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The Great Nuclear War of the 21st century changed the planet tremendously, and forever. Most of the population was killed. Those that survived, could no longer live their lives in the same way. The radiation affected the biology and evolution of all animals, especially humans.

The most noticeable change in biology was average height. Each generation grew significantly taller than the last. By the 23rd century, both men and women were growing to over seven feet tall, on average. But for some reason, women were affected by the radiation more than men; they were growing at a much faster rate than men. To this day, scientists still cannot determine why.

Some women even developed supernatural abilities, such as: the ability to grow and shrink at will, the ability to grow and shrink others at will, among other abilities. Though rare, these abilities were becoming more common with each generation. The abilities are usual a result of a hereditary mutation. However, they have never been exhibited in men. Supernatural abilities are, for now, considered a female-only trait.

By the 25th century, the global average height of women had risen to nearly ten feet, while the global average height of men was only eight-foot-six. Nearly all consumer products had to be specialized towards either women or men; there was no such thing as unisex anymore. . The sexes even had to drive differently-sized vehicles.

By the 27th century, women were growing to an average height of eleven-foot-six, while men grew to an average height of nine-foot-six. The United States exhibited a more stark difference in height than the global average. In the U.S., women were growing to an average height of slightly over twelve feet. However, the average height of men in the U.S. was only an inch taller than the global average, nine-foot-seven. Despite laws protecting their equality, mean were often socially treated as second-class citizens, due to their smaller stature.

Women became the dominant sex, socially and sexually. Despite their giant increase in size over the past few centuries, female genitals did not increase in size proportionally, due to evolutionary adaptation. If they had, men would not be able to satisfy them sexually. Due to the proportionally small size of their vaginas, women generally found shorter men more desirable. Men above average height were generally considered "too big." Conversely, men were more attracted to taller women, the taller the better. Now in the 27th century, women controlled almost all governments and banks. They were totally dominant over men and for the most part, men submitted to them willfully.

I had just finished my second year of college. I was nineteen, going on twenty, and I still hadn't been in a relationship. The idea of having a girlfriend, or ever having sex with a woman, seemed impossible. My friend John often encouraged me to pursue women. Throughout high school and college, he always pestered me to talk to girls I had been crushing on. He was relatively popular among the girls in our school. They never seemed to notice me, however. I could never find the courage to talk to any of them, so John would take it upon himself to inform them of my interest. I believe he was genuinely trying to help, but his attempts were never successful. Their responses were always the same: polite rejection. Women tend to see me as more of a novelty, than a man. In the words of Sara Martinez, a girl I was crushing on during my senior year, "He's so cute and he seems really nice, but... I can't. He's so little, I'd be worried about accidentally hurting him. But, we could be friends." Those words accurately sum up my high school career.

I held the record for being the shortest man in the country. I had to use a device call d a TallWalker to move around without being stepped on. The device stood on four wheels and had a platform on the which I stood. The platform had a topless twelve-inch cage around it, for my protection. There was a control panel which allowed me to control its movement. The joystick was for directional movement and there was a lever that allowed me to adjust the height. The platform was able to move between a height of one foot and six feet. There was also a retractable staircase that allowed me to get on and off.

At just 23 inches tall, I felt like no woman would ever want to be with me. I kept to myself, for the most part. I lacked confidence due to my height and I avoided socializing with others at all costs. Other than John, I didn't have any friends, only a few acquaintances.

"You got any plans tonight, bro?" John asked me, while we sat in his parked car, smoking reefer as we often did.

"Nah, I think I'm just gonna spend the night looking at schools for next year." I replied.

"Bro, school is over. It's summer now. Melody is having a party tonight, let's go."

"I don't know. Parties usually aren't fun for me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know... it's not much fun being surrounded by amazons whom I can't even talk to." I informed John.

"You know, there's gonna be guys there too, if you go that way." He responded jokingly.

"Shut up, bro. I'm not going. None of the girls there will be into me and you know I don't have any other friends."

"Dude, you need to get over it. So, you didn't have much luck in high school. So, you're two feet tall. So, most women can literally crush you with one hand..."

"You're not helping." I interjected.

"The point is none of that is going to change. You need to get over it, bro. Or else, you're gonna be a virgin forever. Please come to the party with me. You just need to loosen up and talk to some people. There's gonna be plenty of girls there who haven't rejected you.

"Like who?" I inquired.

"Christine is gonna be there, remember her?"

"Yeah, I remember her. She had the locker above mine in high school."

"Oh, so you've talked to her?"

"Not exactly. The only interaction we've ever had was that time she almost killed me."

"What?! Almost killed you? What?!" John asked feverishly.

