam, shaken from another narrow escape began to relax in the tender care of his gentle Giantess although her hungry kisses had him worried when he remembered the only remaining clonies were now in Valerie’s stomach.


Glimpses into Vivian’s mouth revealed her throat was wide open, usually an indication her body was preparing to take him so he feared that mentally she was losing ground to her body’s need and his anxiety escalated into terror. It would be a bitter irony to be swallowed up in her amorous gratitude to have him back.


He saw her eyes roll back in arousal and desperately punched her lower lip as hard as he could shouting “Vivian you’re losing control, get a hold of yourself!” This had the desired effect and Vivian’s face immediately reflected horror at what she was about to do. “God, Sam I don’t know what to say; I was so thankful to have you back I wanted you inside me in the worst way”, she said.


Sam was very understanding and she had to satisfy herself with caressing him at arms length for his safety, until she could stand it no longer and rushed out to get in a fresh supply of clonies. On her way back to Sam, Vivian couldn’t help remembering she had promised herself she would be a little more considerate of his feelings when they played their games.


She had terrorized him so many times, but damn…that’s what made it so stimulating. Not just for her either; she knew he got an amazing adrenaline rush every time she almost swallowed him. She couldn’t possible give that up but she would have to be careful she didn’t lose him to her lust.


She was back! As she had done since they first met, she asked Sam if he wanted to watch her ‘take one down’ and as usual Sam was caught up in the terrible fascination, compelled to watch another helpless soul disappear down her throat. He felt compassionately for these poor clonies and the horrifying fate they met in her belly but he couldn’t help himself. The knowledge that he too would eventually end up there did help to ease his conscience somewhat.


So as always they adjourned to the bedroom with the doomed clonie where Vivian did her slow strip that was always the prelude to this event. Watching this was an erotic seduction for Sam, to imagine his own insignificant body being swallowed up into his enormous Goddess with the familiar mix of dread and desire that always left him weak in the knees. 


He remembered that first time looking over at a terrified clonie and here he was again watching another one, a vital living organism doomed to become nothing more than her food.  Swallowed up into that gigantic body where her formidable digestive tract would take his life to sustain hers. 


He had to wonder whether she had any thought for those she absorbed; if she’d have any thought for him when she eventually swallowed him down or would he just be another sacrifice to her belly and its’ never-ending hunger for male flesh.


He became aware of her approach with something in her hand. “Lose your clothes Sam, I know how you feel for these guys so I’m going to give you the opportunity to save this one from my stomach,” she said while helping him remove his pants. Anxiety causing him to fumble with his shirt, Sam had to wonder what diabolical plan she had in mind this time.


She explained “I’m giving you a safety line to keep you out of danger and all you have to do is keep my little victim from making it to my belly and if you succeed, he goes free” and so saying she wound the end of a long elastic band around his ankles. How did she come up with these sordid scenarios? At least this time she had considered his feelings. But he wasn’t too confident of his ability to save the clonie from a throat that had taken so many others before.


Now she gently picked Sam up by the elastic band so he was dangling by his ankles, sat down in a chair placed at the front of the chest of drawers and pulled out the drawer above her, looping the other end of the elastic around the drawer-pull. Then she adjusted the distance so Sam was within reach of her lips, grasping the other clonie and placing him feet first into her open mouth, her tongue curved down onto her chin.


She lifted Sam so he could grab hold of the clonie’s arms that protruded from her lips, her head inclined back at a forty-five degree angle. Sam saw what her plan was. She would proceed to swallow the clonie while his role was to pull him back out, using the rubber band as an anchor and a safety line so he quickly grasped the clonie’s wrists and held on.


Leaving Sam draped over her outstretched tongue, Vivian began tossing the clonie around her rapidly salivating mouth making it difficult for Sam to maintain a grip on his wrists. With a liberal covering of throat lubricant coating her victim, she began moving him further back in her mouth which pulled Sam up and into her mouth while he held on to the clonie who was sprawling on his back.


Now Sam was looking into the terrified eyes of her helpless victim as Vivian’s tongue curled up and around on either side gripping and pulling him deeper into the moist cavern with Sam following. The safety line was still slack so there was nothing he could do to prevent their ingress.


Suddenly her tongue dropped down at the back and Sam found himself staring wide-eyed at the huge throat. The clonie seeing Sam’s horror stricken face, looked back to see the object of this fear and began a mad scramble away from the shadowy tunnel only to be quickly immobilized by her muscular tongue that dragged him relentlessly closer to the waiting chasm.


