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Author's Chapter Notes:

If you read A Shrinking Game: The Gift, this will seem very similar.

A Shrinking Game

Chapter One: The Gift

Jessica wanders through the aisles of the sex shop, looking for an anniversary gift for her girlfriend of three years. Stacy always enjoys adding an extra dimension of kink to their sex life; the gags and chains are boring, not to mention the dildos and vibrators. They work in tandem with other toys and kinky activities, of course, but none of them rise to a level worthy of being an anniversary gift. She sighs, looking at the rack labelled "BDSM-Hardcore" and not finding a single exciting toy. She gazes upward to the most extreme options and is disappointed to only see a barbed whip and some fluid that can be set on fire without leaving too severe of burn wounds.

A clerk comes up to her and asks what the problem is. Her nametag says "Katie" and her tone says commiseration. The two together lament the lack of variety available. Even in their short discussion of how even switchblades become mundane, Jessica's cannot withold her passion for Stacy. "She's an amazing woman and deserves something special," Jessica says. "She's gagged me, whipped me, chained, burned, blindfolded, and smothered me, and seeing the smile on her face is the greatest light in my world. She deserves something new," she says.

Katie smiles. She says, "Hold on a second. Follow me." She leads Jessica to the front of the store and pulls a small box out from under the front counter. She reveals a watch and some cards. "I think this will do the trick." Jessica is skeptical, but with little else to go on, she buys the package and drives home. The sun sits high in the midafternoon sky behind her as she anticipates the night to come.

She sits down on her bed and opens up the box. Stacy is away, leaving her with an opportunity to see just what she got herself into. A grin spreads across her face as she reads the included instructions. 'This could be fun,' she thinks. She hides the package under the kitchen sink and returns to her day, excited for tomorrow.

Stacy arrives home as Jessica is lazily watching TV. She kicks her shoes off, tosses her jacket over the side of the couch, and plops down next to her girlfriend. She lays her head down on Jessica's breasts, snuggling up to her. She kicks her feet up and lies on the couch, continuing to use her girlfriend's impressive chest as a pillow. The night grows late as they binge the latest dramedy on TV and the two grow sleepy. They retire to bed, thoughts still swirling in Jessica's head until she drifts to sleep cuddled up against Stacy.

Jessica wakes up extra early the next morning and pulls out the present. She lays it on the bed next to Stacy. Too excited to do anything else, she sits at Stacy's feet and waits for her to wake up. If this thing works, she thinks, they may have the best toy ever. She sits cross-legged, watching her beauty sleep. As soon as Stacy opens her eyes, Jessica smiles and says, "Good morning, beautiful. I have a surprise for you."

Always excited by surprises, Stacy jolts up and looks at the open box in front of her with a weird watch and decks of cards. "You got a new watch?" she says.

Jessica responds, "No, sweetie, it's a game. Happy anniversary!"

Stacy raises an eyebrow, unsure of what to think. "So what kind of game is this?" she says. The package leaves everything to the imagination, and since Jessica took away the instructions, Stacy is completely in the dark.

Jessica answers, "It's a perfect game for our anniversary, sexy." She winks. "I promise it'll be an entirely new frontier of fun for us."

Stacy says, "Alright, let's play then. Will I get to have my sex slave worship my pussy this morning?"

Jessica says, "Well, actually, um," she gulps, "I was thinking this one time I would play the dominant role. And if you win, then I'll be your sex slave more than ever before."

Stacy says, "Oh really? How do you propose to do that?"

Jessica says, "I will be at your personal service for the entire next week, 24/7."

Stacy laughs. "How will you do that? I have work, dear."

Jessica says, "Just trust me."

Stacy says, "Alright, Jess. I'll trust you. And then you'll be worshipping my pussy for days. I can't wait. So how do we play?"

Jessica explains, "The rules are simple. You put on this watch." She hands Stacy the watch.

Stacy nods, "Alright, watch on." The watch face flickers to life and displays "5'4"" on the screen. "Hey, it knows my height!"

Jessica continues, "Yes. On the watch your height will be displayed. It locks on your wrist until the end of the game, just so you can't be a sore loser." She giggles. "So first I draw a card from this deck and follow the instructions on the card. I keep drawing cards until the game ends with me winning or you winning."

Stacy asks, "Alright, alright. How do I win?"

Jessica continues, peeved at the interruption but still giddy with excitement, "You win if you can reach ten points. I win if you get down to one inch." Stacy looks puzzled at the mention of her loss condition. "If you win then I draw a card from this deck with the hearts on it. Then the game ends and I will shrink myself with the watch to be your slave all week. If you lose I draw from this deck with barbed whips on the cards."

Stacy looks incredulously at Jessica. "So we're roleplaying?"

Jessica answers, "Not quite. At least, not if this works. But let's just draw the first card and you'll see." She smiles at Stacy and draws the top card of the deck. She looks at the card. "Oh cool, an event card. Alright, so here's how these work. I read the card and whatever it says to do is what we'll do. So, this card is the Strip Event Card. It says if you are wearing anything you have to strip completely nude. And for every three seconds you take, you shrink an inch."

Stacy looks at Jessica. "Alright," she says, still a bit dismissive of the game. She starts taking her shirt off, taking her time all the while. Jessica looks on eagerly. Her smile spreads even wider across her face at the sight of her girlfriend topless in her sweat pants. When Stacy gets to her pants she notices a little timer has replaced her height on the watch. In the spirit of the game she hurries a little bit in getting completely naked. 'I don't know what she's up to,' she thinks, 'but if it makes her happy I guess I'll play along.' When she tosses off her panties the timer stops, and she sits back down on the bed, now bared before her clothed girlfriend.

"It's really not fair for me to be the only naked one," she says. She leans forward to grab Jessica's shirt, but Jessica stops her.

She looks at the timer on Stacy's outstretched arm. She says, "Not bad, only thirty-three seconds to get all of your clothes off. And you didn't make much more of a mess than you usually do, haha!"

As Jessica laughs, Stacy feels a tingle throughout her body. Then her giggling girlfriend starts looking bigger as Stacy starts getting smaller. She looks in utter shock as the number on her watch ticks down. It passes 5'0" and keeps ticking down as the room gets larger. The bed underneath her feels like it becomes a king size and then something even bigger. She turns her attention to her growing girlfriend, still smiling at her and giggling cutely. Stacy hasn't been in the submissive role much ever, and she isn't sure how much she likes it. She thinks, 'Hopefully I can win this soon.' She stops shrinking and checks her watch. It reads 4'5". She looks back to Jessica. "Holy shit!" she says, "This thing is real?"

Jessica still cannot wipe the smile off her face. She responds, "Yeah, I know! I wasn't sure it would work at first but it really, really does! And now we get to have a real new experience. I get to be dominant for awhile, we both get something I don't think anyone has ever done before, and if you win, you get a tiny worshipper for a week!" Stacy is tempted to stop the game now, but Jessica licks her lips and continues, "I'll shrink myself down and slide into your panties all day. And then when you get home you can do anything you want to me." Plus, she can't bring herself to disappoint her girlfriend. A little worshipper sounding incredibly hot just seals the deal.

"Okay, you're on," she says.

Jessica grins and says, "Alright, next card!" She swipes a card from the deck at her side. "Oh, so there's another kind of card. Some cards just list pass and fail conditions. If you pass you get points, but if you fail you lose height. So for this one you pass if you're the sole breadwinner and you get two points. If you contribute to our sustenance you get 1 point. You fail if I support you, and then you shrink six inches. I guess since we both work that means you get a point."

