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Story Notes:

Soooo... I was looking through my old phone when I found this monstrosity. :D I think I wrote it when I was like, 16? Anyways, it's unfinished and definitely disturbing so... Enjoy!




       Ash had finally gotten his eight and final gym badge in the Sinnoh region, the Beacon Badge. Now he and his faithful companion, Pikachu were waiting for his traveling buddies, Dawn and Brock to finish up their own individual shopping.


        "I can't believe we got all eight gym badges so quickly, Pikachu! Next stop, the Sinnoh League!" He said, his voice full of excitement. "Pika!" Pikachu responded with just as much enthusiasm as Ash.


        BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Suddenly their was a unusual set of tremors that got Ash's and Pikachu's attention. At first, Ash actually thought it was just earthquakes from a Ground-type pokemon like a Rhyperior or a Gliscor battling it out with Volkner's Pokemon but he realized these tremors were too loud to come from a pokemon's Earthquake attack.


       As if Ash's assumptions weren't more correct, he saw a wave of terrified people rush pass him obviously running from the quakes which sounded like they were getting.. .closer! Before he could react, a huge shadow covered him and Pikachu along with the fact that the quakes stopped.


       It made his body froze for only a few seconds but Ash faced many dangerous things on his adventures. He slowly turned his head upwards to find himself between two immensely large pair of pink boots that connected to blacks socks and pale legs that seemed to stretch into the sky endlessly.


       Ash gasped. This...this looked like Dawn's legs! But how could this be? He thought. How in the world did Dawn get so big? Unknown to Ash, Dawn didn't only change in height but her body was physically older and her mind was not in anyway normal.


      Her body was more womanly having rather large breasts, smooth, longer legs that her mini skirt did a horrible job concealing and a rather shapely figure. Even her eyes had a mature yet cold and emotionless look to them as she gazed down at the scurrying specks below her. Her gigantic form dwarfed everything in Sunyshore completely with not one building even reaching her ankles.


       "Dawn! Dawn!" Ash yelled. He could only hope Dawn could hear him and he could ask her what happened. Sadly, Dawn could barely hear him. It didn't matter if she heard him or not. To this new Dawn, every tiny speck looked the same.


        Ash felt his body being blown viciously all because Dawn simply lifted her gigantic foot which caused a gust of wind as Dawn proceeded to walk yet again. Ash was lucky enough to not get crushed by Dawn's sudden movement along with the fact that Pikachu landed on it's feet. Ash got up quickly to see more people rushing out of buildings and forming fleeing mobs all while screaming.


      Dawn walked casually crushing cars, buildings, planted trees and worse of all, people. Her footfalls left crafter sized footprints with anything that she stepped on buried in them. She watched coldly as few people who weren't crush try to outrun her. Her mind barely felt any compassion for these little things but her body felt a strange wave of hunger. Her stomach started rumbling...


       She soon stopped again  much to Ash's relief since he had been chasing her. He was just about a few feet away from Dawn and looked up to see her massive skyscraper legs bending, indicating that she was kneeling down.


          Ash felt his cheeks go red. He didn't mean to but he got a huge glimpse of Dawn's ridiculously huge Pliplup panties now that she was squatting. His embarrassment was broken eventually when he heard a chorus of screams and without thinking ran under Dawn's legs, blushing the whole time.


        Dawn gently scooped up a huge amount of people who were only running to stay alive and were now screaming out bloody murder when they found their selves being scraped off the streets by a giant but dainty fingernail and howled even more when they were brought to the face of a hungry titaness girl who slowly stuck out her mountain like tongue and easily apprehended everyone on it with her saliva.


       The people stuck on her tongue screamed and sobbed but could do nothing more as she retracted her tongue into her mouth...




     Dawn swallowed the hapless mass of people whole.


      Ash watched the the horrid act all while he was begging her to stop by pounding on her boot. Sadly, Dawn barely noticed him yet again as she stood back to her enormous height and stomped off unaware of her tiny friend who was sobbing over what had just happened.


       As Dawn trampled her way through Sunyshore city, her stomach growled again. She was still hungry. She held her raging stomach that begged for more tinies. Obviously the small group she devoured wasn't satisfying for a goddess sized girl like herself. As if a strange instinct kicked in, Dawn started sniffing the air for food. Her new body offered more than just size but increased some of her senses generously. She found herself moving to a large department store and slowly crouched in front of it.


