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Alex checked his rifle and reloaded his trusty brush gun Medicine Stick. His Elite Riot gear stood out in the Tan Mojave Desert with its Classic Army Green Colors and the Brown Trench coat. He observed the large Vault Door in front of him with a large 7 in the center as per the usual for all vaults. He'd Been to all the Vaults in the Mojave, 11, 21, 13, 22, and now he was visiting the last one he had heard about. From the few bits of info he had gathered from the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel Chapter, Vault 7 was designed to house various Genetic Experiments mostly with FEV, Radiation and a few others.

Gathering his wits Alex pulled the lever down on the control pad and opened the Vault door revealing the rustic and abandon Vault style he has been used to. Alex carefully maneuvered his way into the Vault and proceeded to explore. Alex noted that the Vault was entirely empty Wasteland Critters haven't even gotten in, Which means he was the first being in here since whatever killed the Previous inhabitants.

Alex walked into the overseer's office noting the skeletons on the floor. Alex walked over to the Overseer terminal and powered it on. He Went through the logs. Apparently the Vault went through with its plans of Genetic Modifying and all of the Subjects died and the vault Experiment was considered a failure. What killed the Subjects was a Reactor leak into the Water purifier and Air System that killed all the Inhabitants via radiation poisoning. Luckily For Alex the Radiation had dialed down to tolerable levels to the point where he did not need to worry about getting sick.

Alex decided right there to go to the Reactor and investigate it. Alex walked down one of the Maintenance corridors and there he saw an extremely large Reactor door, and he heard movement from the other side, almost like a person.

"Hello Is someone in there?!" Alex shouted to which he heard a semi loud female voice shout back "Yes, please help me get out of here!"


Jesse had awoken from a small nap when she heard footsteps coming from the other side of the door. This made her ecstatic considering it could only come from a person and she hasn't seen or heard one in many years. Ever since the Vault Staff and Residents died she hasn't had any social contact.

"The Door appears to be jammed, Im going place some C4 on it and blow it off, I suggest you back away." The Voice responded from the other side clearly a male.

Jesse did her best to move away from the door and a few seconds later *BOOM!* The Door flew off its handles.


Alex had moved away from the door to detonate the C4, after the explosion he ran to the door.

Only to be greeted with the largest hand he ever saw reach out of the room.

"What The Fu?" Alex whispered out when he saw another hand squeeze out of the door.

The giant hand than went to the Vault Ceiling and started ripping it off, apparently trying to dig to the surface. Alex than decided it would be best to get out of the vault and back to The Surface.


Jesse used all her might and ripped and dug her way through the vault hoping to reach the Surface. After piling her way through some rocks she bursted through the topsoil and covered her eyes as she saw the real sunlight for the first time. All around her she saw an endless desert. She than heard footsteps coming towards her as a male in Pre-War Riot Armor ran up to her, she assumed this was her rescuer.


Alex was running towards this Girl and her size was unbelievable He couldn't know for sure but he had to guess she was around 35ft tall, perhaps a bit bigger. Her long blonde hair waved in the wind. She wore an extremely strained and ripped Vault Jumpsuit, she wore no boots as her feet likely outgrew them. Her Pants were more like shorts that squeezed her thighs. Her Upper jumpsuit looked more like a top with a good amount of cleavage showing.

She than quickly grabbed him with her hand and gave him quite literally a bone crushing hug. "Oh Thank you Thank you!" She exclaimed. Alex was being crushed against her massive breasts. She than did a quick "oop" and softened and gently set him down. "Sorry about that, it's just i'm so excited to be out of that Vault, Oh I almost Forgot my name is Jesse "what's yours?"

"Alex" He responded back trying to get feeling in his body again. "Your welcome, I guess, why couldn't you get yourself out of that Vault? You had no problem ripping it apart."

"As you Saw I was trapped in the Reactor and its extremely reinforced so I couldn't rip my way out, but since you were able to blow that door open I could manage my way out." 

Alex's Pipboy started vibrating as he set a reminder to himself to stop by at Jacobstown. "Well listen I'm glad I could help but im going to get going, stay safe out here." Alex than turned and started to walk away.

Only for a giant hand to grab him and stop him.

"Please let me come with you! I don't want to be alone out here! I may not be the most Useful but I can be a good Travelling Companion! I Can help with Whatever you need!" Jesse begged.

Alex was tempted to say no, he already had enough Companions as it was but the longer he looked into those blue eyes the more his will broke down.

Alex sighed "Sure, You can come with me to Jacobstown, besides i'm Sure Doctor Henry will want to meet you."

"Oh Thank you! You won't regret this!" and with That Alex began the journey to Jacobstown with his large new Companion in Stow.

Chapter End Notes:

This is my First Story on this Site Let me know your Thoughts!

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