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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the introduction and serves to set up the story.  Not much action in this chapter except for a little bit towards the end.

            “Mike!”  The barista yelled across the crowded coffee shop.  Mike looked up from his phone and made his way towards the counter.  This was all just part of the daily grind for the 27 year old office worker.  Almost everyday he stopped at this shop for his early morning coffee before he walked to work.  He moved through the small crowd towards the counter.

            Mike grabbed his coffee and made his way out of the store, sipping at his warm beverage as he did.  He started to walk when he heard a man call his name.

“Michael?  Michael Grayson?”  Mike stopped walking as he heard his name and turned to face when it had come from.  He saw a man who looked to be maybe a couple years younger standing there.  He had brown hair and looked to be in pretty good shape, with decent muscle definition.  It was clear this dude worked out.  “Uh, sorry for asking, but how do you know my name?”

            The man walked towards Mike and Mike noticed he was probably an inch or so shorter than this mysterious man.  “I’m Jake,” the man said extending his hand, “Remember me?”  Mike reached out for the man’s hand and immediately racked his brain.  “I can tell by your face you have no idea who I am.”  Jake said as they shook hands.  “I should’ve guessed you didn’t remember me, you were pretty drunk after all.”

            Michael still was drawing a blank.  “So, uh, where’d we meet at?  I was drunk?  You can just call me Mike.  The only people who call me Michael are my mom and Ke-, well just my mom.”  Mike said, still rather confused as Jake laughed.  “Ok then Mike.  Yeah last Friday at Leroy’s.  Man, you really don’t remember do you?”  Michael just shook his head.  He had been at Leroy’s last Friday and had drank an awful lot.  Hell, he didn’t even remember how he had gotten home but he didn’t remember any of his friends mentioning him talking to a guy named Jake.  Surely they would’ve told him if he did.

            “Don’t worry about it, you were quite the riot is all I’m saying.  Well I’ll let you get going to work.  I got places to be too.  See ya around.”  Jake said before turning and walking away.  Michael watched him go and stood there dumbfounded.  Who the hell was that even and why did he look a little familiar?

            Mike went through the rest of his day soon forgetting about his earlier encounter.  It really wasn’t that important and he doubted he would ever see Jake again.  He went home after work, hit the gym, at dinner and then watched TV before going to sleep.

            The next morning Mike went to the coffee shop again as he did almost every morning.  He went a little bit earlier than usual as he had woken up a bit earlier today.  He waited in line and waited until he heard his name called.  “Mike!”  He made his way towards the counter like he did so many times before.  He grabbed his coffee and turned to walk out of the shop.

            As Mike went to open the door, he was surprised to find someone already opening it.  “Mike?  Funny running into you again.”  It was the guy from yesterday. John, Jason, Jeff, Jim, Mike though going through name sin his head.  It started with a J he knew.  Jake!  His name was Jake!  “Oh, uh, hi Jake.”  Mike said trying to compensate for the pause before he had said his name.  The two exchanged pleasantries and engaged in small talk, although it was mostly Jake doing the talking.  Mike finally lifted his coffee and took a sip.

            “Something wrong?”  Jake said as he noticed the Mike’s face change.  “Yeah, I think they gave me the wrong order.  This isn’t my usual coffee.”  Mike said as he looked back at the counter.  “I was actually on my way in here for the same thing.  Got my coffee and walked out before taking a sip and realizing it wasn’t what I ordered.”  Mike just nodded and went to head back to the counter.

            “Hey, let me take yours back up there.  I already have mine and this other one I ordered they messed up.  One more isn’t that big of a deal.  I think I saw a new guy back there, he probably is still trying to get down all the crazy drinks they have here.”  Jake said, chuckling.  “Oh, thanks.  I appreciate it.”  Mike said as he handed his cup over to Jake.  He looked down at the other cup in Jake’s drink holder.  It looked like a flavored latte with plenty of whipped cream on top under the dome that was on the cup.  He saw the name on the drink as well and it looked like it said “Kendall,” although the writing was quite messy.  That’s funny, he thought, that drink looked exactly like the kind his now ex-girlfriend Kendall always got whenever she got something from this coffee shop.

            It only took a few minutes for Jake to return.  “Here you go,” he said as he handed Mike his coffee.  “Thanks.”  Mike said before taking a sip of it.  Jake and Mike exited the store continuing to make small talk.  Mike mostly listened as Jake talked about whatever.  As Mike drank his coffee, he began to feel a little light headed.  As he was almost finished with his coffee, he felt dizzy.  He started to slow down and Jake took notice.  “You feeling ok, man?  You look a little pale.”

            “I’m fine.  I just feel a little dizzy that’s all and kind of sick.”  Mike said, stopping.  “Do you think you’re going to throw up?”  Jake said before walking over to Mike.  “I’m not sure.  Maybe.”  “Well here, go in that alley over there and just throw up behind those dumpsters.  Puke and rally amiright?”  Jake laughed.  “Uh yeah.  Puke and rally.  Haha.”  Mike said as he stumbled into the alley, out of view of the busy street.  The alley was completely empty and Mike stumbled over to by the dumpster.  His entire world was spinning.

            “Hey Mike, are you ok?  Mike?  Mike?”  Mike heard Jake’s voice but it was getting fainter.  “Oh man you really don’t look so well.”  Mike saw Jake walking towards him.  “H-h-help m-m-me.”  Mike stuttered before it all went black and he passed out.