Another ripple of her tongue propelled his lower legs over the back of her tongue

where her throat hopelessly trapped them. Her tongue heaved upwards and an enormous gulp took him thigh deep into the resilient flesh, Sam having no choice but to follow deeper into her mouth with his grip locked on the clonie’s wrists and his own wrists gripped in panic.


Sam felt tension from the rubber band on his ankles and realized he now had a fighting chance of pulling the clonie out of trouble. Once more her throat heaved in another gulp that took the clonie down to his waist while Sam followed and the

elastic stretched. Another gulp and the clonie was in up to his neck and Sam saw the hopelessness in his eyes.


As hard as Sam tried to pull, the body in front of him remained firmly trapped in the engulfing flesh. He had to marvel at Vivian’s ability to swallow prey as a snake would; he knew it was possible to suppress the gag reflex but she was in a different league. She gulped again and all that remained were arms protruded from the hungry flesh. He was completely helpless against her powerful throat.


Suddenly she teasingly opened her throat wide and Sam was so stunned he just stared. The tension from the rubber band only pulled them a couple of feet out but they even lost that ground when her tongue contracted forward opening her gullet up under both of them so now Sam was looking down over the back of her tongue while the clonie he held dangled in the void with a bottomless pit beneath his twitching feet.


Sam tried squirming backwards but the weight of the clonie pulled them both deeper so now he was halfway into her throat. He was beginning to think this wasn’t a very level playing field and he lacked confidence in his own chances of getting out, never mind the clonie. As he fearfully looked at the wet pink flesh surrounding them both, he had to wonder at the very size of her throat and its’ terrifying capacity for swallowing the living into her vital body.


As he watched, the cylindrical walls began to contract slowly in on them, the clonie jerking in panic until they were both enveloped in hot, viscous walls that threatened to suffocate them. Only Sam’s legs remained outside the hungry flesh, but downward waves of peristaltic muscles swallowed them deep into her gullet and her throat closed behind his vanishing feet.


It was then that Sam heard and felt the familiar cadence of Vivian’s arousal quickening towards climax and realized his survival was far from her concern right now. Despite the terror of his predicament, he was experiencing an involuntary arousal of his own from the sensual embrace of her hot, slick throat engulfing his naked body.


Slowly they were being dragged deeper and deeper by her esophagus while the elastic on Sam’s ankles was getting tighter by the second. Half-way to their destination, an ear-splitting scream shook their universe signaling Vivian hitting her peak and a moment later the slick embrace relaxed, the tunnel opened wide and Sam with clonie in tow were rapidly pulled upwards by the retracting elastic.


The velocity propelled Sam back onto her tongue with the clonie behind coming to rest with his feet still hanging over the chasm. Before he could react, her throat locked down and a succession of powerful gulps swallowed him down again. Sam had no choice but to follow and watch helplessly when the clonie disappeared into her merciless throat once more.


It all happened so fast for Sam, sliding over the back of her tongue and into the abyss that opened accommodatingly for him. Vivian was well into another multi-orgasm fed undoubtedly by the sensation of their struggling bodies coursing down her throat. Then as quickly as it began it was over with her sexual release; the esophagus relaxed its’ grip and the two of them were pulled upwards again. A reverberating growl from deep below told of her protesting belly, growing impatient for the meal it was being cheated out of.


In a moment, Sam was again draped over the back of her tongue with the clonie hanging above the black hole. He was finding the slick walls incredibly erotic against his naked flesh and the idea of being swallowed alive was becoming powerfully appealing, the thought of sliding deep inside her warm feminine body, completely irresistible. Another guttural growl echoed from deep below and that was all the encouragement he needed.


He did the unthinkable. He let himself relax so as to slip into her eager throat. Giving himself to her was more arousing than he could stand but why wasn’t he sliding down? Then he remembered his ankles were restrained. But his Giantess was hungry and must be fed, her belly must have its’ sacrifice. He thought the unthinkable and released the clonie, watching him fall into the steamy depths.


The clonie’s upturned face registered surprise as it was swallowed into the darkness and Sam had an orgasm like he’d never had before as he visualized his substitute-sacrifice entering the belly of his Goddess. It was as if he was that clonie; he could feel the heat and motion of that chamber, the secretion of acid and enzymes as it sensed prey to digest, the muscular churning that would break his body down to nourish hers. Wasn’t this the ultimate sacrifice for love?


Then he was being lifted from her mouth and gently placed on her palm and she was cleaning her saliva from his body. Released from the allure of her oral universe and his ardor cooling with the outside air, Sam couldn’t believe what he’d just done. He’d almost given himself to her as nothing more than food but what was worse, he’d fed another living being to her and found it intensely erotic.