       She peered through the windows to see many people cowering inside. They had tried hiding from her but were soon going to regret their foolish mistake. Amongst the people were Brock. He didn't know the giantess was actually Dawn but he manage to gulp down his fear and see if he could get her to relax. After all, he was a "ladies man."


      Dawn however gave no one time to escape. Feeling more hungry looking at the terrified tinies, she opened her mouth wide over the department store and took a HUGE bite from the top of the building! Some people were still in the bottom half of the store that was not being chewed up viciously by the voracious titaness and had tried to run outside but Dawn quickly devoured the bottom half as well, chewing messily.


       She wasn't aware that some people were actually stuck around her mouth like crumbs crying and/or screaming hysterically. Dawn looked around confused by the screams and loudly swallowed the gore and destruction in her mouth. If some did survive being chewed, they were awaiting a more painful death being boiled alive by the titaness' stomach acids. Brock, sadly was one of those people...


      After stomping the city of Sunyshore to debris and devouring more people, Dawn found herself walking towards Pastoria City. To her surprise, their stood another giantess! She was somewhat amnesiac but somehow remembered meeting this fellow titaness before her sudden growth.


      The girl was curvy like herself, wearing a red shirt with denim overalls, a pair of white leggings, and red shoes with brown hair in pigtails and a white hat with a red bow on it. Dawn eyes mostly focused on the MASSIVE breasts the girl had, even bigger than her own. The girl was a few feet taller then her as well. Dawn's eyes never left the girl even after seeing the girl's next course of actions.


      The other titaness' had knelt down over the tiny city and scooped up a good proportion of people and buildings in both of her hands. Dawn could hear a chorus of screaming people doomed and Dawn knew this giantess was going to eat them. ALL of them. Dawn could feel her nipples getting hard feeling a strange attraction to this girl. She watched the girl's mouth open greedily as she brought the town to her mouth and chewed it casually as if this wasn't the first time she had done this. After a few more munches, she swallowed her meal loudly, then held her flat belly for a while.




She belched loudly. Dawn could see some remaining buildings in the city fall from the shockwave the titaness' belch made and even heard some survivors screaming. This girl was amazing! Dawn eagerly stomped her way towards Pastoria City, crushing more people and property as she did. Her mouth contorted into into a small grin but her eyes still remained aloof.


        Lyra licked her lips followed with a content sigh. Her body had excepted her recent meal with ease but she felt a strange presences as if their was someone behind her only this person was about her height. Turning around, she saw a girl with the same aloof eyes as hers. She moved closer to the fellow titaness and felt her heart beating faster and her face flustered. This girl was gorgeous!


      The two giantess locked eyes with each other for a moment. Although they were apparently muted, their minds some how became in sync with one another. Dawn knew her name was Lyra and Lyra knew her name was Dawn. They finally motioned closer to each other and instinctively started to kiss each other.


       The two goddess sized girls moaned pleasurably as they locked lips. They exchanged saliva with their tongues all while their tongues licked and hugged each other. The girls held each others waists while their breasts smothered one another. Lyra could feel Dawn's dainty hands grope her bottom roughly and for a second, Lyra felt like she was in heaven. She had to return the favor.


      Dawn's eyes were fixated into the sky. She was literally gasping from Lyra's lewd act. She could feel Lyra's soft, slender fingers lifting up her skirt and fondling with her butt cheeks. This was truly blissful!


       As the two titanesses continued their game of "Kiss and Fondle," the familiar noise of screaming caught their attention except the screams were faint yet strangely close to their faces. Lyra stared at Dawn's mouth to find a few people stuck on her chin. Some were dead having suffered from drowning in Dawn's spit while some but only a few were screaming exhausted from being their for a while now. Lyra gently licked the human bits of Dawn's mouth much to Dawn's surprise (and pleasure.)


      Lyra gave Dawn a look at the crumbs on her tongue. Dawn blushed a little, embarrassed by her messy eating but whipped out her tongue to finish her snacks only this time she could share them with her new fellow giantess. The girls once again locked mouths with tinies who were both dead and alive. They played with them a little with their tongues feeling light pops from their bodies and a few small tickles from some who were still alive, trying to futilely push their tongues away. In the end, they were doomed with some falling into the back of the girl's throats now fated to suffer a worse hell then being crumbs on a giant girl's face.