Stacy looks down at her watch and sees a small number one appear in the corner. 'So far so good,' she thinks. "What now?" she asks.

Jessica reaches for the deck and answers, "Now I draw another card. This one says you shrink twelve inches if you're still taller than four feet. Well, I guess since you're still 4'5" you're going down!"

Stacy immediately feels the tingling return and the world grow before her again. Her girlfriend is almost twice her size now. Her boobs that were just last night a nice pillow are now the size of her head if not larger. Worse yet, even though they're both sitting, her boobs are at eye level. An unfamiliar feeling of powerlessness washes over her, mixing with the shrinking tingling to create a fear she only wants in her sub. Both feelings fade enough for her to speak. "Hey, Jess, mind if we put a stop to this?"

Jessica pouts, "Aww, but Stace, you promised I could be the dom for this once. Plus you're adorable at this height. Come here, you can snuggle against me."

Stacy crawls forward to Jessica and rests her head against Jessica's now even bigger chest. Her boobs are warm, soft, and comforting, even at this size. Jessica brushes her hand through Stacy's hair while reaching for the deck with her other hand. A warm feeling washes over Stacy. She closes her eyes and relaxes in the lovely embrace. She reads the next card more softly, "Alright sweetie, I get to give you one dare. If you succeed, you get a point. But if not, you shrink 3 inches."

Stacy looks up to Jessica, "So what kind of dare did you have in mind?" She then puts her face back into the warm bosom.

Jessica thinks for a few moments and then lights up. "I dare you to hold me down and force your way with me." She giggles at the thought of her now dwarven girlfriend trying to dominate her.

Mixed feelings rush into Stacy's head. She is too small to pull this off, but domination is her comfort zone. She says, "Okay," and then stands on the bed, only a bit taller than Jessica as she sits. She lunges forward and throws her weight to pin Jessica to the bed. Jessica attempts to effortlessly throw her off for dramatic flair, but fails. Stacy thrusts her bare cunt onto Jessica's face. "Now eat my pussy, bitch!" she shouts. She just barely pins Jessica's shoulders with her knees. She feels the precariousness of her position as the woman twice her size squirms a bit under her. Jessica licks at Stacy's pussy while trying to sneak her legs up behind her. Not used to struggling against someone so small, she isn't sure of what to do. Usually she'll be a brat and swiftly beaten for her insolence. Sometimes she can win a struggle temporarily, and over the past couple years she's become adept at putting up a good fight, but almost always using her leg strength. Now she can't quite reach Stacy's puny body with her legs and so has to rely on her much weaker upper body.

Stacy proceeds to grind her vulva on Jessica's face. Taking great pleasure in restoring her position, her pussy gets wet, leaving sex juices all over her girlfriend's face. She grinds harder, feeling every feature of the enlarged but gorgeous face beneath her. Jessica's nose feels especially nice as it slips inside her every time she slides over it, and knowing she has to fully inhale her scent every time makes it all the better. She thinks to herself, 'I'll have to make sure she's extra small when she's a slave for the next week. I'll slide her whole body deep inside me.' She looks down and taunts, "You like that? You better get used to it because for the next week I am going to be your whole fucking world. You will spend every day deep, deep inside me. You will bathe in the juices you're tasting now." Jessica makes one final effort to push Stacy off with her arms, but she can't get the right angle. Stacy gets off and then gets off of Jessica. She stands up, legs on either side of the lying girl's head. "Looks like I can still make you my bitch," she says.

Jessica looks up in awe at the shrunken woman. Even at half of her former stature she's still a goddess. "Looks like you beat the dare. Now let's move on," she says. She seems a bit embarrassed by losing such an easy challenge. As Stacy continues to stare down at her, basking in her glory, Jessica reaches over and pulls another card. She says, "Now ou have to give me a back rub. If it's good, then you get a point. If not, you shrink five inches. Looks like now you have to be nice." She sticks her tongue out and then takes her shirt off, revealing her impressive bust. Stacy's stare moves from her eyes to her chest, and her mouth drops open. Each breast is now very clearly proportionately huge. Either one could smother her with ease. Stacy thinks to herself, 'If Jess were to become dominant now, it might just be fatal.' Jessica rolls over, showing the expanse of her back, nearly as long as Stacy's entire body. Stacy, still euphoric from her display of domination, steps on Jessica's back. She puts her full weight on her heel and then brings her other foot up to stomp about. Keeping her balance on her back is challenging, but the feeling of powerlessness from Jessica's back being a platform is overwhelmed by the joy of inflicting pain. Jessica grimaces but tries to hide it, not wanting to insult her girlfriend's efforts. Then after a minute or so, Stacy jumps, landing right on the arch of Jessica's back.

She screams in pain. "What the fuck!?" She lies motionless, momentarily paralyzed. Stacy then drops on her knees, adding further injury. She falls onto her hands having lost her balance, but she stands back up to continue the torture.

She says, "I thought I might keep the dare up a bit longer. You're still my bitch, Jess."

Jessica says, "Stacy, that hurt. I thought you were going to be nice to me. That was a shitty back rub." After she utters those words, the watch lights up, and Stacy shrinks to only three feet tall. The size change disorients her, giving Jessica the chance to roll back over and sit up. Stacy tumbles onto the bed, little more than a rag doll before her giant, angry girlfriend. Before Stacy can recover, Jessica draws another card. She says, "Alright, if you want to play mean, I can be mean, too. This card gives you a point if you clean up more. Ha." Stacy gulps as she sits back up. "Since you're a fucking slob, you shrink five inches." Stacy feels the dreadful sensation return, and everything gets bigger again. Her girlfriend is now firmly over double her size, and her glare burns. Stacy scoots back, frightened by the power and ill will before her. Jessica spits, "Since you never clean up, you shrink another five inches. Looks like you just lost ten inches."

Stacy stands up as she shrinks to just over two feet tall. Even standing she's only at about Jessica's sitting height. She may be entirely at the mercy of Jessica. Or anyone else for that matter. She curls her lips in, holding back her level of distress as she tries to stand tall in the face of this horrifying situation. Still needing eight more points to win, she says, "Keep going. What's the next card say?"

Jessica draws the next card, never removing her glare from Stacy's diminutive form. Stacy feels even smaller than she is. Jessica thinks to herself, 'I didn't expect her anniversary game to go this way, but I guess I also thought I could trust her not to be a bitch today.' She says, "Oh, you won't like this." If you never interrupt me, you get two points. But you do, so you fail, and  you shrink five more inches." Stacy feels herself becoming even smaller. "But it gets better! Since you do it a lot, you shrink five more. Sounds like you are going down another ten inches!" Jessica laughs as her bitchy girlfriend is put in her place. 'Let's see her try pulling another stunt now,' she thinks.

Stacy's composition begins to weaken. She watches as the watch counts down from 2'2" to 1'4". The once powerful dominatrix has become nothing more than a living doll. Any hope of resisting would be entirely in vain. She continues her stoic performance, hoping for a card that will favor her. She says, "Another one, Jess. I still need eight more points. Then you're my slave."

Jessica retorts, "Ha. At this rate you won't be getting to ten points. You won't even be getting to five points. And remember when you get to an inch you get a penalty for losing. Who knows. Maybe you'll be my slave for awhile. Then you can spend every day deep inside me." She draws. "Now, the next card." She reads the cards to herself and can't help but laugh. Stacy starts to cower, losing her composure. Her knees tremble and her breathing quickens before the laughing titaness. "This card will be great for you, Stace." Stacy starts backing away. "It's the Biggest Boobs Ever Card. I know how much you love my tits. So first you shrink to one centimeter tall." She pauses for a moment letting the words sink in as Stacy continues backing away until her heel feels the edge of the bed. "I'm going to go find my best bra and put you in it. If you can escape, you get a point and return to your current pathetic size. But if you surrender then you only grow back halfway."