He had just turned a corner in his relationship with Vivian and there was no going back. He was now officially an accomplice to her carnal appetite, a partner in crime and a pimp for her stomach. He began to relish the idea of feeding her craving for live prey even if only to appease her stomach’s appetite for him. He remembered his promise to her that she could take him when he was least expecting it and realized his time was drawing close.


She saw the concern in his face and asked, “What’s up Sam?” He said “I fed that clonie to you Vivian, but I wanted it to be me, I couldn’t help myself”. She brought him to her lips and gave him a full body kiss saying “I know exactly what happened Sam and I love you for it. “We seem to be completely compatible in that respect; I want to eat you and you want to be eaten!”


Sam hastened to add “Oh, don’t get me wrong Vivian, I’m terrified of being eaten, but at that moment I had an overwhelming compulsion to sacrifice myself to your stomach”. “I understand Sam, for my part I don’t want to lose you, it’s just that the desire can be so powerful I’m having to build a safety net into our games now so I won’t inadvertently swallow you permanently,” she reassured him.


What she couldn’t tell him was that the idea of his taking up permanent residence in her stomach was an incredible turn-on and she had to fight down the desire to swallow him every time she laid eyes on him now.


A little later they decided to curl up with a good movie in Vivian’s bedroom. She was in her customary bra and panties, head propped on pillows and Sam perched on her abdomen, his head propped on her breasts. Sam was having trouble following the plot of the movie, his attention constantly going to the poor clonie currently digesting below, the sound and fury of Vivian’s indomitable stomach not allowing him a moment’s peace.


He was imagining himself inside there in place of the clonie and wondering if the poor little guy could still be alive and next thing he knew it was pitch black, oppressively hot, his whole body stinging and a clamor of organic sounds echoing all around him. All his perceptions told him he was in her stomach with its’ sour acidic odor and the slimy feel of her stomach wall beneath him and he was petrified.


As far as he could tell in the dark, he was sitting on a sloping wall with his feet jammed in a crease that prevented him sliding into a growing pool of digestive soup. He also heard the steady dripping of secretions echoing from the ceiling and walls of his prison and he sensed the size of this chamber surrounding him. Even as hopeless as his situation appeared, self-preservation dictated he do what he could to survive, so he looked at what he knew of anatomy.


He was in her stomach and anything ending up here was slated for destruction. He must have entered somewhere above where there was an entrance valve that was undoubtedly sealed shut now. The only other way out didn’t bear thinking about. Intellectually, he thought stomach acid wasn’t too strong and the real digestion didn’t take place until he entered the small intestine.


How long he survived depended on how much air still remained. He also knew that at intervals, the muscular stomach walls would churn the contents and move them towards the bottom end where the gateway to the duodenum waited. His chances of surviving that were slim unless he could climb to the top end and escape to her esophagus first. He had no idea how he knew this, but he had one thing in his favor that made the latter worth trying.


She was lying on her back so getting to the stomach entrance might not be impossible. He twisted over onto all fours and immediately his feet slipped into the noxious pool. He scrambled out and got a foothold but his feet felt like they were on fire. Maybe the acid wasn’t as weak as he thought. Nervously he started up the slope aided by the convolutions and creases he groped for in the stomach walls. Progress was slow, his feet were burning up and the eerie reverberating echoes in this dank chamber didn’t help his terrified state of mind.


Eventually, the wall curved up steeply and Sam knew this was his goal. He gingerly felt around the slick, mucous-coated wall in front of him and found a circular depression. This must be the gateway, he thought. Question was how to open it. He examined it for any clue as to its’ structure but found none.


He noticed the atmosphere was getting increasingly oppressive. He had also been aware of subtle shifts in the environment so she was probably feeling his movements inside her. Then he remembered. Vivian liked to sip wine while she watched movies and her stomach would open to admit it. His breathing was becoming labored and what seemed like an eternity later he heard the sound of a gulp and waited anxiously, feeling for movement at the center of the depression.


A shudder and then it dilated and his arm was through amid a gush of incoming wine. He forced his other arm and his head into the aperture, which refused to open any further. With nothing to push against it was virtually impossible to get his shoulders through the valve that was now trying to close around him. With a supreme effort he got his shoulders through and the rest of him followed.


No sooner had he got his bearings and was about to crawl up the esophagus when he was gripped tightly by the walls, the stomach opened behind him and he was squeezed back into the hellish chamber, skidding down into the pool and submerging. Struggling to the surface and spitting out the vile liquid, he felt and heard violent motion all around him. The stomach was beginning the periodic purge, the contracting walls pushing him and the pool into the duodenum. The moment he felt the hot acid scald his skin he knew he was doomed.


