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They awkwardly swerved into a parking spot. Meenah was only supposed to drop Willow off at her place, but Willow was insisting that she come inside too. It wasn't safe to drive when she was so drunk. "I need to be back home to check on Wesley..." wasn't enough to appease her. After sitting in the darkness of the lot outside the apartment complex long enough Meenah had cracked. Nervously she stepped out of her car and Willow took her hand to whisk her away...

Willow's place didn't seem as lively as it usually was at this time of night. The two of them quietly crept through the door to the living room where they sat together. Meenah wasn't entirely sure on what Willow expected to do with her, but she came to realize it was probably safer for her to stay off of the road when she was so drunk. 

A ring twirled between Willow's fingers as she pulled herself closer to Meenah. She started off with, "So I've been thinking..." before Meenah moved away from her, looking nervous as ever.

"Hey, Meenah, so I've been thinking..." she repeated, speaking softly to her, "Don't you think you want to get closer with me?"

Meenah looked into Willow's eyes. Willow held her liquor so much better than she did, she didn't even want to talk anymore. But she had to. "I don't know what you mean," she responded. It was obvious what Willow wanted, but she didn't want to believe that Willow would even try it. "I really need to go, Wesley's still at home." Willow didn't seem to be receptive to Meenah's complaints.

Willow decided she should be frank, "You and I, it's so obvious what we want." Meenah didn't believe that. "Come on, let's go to my room." She moved to grasp Meenah's wrist, but Meenah pulled away quickly. Meenah was pretty inebriated, but she had the sense to know what Willow was trying to do.

"You're taking our friendship the wrong way," Meenah said to Willow. Willow shook her head and reached for Meenah's wrist again, this time quickly enough to catch it. She felt so fragile in Willow's grip, her hands were so cold.

"We shouldn't be lying to ourselves," Willow replied. What was important was letting Meenah know they were together, it wasn't about Willow, it was about both of them. "I've got something I want to show you."

Meenah was painfully tired, too drunk to get back on the road, even to go check on her son. Maybe it would be smarter to stay with Willow for the night, it would be better to leave him alone for one night than to die in an accident and leave him alone forever. Hesitantly she inched closer to Willow then stood with her as Willow guided her to the bedroom. Willow could feel Meenah's hair standing on end as they moved through the cold air in the apartment.

Walking into the room was a bit sobering to Meenah. Did Willow really expect Meenah to sleep with her? In the same bed? "If I'm gonna stay the night..." Meenah lost her train of thought. "If I'm gonna stay the night, I can just sleep on the couch."

Willow already had Meenah where she wanted her. She grabbed more tightly onto Meenah's wrist and lead her closer to the bed. Meenah noticed the window was open... why not close it when it's getting this cold?

Meenah sat on the bed and Willow stood in front of her. "If you want, you can go first..." she whispered to Meenah. Kneeling to crotch level, she pawed at the button on Meenah's jeans. Meenah instinctively kicked at Willow, striking her right in the boob.

Through the pain Willow kept talking to Meenah, "Come on, it doesn't hurt if I'm the one eating you out." Her bluntness shocked Meenah. Meenah started to stand but Willow just pushed her drunken form back onto the bed. "I really, really like you Meenah," she said to her, "I wanna make you like me too." Meenah's struggles were too weak, too aimless to fight Willow away from her.

Meenah wanted to be clear, "No. I don't want to..." she couldn't even speak well. She briefly caught a twinkle coming from the palm of Willow's hand. "What do you have in your hand?"

Willow ignored her, pulling Meenah's jeans from her hips to her knees. Meenah didn't have the energy to stop her anymore. "You won't be so scared in just a minute," she said to Meenah. Willow's empty hand felt Meenah's crotch.

Meenah couldn't fight back as Willow took advantage of her, first getting her wet then finally starting to eat her out. Through her hazed drunken state she couldn't even focus on Willow anymore. Eventually she fell on her back onto the mattress, overwhelmed by pleasure.

But it wasn't pleasure she wanted. Only occasionally did Meenah become conscious enough to try to knee Willow in the face. She kept whispering to herself, "Stop, stop..." but it wasn't loud enough for Willow to hear, and she knew Willow wouldn't care anyway.

Meenah was too numb, Willow wasn't able to tell if she had even came or not yet. She didn't have Willow here just to eat her out. She eventually pulled away when it seemed like Meenah wasn't even awake enough to care anyway. Willow started pulling off her own shirt and talked quietly to Meenah, but she doubted Meenah could even hear her anymore.

Willow held her ring in front of Meenah's glazed eyes. "Don't be scared of what I'm about to do," she said. Meenah suddenly looked conscious, focused on the ring in front of her. She knew what it was, she had heard stories from her friends.

It took so much but Meenah managed to sit back up. It felt like her naked ass and thighs were stuck to the bedsheet. Her speech was almost too slurred to understand, "Willow, please," she shakily pushed Willow away and tried to stand but only ended up collapsing onto the floor. She wasn't even this drunk when she got here, she thought, she was at least sober enough to drive here, right? Her thoughts gradually became less cohesive the longer she laid on the floor.

Willow turned Meenah's unconscious body toward her. With the ring on her finger, she took Meenah's breasts in her two hands and kissed her cold lips.

Whenever Meenah seemed to be completely asleep Willow stood back to her feet. The breeze coming from the window was killing her, she finally shut it and went to turn on the heater. When she returned to the room Meenah's body was still laying limp. When she shrunk her it was going to jolt her awake, she didn't have anything to worry about.

She grappled Meenah on the floor and held her down. Moving her ring finger over Meenah's arms, Meenah slowly reduced in size, down, down, down. Meenah groggily shifted and woke up right before she was completely shrunken, down to a measly half of an inch.