Stacy looks down to remind herself of her height. She notices half of the screen is now a button labelled "Surrender". Then the screen flashes and her height reads 1 cm. "Why am I not smaller?" she asks herself.

Meanwhile Jessica walks over to her dresser and grabs a silky red bra. 'She always loved this bra on me,' she thinks to herself. 'Let's see how much she likes it at this scale.' She tosses it on the bed at Stacy's feet. "Get in," she says.

Stacy responds, "Um, how do you expect me to fit in there. You have a nice rack, but I'm still over a foot--" Her sentence is cut off suddenly as she seems to disappear into nothing. From her perspective, the world just became much, much bigger. The cup of the bra is now far above her head, beyond any hope of reach. Even climbing the lace would be very difficult and uncertain. Beyond the bra she can see her girlfriend towering over the bed. Even the tallest buildings in the city would be dwarfed by the goddess before her. She trembles and tears up at her insignificance.

Jessica tilts the bra towards the speck on her bed. "Now get in," she says.

Stacy obeys and gets in the bra, not wanting to be stuck this small for long. The short trek takes a few seconds, and she struggles with climbing onto the soft surface. Jessica then tilts the bra, sending Stacy tumbling into the giant cup. The subtle scent of her girlfriend is at this size very present. She relaxes for a moment, feeling some comfort in her love's scent. Quickly she's torn back to reality as Jessica puts on the bra. Her boobs are absolutely colossal. A very soft house may as well have just landed on her as she's pressed into the flesh. If not for the softness, she'd surely be crushed by the globe many, many times her mass on top of her. What had only last night been her pillow is now big enough to live in, if only it were hollow. At her new minuscule size the small amount of boob sweat that had accumulated practically soak her. The experience is both exhilarating and terrifying. A primal part of her wants to enjoy her busty girlfriend now having the largest breasts of all time. She breathes heavily, tempted by the urge to bask in the divine breast dominating her, but fear takes over. The utter domination by not even Jessica herself at this point, but the underside of her right tit clouds Stacy's thoughts. As Jessica giggles, Stacy crawls inside herself, never before remotely so enfeebled. Her first clear thought is to climb up and over, but she can't even move in that direction, nevermind scale the entire breast.

Jessica sits on their bed and giggles some more as she looks down at her cleavage. She had picked her most tantalizing pushup bra, so even she was getting turned on by her boobs. "So Stace, what's it like in in there?" she asks. "Must be like heaven being in my tits. I know you love them. Feel free to worship them while you're in there. Maybe if you're real nice to them I won't squish you between them." Stacy shudders as the divine voice taunts her. "After all, one squeeze and you'll be nothing more than a little stain on my tits. Then I'll shower you off like you were never there. Or I might be nice and give you a little burial. Though after what you did, maybe I should just flush your remains down the toilet like a dead goldfish instead."

Stacy is utterly petrified. She asks herself, 'Would she really squish me? Surely Jess has no plan to hurt me.' As the terror from being so small builds, she thrashes about, trying to wiggle her way directly towards Jessica's sternum. She has a little more luck thanks to the boob sweat lubricating her body. Slowly she shimmies her way towards the edge of the bra. She reaches the underwire and realizes she can't make it budge. Even with the full exertion of her body a little wire holding her girlfriend's boob up is unmovable. Worse, the sporadic laughter shakes the wire in addition to the entire breast above her. Even the simple act of breathing moves her entire world around, able to move her up and down thoughtlessly and move the unmovable. Despaired by her situation, she stops moving. If she surrenders she loses even more height. But there seems to be no way out of this bra. Standing at the foot of their bed staring at her own tits grows boring for Jessica. She can just barely feel Stacy and gets another little chuckle out of feeling her try to break out of her bra and fail. The small chuckle for Jessica is louder than thunder for Stacy, causing the flesh surrounding her to vibrate and thus her own entire body to vibrate with it. 'My entire body can be moved just by a small laugh from her. How weak am I?'

Jessica jiggles her tits a little bit to amuse herself. She starts shaking them more realizing Stacy must be experiencing it as an earthquake. "How do you like it in there, dearie? Well, I just thought of a way to make it even more fun!" Jessica laughs harder, completely deafening Stacy. She cannot even hear her self-pity over the laughter mocking her. Jessica starts jumping up and down, causing her boobs to move much more than before. Stacy loses all sense of direction and starts to slide around. Moving about causes Jessica to sweat, and being right under her boobs leaves Stacy right in the heart of the storm. Every jump throws Stacy up a bit and then crashing down, smashed against the bra by a thousand tons of softness, impressing her. After a few more jumps, the sweat becomes sticky enough to cling her to her spot on the boob. She stops sliding and instead just goes up and down with the breast. She starts to cry, completely helpless. Unable to take it anymore she loses her nerve and hits the surrender button on the watch.

Suddenly she feels like she's inflating. Her body starts to restore. Jessica feels this in her bra and unclasps it, letting it fall to the floor. Stacy remains pinned under her breast, giving Jessica a hearty laugh. She calms down as she feels some of her strength being restored. Her growth is enough to distract her from Jessica's laughter. She watches her watch tick up until it stops at now just eight inches. At this size she actually can be held under Jessica's boob. She sighs, wishing she hadn't just lost eight inches and the remainder of her dignity. She closes her eyes tightly to block the tears. She turns her attention away from the screen. She sees the floor three and a half feet away and closes her eyes again. Jessica looks down and laughs at her. "Haha, looks like you're still small enough for my boobs to carry you." Jessica is right, but Stacy hardly needs a reminder of her powerlessness even before a single body part of someone else.

Jessica carefully walks over to the side of the bed and picks up a card. She says, "Looks like once again your selfishness is going to bite you in the ass. If you left me some bed space, you would get a point. But you don't so you get to shrink until you can't hog the bed.So let's see if you even can at this size." She pulls the tiny woman out from her bosom and gently tosses her on her half of the bed. "Well, lucky for you you're already too small." Jessica sits down on the bed close to where Stacy lies. Stacy looks up at her girlfriend's face. 'So beautiful, but now so terrifying,' she thinks to herself. 'Maybe she's just putting on an act. After all, I'm not really that selfish. But she did just throw me like a ragdoll. She nearly drowned me in her sweat and crushed me under her boob.' Her thoughts are interrupted as Jessica asks, "Alright, this card should be easy for you. When is our anniversary?"

Stacy pauses, afraid Jessica is setting her up, but answers, "Today."