He saw light through his eyelids and opened them. He was again sprawled on top of Vivian’s stomach and he was listening to a particularly loud gurgle reverberating deep below him and knew the clonie had just succumbed to her digestive tract. His relief was so intense it caused a physical reaction and at that moment he knew that what he’d just experienced was no flight of imagination.


Somehow he had accomplished consciousness transference and had actually been in the clonie’s head just now, experiencing the horror of Vivian’s belly first hand, even animating the clonie’s body and attempting escape. How this could happen Sam had no faintest idea but he was clear on one thing; it had been triggered by his extreme empathy with the victim in her belly.


He told Vivian of his experience and she was thrilled about this new development with a morbid fascination for how he felt to be trapped inside her stomach. Sam told her he now realized there was no escaping from her stomach for anyone she swallowed alive and she almost ate him on the spot she was so turned on.


She ran from the room and he knew another clonie was going to fall victim to her monstrous appetite. She returned with the little guy who was already fearfully staring at her mouth, suspecting she was going to eat him. “Sam” she said, “See it you can transfer again.


“It would be absolutely amazing if I can swallow you all the way down and yet have you be safe from my stomach when you transfer out again.” Sam hadn’t considered this possibility. He wasn’t even sure he could repeat the feat of earlier but this might be a good time to try.


Even in proxy, he felt a little anxious about another trip down Vivian’s fearsome throat and the very thought of her escape-proof belly filled him with horror. What if he couldn’t transfer back; it would be the same as if she had swallowed him because he’d die in the clonie’s body. But there was that seductive fascination again and he couldn’t resist it. Sam had to wonder if his final demise would be in Vivian’s stomach or from the heart attack he got from anticipating it.


She waited patiently and finally he replied, “OK Vivian, there’s no guarantee I can do it again, but I’ll sure give it a try”. With that she lay back on the bed, lifting the terrified clonie by his feet above her face and opening her mouth wide. Glancing over at Sam, he took his cue and relaxed, closing his eyes. He put all his attention on the little clonie and his plight as he stared down in horror at what was going to be his terrible fate, devoured by this giantess.


Instantly, Sam himself was looking down at the black hole at the back of Vivian’s mouth through the eyes of the clonie, and was almost overcome with the force of emotion that hit, the stark terror of a trapped animal as the predator closes in. It was if he were seeing this for the first time, taking in the vivid details of her mouth and following the inevitable path he’d take down into that body, his terrified eyes locking onto that deadly stomach that waited to feast on his flesh.


Next thing he knew he was tumbling over and over in her huge mouth, teeth and tongue flashing in and out of his vision when his face wasn’t covered in her saliva. He pawed his eyes clear and wished he hadn’t. She had him in the trough of her tongue facing her gaping throat. He tried to turn but too late; her head tipped back and he slid irresistibly over the back of her tongue and into the dark tunnel that would take him to his doom.


Darkness closed in as he felt the hot embrace of her throat as she swallowed, the powerful muscles driving him into her esophagus where the peristaltic muscles took over the task of transporting him to her stomach. He became aware that although he felt all the emotions and perceptions of the clonie-body he occupied, his own mind seemed to override the motor controls so he was able to animate it as if it were his own.


With that in mind he decided to do his level best to stay out of her stomach. The trip down was always sensual to him and this time was no exception, the conduit of flesh caressing him lovingly, coaxing him towards the belly of the beast that would begin devouring his body in earnest unless he could stay out of it. Experimentally, he forced his limbs against the embrace but that proved futile.


The tunnel felt to be wide open ahead of him so he would stretch his arms forward and wide in an attempt to foil whatever triggered the entrance valve to her stomach. In a moment this plan was tested when he felt resistance ahead and his forward motion stopped.


 Not for long. He was pushed powerfully forward and his hands slid into a cone that began opening at the center, forcing his body through and depositing him in the noxious chamber where he slid to a stop. Sam felt the clonie-host mind instinctively sense this was the beginning of the end and sink into deep despair, submitting himself to become nourishment for this giantess.


Sam wasn’t so quick to give up; he had to do something to escape this dungeon of despair. Then he remembered that he did in fact have an escape clause in the fact his own body was already outside and he could transfer to it unharmed. But how? Last time he transferred back it seemed like an opportune accident. What if there were no more ‘opportune accidents’? Why didn’t he think it through before?


