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Author's Chapter Notes:

Although this story takes place in the universe of Gulliver, i gave it my own twist.
So size difference between the races may differ from the actual book.




Running through a puddle of water upon the pavement, 12-year-old Madison barely could restrain her excitement to get home as soon as possible. Finally after a long day of school, she was allowed to put on her denim backpack and darted outside, around her moving legs the sky blue colored dress whirled just above her knees. A short spring-like rainfall in the morning had still left some water laying around on the streets, But the afternoon sun made it all up for, with its nice and warmth radiation landing on Madisons goose bumpy skin.

Her sneaker crashed in the puddle, creating splashes all around them. A human-sized school bus just rode next to it and got surprised by a tidal wave of muddy water, soaking all children to their skin. It made the soaked bus driver angry to the bone.
In her excitement, Madison didn’t even notice the tiny yellow human bus. She felt sorry for them, so she stopped running and turned around, crouching next to the little bus, she peered inside. Without noticing, her long golden blond hair touched the wet ground when Madison tilted her head a little to be able to watch the occupants.
With a laugh of guilt, Madison says, “Oh I'm so sorry everybody. I hope you don’t catch a cold because of me now. I'm sorry I didn’t notice you. I usually do, but I'm just so excited this day. Tomorrow is my birthday and my mom promised me my present today. She says its something big!” Madison kept talking like this. It made the bus driver's anger quickly fade away. She is just a sweet innocent child. She didn’t do it on purpose. And even if she did, the bus driver would still had to swallow his pride for the fact that this girl was a Brobdingnagian. The human race aint got nothing on them, if Madison wants to she could crush the entire bus to pieces or just pick the bus up with her hand to abduct them all and there was nothing they could do about it.
However, Madison wasn’t that kind of girl “Its all fine sweet girl” The old male bus driver with its full brown mustache replied “We’ll be alright. You go home and have a lovely birthday”
“Thank you sir. I will. Next time I see you driving again, I will make up to you” After giving a glittering smile Madison stood up and continued her journey home.
The bus driver gazed for a moment after Madison, after all those years, it still amazed him how fast these gigantic beings were. It relieved him Madison noticed them in the first place. Sometimes it sucked being a human, but then again, realized he could have also been born a Lilliputian. That would really be a disaster. He heard horror stories about entire Lilliputian metropolises being destroyed or enslaved by evil Brobdingnagians, some of them even by mere children! There was this one story about one of the largest Lilliputian civilizations around the world being conquered by just a 12-year-old Brobdingnagian girl! She terrorized the land for about a year, forcing the Lilliputians to worship her like a God before her reign of terror was finally ended by her angry mother. Tale was told that this happened around 20 years ago, but no human believed it to be true.
He imagined a girl like Madison encounter a billion sized Lilliputian land, If she had malicious intentions, there was nothing the Lilliputians could do to stop her.
The ways of God surely are inconceivable if you ask me. To give one race godlike power over the other, He shivered by the thought of it, let's just get back to business as usual and not think about it too much.
He looks at the back to the soaked children “ready to go home everyone?!”