Jessica flips the card so Stacy can see it. "Well, you pass, but since you should know that, you don't get any reward. Haha! Looks like I still get another chance to shrink you." Jessica adjusts her sitting position, throwing her legs out in front of her on either side of Stacy. Stacy is now between Jessica's legs, inches from her clothed pussy. Her scent is strong and intoxicating. Stacy is aroused by her girlfriend's sex, but petrified of doing anything at her height. Still, each thigh is nearly her height, so she feels like she's in a hallway, but leading to a possibly vindictive giantess. She gazes up and sees her topless chest and loses it. Her body is so magnificent, worthy of worship. She pans her gaze up and down, finally resting her sight on the panty-clad pussy in front of her. It's slightly wet, even through her underwear, worrying her perhaps she's enjoying being cruel. Still, she can't help but inch a little closer. While Stacy is distracted with the crotch looming inches away, Jessica draws another card. She says, "Now I get to ask you any question about myself. If you get it right, you get a point. If not, you shrink another three inches. This could be your chance. But what to ask?" Jessica tries to think of a good question, not sure whether to ask something easy to tease her with a chance of victory or hard to shrink her again. Meanwhile Stacy remains distracted. Her gaze wanders back up Jessica's stomach, her mind entirely gone now from the game. Her stomach, too, is marvellous, though able to also crush her with ease if she were to find herself under it. Jessica continues, "Alright, I have a question for you. What's my most sensitive body part?" Stacy just continues to gaze at Jessica's giant body as Jessica stares back down at her tiny body. A few moments of silence pass. Jessica says, "C'mon, I'm waiting for an answer." She rolls her eyes, annoyed that the woman she's been fucking for the past three years doesn't know the answer immediately. "You know, Stacy, you're making it awfully easy for me to want to turn the domination up a bit. I could have picked a much meaner question."

Startled to attention by the threat, Stacy blurts out, "Your butt."

Jessica looks at her for a minute. "No. How. . .how do you not know this? I've told you twice this month already I want you to play with my boobs more." Stacy turns a deep shade of red as the feeling of shame washes over her as she dwindles another three inches. The thighs on either side of her now actually are bigger than her, and the pussy could probably consume her. The frown on Jessica's face sinks deeper. She sighs and draws another card. She says, "Okay, since you're under three feet tall, we have a wrestling match." She looks down and notices Stacy paying no attention at all, instead hypnotized by her pussy. "If you last more than 5 minutes, blah, blah, blah, you won't. When you don't I sit on your face for the next card." She sets the card in the discard pile and haphazardly plants both her feet on Stacy's shoulders. Stacy violently reacts, but she stands no chance against the feet. Each one is bigger than her. Even against the soft bedding, Jessica could crush her by applying just a little more pressure. She's pressed against the sheets by the giant feet, putting up little more fight than a literal doormat. Unenthused, Jessica counts, "One, two, and three. Looks like you lose." She scoots forward, her pussy now directly above Stacy's face. "Since you have such a fixation on my fucking ass, maybe you'll enjoy this next draw." She lifts herself off the bed a bit and hovers forward just enough to drop her ass directly on Stacy, her asshole right above her face. Only a thin piece of cottony fabric stands between the two. "You like it down there?"

Stacy weakly struggles. The primal part of her has taken control, and it does find some pleasure in being under her glorious ass. It's normally quite alluring. She finds herself distracted rather often. A perverted smile creeps across her face, fighting off the terror for a moment. Then Jessica farts and Stacy struggles harder, trying to scream, but her screams are muffled entirely. She's pulled out of her sexual trance, now only concerned with breathing clean air. The smell is overpowering, and she has little other sensory input besides the constant crushing sensation of the much, much larger body on top of her, threatening to destroy her whole body just by sitting.

Jessica takes her time drawing the next card. She wiggles her butt and says, "Another card wants you to shrink. Remember all those times you've tied me down and made me eat you out? They don't even begin to compare to the times you've returned the favor. So you lose two inches."

Stacy stops struggling as she dwindles to merely three inches. As she shrinks she slides forward just enough to be able to pull herself out from under Jessica. Most of her strength went to  struggling, leaving only a little to pull herself under her asscrack and then against her moistening pussy onto the bed in front of her. She scurries up out between Jessica's legs. She turns around when she's a few inches away and looks up to the giantess. "Jess, please listen!" she shouts. "I'm sorry I got the question wrong. I wasn't thinking straight. You're just so goddamn beautiful I couldn't pay attention to the game." That the legs on either side of her dwarf her call her attention away again. Stacy struggles to remain focused. "I'm begging you, please stop. Have mercy."

Jessica hesitates before speaking. She stares Stacy down, the once-dominatrix now smaller than a doll between her legs. She says, "Stacy, I don't believe you. This one time I ask you to do this for me and you try to back out on me. Well, the instructions say the game has to finish for the watch to grow you back anyway, so we have to finish." Jessica reaches draws another card.

Stacy says, "Okay, we can finish if we have to. But please. I love you. Have mercy. Please."

Jessica sighs. She can't stay too mad at her little girly. "I love you too. Look, this next card shouldn't be too bad. Since you are under a foot tall, you have to hide in one of my shoes. Then I put on a pair, and if you're in one of the shoes I put on, you lose three inches. If not, you get a point."

She starts to get up to gather all of her shoes when Stacy stops her. "Wait. That card says I lose three inches. But I am already only three inches. What happens to me if I fail?"

Jessica's eyes widen, quickly considering the dangerous possibilities. "Well, I would think it would stop you at one inch since that's where the game ends, right?"

Stacy says, "I don't know. What do the instructions say?"

Jessica reaches over for the box and pulls out the instructions. She scans them while Stacy continues to stand still between her legs. Jessica's heart races. She absolutely never ever wanted to do any real harm to Stacy. She just wanted to play around with her and have some fun, and then return the favor. She reaches the end of the page and sees no answer. She scans again and a third time and then puts it down in resignation. "Well, looks like the instructions don't say anything." She pauses, hating herself for having to ask, "But I'm still afraid of what may happen. Would you want to just stay this size? Just to be safe?"

Stacy starts to tear up again. She hyperventilates, deeply afraid of shrinking away to nothing but even moreso of being this small forever. "No, Jessica, I think we can get through this game together. Go get your shoes."

Jessica nods and collects her shoes from by the door and then some from the closet. She sprawls them out on the floor and then carries Stacy down to the floor. "Alright, Stace. Go ahead and hide in one of my shoes. You got this." She turns around and starts counting down. "Twenty, nineteen, eighteen,"

As she stares at the line of twelve shoes Stacy realizes that they should collude as to ensure their success. "Jessica! Jessica! Jess!!" Stacy shouts at the top of her lungs to her giantess girlfriend. But her shouts didn't stand a stand at being heard over Jessica's counting. They might not have even been loud enough for Jessica to hear in silence anyway. She noticed a countdown on her watch. Not wanting to tempt fate any more, she ran towards some shoes. Ten seconds. Now Jessica probably expects me to get into her cleanest shoe, Stacy thinks. But those are her boots and heels and there's no way I can make it into those. I can get in her converse, but they're worn and filthy. She probably knows I wouldn't get in there, and the smell of feet and dry sweat may overwhelm me anyway. Five seconds. Dammit. I don't have time for this. Three seconds. I just have to run now.

Stacy sprints into the nearest shoe, a fuzzy moccasin. While probably better than the converse, or, heaven forbid, her running shoes, the fuzz kept the foot smell strong. She'd played with Jessica's feet in the past, sometimes biting her toes or tickling her, but usually it was Jessica smelling her feet. Just in case, she made her way to the toe of the moccasin and curled up against the edge. The presence of foot smell is omnipresent, but her adrenaline runs too high right now to be too bothered. That she might disappear to nothing under Jessica's toes is far worse than years of early morning foot sweat surrounding her. If she loses now, though, she might become part of that foot sweat soaked fuzz forever.