He sprawled in the darkness, his body beginning to burn where it came into contact with the oozing surface, when suddenly an anguished scream echoed in the fetid air followed by a despairing groan. How could this be? Wasn’t he alone in here? Sam yelled, “Who’s in here” and the response was a terrible wail, frenzied splashing and gurgling sounds from somewhere deeper in the chamber.


There was someone being digested alive in here. Then it dawned on him; Vivian must have swallowed a clonie on her way back to the bedroom carrying the clonie whose body he now occupied. He noticed his heart was a trip hammer in his chest now because he wasn’t just terrified for himself; he was horrified for the poor soul being eaten alive a few feet away and there was nothing he could do.


He had one last option. Transfer out to his own body if he could. Trying his best to shut out the awful echoing howls of a tortured soul, he concentrated on his own body and where he’d left it, close to Vivian’s right side on the bed. Nothing! He tried to remember every detail of what had led up to his first transfer and tried again. Nothing! This was devastating; he was trapped in the clonie’s body and about to be digested along with the other and there was nothing he could do.


After everything he’d been through and the number of times he survived being swallowed alive, was this really going to be the end of him? There were just too many unanswered questions. What would Vivian do when she couldn’t wake him? Would she be heart broken at his passing? What would she do with his poor lifeless body? Would she swallow it down too without a second thought?


  Chapter 8


Completely helpless and unable to transfer back to his own body, Sam just lay on Vivian’s stomach wall feeling the secretions under his clonie-host’s body eating away the flesh with painful efficiency. He knew he couldn’t last much longer in here with the two of them using up what air was left in this hellish chamber.


Except now the other clonie was silent, the only sounds were ominous gurgles and eerie unidentifiable noises echoing around him. Suddenly everything was in motion as the stomach walls began churning and kneading. Sam was thrown and tossed over and over into a turbulent lake of what felt like scalding lava that choked and burnt his mouth and nose while it set his body on fire. He tried to scream but nothing came out.


Then he was screaming… so loudly he startled himself. By some miracle he was no longer in that hell, because the pain was gone too. He opened his eyes and he was back in his own body with Vivian leaning over him, concern clouding her beautiful eyes. “What happened Sam?” she said in alarm. Still badly shaken he said, “I couldn’t get out until the instant my host-body died in there, then next thing I knew, I found myself out here. Oh, that was an awful experience”.


A really loud growl from Vivian’s stomach caused Sam to look up at it nervously, saying “There was a second clonie in you belly and I think both bodies went into the small intestine just now. It gets pretty violent in the stomach and the acid is much stronger than I originally thought. That’s what killed the clonies, not lack of air”. Then Vivian suggested, “Well maybe the other body dying is the key. It’s like an ejection seat that kicks you out of the body when it’s going down in flames!”


“That makes sense but I wouldn’t want to take the chance on the ejection seat jamming so I think we’d better be cautious how we use this dubious ability of mine” said Sam with another nervous glance at her abdomen and adding “By the way, I was too busy to notice, but how was it for you?” She answered, “It was fantastic because I knew it was you inside me, even if not your own body. Sam, don’t you realize, this is finally the way I can have my cake and eat it too, or more literally, I can have my Sam and eat him too!”


Sam smiled at this and said nothing but he really wasn’t too comfortable with being digested alive by proxy. Seemed to him there was just as much risk as before, maybe more because she would digest him repeatedly unless the next one was fatal. Really was amazing though, who would have thought you could survive an experience like that and live to tell about it.


He had a whole new respect for her stomach and just how deadly it was in reality. Now when he visited the clonies in their cage, he wouldn’t have to imagine the horrors that awaited them inside Vivian, he knew first hand and suspected he might even be in their heads when they made the trip. He had to admit he found the idea very stimulating and for whatever reason it never got old.


The next few days were uneventful with Sam occasionally dwelling on his experience in Vivian’s belly, particularly when they were playing the ‘Big Bad Croc’ game and he was thrust deep into her ‘other’ throat and wondered what the interior of her uterus would be like; surely a little more friendly than the chamber he was now familiar with. Amazing that one ended life and the other began it.


Early one morning he was well into an English lesson with his class of four clonies sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of him. He was making good progress teaching them the words plus sentence structures they would be able to put to good use in the near future. It would be interesting to find out if they retained it. All of a sudden they reacted as one, their faces stricken with fear and bolting back to their cage where they cringed pathetically.


Sam turned to see what had provoked their fear. Vivian had just padded into the room, naked. Fascinating; did they somehow know what she planned doing with them? They had no reason to fear her, yet they all seemed to be transfixed by her lithe stomach as if they knew that was to be their destination. He had to admit she was an awesome sight towering about 32 times their height.


