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Author's Chapter Notes:

Mostly M/f stuff in the beginning. Not to worry, GTS stuff to come.

Based on world building from Minuss and Kosmita…


Nikki casually relaxed in a lawn-chair on a large mountain overlooking the plains below. Most of the immediate area was farmland but in the distance, just barely below the horizon she could see Eclipse City, home to over nine million.

It was a sweltering 80 degrees with no cloud cover whatsoever, much as it had been for the last two weeks. The blonde twenty-two year old didn’t seem to mind though. Wearing nothing but a bikini top and blue jean short-shorts, she seemed content to simply relax in the “sun”.


Nikki, her phone, the lawn chair, even the entire house moved up and down.


Everything shuddered once again. The blonde sorority girl began to smirk to herself. 


There were certain benefits to living here.

The girl’s phone vibrated. Nikki didn’t pick it up, she didn’t need to, to know what it was.


It was an alert. Some people had dogs, some people had cats, and other people had ant-farms. Andrew? Andrew collected a microputian civilization and Nikki was a citizen.

Andrew was a prodigan. The biggest of the big. Microputians were one inch relatively to Lilliputians, lilliputians were one inch relative to gulliverans, gulliverans were one inch relative to brobdingnagians and brobdingnagians were one inch relative to prodigans. 

It wasn’t just Nikki and Eclipse city in his collection. Last census put the total population in the glass container at almost five billion. He was their owner, a celebrity and to some, their God. 

Nikki craned her neck to see a gigantic well-sculpted forearm thousands of miles away take the “sun” and its metal orbital track off of the table. The sky darkened, lit by his room lamp instead of the dedicated one.

There was a strange whooshing noise and a large gust of air almost blew Nikki over onto the ground.

Nikki gasped. From her perspective on-top of the mountain, the blonde could see one side of the semi-transparent glass containing their civilization being lifted up. The width of a single one of Andrew’s fingers took up the entire side of the horizon and continued well beyond it.


Something swung over to Nikki’s side of the aquarium. The blonde looked at the glass wall to see the beige wall of a hairy thigh.

That’s his left leg, which means…

Nikki slipped her left hand underneath her short-shorts and began to play.

“Oh. Wow.”

She stretched her head up, following that magnificent leg, to see black clothing. 

His briefs!

Everyone knew Andrew wore his underwear around his civilization. Loose clothing had the potential to be catastrophic, he’d done that once and accidentally leveled a city. Never again, he swore. Not that any of the straight women were complaining.

Nikki held up her binoculars to inspect more closely.

I can’t see anything at this distance. It’s too far away.


She heard Andrew speak. She knew he was doing some sort of repairs on the temperature control system, which had broken a few weeks earlier.

He squatted down further and Nikki got a glimpse of what she really wanted to see. 

Through the vast black clothing hovering above, she could just barely see the shape of it. 

"Almost there…"

Andrew squatted even lower, completely darkening her entire neighborhood. Through the outline of the underwear she could see the silhouette of the head of his penis covering her entire sky. 

He’s pitching a tent.

Nikki pulled up her binoculars once again, just in time to see a jumbo-jet crash into his cock, leaving behind an explosion. Jumbo seemed to be a meaningless word though, Nikki knew he couldn’t even see something that small relative to him, much less feel a crash like that.

He’s getting off on it. The blonde realized. 

It wasn’t hard to understand why. He had over five billion microscopic people between his legs. Millions of them were rendered utterly significant by just the head of his dick. If leaned down just a little bit more, he would crush an entire metropolitan area like it was nothing.

Nikki rubbed herself.

Play with us. We’re your toys. Drop us down into your pants. Make us please you. I want to get lost in the forest of your pubes. Crush cities with your awesome power…

She began to moan.

Drown nations in your precum.

The blonde rubbed her clit harder.

Lean forward. Level Eclipse City with your dick.


Andrew stood up, removing his crotch from Nikki’s view.

She frowned, removed her hand from her shorts and licked it.
“Fucking tease”
“The chaos wrought by Andrew’s close visit had caused an increase in crime as panic set in. Fortunately, no other deaths other than a plane crash were reported. The repairs to the weather unit were successful though the government has requested that Andrew warn them ahead of time when he planned to make repairs of that nature in the future.”

Nikki listened to her radio as she drove into Eclipse city for a meeting with her sorority sisters, and smiled. Yeah right. Like he would deign to talk to the government. I don’t listen to the local ant colony, I don’t see a reason why he should.

She parked her car and walked inside. The house was abuzz with what had happened yesterday.

“Did you see…”

“I nearly…”

It had been generally accepted that Andrew was extremely attractive but their recent up close experience left them all wanting for more.


Nikki walked up to a tall skinny brunette with glasses and hugged her. “Nikki. It’s good to see you.” The blonde was short, only coming up to Anna’s generous chest. 

The blonde waved to Becky a redheaded girl, even shorter than she was.

“Where’s Jessica?”

“Still in her room.”

She always liked bigger sized class guys, heh.

Anna took the lead as she was often inclined to do. “Break is coming up and we need somewhere to go. Any ideas?”

The girls were mute for an extremely long moment.

Nikki was the one to break the silence.

“Oh, come on, we’re all thinking it. Let’s go camping in Andrew’s pants.”

“Could we even survive?”

“There are rumors of microputian cities there.”

Becky rolled her eyes. “Well, if it’s a rumor then it must be true.”

“Oh come on. Where’s your sense of adventure? ” Nikki leaned up to Becky. “Aren’t you just a little bit curious?”

“Curious about what?”

“About how big he is?”

“Everyone knows he’s over twenty one thousand miles tall…Right. Not what you meant.”

A crowd of sorority sisters started to gather around them.

“Hey, I’m interested in going.”

“Me too.”

“All of us want to join, if you’re running a trip.”

Becky seemed almost at a loss for words. “Well, it’s Jessica’s turn to pick the trip anyway.”

“Yeah, right and she’s totally going to disagree with that idea.”

“How are we going to get there anyway. It’s not like we can call him.”

“I may have a few ideas on that front…”

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