"Yeah, it was an accident. I was by my locker when a pen cap got stuck under the wheel of my TallWalker. I lowered it and got out so that I could move the pen cap. Christine was walking towards the lockers and didn't see that I was on the ground. I didn't see her either, until it was too late. Her foot caught me mid-stride and she accidentally punted me into the wall. She didn't even notice, at least I don't think she did. I was knocked out for a few seconds until Ms. Garcia found me."

"Damn. That's crazy, bro. It was an accident, though. I'm sure she didn't realize, she would've helped you. She's really friendly. Just come to the party and strike up a conversation with her, you'll see."

"I still don't wanna go. I'm sorry, bro."

"Kristi is gonna be there too, have you met her?"

"No, who is she?"

"She's like the hottest blonde at our school, bro. You might like her more than Christine. Kristi is a lot shorter. She's got nice tits too. They're not as big as Christine's tits but I mean, all tits are big to you. Hahaha."

"I guess that makes me pretty lucky then, doesn't it." I suggested.

"That's the spirit bro. So are you gonna come out and try talking to Kristi? I promise, she's gonna like you." John assured me.

"You know what, fuck it, I'll go if you'll shut up about it."

"Good. Go inside your house and get ready. And don't wear any nerdy shit. I know you wear clothes from stuffed animals but try to look cool, haha."

"You're not funny."

"Christine thinks I'm funny. She might have a fond opinion of you too, if you ever would've talked to her. Maybe she wouldn't know you as the creepy midget who used to stare at her tits."

"Whatever, John."

"Be ready by 8 o'clock, bro!" John ordered as I exited the car.

I showered and got dressed in the nicest outfit I had. I wore a blue button-up long sleeved dress shirt with a black tie, black jeans and black dress shoes. I thought I might be a little overdressed but I wanted to look good. I didn't think I was actually going to hook up with any girls, but I was going to try and I wanted to be ready.

John pulled up in his car and before I even got in, he was already making fun of me.

"Bro, I told you to wear something cool, haha!" He said.

"This is my best outfit. I think it makes me look more grown up." I replied. Now help me get my walker into the car."

"Can you not bring that thing into the party? It makes you look like a robot."

"I need it. How am I going to talk to twelve-foot women if I'm on the ground? And if one of them steps on me, I'm screwed."

"Calm down, bro. You're not THAT small. It's not like they won't be able to see you." John persuaded.

"I never go anywhere without my walker. I don't feel comfortable without it."

"Look, bro. If you don't bring the walker, the girls will probably pick you up off the ground so they can talk to you. It gives them a reason to touch you and pay attention to you. Isn't that what you want?"

"I guess you're right... how about this? I'll go in with my walker and say hi to everyone and then I won't use it the rest of the night."

"Good choice. Let's get you laid tonight... by the way, where did you find normal clothes in your size anyway?"

"I had everything custom-made. It cost me an entire month of paychecks."

"Damn, dude. That's a lot of money for one outfit. At least, all you have to do at your job is stand at a podium and say hi to people." You're lucky."

"Nah, bro. You're lucky. You're nine-foot-six and stores carry clothes in your size." I declared.

"Touché." John replied.

John parked the car outside of a liquor store, a few blocks away from Melody's house. He told me to wait outside the car while he went inside.

"Why are you stopping here?" I asked. "Melody said we can park in her driveway."

"We have to get booze. Nobody at the party is old enough to buy it." John responded.

"But you're not twenty-five."(That was the legal age for drinking at the time.)

"I have a fake ID." John informed me.

He came out of the liquor store with a five-liter bottle of vodka and another five-liter bottle of cognac. The bottles were over three feet long. He placed them in the back seat and returned inside the liquor store. He came back out with two more five-liter bottles of vodka. He struggled to fit them in the back seat but was successful. He closed the door and approached my window.

"Almost done bro. I got all the girls' bottles in here. I just gotta get two bottles for the guys. There's only gonna be four guys at the party, including us, so that's all we'll need." John informed me.


John returned with 2 two-liter bottles of whiskey. They were about twenty inches long. He placed them on the floor below my seat and started driving to Melody's house.

We pulled up to Melody's house and parked in the driveway. There were two female cars already parked there, but there was just enough room for a male car to fit.

John carried the bottles to the front door and rang the doorbell.

"We're gonna get laid tonight, bro." John said.

I looked at him and nodded. I knew I didn't have any chance of hooking up with a girl but I didn't want to insult John's efforts. I appreciated his encouragement, no matter how pointless it was. Without John, I wouldn't even have been invited to the party. Even though I was going to get laid, I figured I could at least make a few friends.

Melody opened the door. She was dressed informally, which was appropriate since it was her house. She wore a long white t-shirt and gray sweatpants. On her feet, she wore only baby blue socks. She was relatively very short, about ten feet in height. Although, she was only nineteen and could possibly grow taller.