As impressive as her size was, it was as if her very femininity, her curvaceous predatory body was expressly designed to seduce poor hapless males down her throat and this thrilled, scared and intimidated Sam no end. He loved Vivian deeply but could never shake the awful knowledge she would eventually eat him and he had himself to blame, although he knew he could never take back his pact with her without losing face. Now he stood to lose a lot more than face!


Vivian continued to the kitchen and the English class breathed a collective sigh of relief. Sam called them back out of the cage and they warily complied, one of them approaching him with a desperate expression, struggled out,” Hungry girl…eat self…not want!” So Sam’s suspicions were true. Vivian came padding out of the kitchen and made her way towards them, the clonies again bolting for the cage and cringing at the far side.


“Morning Sam, I see you got an early start with the English lessons; how are the little guys doing?” she asked, bringing her face within inches of the top of the cage as she peered at them. The clonies were trying to melt into the floor of the cage, one of them looking straight at Sam and pleading, “Pleeeeese nooooooo…no let… hungry girl… eat self…not want!


“Wow!” exclaimed Vivian, “That’s pretty impressive Sam, you’re one helluva language teacher; you really know how to add a little spice to the games but it does seem a shame I’m going to eat your handiwork”. Sam, looking thoughtful replied “You know, it’s really interesting that they’re aware I can influence you and possibly stop you from eating them; that’s a real turn-on because it means I have power over them and I can choose which one you swallow next”.


“Oh my Sam, I do believe you’re becoming as evil as I am; that’ll teach you to cavort with Giantesses” she laughed. He had to smile, particularly when he remembered the incredible arousal he achieved when he deliberately dropped a clonie down her throat. He was looking forward to the next ‘Giantess feeding’.


It was sometime later that Sam decided to take a nap and made his way to his favorite spot, a candy dish on the bookshelf that he’d lined with a cotton handkerchief. So he didn’t hear the phone ring in the kitchen and Vivian answer it. One of her neighbors was telling her that the car-alarm on her BMW in the parking garage downstairs was blaring and she might want to shut it off.


She looked around for Sam to let him know where she was going, noticed him napping and decided to let him be. She figured he’d need all his energy for tonight because she was really feeling horny. No sooner was she out the door than moments later it opened again and Valerie came stalking in looking for all the world like a hungry tiger.


She was single-minded, it was Sam and Sam alone that would satisfy her insatiable hunger and it wasn’t long before she hunted him down. She wasted no time lifting him to her face by his ankles, awakening him to the nightmare visage of her yawning mouth. Adrenaline had Sam primed for flight but escape wasn’t possible so he yelled for Vivian which was equally futile.


He couldn’t believe that once again he was looking down Valerie’s dark and dangerous throat and intuitively he knew this time there was no reprieve. The sense of impending doom was overwhelming and as she started his inevitable journey into her jaws with a teasing look down into his future, Sam glanced over at the clonies in their cage a few feet away and couldn’t help wishing he could take their place. At least they would be going down Vivian’s loving throat.


Valerie was working herself into a rapid arousal, knowing her time was short and capitalizing on this last chance of satisfying her obsession with Sam her prey. Sam for his part had never known such terror and his heart was exploding.

One moment he was taking his last look at the outside world that in this case was the terrible vortex of Valerie’s deep throat and then in a flash he was seeing her towering above him, lowering a helpless 3-inch clonie into her gaping jaws. Oh God, that was his body he was watching her devour so he must have done a consciousness-transfer into one of the clonie’s in the cage.


Sam was overcome by an emotional overload of terror, anger, loss and despair, all of these in a whirling tornado of confusion as he watched his body disappearing into her mouth. He saw her jaws close with finality, the movement of her throat as she swallowed his body down and even the visible bulk as it moved down her beautiful throat to vanish into her body forever


One emotion now reigned supreme; regret for the loss of his body for he knew he would never see it again. It was hers to digest. Now he somehow had to deal with having a smaller simple-clonie body. Then a terrible thought struck him. Maybe she was still hungry and she would eat every last one of them.


Not yet anyway!  From all indications she must have felt Sam’s body entering her stomach for her body shook and gyrated with arousal, her head went back as if to howl at the moon, and she screamed in the passion of climax. Then coming down off the turbulent wave of her lust, she ran her hands down her body ending with a caress of her bare belly where the satisfying morsel lay inside her.