Mike awoke to a loud boom.  He quickly sat up and screamed as he did so.  Everything was completely black.  Where the hell was he?  The last thing he remembered was being with Jake, drinking coffee.  That bastard must’ve drugged him!  He realized that he was also completely naked.  He still felt a little light headed but he was absolutely terrified.

            Mike felt around with his hands, crawling about the darkened space, feeling along the ground.  It almost felt like cardboard.  Jake must’ve slipped something in his coffee.  He was going to kill that dude when he saw him again.  Wherever he was, it was pitch black and empty.  He continued feeling around on his hands and knees until he hit a wall.  Funny, this wall felt like cardboard too.  He continued crawling about and found himself to be in a small space.  No matter which way he crawled, he eventually ran into a wall with nothing on it.  Whatever room he was had nothing in it but him, was relatively small and was as dark as night.

            As Mike sat in the darkness, it was eerily quiet.  He could occasionally hear noises from outside his prison but still had no idea where he was.  “Hello!  Is there anyone there?  I need help!  Someone please help me!”  He yelled into the darkness.  “Anyone please!”

            Mike crawled until he hit a wall and used it to pull himself up.  He shakily balanced against the wall and begin to feel around the room.  It was a bit shocking how flat the walls were and how much they felt like cardboard.  As he felt around the room by feeling the walls, he was shocked to find nothing that felt like or resembled a door or door knob.  He was in a room with four walls and no door.

            Mike sat with his back to the wall defeated.  He put his head in his heads and fought back the urge to cry.  He was trapped in a windowless, doorless, pitch black room with no idea where he was.  Mike then heard what sounded like male voice although it was muffled.  The voice grew louder and a little less muffled as it neared.  Whoever it was, their voice was loud and coming from above.

            “Just a minute, babe.  And close your eyes!”  He heard a muffled male voice say although it was a bit hard to make out.  He really had to focus and strain to hear it.  The room he was in shook slightly as if it had been grabbed by something like a crane.  He felt it begin to lift up as he was knocked over.  It then shook and as it did, it bounced Mike around.  Mike had nothing to hold onto and was jostled about the room as it moved.  He yelled for help but no one seemed to hear him.  Mike was absolutely terrified and fought the urge to piss himself.

            The shaking finally stopped and he heard the loud, muffled male’s voice again.  “No peeking.”  Mike swore he heard feminine giggling coming from above although it was hard to tell as it was muffled.  Mike was then thrown across the room and hit the wall hard before the room came to a stop once again.  “Alright, open your eyes.”  The muffled male voice said and Mike found himself being slightly jostled about.

            “Really?  This is your big surprise?  You could’ve at least like, wrapped it.”  He heard an annoyed woman’s voice that was muffled.  “Sorry, babe.  I know I probably should’ve but I didn’t have time to find any wrapping paper.  But I promise you, you’ll love it.”  A muffled male voice replied.  “You could’ve at least put a bow on it or something like, made it look like a gift.”  There was the same annoyed woman’s muffled voice.  “Just open it.”  Came the man’s reply.  Whoever this woman was, she sounded like a bitch.

            Mike, without warning, found himself being thrown about violently as his entire world was tossed about.  The violent shaking was making him nauseous as he was repeatedly slammed into the walls of his prison.  He could hear laughter outside his prison, muffled yet loud.  He slammed into the walls, the floor, the ceiling as the violent shaking continued tossing him about like a ragdoll.  He could then hear voices, both a male and female one, but it was too hard to make out what they were saying as he was tossed about and slammed into walls.

            Finally, the shaking stopped and Mike landed in a heap and started to try to collect his thoughts.  He barely even knew which way was up after that violent episode.  He was going to be sore in the morning he could already tell.  “Are you gonna open it or just keep shaking it until it breaks?  Come on and open it up, babygirl.”  Mike was still attempting to collect his thoughts as he heard the muffled voices.  “Calm down.  I’m not going to break anything.”  He then heard several loud thumps near the top of the room, almost on the ceiling.  Light suddenly seeped through a crack as the ceiling was suddenly being lifted away.

            Mike was blinded by the light flowing into his prison.  The ceiling of his room had just been torn off.  “Holy shit!  Oh my god, is that really a little man?!  Where did you even get a little man from?!”  Mike heard a feminine voice squeal.  The room shook slightly and Mike tumbled about as loud feminine giggles boomed from above like cannons.  That voice sounded so familiar and was rather loud.  Mike peered up and could make out just an enormous silhouette.  He rubbed his eyes as he then heard booming giggles.  “I’ll explain it all to you but that’s not the best part.  Why don’t you look a little closer, babe?  I think you’ll recognize him.”  He heard a male voice say.  The man’s voice sounded so familiar and loud as well.  It sounded almost like… Jake, the man he had met at the coffee shop and who had potentially drugged him.

            Mike felt a rising sensation and could tell whatever he was in was being raised up.  Mike’s eyes adjusted to the light and he gasped at what he saw.  The walls and floor of this room were all brown and… cardboard.  He was staring up at the enormous face of a beautiful woman.  Her face was impossibly huge.  She had to be massive.  It had to be a dream.  No human being was that big. 

            She had blonde hair, piercing blue eyes with perfect lashes, flawless tan skin, and full pink lips that parted to reveal perfect, white teeth.  Mike became terrified as he realized just who he was staring up at from what he now realized was a small cardboard box being apparently held by a gigantic woman.  This wasn’t just any gigantic woman though, it was his ex-girlfriend, Kendall Pennington.

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