“Mom Im home!” Madison called in all merriment while entering the living room. Eagerly she looks around Where did you put my present mom?
“Sweety!” Madison heard her mother's joyful voice behind her. She stood at the doorway with her arms spread out in a welcoming gesture “Come give me a hug darling”
Madison runs toward her mother and wraps her arms around her waist. Her mother returns the hug and gave her a kiss on the head “How was school sweety?”
Madison looks up into her mother's eyes. She had this beautiful full bush of auburn hair coming to her shoulders, was 34 years old and had a nice figure, with an appealing face to watch. Her name was Sophie.
“It was boring as fuck and..." Sophie softly grabbed Madison's chin and gazed into her eyes “Watch your language there please honey”
“Ah yes. I'm sorry. It was just a long agonizing day, and I also almost stepped on a human school bus, but I immediately gave them my apologies and told them I was just so excited for my birthday present and all. Speaking of which, where is it mom?" Madison claps her hands, looking around in all eagerness.
Sophie gave her daughter a smile and caressed her cheek “Come this way sweety” Madison followed her mother to the kitchen “So where is it?”
Sophie points to a small coffee table in the corner. Madison saw something what looks like a little box resting on top of it, covered by a silk garment. Madison slowly walks to the low coffee table and crouched down “what is it mom?”
“Go see for yourself honey”
With all delicacy her fingers could manage, Madison grabbed a corner of the garment. She was afraid for breaking something. With a short pull, she removed the garment and revealed her mothers unusual birthday present.
“Oh my god mom, don’t tell me this isn’t?”
Sophie crouched down next to her daughter and lay an arm around her "In fact, it is sweety. It’s a full populated Lilliputian metropolis!”
Madison never saw a Lilliputian before, let alone an entire city. She merely encountered humans during her lifetime. Lilliputians was something she purely learned through from books and television.
“Everything is so small mom and what are all those things in de middle?” Madison points with her finger. “Those are Lilliputian skyscrapers honey”
“Of wow, your serious?” Madison looks at her mother amazed. To comfort her position, Sophie puts her hand on the coffee table right next to the city. Unknowingly, she curled it in a fist. Madison was mesmerized by the sight of it, compared to the city. Her mothers feminine slender hands must be monstrous to them. Immediately she saw dozens of Lilliputian crowds and tiny cars backing away from her mother's massive hand. Madison realized her mother could easily hold a couple of city blocks in the palm of her hand.
Madison looked at her mother again “can I… can I touch them?”
Sophie returned the request with a smile "Of course you can touch them honey, but you have to be very careful, just lift up the lid”
“Thank you mom!” Madison rewarded her mother with a kiss on the cheek, and then carefully removed the lid. The moment she did, they got greeted by buzzing sounds of sirens, and screams of pandemonium radiating from the city.
Madison made a look of distaste. “Why are they all screaming mom? We aint gonna hurt them or something. Sheesh be quiet please”
Sophie caressed her daughter golden hair “Its alright honey. Give them some time for adjustment. How would you react when a gigantic mother and daughter suddenly filled the sky and observed the city you lived in?”
Madison grinned “I guess your right mother. They are just so tiny, wow!”
Madison lowered her face and observed the city with her sparkling blue eyes for a couple of minutes. She saw little cars and people. It was like watching a city from very high above. On the outskirts, there were suburbs with houses and even farms with tiny animals grazing at the green field. The center of the city housed the tall buildings, large apartments and skyscrapers. She even saw a stadium, an airfield and a refined network of railway throughout the city, with little trains riding them. In the far corner, she saw what looked like a military base with minuscule tanks and planes.
"What's over their mom?” Madison asked. While her daughter enjoyed her toy, Sophie already returned to the kitchen counter to make preparations for supper. She put down the stuff and approached the coffee table “what do you mean honey?”
Madison points over an area where the skyscrapers were standing. Sophie had to come closer to see it. She carefully placed her butt on the coffee table next to the city. For this nice warm spring day, she chose to wear a denim short, which revealed her legs. Madison thought the lying hand of her mother next to city already was a terrifying sight for the Lilliputians, but now almost the whole city got cast under a shadow by her mother’s bare thigh looming impending over them. Madison realized that these Lilliputians were truly nothing compared to them.
Sophie put a curly auburn lock of hair behind her ear and gazed down at the position her daughter was pointing at from above.
“It looks like some buildings are missing over there mom? It's all wrecked. What happened there?”
Sophie started to laugh uncomfortable “Oh its nothing honey” Madison looked at her mother with piercing eyes “you know more about this mom?”
Madison saw her mother standing up again and returned to the kitchen counter “no really, its nothing honey. I think it's caused during transportation. These Lilliputians truly are delicate you know”
Not truthfully satisfied by the answer. Madison shrugged her shoulders and continued to enjoy her birthday present.

"Where exactly did you get the city from anyway mom? I thought buying Lilliputians wasn't allowed anymore for almost 20 years now”
Sophie didn’t took the trouble to look at her daughter in the eyes “Just enjoy your present sweety. You only have to know that your mother worked very hard for it to get it. However, your worth it, I love you, you know that right?”
Madison giggled “I know mom, I know… It’s the most amazing present ever!”

Without letting her daughter notify, Sophie gazed with longing at a Lilliputian skyscraper she was holding between her thumb and index finger. She held it right in front of her pretty green eyes, with a lock of curly auburn hair dangling in front of her face. It gave her a naughty appearance. Biting her lower lip in anticipation, she gently placed the building in her cleavage. Cosy stuffed between her soft and warm tits. Hundreds of terrified Lilliputians were fighting for their lives, while Sophie continued her cooking and sang along with songs emitting from the radio with her angelic voice.

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