Jessica finishes counting and turns around. Now she has to choose very carefully. She thinks out loud to herself, "Okay, Jessica, you got this." She paces back and forth in front of the line of shoes. "Now she would probably choose to hide in my boot if she could, but at three inches that'd be pretty hard. But then my heel is even nicer and an easier option. So she's almost certainly in there. So I guess as long as I don't put those on she's safe. Unless she didn't choose that one. I need to be really careful. Okay, which is she least likely to pick? My boots are hard to get into and probably the worst smelling. Or, god, my running shoes. If she were a masochist that might be an option. But those might be even safer than the boots." She stops pacing in front of her running shoes and sits in front of them. She slides her foot into the left one. "So far so good. Please, Stacy, don't be in my right shoe." She braces herself for the worst as she slides her other foot in. Relief washes over her face as the shoe is empty. "Thank god." She turns to the other shoes. "Stacy, you can come out now."

Stacy stands up and walks over to the heel of the moccasin. She tries to pull herself over the wall of the shoe but can't get a stable enough hold on the flimsy wall of the heel to push herself up. She falls over into the fluff and tries again. Meanwhile Jessica spots her and crawls over to her. "Hey cutie. Want some help?" she asks, the sweetness having returned to her voice. Stacy merely hangs her head in shame and mods. Jessica picks her up and brings her back to the bed. She sits down and sits Stacy on her shoulder. "Alright, love, you ready for the next one?"

Stacy says, "Yeah. I guess I have to be. And Jessica?"

"Yes?" Jessica asks.

"Thank you," Stacy says. "I'm still really scared. I'm glad to have you loving me again."

Jessica leans her head over slightly to gently rub against Stacy. "Sweetie, I always loved you. I'm sorry I got so mad. I never wanted to actually hurt you. You're up to three points now. We can do this." She picks up another card and they both read it. Both of their faces visibly drop as they read the card. "I'm sorry, Stacy."

Stacy responds, "Just. Just please let's get this over with. At least I can get a point out of this."

Jessica places Stacy on the bed as she removes her panties and repositions to lay on her stomach. She picks Stacy back up and places her on her left ass cheek. Stacy shakes nervously. Jessica's beautiful, magnificent ass has become downright astounding at this scale, but knowing what hell lies just beneath the surface makes it quite terrifying. The card demanding she kiss Jessica's asshole, diving right into the belly of the beast makes it all the worse. The fart earlier already put her off enough. 'Hopefully Jessica's stomach is feeling kinder now,' she thinks. She walks to Jessica's crack, like a fissure in the earth and mentally prepares herself for the plunge. The curvature of her ass has Stacy nearly lose her balance. 'It's okay now,' she thinks, 'Jessica is on my side now. One quick peck and I'll be one step closer to victory. Then I'll be big. And she'll be small. That will be great. Hahaha.'

Thinking about being back in control clears Stacy's mind of fear. She notices a timer appear on her watch again and throws herself in. Jessica's bubble butt is a bit firmer than Stacy expected, and she sinks in slowly. "I don't have time for this," she says to herself. She uses her arms to pull herself against the fleshy cheeks and rotates herself to have her belly toward the ground. "Just need to swim down to her asshole. Then maybe later she can play in my asshole." She pushes herself down, the smell of Jessica's ass growing stronger by the second. "Almost there," she says, speaking more out of hope than having any actual clue of how deep she had reached. As she pushes she notices the clock starting to run low. Twenty seconds left. At this depth she can shimmy down. Her arms collide with a wrinkly hole and she figures it can only be one thing. She mentally prepares herself for the most degrading act yet when a loud rumble from below her interrupts her thought. During her hesitation, a massive blast of air propels her up and out of Jessica's ass. She lands back on her crack, but with only seven seconds left and the crack smelling so repulsive as to distract her from the goal, she just lies there.

Jessica had tried her best, but failed. She says, meekly, "Sorry, dear. Um. Please tell me you made it?"

Stacy knew she couldn't be heard. After recovering from the blast she starts to pull herself down again, but notices she has three seconds left. She resigns to failure and pushes her head out for air. "Damn," she mutters. The timer flashes "0". The display shows her height again, and she watches as the three turns to a two and then a one. Wait, she thinks, I'm one inch now. That means the game is over. I'm safe. She tries to get out, but at one inch she is wholly at the whim of Jessica's ass. Thankfully Jessica reaches back and retrieves her. She holds her in front of her face. Her smile drops to a frown when she sees how small Stacy has become.

Jessica says, "I'm so sorry. I tried my best to hold back."

Stacy says, "It's okay. At least the game can end now."

Jessica says, "Right. That took you down to one inch. So you lose. But the game is over and you're safe."

Stacy looks at her watch again while listening to Jessica. She interrupts, "Um, Jess. Hold on. The little screen says the turn isn't over." Both pause in silence. They recall the full text of the card. Stacy says, softly, and defeatedly, "Oh no. Please, no."

Jessica says, "Are you thinking what I am?"

Stacy recites the card: "Otherwise trap as much of her as you can between your cheeks until a card requires her be out." She continues to say, "Yeah. I guess I have to suffer the full cost even though I already lose."

Jessica says, "Well, you shouldn't be in there long. As soon as I trap you that should end the game."

Stacy says, "Alright, Jess. Let's get this over with."

Jessica gives Stacy a very small kiss and reaches back again, using one hand to spread her cheeks and one hand to drop Stacy in. She waits a few seconds and then pulls her out and brings her back in front of her. "Are we good now?" she asks.

Almost cutting Jessica off, Stacy shouts, "No, no. We're not good. The watch is flashing a skull and crossbones and counting down. The draw a card symbol is still on the screen. Put me back this is a bad sign."

Hearing "skull and crossbones" and "counting down" alarmed Jessica. She recalls the rules say any violations will result in a severe penalty. 'Why did I play this game,' she thinks to herself as she deposits Stacy back in her ass. 'Were the rules so scary originally? I don't remember them being nearly this bad. Well, I guess I should draw so we can get this over with quick. The penalty ends when a card tells me to remove her, so one lucky draw is all I need.'

She draws a card. She reads it. 'Shrink Card: Obedience. Pass: If she is playing this game happily give her 1 point. Fail: If she is resisting this game, shrink her 5 inches. Well,' Jessica thinks, 'she isn't happy, but she herself told me to put her in my ass. So she's not resisting. So I'll call that a wash.' She turns her head back and says, "Alright Stace, this card didn't change anything. I'm going to try again." She draws another card. She says, "Since you're under eighteen inches, you grow back to twenty-four." Stacy feels herself inflating again. She watches her watch tick up the inches, up past a foot. At that point she falls out of Jessica's butt. She keeps one foot in to follow the rules of the earlier card. As she gets to two feet, part of her foot becomes all she can fit.

She lies on her stomach perpendicular to Jessica. She says, "Hey Jess. Good to be back up here." She nearly laughs.

Jessica says, "Yeah, glad you're not trapped in there anymore. At least not all the way. I guess this game isn't over yet. Ready for another card? I want to get this over with already."

Stacy nods. "I'm feeling alright now. Let's see if I can get to ten points." She smirks.

Jessica reads the next card to herself first and then says, "Well, maybe not. This card says you put as much of your body as you can into my mouth. If you succeed in getting in your whole body you get a point. But if you fail, you shrink half of the amount you don't get in. Guess this would have been nice to draw back when you were an inch tall. Then the game would be over."

Stacy says, "Damn, you're right. But I do finally get out of your ass." She gleefully pulls her foot out. "Now my arm is probably the most I can get in. Good thing I trained your gag reflex away."

Jessica recalls Stacy forcefully ironing out her gag reflex. The whole experience was rather unpleasant, but that only seemed to make her enjoy it a bit more. She says, "If you're not careful, you may end up as a snack when you shrink again."

"Very funny," Stacy says, "Now open wide." She crawls over to Stacy's head and slides her arm in as far as she can. Being two feet tall, she's pretty limited, even having access to Jessica's throat. She gets elbow deep and then about two inches more up her arm before being unable to cram in anymore. She pulls out and wipes off the spit on Jessica's face.

