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Author's Chapter Notes:

My very first Giantess story. 

The two-centimeter tall Dmitri gaped in both awe and terror. “Open Sesame,” he mumbled to himself as a large and cavernous crimson maw opened wide before him. A pink behemoth of a rough-surfaced beast leapt out and greeted him. The creature masqueraded itself as a red carpet and unfurled towards him. Cautiously he stepped onto the turbulent rose-coloured carpet and ventured into the dark cavern. He noted grimly that the lumpy being, on which he stood, had deceived him and was slowly withdrawing itself into the cavern. At the entrance of the maw, the thirty-two marble-like pillars which he had previously viewed as symbols of hospitality of a mysterious civilization, slammed into each other and sealed the entrance of the cavern. Instantaneously, the light in the cavern dissolved into oblivion and the cavern was consumed by darkness. Dmitri bent as the ceiling caved-in on him. His legs shook and he was almost tempted to collapse onto the shaky floor. But his ambitions emboldened him and he decided to get to task. He buckled down on his knees and his hands desperately groped for a flashlight. Upon finding it in his suit’s leg-pocket, he summoned rays of light to aid him in his task. The light rays reflected off glistening gums and teeth. Strands of Saliva ran down from the ceiling to the floor like cobwebs. Warm steam circulated in the cave and condensed onto the glass of his helmet like mist. Dmitri noted that it was very unusual for the mouth to be closed while he worked. He placed his medical shoulder-bag onto the tongue and hastily pulled out a miniature-dentist rope (a hybrid sturdy rope custom-designed for “small” dentists). He quickly attached it’s hooked end into the hole in his suit’s anklet. He put the noose-end of the rope around his patient’s lower canine. Dmitri then proceeded to retrieve his flashlight from the floor, and scouted for plaque. With a scalpel, he began scraping off some plaque from the teeth. His “patient’s” mouth suddenly became more turbulent and Dmitri found himself being thrown to the back of her mouth. His upper body dangled into her throat and triggered a reflex action. Dmitri’s blonde crush, Susan gulped. Wow! So my surprise precaution-training examination is today huh? an astonished  Dmitri asked himself. Within a fraction of a second, Dmitri found himself being constricted through a narrow tight tube. Well, I had always wanted to get inside her. I guess they were right when they said be careful what you wish for, Dmitri thought to himself. Susan rubbed her neck nervously; she could feel him plummeting down her throat. 


Amanda, Dmitri’s invigilator, walked up and down the white table impatiently. “Detach the rope,” she commanded. Her young male sub-ordinate slammed his finger down on his smartphone’s screen. Susan could still feel the noose of the rope around her canine but the rest of the rope slithered down her throat like a long strand of spaghetti. Susan gasped, “Oh my God! That felt so weird. I am sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to do this anymore!” Amanda looked up at Susan and raised her eyebrow. “What? Why?” Susan, whose head was still awkwardly pressed against the table, spoke with great difficulty, “Ma’am, this is so yucky! I feel nauseated. I feel like a cannibal now. I regret that I ever signed up for this” Her eyes, like the weak walls of an ancient un-repaired dam, were destined to give in to the liquid whose pressure was building up at an uncontrollable rate. Amanda rolled her eyes whilst mumbling, “Youngsters are such a nuisance these days.” Daniel, Amanda’s male sub-ordinate, walked towards her. The handsome young man’s eyes locked themselves onto Susan’s enormous face (and she felt herself blush) but his words were directed towards Amanda. His melodious and confident voice said, “Oh c’mon Ma’am, don’t be so rough on her. Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable if a living, breathing person was sliding down your throat?” Daniel’s beauty, confidence and charm acted as a sensory overload to most people, including Amanda, and very few people could resist his charismatic nature. His divine nectarine-like voice seeped into the vaults of Susan’s soul and soothed her entire body. Amanda snapped out of his spell and gnashed at him, “Well Daniel, firstly, it is impossible for me to feel a person slide down my throat because we [Amanda & Daniel] are the smaller of the two humanoid races that exist, there is nobody smaller than us; therefore you are putting me in an unrealistic situation. Secondly, even if such a situation were to somehow magically occur, I believe that I would be more understanding of the situation and be more sympathetic towards the circumstances. And thirdly Daniel, who are you to tell me how to behave?” Daniel heaved a loud sigh. He said softly, “My sincerest apologies Ma’am. I think Susan is just worried about Dmitri.” Susan noticed that Daniel’s large teal eyes were still locked onto her; they burned brightly and seared the image of their master into her mind and heart. “Don’t worry Susan! The suit will keep him safe. And plus, how do you expect him to pass the examination and get a practicing license without this test?” Daniel reassured her. Susan replied, “I hope so. I really don’t want to become a cannibal.” Amanda said, “That won’t happen. There’s a camera in his helmet. Let’s see how well he is doing in there. Daniel, switch on the camera.” Her gaze shifted to the large television that hung on the wall. Her inquisitive eyes burnt bright with a spark of restlessness as the screen flickered to life. She said quietly, “Daniel, please do not switch on the microphone yet.”