       Dawn swallowed the bits of humans along with Lyra's spit. They had finally stopped slobbering each other. Lyra grabbed Dawn's hand with a small grin on her face. Dawn smiled back knowing what Lyra had in mind.

She wanted to rampage through Sinnoh together and Dawn was more than happy with the idea. Together, the two girls stomped their way towards Valor Lakefront.


           Zoey was staring lazily into the deep blue sky. She was wondering what her rival, Dawn was doing now. Zoey never admitted it, but she always had a crush on Dawn. Now, she was on the Valor Lakefront hotel's balcony dreaming of kissing Dawn yet again. "I gotta stop these fantasy already." She said to herself, sighing. She felt like going back inside but then a series of tremors froze her in her place. Out in the distance, Zoey could see some Tuber kids playing on the beach, oblivious to the tremors that were getting uncomfortably close.


     "Hey you guys it's not safe out there!" Zoey yelled at the children. Before she could say anything else, a giant pink boot covered the kids completely. Zoey gasped in horror. The foot lifted revealing a giant compressed footprint with little red dots in it. Worse, the boot was followed by another pink boot that made its way towards the hotel.


      Zoey felt her heart sink seeing those poor kids killed but her sadness was replace with fear for her own life. The boots taking a few final steps now stood next to the hotel, straddling it. Despite, her mind telling her to run, Zoey took a few seconds to recognize the boot's owner was wearing black socks and began crouch slowly revealing a sky full of panties. No way. Zoey thought, nervously. This is Dawn!



       Zoey felt her blood pressure increase. It felt like a twisted joke of some kind. She had always imagined herself and Dawn as giantesses rampaging through cities and considered if she was dreaming for a minute. Zoey watched as Dawn's massive legs bended as more of her became visual. Zoey still had to crane her neck but now her own knees were getting weak from what she was seeing. Zoey's face was bright red and her nose started leak blood. She quickly brought her head down to prevent the blood from from harming her but....but Dawn's Pliplup panties were an amazing sight!


       Zoey felt an unworthiness as she took another glance at the titaness girl she had admire since the day they met. This was no dream. Before Zoey could admire Dawn any longer, she heard another set of tremors from behind. Surprised, Zoey ran to the very edge of the balcony that resided at the very edge of the building itself. She saw another giantess in the distance. Zoey was able to see her full body since she was kind of far but was still coming closer. Zoey felt a ping of jealously not only from this girl sharing her fantasies with her crush but also because she had monstrous tits! Zoey groped her own small breast in defeat.


          The "Titzilla" eventually made it to the hotel, also squatting. Zoey heard a scream next to her. It was another guess who was also standing on a balcony. A Rich Girl. Zoey watched in horror as the girl was plucked from the balcony by her dress by two feminine fingernails. "AAAAHHHH!!!! NOOO..." She didn't get a chance to finish as she disappeared into the skies. Zoey heard a loud gulp noise and right away knew the girl was swallowed. Worse of all, she was swallowed by Dawn.


      Survival instincts kicked in as Zoey ran back inside her room. She had knew enough about giantesses to know that giantesses often go mad with power and won't hesitate to kill people or to them, "tinies". She had to find a way out before she was doomed to be a snack or crushed cruelly like the Tubers. Zoey suddenly felt a huge suction from her windows and quickly held on to the doorknob in her room before she was sucked out.


       Their sucking people out of their windows! Zoey definitely had to get out of here! She could hear short screams and pleads from people who barely had time to finish them before they were sucked in. Zoey held on to the doorknob with all of her might until she felt the suction had ceased.


           It was now a perfect time to escape this hotel. Zoey acted on her feet, her fear of dying fueling her to move. She ran down the corridors with vigor. A few other guest ran out into the hallways as well towards the stairs doing anything in their power to survive.


        Luck wasn't entirely on their side though. The ceilings started to tear open much to Zoey and the other guests dismay but it didn't stop them from moving. The ceiling was replace with a haunting breeze and a squatting form who's face was masked by mountainous boobs.