"What the hell?" Jessica asks, evidently pissed.

"Your spit, your face," Stacy says. She starts shrinking as she speaks.

Jessica rises, getting up onto her knees. When Stacy stops shrinking, now only 1'5", Jessica spits on her face. "I think your face is just fine a place for my spit. Let's see what this next card says." She draws. "Now you get a point for every year you've remembered my birthday, Valentines Day, and our anniversary. But only up to three. Damn, guess I don't get to shrink you now."

Stacy smirks as her point counter rises to six. "Yeah," she says, "It must be so awful having a considerate girlfriend who remembers your birthday."

Jessica grabs another card and says, "Well, let's see if the next card sees your virtues as well." She reads the card and then says, "Actually, maybe we can just skip this--"

Stacy interrupts, "No, I want to hear the rest. What's it say."

Jessica looks at the card with real trepidation and a twinge of regret for having just spit on Stacy. She says, "You grow her to ten feet tall for ten minutes. If you can make me orgasm, you get two points. If you fail, you shrink four inches."

Stacy laughs and says, "Ohohoho, this is going to be wonderful." She feels an incredible surge of power course through her veins as her body begins to grow. Her growth speeds up. She surpasses Jessica quickly and then stops when she can no longer even stand all the way up in the room because of the ceiling. "Alright, Jess, are you ready to be my sex toy now?"

Jessica protests, "Um, but Stace, the card says you're supposed to get me off."

Stacy says, "No, it says I get two points if I do. Which I will. But I have ten minutes at this height." Sitting beside the bed, she pulls Jessica off, falling into her. "Lick my pussy unless you want to know what it's like to be under my ass." Scared of Stacy's sudden power madness, Jessica obediently laps at her pussy. She's quite used to this sort of thing, but now Stacy has become suddenly more dominant than ever. Hopefully she isn't much more violent, too.

Stacy leans back against the wall and moans as her pussy is serviced. "If only you were a bit smaller. I would make you into such a great dildo. Or more like a vibrator. And if you didn't vibrate well enough, you could be my ass plug. Now I'm tired of cunnilingus. Lick my feet clean." Jessica climbs over the corner of the bed to reach Stacy's foot. She laps at it until it seems clean. Then she climbs over again to lick the other one clean. The second one is much worse after having been in Jessica's own ass, but she couldn't really blame Stacy for that. After licking both feet she tries pleading, "Okay Jess, you had your fun. Now don't you want the points so we can end this game?"

Stacy checks her watch. She responds, "I still have five more minutes of fun." She reaches under the bed and into a box. She feels around, knowing the contents of the box well, and pulls out a chain. "Now get over here," she commands. Jessica grimaces and walks over. Stacy ties her up and places her on the bed. Carefully manoeuvring around furniture and the ceiling, Stacy slides back onto the bed and places her ass right over Jessica's head. "Kiss my asshole."

Not unfamiliar with the demand, Jessica cranes her neck forward and pecks Stacy's anus. She pleads, "Stacy, if I'm chained up I can't draw a new card."

Stacy ignores the plea and lowers her ass, engulfing Jessica's head between her cheeks. "Now make out with it. I want your tongue deep inside me."

Jessica again obeys her mistress's commands. She reluctantly slides her tongue inside her asshole and presses her lips around her ring.

Stacy moans, loving the feeling of a tongue in her ass, and loving the absolute power she has over her little fucktoy. She sees she's down to two minutes, so she lets off and flips over. She unchains Jessica with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other. She uses her pinky to massage her clit and once Jessica is unchained, Stacy licks her boobs, circling around the base and spiralling to her nipples. Jessica writhes on the bed in pleasure. "Fuck me!" she shrieks, and Stacy slides her extra large fingers into her, filling her and pleasing her. She clings to Stacy's head and kisses the top of it as she gets off. Once she climaxes, Stacy begins to shrink. She continues to work on Jessica until she becomes smaller than her again. She then climbs off and kneels on the end of the bed, waiting to return to her previous height. Meanwhile Jessica lies there, catching her breath after the ecstasy she just experienced. Stacy stops again at 1'5", her point counter now up to eight.

After she recovers, Jessica sits up and grabs a card. She says, "Alright, Stace, it's payback time for that stunt you just pulled." Despite her ominous words, a smile spreads across her face. "Let's see, for this one you shrink seven inches because you haven't taken me on a romantic date in the past month. Looks like you're going back down."

Stacy stays kneeling stoically as she shrinks to just ten inches. She says, "I still only need two points. This game is mine. You're going to make a great anniversary present though. Love you."

Jessica laughs. "Alright, dear, let's see if this card is any more fun." She draws. "Oh this is perfect. Listen to this. I shrink you to half my size if you're is not already that short. But you are. Anyway, then we have fun with each other. And fun with you I will have." She reaches forward and grabs Stacy.

Jessica laughs. "Now, what was the word you used earlier? Wonderful, I believe." She laughs again, scaring Stacy for what retaliation will come. She pulls Stacy closer to her and taunts, "Now, Stacy, are you ready to be the sex toy?"

Stacy pleads, "Jess, please, remember the mercy."

Jessica says, "Can it. You had no mercy and you will be shown no mercy." She pushes Stacy over, falling into her. "Now you lick my pussy. And I promise I can think of worse places than my ass for you." Terrified again, Stacy obediently licks her pussy. She's less used to this sort of thing, so she's unable to keep Jessica as pleased as she'd like. Hopefully Jessica doesn't need much subduing. 'One brush with death was enough,' she thinks. 'I'm not sure if I'll be so lucky again.' Jessica leans back against the headboard and moans softly as her pussy is serviced. "You're actually small enough to be a great dildo. Or, like you said, a vibrator. And if you don't vibrate well enough, you can also be my ass plug. Are you ready for playtime?" She grabs Stacy's lower half and pushes her top half into her hungry pussy. Jessica thinks, 'I didn't get nearly as much pleasure from that as she did. And she would have done this to me, so it's only fair.' She slides Stacy in and out and in and out, going just a bit deeper each time as her pussy opens up. Finally she pushes Stacy all the way in, consuming her with her pussy. "Now vibrate until I cum or you're spending some quality time in my ass."

Stacy thrashes about, desperately trying to vibrate. She succeeds for brief moments but is unable to sustain a good full-body vibration. She tries twisting and shimmying to get the same effect to some minor success. Jessica enjoys herself and sprawls out on the bed. She rubs her own clit, enhancing the contractions around Stacy. Meanwhile Stacy feels even more dominated as she is unable to resist the force of the muscles inside Jessica's vagina. They rise in intensity and culminate in a deep moan reverberating through both of their bodies. Stacy feels herself dragged out by her feet and deposited in front of the pussy. She stands up in the wet mess and asks, "So since we had fun that means we're done now?"

Jessica responds, "Not quite. I had fun. You still have to have fun for the event to end. Now lick my feet clean."

Stacy asks, "How will I have fun then?"

Jessica says, "That's not for your fun. That's if you don't want to find yourself in the toilet." A maniacal smile creeps across her face.

