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Author's Chapter Notes:
This contains farting, including wet farting.As well as micro shrinking
?Well, let?s start with you ? Anita? Marissa bends under the desks and pulls out a round glass container with a narrow top and a wide bottom approximately 6 inches in diameter. ?Since you think it?s funny to disrupt class by farting, I think I have the perfect punishment for you?

Anita screams as a godly hand comes down from the heavens towards her. The diminutive girl quickly got up and ran but was unable to outrun the giant teacher?s nail. The large claw came down and easily scooped up the fleeing insect, keeping it secure and trapped under it. The others did nothing but watch in horror as one of their own was taken from them, only glad that it wasn?t them.

Marissa brought Anita over to the large glass jar sitting on the floor and casually dropped the girl inside. Everyone watched in horror as the tiny flea of a woman fell for what looked like a hundred stories before landing on the bottom. However, she quickly got up, apparently unscathed which seemed completely impossible. The giant teacher then began to pull her skirt and panties down that she?d been wearing all day and discard them to the corner. Her gigantic vagina and forest of a bush was now on terrifying display for the entire group.

?Now, little one, your goal is to get from one end of this glass jar to the other. You might be able to see that there?s a big red mark on the other side. Get to that within the time limit and you win. I, meanwhile ??
She then got on her knees and brought her ass down on top of the glass container. Spreading her cheeks, her wide ass easily sealed the opening with her butthole at the centre. Her brown eye staring down at the shrunken woman quivering in fear.

?Will provide the obstacles. Seems quite easy, all you have to do is get from one side of the jar to another and all that?s stopping you is my little farts. A short jog and you?re free! You?ll have ten minutes. More than enough, I think, to cross that short distance?

Everyone watched in disbelief at what they were witnessing. Off in the distance (Form their perspective) the giant form of their detention teacher was half naked and sitting on a jar keeping their fellow classmate trapped inside and forcing her to play games for her freedom.

?And ? Begin? Marissa said sternly, pushing her red hair out of the way to get a better look of what was happening inside of the glass prison. A devilish grin spread across her beautiful ruby lips.

Anita looks around in shock at her surroundings, her psyche obviously not able to process this information. Her entire body was shaking in fear. Finally, after about 30 seconds of simply standing there, something clicked in her brain and she began running as fast as she could.

?Oh, here we go. I was afraid you?d stand there the entire time? Marissa jested

For Anita, it was simple. It was just running. Block everything else out and get to the other side. That?s all she needs to do. After about a minute she had already passed the half way point. If she kept this pace up then she?d make it in no time. However, that was until she passed under the centre and under Marissa?s arsehole.

Suddenly, as if by god?s power itself, the tiny girl was lifted off her feet and threw across the jar, slamming hard into the glass. Getting to her feet, she couldn?t understand what had happened. One second she was standing there, the next she was halfway across the container. Then the smell hit. Like a truck carrying a ten tonne of faeces. It was so strong that it brought the teenager to her knees. That?s right. The obstacle that Miss Mayweather was putting in her way. Anita looked up at the winking brown eye in the sky and the smiling face of Miss Mayweather.

?You better get going? Marissa warned ?You don?t want to see what happens when you fail. Surely someone such as you who farts in class can stand a few farts herself, right??

Her lungs were burning just from a few seconds of smelling this foul gas. Was it because she was shrunken? Or was is another kind of magic the witch was using? There?s no way that a fart should be this strong, yet it somehow was. She breathed hard and focused on the finish line. It was practically as far as it was at the start of the ?game? which was strange since she was almost half way there. Maybe the gas was playing with her head or something.

?Aren?t you supposed to be good at sports, Anita? I heard you were a rather good runner? Marissa said, your large green eyes staring into the jar at the miniscule woman ?Don?t tell me you can run a couple of inches?

Marissa was simply sitting on the glass jar, resting on her knees while keeping her butthole pressed firmly against the hole of the jar. There was no way that any air was getting in unless she allowed it. She watched as the tiny girl ran as fast as she could across the jar once more, taking significantly longer then she did last time. Marissa wondered when she was going to figure it out. When the girl was at the half way mark and almost directly under up hanging booty she gave her gut a heavy squeeze, pushing out a heavy fart into the glass container. She watched in amusement as Anita was once again thrown across the jar, right back to the beginning once more.

