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My stepsister and I always got along very well. We were the same age and liked similar stuff. Shortly after I turned 18 I moved away from home for college and hadn’t seen my stepsister since two years, until she wrote a few weeks ago saying she would be coming to visit for a few days. As I lived in a private dorm with a kitchen and bathroom to myself and even a couch bed, it would be ok for her to stay with me.

There was a loud knock on the door and when I opened it I found my stepsister on the other side. I was very happy to see her and also amazed by what I saw. In the two years we hadn’t seen each other she had changed a lot. Although she was still shorter than me at 5’2” (I was 5’8”, other parts of her body had grown quite incredibly. The top of her boobs popped out from her skin tight tank-top with what seemed to be a DD cup, while her body was altogether very curvaceous. Her ass was round and firm and her flat stomach reminded me of her passion for sports.

We smiled at each other and then hugged. As we did so, I felt her prodigious chest against my body. I must admit, I’ve always found her hot but as she was my stepsister, I never acted upon those feelings. Although we occasionally jokingly flirted with each other, it was more of a friendly thing. But seeing her now, as good as she was looking, I would be really hard to contain myself.

As we broke our hug she said, “Well, look at you, all handsome and stuff.” “And stuff”, I pointed out as I let her inside my place. “I must say, you’ve grown quite a lot, since we last saw each other”, I added as I closed the door. “I know, look how big these are”, she said as she turned around and pressed her boobs together, they spilled out a bit further from her top completely taking my whole attention.  “So what have you been up to?” she asked. I was still captured by the hypnotizing movement of her still jiggling breasts, when her fingers snapped in front of my face. “Hey, eyes up here, stud. I know these are very captivating, but I asked you a question”, she said. I blushed a bit and she smirked and winked at me.

We sat down on the couch and talked for hours while we had some beers, catching up with what we had done for the past two years. Then we started reminiscing of our childhood together. “Remember when we used to play giant sister? You would use a lego figurine that was supposed to be yourself and you would try to avoid me catching you or crushing you”, she said. “I do remember that, but I wasn’t always running. You were sometimes the nice giant sister I would climb up until the top of your head or use some of your hairs as a swing”, I answered and then we both laughed. “Well, what if I told you that I found a way of making our little game a reality?” “What do you mean? Are you magically gonna become gigantic?” I asked laughing. “No, but I could make you, as small as the lego”, she said in a serious tone. There was a small pause and then I laughed again, but she didn’t. “I am serious, I found a way to do it”, she said firmly. “Oh, come on”, I answered. “If you don’t believe me, then drink this”, she said taking a small vile out of her purse. “If you are right, then nothing is going to happen”, she added. “Fine”, I said snatching the vile from her hands and drinking it quickly. “Well?” I asked. “You have to wait for it to take effect.” “That’s what you say.” We then changed topic and continued the talk and the drinking.

We were both a bit tipsy when I felt something weird happening. It wasn’t the alcohol, something else made my world spin around fastly and before I knew it, I was standing in complete darkness. “OMG it worked!” I heard my stepsister scream loudly. Then the darkness faded away and I saw my enormous stepsister holding my gigantic shirt in her hand. She was too big to be truth. Before I could react, she let the shirt fall on her lap, plucked me up with two fingers and then put me on top of her hand. All of her fingers where bigger than me, they looked like trees. I was elevated to her house sized face and found her big brown eyes staring right at me. “Wow, you really are two inches tall”, her enormous lips moved and I could see the inside of her cavernous mouth. “I stood there looking at her in complete amazement. “Time to play, little brother.”  

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