Melody was overweight and unattractive. She was the closest female friend I had, mainly because I didn't find her looks intimidating. I could never find the courage to talk to an attractive girl.

"Hey guys, oh good you got the bottles!" Melody said.

She bent down and pinched my torso between her thumb and index finger; that was her way of greeting me. She gave John a kiss on the cheek and then stood back up.

"So who's here?" John asked Melody.

"Everybody. Mike and Jeremy said they couldn't make it though, so you two are the only guys here. I hope that's not a big deal."

"Doesn't matter to me." John replied. "But James doesn't know anyone here. Can you introduce him to some people."

"Sure!" Melody said eagerly. "You wanna meet my girls, James? ...Christine! Mandy! Kristi! Come help me with these bottles!"

I started to panic at the thought of meeting three new girls at once. Although I knew one of them, I had never actually spoke to any of them.

The three girls approached us simultaneously. They were all very pretty.

"John, you already know Christine and Kristi." Melody stated. They both bent down and gave John a kiss on the cheek.

"This is Mandy. Mandy, this is John." She added.

"Nice to meet you, John." Mandy said as she bent down and kissed his cheek.

Mandy was incredibly gorgeous. I considered her the most attractive girl at the party. Her hair was died an unnatural, bright red and pulled back into a pony tail. She wore very little makeup, only eyeliner and pink lipstick. She had wide-set grey eyes and plump cheek bones to go along with her broad cheeks. Her jawline was strong and square, forming a right angle below her ears. It complimented her pronounced facial features very well. Her breasts were supple and she quite large, protruding about eighteen inches from her chest. Her frame was thin and she was very tall. She stood a few inches under fourteen feet. She wore a tight white dress, cut at her mid-thigh. The combination of her tight dress and push-up bra showcased lots of cleavage. On her feet, she wore twelve-inch stilettos that brought her height to nearly fifteen feet. Just the sight of her was unbearably arousing.

"And who's this little baby?" Mandy asked as she looked down at me. Her voice was high-pitched and pleasant.

"That's James. And he's not a baby, he's my age." Melody stated.

Mandy bent down to get a better look at me. She accidentally hit my walker with her elbow and tilted it forward. I lost my footing and fell over the edge.

"Oopsie." Mandy said as I fell face-first onto her colossal bosom.

My head and torso became trapped between her breasts, causing them to jiggle subtly. She pinched my ankle with the index finger and thumb of her right hand, and gently pulled me out of her cleavage. She held me upside down, in front of her face. My body swung like a pendulum as she inspected me.

"Wow..." she whispered to herself.

My body swung back and forth while I remained subjected to her grip. My face collided with her lips for a brief moment, as I continued to swing. I became hard as a rock, my erection ran down the length of my pants. It was blatantly noticeable.

"Mandy, you've got to be careful with him!" Melody exclaimed.

"Don't worry, he's safe with me." She replied.

"Well, stop holding him like that!" Melody fired back.

Mandy respected Melody's wishes and placed me onto her open palm. She stared at me as I sat on her palm.

"You're so cute." She said as she ruffled my hair with her fingers.

Without warning, she closed her hand around me. Only my head and feet were exposed. She removed her thumb from her fist and stroked the side of my face with it as she hummed under her breath. She stared directly into my eyes for a few more seconds. She tilted her head and continued stroking my hair. Then, she suddenly moved her fist closer to her body until her hand was pressed against her bosom. Only her fingertips separated me from her glorious rack. With me still in her grip, she touched the back of my head with the index and middle fingers of her left hand as she ran her left thumb through my hair one time. She opened her right palm and placed her left underneath it as she offered me a warm smile. Both of her thumbs pressed lightly against my chest while her palms supported my backside. She pulled me closer to her body until I was surrounded by her breasts. I felt a stream of semen trickle down my leg. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it in. My penis continued to throb until my shin was covered in it. I laid there, panting.

"Oh my god, I love him. Can I have him?" She asked jokingly.

"Mandy, he's a human being, not a toy... and you're smothering him. Melody replied sternly.

"It's just a hug. He's fine. Right James?" Mandy asked as she removed me from her chest. I hung between her cupped hands.

"Uhh, nice to meet you..." I said unconfidently.

"Aww. It's nice to meet you too, sweetie."

She placed a thumb on each side of my face and closed her eyes as she lifted me upwards. Her lips puckered as I inched closer to them. I thought she was going to kiss me, but not quite. I realized her lips didn't line up with my face. I tried to maneuver myself in front of them but her firm grip wouldn't allow me to move anything but my feet. She pressed my face against her cheek as she kissed the air.


Just centimeters away, I listened to the sound of her lips in disappointment.

"Are you done yet, Mandy? Other people would like to meet James..." Melody said.

