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 The news was being plastered with this new disease that was hitting harder than the black plague. A new sickness was targeting men, specifically the Y Chromosome, and making them shrink down to a few inches tall. It started in Russia, then spread to England and Sweden. Now it seemed like America was the new hunting grounds for this contagious disease. No one knows how its being spread, it could be an STD, in the drinking water, or in the air. And there's still no telling how long it takes for the disease's spontaneous effects to hit their target, since it was undetectable in the immune system until its too late. Governors have started calling quarantines, but it only lasts so long before infecting the personnel. There's either no known cure, or its under lockdown from insurance companies to increase their profits of healing the disease impacts rather than curing it altogether.

Of course, it didn't take long for it to hit my hometown too.

My name is Larry, and I'm a high school student. And, like all these stories begin, the day this started affecting me and changing my life started off like any other. Wake up, coffee, shower, more coffee, get dressed, pack lunch and catch the bus. Mom and Dad were either gone or asleep by the time I got up, varying by their days off. I wave at the bus driver as I climb the steps, then go to the same seat and start listening to my music. I'm a social person, but the coffee is never strong enough to make me feel awake for conversing on the bus ride. I did notice though that there were a few less boys on the bus, but I didn't think twice of it and nodded off and on until the bus parked in front of my school.

I waited for everyone to get off before I slide my feet down the aisle and dismount the bus. I checked in the side mirror to see if any drool had slid out of my mouth, but all I saw was my typical brown eyes, brown gelled hair, and a red mark across my face where I was resting against the window.

“Larry!” I hear an excited voice say from the bus over. It was Amanda, my friend since elementary. Her brown hair was done up in a ponytail today, and her boxy glasses shined a glare in front of her green eyes. She's never been someone I could see as a romantic partner, but I'd be blind not to notice her firm ass and built rack.

“Hey Mandy.” I said, my voice shying away behind a yawn. “Sorry”
“Why is it that every day you come in acting like a tired mess?” She says stoutly.

“I'm not a morning person. Never have been, never will be.” I said, clutching my travel mug. “So, what's today, a B day?”

“No, it's an A. I've got math with Mr. Reash first block.”

“Lucky. I have Galsprado's chemistry right off the bat.”
“Sucks to suck” she giggles. “Anywho, I gotta catch up with Miranda from my Trig class for some notes. See ya!” She waves away, almost walking into the railing beside the stairs climbing into the main entrance of our school.

Whenever I get to Galsprado's class, I try to get there early so I don't have to worry about people picking the best seats. The door was unlocked and lights dimmed on as I entered the empty classroom. I walk to the far back corner of the seats and place my head on the desk. One minute passed. Two minutes. Five.

Then, I felt a tickle on the inside of my nose. I raise my head and see the vacant room quickly before I press my nose on the inside of my elbow and bellow out “Achoo!” That was immediately followed by a headache as my vision started to blur. I could feel my body begin to compress around me as time began to slow the more the desk rose above me. By the time it stopped, I felt my new height was around three inches, as every ordinary object around me towered in such an unparalleled way.

Any train of thought I had was quickly stopped by the sound of the door thudding shut. I saw a black skirt working her way up the aisle my seat was in. Step by step, they came closer to my desk until I saw everyone's favorite classmate, Hannah. Her skin was so tan, it had to have been kissed by the sun. She was wearing a white summer blouse with enough buttons undone to keep a man's attention. Her short blond hair skated across her shoulders as she kicked my backpack out from under the seat. “Pest” she muttered “taking my seat”. Yet she hadn't even looked at the actual seat to see me bouncing up and down waving my arms frantically. Her ass began to dangle directly above me as she prepared to sit. Part of me thought of running, but I also knew how pointless it would be. I just stared up as she shifted her skirt so they'd be curtains descending upon me. . Her bare ass and pussy came at me at an alarming rate and all I could do was watch as my body began to hug the inside of her butt crack with my right hand being right in front of her polished rectum. She shifted her ass around trying to get comfortable with its new tenant, unannounced to her. I tried to squeal for help, but the second I opened my mouth, a downpour of other student's voices came through the door, making mine sound like a pin being dropped next to an active chainsaw. A hush fell over the crowd before a scraggly voice said “Alright class, pass your homework to the front of your row. Anyone whose homework isn't in the collection will be marked absent.”

I was helpless. I could feel her shuffling around to pass her homework up, every movement being mimicked by her ass surrounding me. Any attempt to scream for help under her was swiftly quieted by a wafting smell emitting from her asshole lingering into my mouth. The longer class went on, the more her ass-sweat made my arms and legs hang up like I was being crucified, with my face hovered over her brown starfish.

Before long, the class bell rang and Hannah's ass begin to shuffle as it raised from the seat, her ass squeezing me tighter than it had been, her skirt uncurled and light dissipated from my existence. I had my hopes that her ass would expand as she bent over to grab her things from under the seat, but she had kept her things on top of my desk behind her. With every step Hannah took, I got closer and closer to her asshole.

When she got to her next class, her ass started to do the same downward motion it initially did to trap me. I waited until I was at just the right height, then I exerted all the muscle force in my body against her ass. It took a brief moment, but I managed to spring myself free of her rectal prison and onto the inner layer of her skirt as she sat down. The skirt began to crinkle underneath me through her descent, but I was far enough away that her buttcrack glazed my backside. I waited a few minutes for her to settle, then grabbed onto the skirt and worked my way across the back of the seat. Eventually, I found myself gliding down a more free-moving side of her skirt and dropped onto the floor with ease. I started to think on how her sitting was so unorthodox, but I caught a glimpse of my captor to see her nonchalantly fidgeting her lowermost button on her top.

Now what? I thought. I'm free, but that doesn't make me any more safe. If I get stepped on, or get seen by a bug, my life ends. Everyone else won't be able to hear me with such a volume difference, so I can't just walk into the Nurse's office and expect her to unshrink me. I made my way to the classroom door, knowing that no-one could see me. I'll just have to try and find a friendly face and hope for the best. 


Chapter End Notes:

I dont exactly publish my work at all, mostly due to nerves. Not even the non-sexual non-GTS works. I like to think my writing style has a certain finesse to it, but I get worried about public opinion. If you rate and comment on feedback, I'd appreciate it. Even if you just fap and rate, I'd be very content with that.

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