'Oh my god,' Stacy thinks, 'she's gone insane. I need to get her back on my side. This is scary. Really scary.' She walks down to the end of the bed by Jessica's feet and licks them while trying to come up with a plan. Escape is impossible, she thinks, and until she has her vengeance I don't think she'll even listen to me. But if she keeps repeating me. Oh no. I don't want that. But I do have one chance. She focuses on licking the second toe of Jessica's foot. She licks it all around, making it very clean, and very wet. Then she crawls up, licking the top of Jessica's foot, and then seats herself on the toe, letting it slide inside her. She rubs her clit and rides the toe. "What the hell?" Jessica interjects. She shakes her foot, but that only pleases Stacy more, even if it makes her cling to the other toes for support. Stacy keeps at it. Not wanting the round to end, Jessica pulls her off. Stacy at first manages to hold on, but her arms are no match for Jessica's forefinger and thumb.

She drops Stacy between her legs and grabs the chain from the side of the bed. "Now let's see how you like being chained up," she says. Jessica wraps the chain around Stacy until she runs out of Stacy to wrap, leaving only her head exposed. She places her back on the bed. "Now let's return all of your favors before moving on," Jessica says. Stacy squirms, but the chain is to heavy for her to move. Jessica hovers her ass right over Stacy's head. "Kiss my asshole."

Stacy craned her neck forward but couldn't reach Jessica's anus. She pleads, "Jessica, I can't reach."

Annoyed, Jessica lowers her ass, engulfing Jessica's body between her cheeks. "Can you reach now? Make out with it. I want your tongue deep, deep inside me. If what little tongue you have at your pathetic size can even go deep."

Stacy reluctantly obeys her tormentor's commands, hoping it will end soon. She slides her tongue inside Jessica's asshole and presses her lips around the ring.

Jessica moans, not really feeling the tiny tongue in her ass much, but taunting her fucktoy. She farts on Stacy's face again before letting off and turning over. She unchains Stacy and then licks her boobs, circling around the base and sliding back and forth across her chest. Stacy squirms in her hand in pleasure. She shrieks, and Jessica slides her extra large pinky finger into her, filling her and pleasing her. She clings to Jessica's fingers and kisses them as she gets off. Once she climaxes, she releases her grip and Jessica lets her finger puppet slide off onto the bed. Stacy lies still for awhile, catching her breath after the ecstasy she just experienced.  Meanwhile, Jessica draws a card. Once she see Stacy has recovered, she says, "Now we're even. But I guess the cards don't want us to stop because this card says I have to restrain you to a couch or chair and sit on you. If you can last five minutes, you get a point. Otherwise you shrink an inch for every thirty seconds you didn't make it." She pauses to do the math in her head, and her tone reflects concern as she continues, "Stacy. You're eight inches tall right now. Which means you have to make it a minute and a half. If you make it two minutes you stay in the game."

Stacy responds, "Thanks. Don't worry too much. I plan on making it to the end. I want that point."

Jessica laughs, glad her girlfriend seems to be in a good mood. She picks her up and carries her to their kitchen. She places Stacy on a firm, cushioned chair. She says, "Alright, here we go. I'd lay down if I were you."

Stacy starts to lay down just as Jessica comes down. She doesn't get down all the way in time and ends up on her knees as Jessica's ass covers her. Her ankles are locked in a fully stretched position, making it incredibly painful. She tries to wiggle them free as time passes. The temptation to surrender is strong, but she knows she has to make it to the 1:30 mark to survive at the very least. Jessica watches the clock on the wall tick down. She tries to hold herself up with her arms on the table, just enough to make it bearable for Stacy. The one minute mark passes and her forearms grow tired. She starts letting up, hoping the pressure won't be too much.

Stacy finally frees her feet and relieves the tension on her ankles. She checks her watch, 1:25, 1:26, 1:27, 1:28, 1:29, 1:30. She sighs in relief knowing she'll survive. Just as she thinks to herself that she needs to survive another 30 seconds to stay in the game, Jessica drops her weight. Stacy didn't notice before, but she picked the worst location: right under Jessica's asshole. As Jessica lets Stacy slide farther up, she ends up going headfirst into Jessica's rear hole. Jessica gasps, realizing what she's done. Then she laughs, knowing the game will soon be hers, even if on accident. She watches the clock, waiting for Stacy to hit the surrender button. The two minute marks passes, disappointing her, and making he realize she needs a stronger strategy. She starts sliding her ass around, and bouncing in her seat, pushing Stacy deeper inside. By the three minute mark Stacy is knee deep inside Jessica. The inside of her ass is unpleasant, but bearable. However, after all the bouncing, Jessica and Stacy both hear a roar in Jessica's stomach. Jessica giggles, knowing what's coming, and Stacy reaches for the surrender button, but both of her hands are pinned to her sides. She slowly creeps them together, racing Jessica's bowels to escape.

Jessica releases her fart, shaking all around Stacy, the noxious air passing around her to escape. It burns her eyes and fills her body with shitty air. Just as Stacy is hit with the worst blast yet, she manages to hit the surrender button. The time 3:29 flashes on the screen for a moment as Jessica's assault continues. Then it turns to the size indicator, counting down as Stacy diminishing to just four inches. At this height she can pull out from Jessica's anus but not her crack. Only after she finishes Jessica stands up. "Looks like you failed, little girl. No points for you." She giggles, enjoying Stacy's predicament. She walks over toward the bedroom, leaving Stacy on the table. She continues talking, "Now let's move the game out here. There's more light anyway. Now, let's see what's next." She draws. "Oh, this is great. Looks like the game won't end so well for you."

Stacy closes her eyes and braces herself for the bad news.

Jessica reads, "All of the conditions on this card are about yard work. We live in an apartment so it doesn't really work. Guess we can throw that card out. Gotcha for a second there." She giggles and draws again. "Now, the real card we will be playing lets you give me one dare. The dare can't involve changing your size. If I succeed at the dare, you lose an inch. If I fail, you get a point. Just know whatever dare you choose, I can keep you wherever I want. So choose wisely."

Stacy stands and thinks for a minute. She paces, quietly mumbling to herself, "If I do anything too easy I'm down an inch. Too mean and she'll put me back in her ass. Or worse. I could do something that would be nice for the moment even if it costs me an inch, but I could also trick her into something that would make me gain a point when she expects it to be easy. But what? She's pretty skillful. If she has to leave the kitchen, she may bring me along some way I don't like. Ah ha! If the dare involves me not being up her ass, then she can't stick me there. But what kind of dare could I do with me? Oh, I got it. I got it." She stops pacing and looks up to Jessica and declares, "I dare you to keep me outside of you for the rest of the game."

Jessica is taken aback by the cleverness. She responds, "Crafty. I guess if you being in my ass carries over, so do dares. Let's see how hard this turns out to be." She draws the next card. "The deck is getting low. But so are you, I guess. Anyway, this card says if you did the dishes last you get one point. You didn't. I did. So you shrink two inches."

Stacy looks around in horror, being now only two inches on the kitchen table. Out in the light she sees how massive her apartment is to her. She could be lost with ease. So many objects could carelessly fall on her and kill her. Fear begins to take over. She says, "Alright, Jess, end this, please."

Jessica looks at Stacy, a little concerned, and brings her up to her shoulder. "It's okay Stace. You'll be okay." She draws a card. "Since you make me cum as much as I make you cum, you get a point. Bringing you to nine points. You know, if you had chosen a better dare, you could have won by now."

"Or lost," Stacy points out.

"True," Jessica says. "I guess this next card is the last one unless we get another game changer." She draws. "Well, this is a weird one. Since you have smaller boobs normally, you lose one inch for every cup and band size. Which adds up to, what?"

"Jessica," Stacy interrupts, "Wait. I'm two inches tall right now. I know you're more than one size bigger than me. Help me. Please."

Jessica's face turns pale. "Oh god, Stacy, no. What do we do? What size are you?"