In a moment her face was directly above the clonie cage and looking right at Sam, saying “Who’s first to keep Sam company in my nice warm tummy?” With that she opened her mouth revealing the awful throat that had just swallowed up Sam’s body and it was wide open for her next victim. Suddenly a deafening burp erupted from the depths, bathing them in the sour, acidic odor of her belly, as if to emphasize that her digestion had begun on Sam’s body.


Then, coincident with the sudden silencing of a distant car-alarm, she turned and headed for the door. As Sam watched her go, he couldn’t help thinking about his pathetic little body imprisoned deep inside her stomach as her sleek predatory body stalked away. He did have one consolation; she thought she had devoured him body and soul, but little realized she only had his body inside her!


After the door closed, Sam looked around at his companions. He’d never noticed this before but you couldn’t tell them apart. He realized it was only the advanced models as he had been that had different appearances. Now he was one of them but he did have the advantage of knowledge and experience. It seemed when he did one of these consciousness-transfers into a clonie body, it was as if it was a blank slate just waiting to be written on.


Although his new body was a third smaller than he was used to, it seemed to feel and act with familiarity. But there were some movements that didn’t feel familiar, as if he had to educate this body in the subtleties of being run by an intelligent mind. Well, it was better than the other alternative; being digested alive! He’d wait for Vivian and tell her of the catastrophic events. Where was she anyway?


As if on cue, the door opened and there she was. Sam stepped to the cage door and quickly unlatched the lock that was only escape-proof for simpler minds. He walked out on top of the sideboard and waved to Vivian. He called her name but only ugly unintelligible sounds came out of his mouth.


Sam was devastated. It never occurred to him that he would have to train these raw vocal cords, this tongue and this mouth into making the complex sounds that formed words. He did get Vivian’s attention and she approached him but Sam realized there was no recognition.


In fact she was licking her lips and saying, “Oh, what do we have here? A little escapee that I’m going to have to gobble up because he’s too intelligent for the cage now. Sam made you too smart for your own good”. So saying, she picked him up without the usual tenderness she reserved for Sam and carried him into the bedroom.


He fought her all the way, kicking and screaming the same words he’d taught the clonies until she finally brought him to her face. With renewed vigor he shouted, “NOT WANT HUNGRY GIRL EAT ME!”  For the life of him he couldn’t make this mouth say anything beyond what he’d taught them this morning. In desperation he tried anyway. “Mmft…zereeebo…grrrrzt….”. Then again he said, “NOT WANT HUNGRY GIRL EAT ME!”


Vivian smiled and said “Well of course you don’t but I’m going to eat you anyway my little wordsmith; Sam did such a good job on you I wish he could see this but he’s sleeping right now so it’s just you and me”. She was beginning to salivate with anticipation as she disrobed and continued “You seem to understand me and that makes it so much more erotic”. Naked now, she lay back on the bed.


Sam was going out of his mind trying to wrap his wits around this ironic state of affairs. What could he possibly do to make her realize he was Sam? He knew she liked to draw it out and tease her prey mercilessly until she could stand it no more and had to gulp her victim down.  But she was already very aroused and now she was ripping off his clonie standard-issue jump suit.


She laid him naked on her stomach and for the second time that day his terror notched up to heights hitherto unimagined, his heart thumping like a pile driver. Once again he knew with certainty that he would make the frightening journey down Vivian’s throat to her stomach and he wasn’t getting out this time.


He also knew with certainty there would be no more jumping to other clonie’s heads. What would be the point anyway, she was going to eat them all so whatever he did he would end up in her belly. The warmth and softness of her stomach was soothing but at the same time, his proximity to the monstrous organ of his undoing was disconcerting.


He racked his brain for a way to let her know it was Sam, not just a slightly smarter, stimulating clonie-sacrifice for her belly. He had nothing! Then the flesh beneath him was beginning to gyrate and he knew her arousal was taking control, her belly demanding sacrifice and his time getting short. She lifted him to her face, the beautiful face he loved and was seeing for the very last time.


“Speak to me little guy, I want you to talk me out of eating you; who knows, maybe I’ll let you go” teased Vivian, her mouth opening wide and her head tilting back with Sam now held by his feet, head dangling above the chasm. Pathetically, all he could repeat was, “NOT WANT HUNGRY GIRL EAT ME!” and another desperate attempt to pronounce her name, “VVVEEGGHH…VEESHH”.


He was in despair, if only he could convince her he was Sam. As an insignificant clonie, she’d swallow him with no mercy but if he could make her understand that he wasn’t sleeping peacefully in the candy dish as she thought, she postpone everything to look for him. God, he wished he’d taught the clonies his name. He began pointing out of the bedroom and with the other hand pointing at himself.