?Oh, was that me?? Marissa asked, referring to her passing gas ?So unlady-like. I hope you don?t mind?
Anita got up once more and found that she hadn?t sustained a single injury. There must be some kind of magic involved so that she wouldn?t get hurt. Looking over to the other side of the ?field? she could?ve sworn that it looked much further than before. And every time she runs it feels like it takes her longer and longer to get to the centre before she?s blasted back by her teacher?s rancid farts.

She looked around and decided she needed to take a different approach. It?s already been at least 3 minutes. If she doesn?t change her tactics then she?ll never escape and who knows what might happen then? She decided to run next to the wall to try and avoid the centre and hopefully not get blasted across the glass. She made her run and was almost half way (Which felt like it took longer than usual which was something that was seriously scaring Anita. Was she still shrinking?)

?Oh? Trying a new tactic are we?? The booming voice of Miss Mayweather said ?It?s pretty sad when you have to try and outsmart a woman who?s simply farting. Speaking of which? She grunted and another blast hit the bottom of the glass and spread out.

The horrid smell spread throughout the confined container like a plague. With the only outlet sealed, the gas simply built up until the pressure was about double. The temperature had increased steadily until it was about 37 ?C (100 ?F). The humidity had risen to the point that Anita could physically feel sweat running down her back. However, the humidity that filled the air had the distinct and disgusting taste of shit. Breathing was becoming a chore. It felt like being trapped under a blanket where the CO2 slowly builds up and it becomes uncomfortable and the free air quickly disappears. However, in this case, it isn?t CO2 that?s building up but the methane from Miss Mayweather?s colon. However, the entire glass jar was quickly feeling like a glass Dutch over.

The wave of gas quickly collided with Anita who was once again thrown off her feet but rather than being shot to the other end of the glass she was previously at, she was hit up against the wall she was running next to. She still remained unwounded but then she finally realized why. As she grabbed the side of the glass to pull herself up she felt the glass under her hand expanded. Looking at the fine imperfections and tiny smudges on the glass, she watched in horror as they slowly rose up into the air until she was only about the size she was previously before stopping. And that?s when she figured out what was happening. Every time she was injured, she was instead shrunk. Looking around her glass prison, observed just how large it appeared compared to when she first entered. Knowing now that it wasn?t an illusion or mental effects from the gas. She was indeed shrinking further.

It was getting hard to run. Her leg muscles weren?t aching but her lungs were. Her body wasn?t getting enough oxygen and she could feel the toxic fumes of Miss Mayweather?s bowels making its way through her system. She was over halfway to the finish line yet it felt like she was all the way back at the beginning. Was she even making any progress? How small had she shrunk?

?5 minutes remaining. It sure is taking a little while, isn?t it? It?s like you?re getting slower and slower? Marissa gave a slight laugh at her mocking. ?Oh, that?s a big one?

Anita looked up in fear. Big what? What?s big? She watched the giant brown eye twitch until it seemed to blast open and a shock wave of gas filled the glass. This was a ripper of a fart for Marissa at normal size.
To Anita, who was less than a tenth of an inch, it was a tornado. Forget being blasted off her feet into a wall, she was lifted right into the air like a particle of dust, floating on the currents of fart. She rocketed through the glass, smacking into wall after wall until she was lifted up towards the top of the jar.
She looked ahead and saw, in absolute horror, what she was heading towards. The winking hole of her detention teacher. There was nothing she could do as she smashed into the sticky, icky surface of Miss Mayweather?s asshole.

?Oh, my. Are you where I think you are? Is this your way of telling me you give up? Do you want your punishment already? Goodness, you almost right inside my butt. A couple of clenches of my anus and I bet I suck you right up. How about we play a new game for a little while? I?ll give you 5 squeezes. If you can stay out of my hole then I?ll let you continue the original game. With a new ten minutes. But if you get gobbled up ? Well, let?s just say you?ll be spending a lot of detentions with me. Are you ready??

Anita was stuck to the sticky, sweaty surface of the woman?s hole. She could see the centre a couple of metres (from her perspective) away. Her eyes wide in fear, her face sweaty and her lungs still burning, more now than ever since she was so close to the source of her breathing pain.


The hole clenched hard and Anita felt herself sucked towards the centre. She screamed in fear and she tried to grab a hold of any surface she could. She tried to pull herself along the surface but the adhesion of her entire body was much stronger than her body muscled could overcome.


Another clench. Anita was getting closer and closer to the centre. Her uniform was being smeared with the thick, salty sludge that had crusted on Miss Mayweather?s arsehole from her sweat. She felt like she was becoming another dust particle wedged within the folds of her skin. Looking around, the anus looked like it was the length of a bus and as deep as a pool and she was slowly being dragged down into the centre.


