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Story Notes:

An excuse to put as much kinky micro/macro fun into a story as I can. No handholding, this is going to be a ride of debauchery. Expect plenty of weird stuff. And I'll throw the disclaimer here because I'm not sure where else to put it. 


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.




The entire world seemed to shake,a deafeningly loud ringing spilling out throughout the entire room. It sounded like the entire planet was about to collapse in on itself, and it gave one hell of an ear-piercing migraine. At least, that was the experience for Cybil. One minute she was sleeping in, resting on a sea of pillowy fabric that went on for miles Then that hellish ringing came up to ruin all of it. Her eyes shot wide up, staring up at the ceiling as it echoed time and time again. Her eyes twitched, rage burning through her very core. The very bed seemed to shake a little with each echo. Her ears felt like they were bleeding more by the second. Finally she couldn't take it anymore!

"Shut the damn alarm off, Milly! I'm tired of this shit every morning!"

She screamed as loud as she could, her breathing ragged. After a few more seconds, the obnoxious sound finally died down. Silence returned to the enormous room, the deafening madness the alarm clock posed finally brought to an end.  In its place, the sound of box-springs shifting from someone getting out of bed. A loud, all-consuming groan echoed from the room. An enormous shadow descended from high above, filling the girl's visage with much-needed shade. To Cybil it seemed like the rising figure was a titan, a giant of all things, but the truth was?

Cybil was just the size of a doll. Ever since she was born, she had always been supernaturally tiny. People thought she would have died ages ago, but she managed to endure her childhood and develop much differently than most would expect. Though her height capped out at an insanely meager six inches tall, her attitude had only grown more rebellious and confrontational than most people. Other than her size, she developed mostly normally, resembling a youthful young adult with long black hair and vanilla skin.  This was just her normal morning in college. The alarm clock sounded like a earthquake at her size and almost everything dwarfed her. even the smallest thing took great effort on her part, but it didn't stop her from being as moody as could be.

She lived with two roommates in her dorm. Milly was the first, and the only one present at the time She was a pretty air-headed blonde, a large built figure most would die for. Her endowments were perfect, just short of being burdensome. A tall girl with long, flowing hair that flowed down her back. She was friendly enough, but was well known as being the forgetful idiot of the dorm. They hadn't lived together for very long, but Cybil had become well aware of that and knew to watch out whenever she was close-by. She didn't know how many times the idiot nearly crushed her by accident on the first few days alone. If not for the fact she became ridiculously durable with her smaller size, she'd be dead many times over by now!

"Alright, alright. You don't need to yell. It just takes me a minute to wake up. I'll be quicker next time, don't you worry~" The large blonde spoke out, her voice gentle and even a little flirty.  The gifted woman walked toward the dorm's bathroom, closing the door behind her and getting to work on her morning routine to set up for the day.

Cybil finally had peace and quiet. Having two comparatively giant roommates was such a pain, especially these two. Milly being the klutzy moron she was, and the other one? Well, the micro wasn't the only freak show around. A large number of the people in that college had unusual traits just like her, and their last roommate was one of them. Just as she laid back don and tried to get some more rest, the sound of the door slamming open rang through the room. She grumbled, knowing damn well who it was.

A skinny woman headed right into the room without delay. She was the complete opposite of Milly, closely resembling Cybil in some of her mannerisms. They were short, clad in baggy clothing around their body with long, greasy black hair that bunched up in a few places. They were an absolute mess. The girl had bags under their eyes, clearly from sleep deprivation. She shambled in, walking to the last unmade bed in the room. The girl collapsed without a word, leaving the door wide open behind her. That was Cynthia...What was so special about her other than being a complete wreck? Two black cat-ears sprouted out from her head and a lengthy black tail pierced through a hole in her ragged clothing. She was a Neko, just one of the other deformed people in the school. All things considered, they were lucky not to be a shrimp at least.

Cybil's eye twitched again, feeling the strong breeze coming from the open doorway. At her size, she couldn't go out there and fix it. That girl was a freeloader, plain and simple. They rarely attended classes, stayed out all night, barely took care of themselves or their side of the room. Between their laziness and Milly's stupidity, the small girl had gotten' some of the worst people she could have been assigned to share a dorm with. The six-inch tall woman shouted out again, her voice just loud enough for the feline's sensitive ears to hear. "Would it kill you to close the door!?"

The feline groaned, not wanting to get out of her bed. She reached for her pillow and dragged it over her face in an effort to block out any noise. The two never got along right from the start. Milly wouldn't be out of the bathroom for some time, so the lazy cat was the only one that could do anything, and no one could rely on her to even save herself from a burning building if it meant getting out of bed.  The small girl's blood boiled, standing up on her over-sized mattress and staring the other girl down. But just as she started to shout again?

"Shut up!" Cynthia shouted. She grabbed her pillow and threw it at the screaming micro as a weapon. It would have just been a minor inconvenience for a normal person, but it was a different story for Cybil. The pillow crashed into her miniature frame, knocking her down and covering her in what felt like an extra soft bed. Her angered screams were muffled by the fabric to where even a cat's fine ear couldn't pick it up. Finally having peace, the feline started to sleep. Cybil tried to crawl her way out from under the giant pillow, and Milly finished her business in the other room. That was just the start of the micro girl's incredibly agitating and awkward life at the college. 

It only gets worse...

Chapter End Notes:

First chapter in a long list done. Know not a lot happened, but I'm starting easy for now. There will be a lot of depraved things to come. Just going to build up to them. Just keep updated and the real fun will be here sooner than you know it~

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