Before Meenah had time to react to her surroundings Willow snatched her up and sat onto the bed. Meenah wiggled in her grip as she wormed out of her jeans and turned on a lamp.

When Meenah seemed like she had completely come to Willow brought her close to her face. She smiled at Meenah and whispered to her, explaining just what she wanted Meenah to do.

"I know you're scared, but it's okay," she tried to comfort Meenah, "Once we're done you won't ever have to see me again, everything will be alright." Meenah crumbled in Willow's palm and started sobbing. Why didn't she do anything sooner? Couldn't she have just stayed awake a little while longer?

"You went first, it's my turn now," Willow said to Meenah. Dropping her at her crotch wasn't enough. It usually wasn't anyway. Meenah continued to lay in a heap crying, hyperventilating probably. It was always easier to make friends with the anxious girls with daddy problems.

Willow tried to tell Meenah comforting words but that wasn't going to be enough. A car alarm sounded off outside. Willow was losing her patience.

It was eventually obvious Meenah wasn't going to move. Willow looked down to Meenah and bitterly said to her, "Don't be such a crybaby."

First Willow tried to hold Meenah against her clit and get her to struggle, but Meenah wasn't functional enough to react to anything at all. She didn't care anymore. When Meenah's sobbing died down enough Willow rubbed herself out with her against her will. When she felt herself edging closer and closer she stopped before she peaked.

Meenah stared at Willow's vast form above her, laying in the shadow cast by her. As Willow began to bend closer to her she watched Willow's breasts sway. It felt like walls were closing in on her.

No matter what Willow would say to Meenah wasn't going to make her any happier or more obedient. She didn't even speak to Meenah as she grasped her and moved her closer to her face. Meenah watched in awe and fear as Willow's brown lips parted and her tongue covered Meenah's entire body. The writhing motions of Willow's tongue sent both pain and pleasure throughout Meenah's body. The wetness and quick movement finally shook Meenah completely awake.

Meenah pushed at the tongue above her, but she was so damn small, she couldn't do anything. Sobbing again only made things worse, every time she sharply inhaled saliva was sent down her throat into her lungs. She choked and struggled, feeling life leave her until Willow finally let up and held Meenah in place on the center of her tongue, no longer moving it.

Willow was far too big for Meenah to even notice that she was walking. She entered her bathroom and flipped on the light. She stuck her tongue out to look at Meenah glued in the center of it.

Meenah looked in the mirror. It felt like she was watching a horror movie. She laid there stuck to Willow's tongue, and looked just like a tiny little doll compared to Willow's naked form reflected back at her. Willow flicked her black hair behind her right ear then stepped away from the mirror.

Willow told her she would be alright, but whenever Willow flipped the light off and pulled her tongue totally into her mouth Meenah's stomach sank and she feared the worst.

Willow casually tossed Meenah throughout her mouth, pressing her into her hard palate. Meenah didn't even feel like she was in a body, it felt like she was in the middle of a horrible nightmarish grotto. Even beyond the saliva coating her the air was too hot to breathe, so uncomfortably moist. She kept fighting. If she was going to die here she at least didn't want to drown.

But she had really only imagined she could just be chewed and put out of her misery. Whenever she felt the hard palate above her turn soft, and the flesh under her start to gradually slope down, she became aware of her much more terrifying fate.

Willow laid in her bed, fingering herself as she finally swallowed Meenah.

Each second descending through Willow's esophagus was torturously uneventful. The muscles squeezing and pressing her slowly pulled her down and down, she had time to reflect on her life. She loudly began to scream and wail, who was going to take care of her son? Why would Willow take her away from Wesley, only sixteen months?

Whatever coherent thoughts she had completely dissipated as she exited the esophagus, through the sphincter down into a boiling stew contained in the stomach. She thrashed to the surface but when she inhaled there was no air to breathe, only fumes that burned at her throat and lungs, she screamed and started to sputter blood.

She became too wrapped up in her pain and fear that she could no longer focus on swimming, the solution around her was too thick to stay afloat. Like quicksand she was sucked deeper and deeper into the vomit, until she was completely gone.

Meenah desperately grasped for anything, anything at all to climb onto, until she received a fistful of the slick stomach wall. She quickly slipped into a fleshy wrinkle with a slurp, now unable to move or fight. Nearly dead, she prayed her hardest to God and hoped so much that her son would be okay without her. She was mid-thought, funnily enough thinking of when she first met Willow and hit off with her so well, when she broke.

The muscles violently pummeled her, beating her more and more, bloodier and bloodier until her bones broke, her muscles teared, her skull collapsed and she was reduced to just a messy pile of gore.

Soon the beginning stages of digestion began to come to an end. Willow's body had done its' job, everything in the stomach was reduced to a much more manageable slurry that smoothly emptied into her intestines like a smoothie. The slurry proceeded down the length of Willow's small intestine, where villi drained it of any and all nutrients, reducing Meenah's life down into less than a fraction of a calorie.


When everything was sucked clean of energy, the brown mess was emptied out into Willow's rectum where it met the rest of her shit. Willow was now already asleep, unable to notice the sticky goo that had once been Meenah shift through her colon, all of it being squeezed then pushed deeper, vacating the area and pushing gas out of Willow's rear. The last evidence of Meenah's existence drifted away with one of Willow's farts.

When the morning came enough had collected in Willow's rectum that she could sit on the toilet and empty it. At this point Meenah was a non-factor, nothing resembling her previously thin and attractive body left. It was the same as anything else, shit that Willow flushed down the toilet and was forgotten about by the end of the day.

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