She finally found something could save her. Her legs were almost within the sinking hole. But she found a fine hair sticking out of the skin. Grabbing hold of it, Anita tried to pull herself out as hard as she could.


She felt like she was about to be sucked up into the hole but luckily the hair she was holding onto saved her life. All she had to do was survive one more ?


Miss Mayweather gave the heaviest clench she had so far. Anita was ripped from the hair and found herself halfway into the hole. Her legs and waist were completely trapped within the crushing folds of the anus. All around her were the high walls of the anus. She couldn?t move her lower body at all as it was crushed and squished by the powerful muscles. She felt no pain but she did feel a strange tingling as the folds around her began to get bigger and bigger. She was shrinking again.

?Well, I don?t know if you won or not. You?re technically within pucker but not completely. Though if you keep shrinking like you are you?ll soon be small enough for the slightest twitch to send you up there forever. In fact, I bet another good clench would get the job done already?

Anita listened in terror as she waited for the anus to twitch once more and seal herself away from the world.

?However ? That wouldn?t be as much fun as what I have planned. So I think I?ll give you another chance. But how am I supposed to get you out of there? Do you have any ideas? Perhaps I should take a page from your book of tricks?

Anita felt the anus expand slowly as she realized what was about to happen.

?Mind the fall. I don?t know if you can handle any more injuries? Just then, Marissa farted and shot Anita out of her butt at the speed of a bullet. The tiny girl slammed heavily into the bottom of the jar before being slammed into the side of the jar where she came to a rest.

Now that she knew what to look for, Anita could clearly feel the effects of her shrinking as the world around her began to expand. She laid on the bottom of the glass crying as she felt the glass expand under her body. It didn?t seem to stop for over half a minute where she was so small she could see the tiny holes located within the glass like imperceptible bubbles. The entire glass was so big and it was going to take her far more than ten minute to make it to the finish, even without the ?obstacles? of Miss Mayweather. It was best if she just gave up and stopped giving this evil woman amusement and her own suffering.

?Oh, why have you stopped? Don?t tell me you?re giving up already? Marissa?s voice sounded truly disappointed, as if she had been neglected tasting a delicious treat.

?Well, I suppose it is your choice. I can?t make you ? However, I think it might be in your best interest to keep moving because I think these farts are about to get much wetter?

Anita looked up in terror at that statement just in time to see the giant hole high above her open up once more. Another explosion like a jet engine erupted and blasted the shrunken woman off her feet and against the glass wall. However, spraying around the jar, giant cat sized specks of shit landed everywhere as well as near Anita?s head.

?Mind the rain? Miss Mayweather said ?I suggest you find cover ?cause I think it?s about to start pouring soon. Oh, wait, you have no cover to find. Well, I suppose you better get to the finish line before you?re buried if you want this to end?

Marissa was now holding her gut, pressing and squeezing various pockets of gas around her abdomen preparing more ammunition for the coming assault. She felt another bout of gas press up against her puckering asshole and tensed her stomach muscles tightly, exploding the gas out of her rectum with intense force. She looked inside of the jar and watched as the diminishing woman was flown against the jar walls while her own shit covered more and more of the glass surface. She wondered how long the tiny girl could last.

Anita now knew that she couldn?t stay in the same spot if she wanted to avoid these falling meteorites of shit. If she stayed still, then she would eventually be crushed or trapped under these growing masses of crap. Her only hope is to try and survive or get to the finish line. Anything to make this nightmare end.
She got off her feet, breathing deeply (Causing her lungs to burn intensely from the toxic air) and made a run for it. She only made it a couple of feet before another giant fart erupted. However, this tiny a tiny flake of shit landed on her chest, crushing her into the floor. She watched in horror as she slowly shrank while the dark brown mass slowly oozed over her.

Taking both hands, she forced the sludge onto the ground and got back up. But she couldn?t even make it two steps before she was blasted once more, this take her head being compressed under. Unable to breath, Anita thrashed her arms and legs, forcing the faecal material off of her head as it slowly expanded and attached itself to the floor. As she slowly suffocated, Anita felt herself dwindle further and further, the ass growing larger and larger until it was as large as a horse and covering most of her body.