    No one dared to look up, their goal clear and obvious. Get the hell out of here! Zoey pushed through the small mob that had made it to the stairs. Zoey wasn't the last person to go down the stairs and boy was she thankful.


Behind her, Zoey heard a blood curled shriek. It didn't matter to her now that she was racing towards the exit. "What the hell is going on!?" A man yelled now that they were all in the lobby. "Let's get out of here!" Screamed a Lass. "But their out their!" Another man said. Zoey tried not to think it through and raced for the front. Maybe Dawn will recognize her old pal and spare me, she thought, nervously.


     It was worth a shot. Zoey slammed through the door and wasted no time yelling once she was out. Meanwhile, the people inside the hotel were eventually above rationalizing their situation and started following Zoey's plan only they went through the backdoors of the hotel believing they were safer some how.


      Lyra watched the little mass run recklessly towards her way. They obviously saw her but they tried running under her. She casually brought her finger to her mouth and brought the spit covered digit onto the colony of humans. It was all to easy for every single person to be stuck with no escapees amongst them.


       Lyra brought her catch to her eye. They squirmed. They screamed. But they couldn't escape. Lyra looked at her titaness partner who expectingly opened her mouth and lapped up the finger full of mite-sized humans and swallowed them. Dawn flashed a small smirk at her partner then looked back down at the hotel doors to see if she could repay Lyra with more snacks.


     Zoey waved her arms frantically while yelling to get Dawn's attention. She couldn't believe how big she was! She wasn't lying when she felt like running for her life. Friend or no friend, looking up at a girl WAY bigger than a building was absolutely terrifying. Zoey could see Dawn's massive face more clear when the mega titaness tilted her head down. Am I really that tiny to her? Zoey thought even though she knew the answer was "yes."


      Zoey saw the titaness move her hand towards her with a small grin which made Zoey feel a huge ping of relief. If Dawn was smiling so warmly to her, then she did recognize her. As the dainty mountain of a hand descended, Zoey's eyes bulged when she notice Dawn also had a nice pair of boobs. What the hell happened to them?! Eventually, Zoey found herself staring into a blue eye that rivaled a pool in size and color but was still happy her friend didn't harm her.


     "Hey Dawn, how in the..." She didn't get much out when she felt her body shift at a surprisingly speed. Zoey only had a few seconds to realize she was being fed to the other giantess. Zoey flailed and screamed as the Titzilla opened her mouth slowly. Zoey looked at Titzilla one last time with not only fear but hate and jealousy. She cursed her with teary eyes and wished for a moment that Dawn could have eaten her instead.


     Zoey landed on the moist surface that was Titzilla's tongue. Zoey gagged from the  saliva she fell in that got into her mouth and all over her body making her sticky. Zoey tried standing up, hoping to still make a break from her predator's still closing mouth. She knew if she could somehow escape, she'd fall to her death but it was better than burning alive and having her body become nutriment for her enemy. Zoey ran with all her might and started to cringe now realizing how bad Titzilla's breath smelled.


     Zoey could feel the tongue rising and in a instant, found herself  literally flying backward. Zoey screamed as she bounced of Titzilla's throat and fell further down her esophagus. Her mind was still processing the descend as if this wasn't real.


      Plop! Zoey swam out of the bile liquid gasping for air. She looked around frantically as if this hadn't really happened. There massive gurgling sound and the revolting scent that made Titzilla's breath more preferable. The air was really thick and after a few seconds, Zoey started feeling a uncomfortable burning that made her scream in pain.


     Zoey found herself sobbing miserably then heard a chorus of different screams.


"OH WHY!!! WHY!!!"






    How could they do this? Zoey thought. Were people with feelings, hopes and dreams, really just little piece of candy to Dawn and Titzilla? Zoey suddenly felt more insignificant thinking about it.


     The screams were being drowned out by the sound of a working stomach. Zoey's eye bulged with fear as the air thickened. Zoey started screaming in pain again as the juice were slowly working its way in her flesh. When will it end was her only thoughts as her clothes and flesh began melting...




