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Story Notes:

Instead of taking a cruel tomboy approach to it, I'd like to take a more 'gentle' approach with a girl who's not sadistic, but more just oblivious to the consequences of her actions. Updates are going to be kind of slow with school this semester, but I should be able to get one out once a week or so. Enjoy! :>

“…so… the Elite 50 are actually tiny? That’s adooorable!~” Kelly says aloud, standing at the edge of the room and looking over the 50 pretty floating marbles. Glancing down at the tablet in her hand, she sees the image of Steven, a tiny person who let her in on the secret against his better judgement (because of how attractive she is); his entire planet resting squarely in the center of the college freshman girl’s shadow


“Y-yep! But we’re very fragile… so be care---” he trails off, seeing her titanic body walk closer until she was directly in front of the tiny orb. The crotch of her white short shorts being perfectly level with the miniature planet. “b-be careful pleeease!” he manages “one little touch could really hurt us!”


Kelly giggles softly, and kneels down; unawarely coming dangerously close to smacking the planet into the ground with one of her generous breasts as she does. “Relaaaax! This tablet here has a ‘barrier strength’ setting! Just watch~” she says, giving the little ball, Steven, a flirty wink as she taps the screen. Each planet’s barrier had been tuned to the default strength, protecting only against air drafts to conserve power. But thanks to Kelly, they were now all off, and protecting against nothing whatsoever. Completely oblivious to how strong her voice is, or how potent her breath is, as she playfully yells “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW STEVEN?!!!!~”


Going wide eyed in fear as he starts to say “N-No!!! Please turn it back on! Don---” he covers his ears. Doing nothing to protect him from her yell which rattled the entire planet. Windows breaking, clouds dispersing, the air getting replaced with the strong smell of minty bubble gum that she had been chewing moments before. Not only had her voice affected his planet, but it affected all the others as well! Dust storms stirring up on the desert planet, tidal waves devastating coastal cities on the oceanic ones, all the wildlife running amok on the forest ones…. All because of just one simple action


Seeing his possessions falling over and room vibrating and shaking on the tablet as she talks, she just lets out a little laugh, and drags the strength bar all the way up; giving each of the tiny planets the same durability as a normal marble. Kelly being completely oblivious to everything her yell had caused outside of Steven’s bedroom, she bites her lip, and gets a devilish idea: “…you said nobody knew I was here on the phone earlier… right? What if I just…. Took you all home with me?” she smiles, gripping her friend’s little ball between her fingertips


“K-kelly! I don’t think this is a good idea, just….” He grabs his webcam, and points it out his shattered window; the image of her pretty green eye looking down on them filling the entire horizon, to illustrate just how huge she is to them


“Oh WOW! I really AM huge!....” she cheerfully says, moving the planet back, and breaking out in a smile as she sees her own happy face in the sky. In that moment, deciding “Yep! I’m taking you all home with me! You all deserve better than a bunch of boring workers and a dull grey room~” Taking Steven’s planet, and placing it up just above her head height as casually walks around and plucks up each of the 50 planets out of the air; just uncaringly tossing them into her purse with all her other clutter. The first planet landing against a discarded candy wrapper, sticky sugar adhering to the sky. The second forest planet landing against a tube of chapstick, the logo looming in the horizon. Each of the planets crashing into normal everyday objects, as well as other planets, Kelly being completely oblivious and uncaring to it all~


“K-kellyyyyyy! Please stop! You can’t do this! I just wanted to visit with you, not this!” He talks up to her as she tosses the 49th tiny marble into her purse against a gigantic tube that is one of her tampons.


“Actually, I can! And I deserve to…. You said it yourself~” she smiles, pulling out her phone, and showing him a conversation that they had months ago when he was horny, and unaware that she was a normal sized person. “What was that comment you made on my profile, about how you liked my ass? Well, this is my thanks, have fun~” she smirks, taking the last 50th marble that is Steven’s entire planet, and teasing it outside her ass. Giggling girlishly as she sees her colossal butt gyrating in their sky. “Byeeee!~” She cutely says, switching off the tablet, and just shoving it down the back of her booty shorts. Completely safe from being crushed or damaged; but caught in the intense heat of her ass as it’s sandwiched between her cheeks. Giving her purse a playful shake, 49 planets and billions of people, she gleefully just walks out of the facility. All of the teeny planets still cleaning up after her unprotected yell, and dissolving into panic as they’re taken away from safety into the possession of some unknown 19 year old. Steven’s world being in almost complete darkness as Kelly’s asscheeks grind against the sky with each step~


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