Finally, the tiny girl was able to force her body through the squishy mass and come out the other end, breathing deeply the toxic air she was denied. She had never been so grateful to breath in her teacher?s farts as she was now. Looking back, she saw that the speck of shit, the type of shit that you don?t even notice on your underwear when you let loose a wet one, was the size of a car. Standing straight, the brown covered girl?s head barely came above the mass itself.

?Looking a little dirty down there? Marissa said ?Would you like to take a break? We can stop any time you want?

Anita knew she was lying but she was desperate. The only part of her body that wasn?t covered in crap was her ankles and feet and her lungs were killing her. She would do anything to escape this misery. Looking up into the sky she screamed for mercy.

?Please! ? I?m sorry! Please stop this. PLEASE!?

?What was that? I can?t hear you. Well, I suppose it would be hard to hear something that?s only 1/30 an inch?

Anita was shocked. She couldn?t believe how small that was. She was almost microscopic.

?Well, since I can?t hear you protesting, and my hearing is pretty good, I?ll assume you want to continue. It?s so nice to see young people who can really stick it out there and work through their problems and not give up. Hopefully you?ll apply this fortitude to your school work ? Well, that is if you make it out of here?

Just then another blast threw Anita off her feet and once again caused her to fly around the jar like a dust particle until she gradually came to a landing towards the opposite side of the jar. The side of the jar with the red marking. She was so close to it, she might actually make it.

Quickly getting up, she ran past house sized flakes of crap. If she could get to the red mark she might actually be able to escape this nightmare. Her one glimmer of hope. And it was that hope caused her to do what she did when she looked up and so the anus puckering for another explosion. Not wanting to be thrown around again and lose her location she jumped into a nearby boulder of crap and wedged herself inside. As the tornado of gas expanded into the jar she was relieved to see that she did not move. She was still as close as she was to the red mark as she was before. Better than that, she found she had not shrunk. She might have final found a way to win this game.

She forcefully extracted herself from the giant boulder and kept running. She was surprised to find that the teacher hadn?t let loose any gas. Anita was getting closer and closer to the giant red mark and yet the teacher hadn?t farted once. Was she all out? Was she waiting for her to get close before she did it, just to torment her further? She kept looking up to see if the anus was puckering for another blast. Yet it constantly remained calm. What was happening? Was the teacher showing her mercy?

She made it. Her feet touched the red mark (Now the size of a run way strip) and breathe a toxic sigh of relief. She had won. She was free.

?You made it! Congratulations! I?m sure you want to know what your prize is. Well, unfortunately you won?t be seeing it. You see ? The time limit has run out. You failed the game. Even with all that extra time I gave you, you still weren?t able to do the simplest thing of moving from one side of a jar to another. Well, it?s time for your punishment?

The anus puckered once more and Anita wondered what the punishment was going to be. Her eyes opened wide in fear as she thought that maybe the teacher was going to shit on top of her. However, her fears were unfounded as the asshole let loose only another bout of wet gas. However, something was certainly different.

When the girl was shot across the jar and rammed into the walls she felt the definite break of her arm. Her bone snapping cleanly in two as she collided at high speed with the hard surface.

Another spurt of gas and she was shot in the air, bouncing against wall after wall, purple bruises quickly forming as well as her wrist shattering from one particular collision. She came to a rough landing at the centre of the jar. Her back giving an eerie and horrifying crack as it smashed into the ground.

Her arms and legs unresponsive. The shrunken woman looked directly up at the gaping hole of hell, unable to move out of the way. She tried to scream but blood was slowly seeping into her lungs from internal bleeding causing her to sputter and cough as she drowned on her own blood. The hole above her quivering for another round.

A wet explosion erupted, the force of the air compressing her ears and bursting both ear drums as a boulder of shit the size of a truck smashed into her legs, crushing them instantly. She continued to try and breath as her body began to slowly shutdown. She watched, terrified as the crap on her legs slowly worked it?s way over her body, threatening to bury her alive and her unable to do anything to stop it. She begged within her mind for it to end. For the witch to put her out of her misery.

Marissa looked into the jar and saw the near microscopic woman dying slowly. Picking up a cork from the ground she quickly lifted her anus off of the opening and plugged it with foam device. Picking the glass container up, she brought it to her eyes and looked inside. From her vantage point, it simply looked like there was a light spraying of shit covering the surface but she knew (And could see) the tiny girl at the centre slowly dying. Unseeable to normal eyes. She smile as her eyes locked with Anita?s before she put the jar under the table and turned her attention to the rest of the horrified teenagers.
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