"Oh hush up, short stuff." Mandy fired back as she carefully placed me back into my walker.

"I'm not short, you're just a giant freak." Melody responded.

"Shut up, bitch."



"James, just so you know, we're actually friends. But Mandy can be a bitch sometimes, haha." Melody informed me.

"Only when Melody won't hush her loud mouth." Mandy replied.

"Anyway..." Kristi said, mildly frustrated. "Is it my turn to meet James yet, orrr..."

"Kristi, this is James. James, Kristi." Melody said.

Kristi took a few steps forward and stood a couple of feet from me. She was a total bombshell. Her long blonde hair was fixed into a ponytail and her brown eyebrows were shaped nicely. She had big forest green eyes and a small nose. Her facial features were very feminine, including plump cheeks under her pronounced cheek bones, and a small but defined jawline. A few loose strands of hair gently graced the sides of her beautiful face.
She wore a silver corset-like top. It was sleeveless and cut above the naval. It was held together by a string instead of buttons. The string was loosely tied, her black push-up bra was visible through the top two loops of the string. Her breasts were supple and stood out about ten inches from her chest. They weren't particularly large, but still big enough to trap me between them.

Perched atop my walker, I was about eye-level with her belly button, which was exposed between her top and her black jean shorts. Her waist was impressively thin and her abs were slightly toned. In contrast to her tiny waist, her thighs were quite sizable. The waistband fit loosely due to her slim size, while her pant legs seemed on the verge of ripping from the sheer size of her thighs.

She bent down carefully as she extended her hand in my direction. I looked up, wondering what she would do with me.

"Hi, James. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Kristi."

She held her hand within my reach as she spoke. I grabbed her finger with my right hand and shook it. She withdrew her hand and stood back up, electing not to touch or lift me like Mandy did.

After introducing herself, Kristi walked back into the midst of the party. John and Mandy both accompanied her.

"And last but not least, this is Christine." Melody stated.

Christine moved towards me until her thighs were pressed up against my walker. They were even thicker than Kristi's thighs, and very well-toned. She leaned forward slightly, causing the front wheels to go airborne. I fell backwards and slid to the back of the cage. She took a step back. The front wheels hit the ground hard, launching me forward.

"Oh no!" Christine exclaimed.

While airborne, I felt her hand close around me. She raised me up and held me at chest height. Her grip was tight.

"You know, that thing is dangerous." She stated. You should just let me carry you around tonight, I don't mind."

"Ok." I said faintly, submitting to her will.

This was the closest I had ever been to Christine. She was devastatingly gorgeous, even more gorgeous than I remember. She stood at a remarkable height of fourteen feet, maybe slightly above. She was the tallest girl at the party and one of the tallest teenagers in the country.

Her long, brown hair laid in front of her, flowing around the outside of her bosom. Her eyes were amber-colored and appeared to stare right into my soul. She had plump, pink lips and perfect teeth. Her cheekbones sat high and her cheeks were attractively contoured. Her jaw was wide and her jawline was incredibly square. It looked sharp enough to cut through a block of ice on impact. As a whole, her facial features were similar to Mandy's, but not quite as pronounced.

Her shoulders were compact but her breasts were large, almost as big as Mandy's. They were perfectly round and sat high on her chest. She wore a blue crop top that covered little more than her bra did. It was cut very low, leaving the entirety of her cleavage visible. Her stomach was untoned but flat, and her hips were substantially wide. She wore ripped, light blue jeans that looked as if they were painted on. Her meaty thighs protruded through the holes in her jeans, begging to be released.

She clenched her hand a little tighter, preventing me from taking full breaths. I kicked my feet repeatedly, desperately trying to alert her of my discomfort. Melody walked into the living room, leaving me alone with Christine.

"Hey, didn't you go to my school?" She asked. "Yeah! You were a senior when I was a sophomore. You had the locker below mine for two years!"

She looked at me blankly, waiting for a response. Her grip was too tight and I was unable to talk. I kept kicking. I couldn't tell if she knew what she was doing to me.

"How come you never said hi to me?" She asked.

I tried to muster up a response but I was still struggling to breathe.

"Is it 'cause you thought I was ugly? Did you think I was a bitch? I mean, you knew me for two years and never bothered to say hi. Are you scared of girls, or something?"

She continued staring, still waiting for a response. After a few seconds, she grinned menacingly and tightened her fist some more. I felt my face starting to turn blue. It became obvious that she knew what she was doing but didn't care.

"Cat got your tongue, sweetheart?"

I stopped kicking, my energy was depleted. Just seconds away from losing consciousness, she finally opened her hand. I sat in her palm, hyperventilating.

"You okay?" she asked. "A little too excited to finally meet me? Haha. I guess I can't be too upset with you, I never said hi to you either... lets's start over. Come play beer pong with me!"
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