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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is merely the introduction. Shrinking but no torture
It was the end of another school day at Blackwood High School. The temperature was finally coming down after a long, hot and humid day and everyone was eager to get home and relax in their nice, air-conditioned rooms. However, not everyone was allowed to leave the school just yet. Not those who had to serve detentions for misdeeds and wrongdoings.

Marissa Mayweather, a beautiful 25 year old teacher, was walking down the hallway making her way to the detention room. Hip wide hips swayed side to side seductively, getting many glances from the male teachers and students alike. Because she had only been at the school for about a year she was always given detention duty so that the other teachers could head home on time. However, Marissa quite enjoyed her detention duties as it gave her ample opportunities to enjoy her ? Games. And sly smirk crept across her red lips as she thought about what was to come.

Making her way to the end of the hallway, she firmly pushed the door open and strolled confidently into the room, giving a quick gaze to the students who were present. 10 in total. 5 girls and 5 boys. This should be fun thought Marissa as she sat at the front desk, flicking her long, red hair out of her face and pulling out a file containing details on each one. Quickly scanning it , she looked back at the bored, frustrated students, and finally spoke.

?John and Maverick? She said sharply, her eyes looking around the room for the two boys.

?Yes, ma?am?

?Yes, Miss?

?You can both leave? There was an instant uproar from the rest of the class as the two boys quickly got their things and left. A bewildered look on their faces. She let them live because this was their first time in detention.

?Why the fuck did you let them go? Asked a blonde boy at the back of the class. He had a football Jersey on and so Marissa guessed he was ?

?Micheal ? Please don?t swear in my class?

?I?m already in bloody detention, what more can you do??

?Oh ? Quite a lot, actually? She didn?t reply to his questioning look and simply referred to the rest of the class next ?So, looking at your files I see that all of you, every last one, are a repeat offender at this school?

Everyone suddenly sat up straighter and looked sharply ahead. Perhaps they were afraid she was going to suspend or even expel them. After she?s finished, they will wish she had.

?This is your 3rd detention within this month. And so I?ve decided to use a different method of punishment?

?I don?t think you can do that? Said Katelyn, a black haired, ebony girl ?You?re only supposed to watch us and then-?

Just then, Marissa stood up and held up her hand. Closing her eyes she began to quickly recite something under her breath

?The fuck you doing Miss ?? Micheal wasn?t able to finish his sentence before everything went black.
However, it was black as in he fell unconscious. He was definitely awake. And surrounded on all sides by a compressing forces. Soft walls that were radiating intense heat into him. Suddenly, he was hit with a deep sense of vertigo as his world opened up with light and he found himself plummeting to the ground. He must have fell ten feet before coming to a hard crash on the ground. The screaming and noise around him suggested that his class mates were still with him.

Opening his eyes, he got up and saw that he was on a giant field of yellow. A hard, yellow surface that seemed to spread out for ages. He saw his other class mates also getting up and looking just as confused and frightened as he was. Him, and everyone else was then thrown off their feet and a deep earthquake shook their world. A repeating earthquake got louder and harder every second. Micheal was about to look around for the source of the thumping when his attention was drawn by Clara (A short, Arab woman with black hair and blue tips) screaming up at the sky. Micheal looked up and nearly screamed himself.

Off into the distance, which seemed like thousands of miles, the enormous, heaven consuming figure of Miss Mayweather was approaching them. At that moment, Micheal began noticing other features of the distance.
The faint walls, the giant door, the heavens that seemed to have six suns blinding them. They were still in their classroom, but at an unmeasurable size.

Micheal?s panicking thoughts were ripped from him as Miss Mayweather took another step towards them, her stomach now covering everything they could see in a single direction and her face looking down at them like a colliding moon. That smirk now wide across her face. Everyone looked up stunned, not knowing what to do.

?Now that I have your undivided attention, I can resume. I ask that you don?t break my rules again or the consequences will be severe? She almost laughed as she drank in their fear. Despite them being only ? of an inch tall, she could still clearly see their faces and hears their pitiful moans of despair. Another gift she had.

?Today?s detention will be a little different then your usual detention. 3rd time repeaters need serious lessons hammered into them otherwise they?ll never become proper members of society. Either way today goes, you will leave this room more use to society then when you came in. I promise that?

The teenagers screamed when her hand descended down to them and they were almost knocked off their feet from the gust of wind resulting from her lifting her ?small? folder. She opened it up and began reading.

?Now, let?s take attendance? She said, as if the students weren?t nearly microscopic to the world?

?Micheal Borne ? Seems you lack respect and don?t know how to use proper language. Every time you?ve been sent to detention it?s because of your foul mouth?
She ignored his cries of apologies and begs for forgiveness. She no doubt that all of them would straighten up if she let them go today. But then she?d be left with no fun. Not to mention too many witnesses to her crime.

?Katelyn Sullivan ? Apparently you thought it was fun to disrupt swimming class by splashing and messing about.

?Clara Watson ? Being rude and disobedient and not being able to follow instructions.

?Jeffery Oswald ? Refusing to listen and being loud.

?Anita Taylor ? Also disrupting class by ? My, goodness, farting? What sort of children are you lot??
She stared down at the entire group as they shuddered and cowered in fear.

?Timothy Gleeson ? Picking your nose in class and ? Ew, gross. Wiping it on other people. Really? You?re in high school, not kindergarten

?Alex Richardson ? Talking to your friend repeatedly in class. Apparently you were discussing science fiction and ? Other dimensions?

?And finally, Chris Chipper ? You refused to participate in P.E. Don?t you enjoy running? You sure look like you could use? She was referring to Chipper?s large size. The obese boy would have hung his head in shame if he weren?t staring terrified at the goddess before him.

?Well ?? She continued ?Let the punishment commence!? She clapped her hands in delight, causing everyone to block their ears from the sound.
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