Stacy says, "Well, it varies, you know--"

Jessica interrupts, "Stacy, that's it! Stay here." Jessica storms off to their room, rifles through their dressers, and returns with two horribly misfit bras, exactly one size off. "According to these we are one cup size apart and the same band size. So you shrink one inch."

Stacy shrinks to half her height, the world now even more intimidating. "What now?" she asks, "You won, so do I go back to normal now?"

"Well, not quite," Jessica says, "Since you failed, and the theme of the Shrink Cards was how good you are to me, you get a penalty for every point away from ten you finished with. Which, lucky for you, is only one. So the game is over now and I draw a card from this deck with the whips on it."

Stacy watches as the divine hand passes over her and grabs a card many times her size.

Jessica reads, "Penalty Card: Vore. I eat you--"

Stacy interrupts screaming, "Jessica, please, no! I love you! Don't eat me. I'll lick your ass. I'll clean the house. Anything. Just don't eat me."

Jessica continues, "And then throw you up. Stace, you get to survive this. Don't worry."

Stacy calms down. But then in the corner of her eye she notices the watch screen counting down. She asks, "Hey, Jess, any idea why my watch says '.92"'?"

Jessica turns pale again. "Remember your dare? I kept you outside of me for the rest of the game. So now you shrink an inch. Oh no. We need to end this now!" She pounds her fist on the table and snatches Stacy up with her other hand. She throws her into her mouth and swallows. Stacy screams all the way down, at the mercy of her frantic girlfriend's throat. The watch glows in the darkness so she can see it speeding up. The tingling comes back as well as she passes the half inch mark. She tries to cling to anything she can but fails to hold on for long. She keeps shrinking, diminishing from a small morsel to a mere crumb. A tenth of an inch and the watch gains another decimal place. The mucus in Jessica's throat is really starting to slow her down. Another place as she goes from crumb to nothing more than dust. At this point she is caught in the mucus in Jessica's esophagus, spared from her stomach for now, but completely and utterly insignificant as she continues to shrink to nothing.

Jessica rushes to the bathroom and sticks her fingers down her throat. She presses hard, but to no avail. Her gag reflex really is gone. She whips open the medicine cabinet and throws everything out in search of something to induce vomiting. After ransacking her own bathroom, she storms back to the kitchen to find something to end the game. Nothing in the cabinets. Nothing under the counter. She opens the fridge in a last ditch effort and finds her last resort. A fifth of rum. She struggles with the lid. She pulls hard, but it won't open. She gives up and smashes the neck of the bottle on a large pot, letting the rum run into the pot. She lifts the pot and tilts it back, fishing out the glass shards with one hand. She gets a mouthful and flinches. "That's a few shots," she says to herself. Inside, Stacy can still hear her. The rum rushes by, nearly dislodging Stacy from her safe spot. Jessica braces through the burn. "For Stacy's life, Jessie. Chug." She tilts the pot and chugs as fast as she can. A river of rum flows through her throat, picking up Stacy, now the size of a fine grain of sand. She holds her breath as the alcohol burns her body. The torrent hits Jessica's stomach with a splash. After drinking half the pot, she feels queasy. She bites her lip and starts jumping all around. This sloshes the alcohol around, keeping Stacy shaken up but safe from the acid. She holds her breath, now in a violent ocean of rum. She closes her eyes to keep the alcohol out, making her also lose all sense of scale. All she can feel is the mixture of acid and alcohol surrounding her. Suddenly Jessica's stomach contracts and some of the ocean of rum shoots up and out, splattering all over the kitchen floor. Jessica keeps jumping around, starting to become very drunk. She pukes again, but Stacy remains in her stomach. The alcohol starts to really get to her and she slips and falls in her puke. She hits her head on the ground and falls unconscious. Meanwhile her stomach contracts one more time, finally forcing Stacy out. Jessica's head rolls over and the puke spills out of her mouth onto the ground next to her.

After feeling an incredible rush push her forward, Stacy feels her body inflate. 'Thank god,' she thinks, 'Jessica must have puked me out.' After a few seconds she feels her head rise above the puddle, and she opens her eyes. Jessica's giant sleeping face fills her view. Her giant mouth is hanging open, drool oozing out. 'Oh shit, is she passed out? She's going to choke.'

Stacy starts running toward Jessica's face, still growing. She looks at her watch, just passing one inch. Progress is slow, but she makes it to Jessica's face by the time she reaches an inch and a half. She pounds at Jessica's lips but to no avail. She jumps up and pulls herself into Jessica's mouth, fighting the stream of vomit and drool falling out. She feels a hot wave of air brush over her. "Good, she's still breathing," Stacy says to herself. When Jessica breathes in Stacy is pulled forward, causing her to fall onto Jessica's tongue. She wrestles with it as Jessica unconsciously plays with her. As Stacy reaches three inches she's able to conquer the pink monster. Suddenly Jessica rolls her head to face up and pukes again. Stacy holds onto to her teeth to stay out of her awaiting throat. Much of the puke doesn't make it out and, as Stacy feared, Jessica stops breathing after a short failed cough. Worse yet, Jessica closes her mouth, sealing Stacy in. Stacy lets go of Jessica's teeth and slides down to her throat. Now at four inches, she can resist any attempt to swallow. She stomps at Jessica's throat, hoping to wake her or get a real cough out. Still no breathing. She reaches six inches and changes her plans. She forces her way past Jessica's lip and climbs out of her mouth. She slides off her face and starts pushing the side of her head. She reaches eight inches and is able to tip it over, releasing enough pressure for Jessica to cough free an airway. She continues to watch over her unconscious girlfriend as she regains her height. Once she reaches two feet she starts shaking Jessica. "Wake up," she says. She looks over and sees the broken bottle of rum and spilled pot. "You need to get up, Jess."

Jessica wearily opens her eyes and sees Stacy on her chest. "Oh hey Stace," she says, "How did you get so small?"

Stacy says, "Don't worry about it. You need to get up."

Jessica throws an arm over Stacy and pulls her close. "No, no, it's our anniversary, let's have some fun. Let me lick your pussy."

Stacy struggles but cannot overpower Jessica's arm. "Jessica, not now, you're wasted." She looks at her watch. Two and a half feet. Not too much longer.

Jessica rolls over, still holding Stacy. Now on top of her, she rises onto her knees and puts her pussy on Stacy's face. "Then you're going to lick mine!" She laughs and grinds her crotch on Stacy's face.

Stacy pushes Jessica back, causing her to fall on her ass. "Not now. Wait until I'm bigger."

Jessica slurs, "But you're so cute at this size. I want to keep you like this forever." She scoots forward again, missing the mark and planting her ass on Stacy's face. She grinds it again, this time wedging Stacy's head in her asscrack.

Stacy struggles to push Jessica off. Every time she makes any progress Jessica just readjusts. As she continues to grow less of her head fits in. Jessica continues to rub her ass on Stacy's face and laugh while Stacy waits for her growth to make her strong again. Finally at four feet tall she's able to topple Jessica. She immediately crawls on top of her. "Are you ready to behave?" Stacy asks.

Jessica giggles. "You want a turn on top?"

Stacy asks, "If I let you eat me out, will you stop?"

Jessica says, "Let you? Dearie you're so small I don't think you have a choice." She starts to push Stacy off, but passes out before she can actually do it. Stacy stays on top of her, watching her to make sure she stays safe. When she reaches five feet she stands up and carries Jessica to the couch. She sits her down and rests her head on her breasts and watches TV. Stacy regains her full height, and the two fall asleep.

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