Lyra's belch was even louder and wetter than the time she ate those citizen and Dawn couldn't help but feel not only aroused but competitive. She wanted to show Lyra a nice atrocious belch of her own. The two titaness had all ready stood to the their colossal height having finally harvest the hotel. The hotel had finally collapsed from the shockwave of Lyra's burp. Lyra started to lead the way for their next destination to Pastoria City still emitting some loud, gassy burps. Dawn pouted. If Lyra had a headstart, she'd get more people to eat. Dawn quickly trotted after Lyra who was already crushing trees on Route 219, the forest that lead to Pastoria City. 


      Dawn past Lyra, extinguishing more than a hundred trees and pokelife. There were also a few campers who weren't lucky as well. Lyra stared at her partner confused by her sudden movement but didn't really care. They had already leveled most of the forest and in four steps they could see the tiny city. Lyra stared at her feet to see if they had missed any prey. To her surprise, two campers, boy and girl darted out the forest.


      Lyra smiled. They were only two but food was food. Crouching, her hands reached for them. Suddenly, a giant female hand slide right under her and scraped the two children along with a chunk of dirt, grass, and trees. Lyra's eyes peeled open and she turned to see her lover stuff the wildlife and human bits into her mouth and swallowed quickly. Dawn then turn back towards the city, her footfalls seemingly more heavy and powerful.


     Lyra was dumbfounded. Why was Dawn so aggressive all of a sudden? Lyra felt her nipples harden a bit and realized she liked this new Dawn.


     Pastoria City was in huge chaos. The people started to run without coordination as the two giant women invaded their town. Dawn's first steps in the town crushed a several buildings but she could care less. She had literally blocked Lyra who like herself was at the edge of the city. Lyra knew Dawn wanted to eat this city by herself so she started to back up. Dawn looked at the city, carefully. She was feeling meaner and hungrier than ever. Her skyscraper legs sweep a good number of buildings with one movement and so did the other. She was in the center of the city and could see the fleeing specks trying to escape. Dawn knew they wouldn't. She used both of her hand like a shove and scooped up half of the city. She brought the destruction to her face and examined it. People were dead. Some alive and in pain. Buildings, trees, and cars were lopsided and upside-down. Dawn focused on the people again. A few young trainers were crawling out of a what was once a Pokemon Center along with Nurse Joy. A woman was holding her injured baby. People were bleeding and injured everywhere. Dawn started to open her mouth very wide. She brought her mouth on the destroyed city and it's injured residents and lapped it all up with her tongue. Her mouth was full with it all. She could actually hear the weak screams from her prey then started chewing.


      Dawn wasn't done though. As she chewed up her meal, she surveyed the remains of the city. She noticed a small thing moving fast. It didn't move like the tinies and it look a little bit bigger than them. It was a tour bus. Dawn easily squatted to picked up the device and examined it. To her surprise, it was full of screaming tasty tinies on top and bottom. Dawn finally swallowed her food and brought the bus to her mouth. She slightly tilted the bus over her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She was rewarded with the shrieking sprinkles of terrified humans  that fell on her tongue and for a second, Dawn closed her eyes and moaned, enjoying the taste.


    Once the top full of humans were dumped and traveling down a horrible fate into her belly, Dawn merely tossed to rest of the bus, people and all in her mouth not even realizing the whole bus flew down her throat without touching her tongue or mouth but it was too tiny for the mega giantess to choke on. Dawn went back to they rest of the city devouring everyone and everything in sight.


     Soon, the city was barely a city save for the few buildings standing but Dawn made sure no building had any occupants. Stuffing a entire school full of whimpering children in her mouth, Dawn could feel her now packed stomach coming to life and turned to a sweaty Lyra. Lyra had watched the whole thing and found herself masturbating. Her fingers had fondle her own womanhood with pleasure although, she didn't seem to realize that she could have taken of her clothes. Dawn smiled contently as she proudly made her way with a cocky swagger to her partner and stared at her for a second. Lyra didn't know what to expect next. Then, Dawn patted her stomach and....




     Lyra's knees buckled from erotic belch Dawn made. There were even debris, shoes, purses and even a few body parts that came out of Dawn's mouth when she burped. Dawn on the other hand had a triumphant grin on her face as she groped own of Lyra's boobs as if claiming it as her prize.


     After a few minutes, Lyra managed to stand again despite Dawn's frequent belching. She now saw Dawn in a different light and it aroused her greatly. 








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