Vivian was puzzled by this odd behavior, why was he pointing at the door? “Did you want me to ask Sam for permission to eat you?” she said, “It doesn’t work that way, I eat who I choose and I want to eat you!”. Sam screamed “NOOOOOO MEEEEEE!” but she just gave him a quizzical look for a moment, then her face melted into a seductive smile and she ran her tongue over her lips luxuriantly.


“Well, so far you haven’t put up much of a case for non-eating so I guess you’re going down the hatch; do you have any last words?” she said raising her eyebrows in expectation. Sam could only plaintively wail “NOOOOOOOOO”. For a fleeting moment he thought about how Vivian and he truly loved each other and compared to this tragedy of true love lost, Romeo and Juliet was a walk in the park. They had only to contend with emotional pain.


But the horror show was beginning anew, her mouth opening wide with deadly teeth bared as if it wasn’t frightening enough with a gaping tunnel to oblivion waiting back there to swallow him down. He began his decent, her tongue snaking up to meet him and bathe his body in warm saliva, arousing him despite the terror that had him by the throat. Her own arousal was only too plain.


Suddenly he dropped headfirst and slid down the slick tongue gliding straight for the gaping gullet that pulsed in greedy anticipation of his flesh. With no way to stop himself, he slid right into the hot tunnel getting a glimpse of the bottomless pit beneath before he was gripped in a wet, fleshy embrace.


This point of no return always evoked his anticipation of the extreme arousal of being squeezed down the slick tube of her esophagus, only tempered by the awful terror of what lay waiting at the other end. Then it came, the powerful bone-crushing gulp that propelled him downwards, his own arousal peaking with hers, the stimulation of each feeding off awareness of the other.


This was the strange bond of affinity between predator and prey, the ultimate act of supplication and sacrifice by the prey and the ultimate in intimate possession by the predator, engulfing the organism into her very core and absorbing the prey’s essence into her body. For Sam it was to be his farewell gift, his final act of love to Vivian. The erotic journey down the tunnel was over too soon.


The dreaded moment was on him, he was being pushed into her stomach where he fell and bounced on the resilient lining. He became aware of the sour, torrid atmosphere, thick slime covering everything he touched in the darkness. Her stomach seemed empty and devoid of acid so far but then he heard what he feared most, the beginning of the secretions all around him.


There was no hiding from this monster; it had sensed his presence and the business of digestion had begun, eerie sounds of seeping and dripping acid echoing all around him. He crawled over the slippery floor but there was no escape from the fiery liquid that now pooled under him, burning his flesh, digesting the cells of his living body.


The pain steadily increasing, he could do nothing but wait for it to become intolerable and have an end to it. He felt Vivian’s body moving sinuously around him and realized she was still enjoying his struggles inside her and wondered how long before she discovered Sam wasn’t where she thought he was.


Suddenly, he no longer had the luxury of waiting because the walls around him were in motion, contracting in on him and churning his body in the deadly mix of acid and enzymes. After a searing wave of pain that seemed outside of time itself, the pain reduced to an overall dull ache that he attributed to the fact his nerve endings had probably been destroyed already.


But his senses were also dulling in a fog of semi-consciousness that must mean the end was near, and that would be a tremendous relief. Oddly enough, his mind seemed extra sharp and focused, maybe more so than usual he thought because he perceived a spark of light close by and intuitively knew he was using an extended perception in order to see it at all.


This was no near-death experience, this spark had a distinct location and once he established that it was only a matter of inches away at Vivian’s scale, he found himself floating like a bubble towards it. Sam perceived he’d left the destroyed husk of the host-clonie body behind and didn’t seem to be limited any more by the walls of Vivian’s stomach.


He sensed rather than felt the heat and solidity of the mass he was moving through, the spark seemingly the goal of his slow advance. As he neared it, the spark expanded into a dimly shimmering form but he was so unfamiliar with this type of perception he couldn’t grasp exactly what it was or even the size of it.


Before he knew it, he was the shimmering thing, the pain and anguish of seconds ago now forgotten. Wherever he was, he was comfortable and relaxed, even weightless as he still had the sensation of floating. He was still in total darkness, he could smell nothing but he could still hear and what he heard were the organic sounds of Vivian’s body all around him and he was mystified.


Then Vivian’s body was in motion and Sam reacted to a sudden shift in gravity and discovered he had something to react with. He had a body and it was responding to his muscle commands. He bumped into a soft wall and pushed off only to bump into another on the other side. OHMYGOD! Now he had it. He was in her uterus in a new body. VIVIAN WAS PREGNANT!


Sam had gone full circle!

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