Dmitri panicked. The chord that had prevented the oesophagus from dragging him into the dark dungeons of Susan had snapped. He splashed into an acidic blend of Hydrochloric acid, cold drink, tea, water, chocolate smoothy and God knows what. He could see large chocolatey islands, the remnants of what had once been a wonderful cake, floating around in her stomach. Boluses of chicken-sandwiches and lettuce-salad could also be seen. A way to a woman’s heart…is through her stomach, he chuckled to himself in a failed attempt to calm himself. The fortresses surrounding the acidic lake groaned and grunted loudly; then they began to churn violently: collapsing inwards in one moment and pushing themselves away from the lake at the next. She eats so much junk; how is she not obese yet? He wondered. The liquid in Susan’s stomach bubbled and glowed neon under Dmitri’s torchlight; it reminded him of mythical witches’ potions. It swirled into a mighty whirlpool and successfully dragged a mighty chocolate-cake ship under its surface. The chocolate-ship bobbed up and down like a desperate wildebeest trying to escape from the maws of the crocodile pulling it under water. Dmitri’s mind was clouded by trepidation and it nearly paralyzed him. 


Amanda’s voice suddenly boomed around him through the speakers in his helmet and shook him back to reality. The voice croaked, “Dear Student, your precaution-training test will begin in 2 minutes. We would like to remind you that you have half-an-hour to complete this test. You’ll be given a few tasks and you must complete the tests to pass the examination.” Dmitri quickly started swimming through the turbulent lake to a chocolate mountain and he hastily attempted to scale it. Upon reaching the top, he reached out to his medical shoulder bag… only to realize that it wasn’t there. “Shit, that bag was open,” he mumbled to himself. After a lot of effort, he finally spotted the bag floating at the circumference of an acidic whirlpool; Dmitri gravely noted that the mouth of the bag was immersed in the acid; this probably meant that most of his stuff had escaped from the bag. What was he expected to do now? Was he expected to go and retrieve his materials or was he only supposed to focus on the examination? Amanda squinted her eyes at the screen. ‘What on Earth is he doing?’ she thought to herself. She continued, “Upon completing these tasks, you’ll have to…” Dmitri wasn’t listening. His heart thumped hard against his chest. He knew how dangerous it was for medical material to be floating around in the patient’s stomach. He couldn’t hear all of Amanda’s jabber. He strained his ears but his panic-stricken mind could only process a few words,“…climb…the drone…. rope…. leave… ” Although he didn’t pay close attention to what Amanda said, he knew what she expected him to do. But he needed to retrieve his medical bag’s materials from her stomach to do it. Dmitri sighed, he knew that he had no choice- he’d have to retrieve all of the bag’s original contents.


Amanda widened her eyes. “I can’t believe it… he has somehow managed to spill the contents of the medical bag.” Susan gasped, “What now?” Daniel squinted his eyes; he said, “I think he is trying to salvage all of his materials.” Susan asked nervously, “What if he forgets a thing or two in there?” Amanda shrugged. Susan exclaimed, “WHAT?” Daniel giggled. “Oh Susan!” he added, “Everything will be fine. Don’t worry!” Amanda let out a squeal. She slammed her palm onto her forehead. “What happened?” asked Daniel. “That blundering fool has somehow managed to get sucked into the small intestines.” Susan nearly fainted. “What now?” asked Daniel; his voice strongly hinting of the possibility of concern. “Well I am afraid that our friend can exit through only one route now.” Susan teared up and said, “I really don’t like this. Can’t I just puke him out?” Amanda replied, “No, it is too late for that now. He can’t be puked out because he is already in your intestine.” “Well you can’t just leave him in there!” “I have no other alternative.” “Aren’t there laws against this kind of thing? Can’t you be sued for this?” “Fortunately for me,” Amanda said smiling, “the answer is no to both your questions.” “OK… what about the stuff that is still stuck in my stomach?” Amanda sighed, “Well that… that we can retrieve.”


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