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You eagerly open up google, in incognito mode... and visit your favorite webpage: athannahsmercy.com. You watch and read plenty of porn, but nothing quite compares to Hannah. Every night, she hosts an hour long webcam session of your favorite fetish; the giantess. On your screen, you see her room, which has become familiar to you. A few minutes go by as you and thousands of others wait, until finally you see her pop up and plop down on her chair. You speculate she must just hide under her desks for a few minutes in order to get that shot every time.

You kept coming back to her for several reasons, one of which was her beauty. You can't envision a more perfect, more attractive body for someone to have. The width of her shoulders, smoothness and color of her skin, eye shape and color, hair, size and shape of her breasts and body and ass, thickness of her legs, plumpness of her lips, perkiness of her nose and facial features... a more beautiful woman had never existed. You felt lucky that she just so happened to host a show specific to your fetish.

"Hey everyone!" she shouts happily. She clearly enjoys her job. What sort of doll would she bring out today? "I'm Hannah, and this," she holds up her doll... but it moves. Thoughts race across your mind until you conclude it must be a new mechanical doll that moves on its own. It's been hogtied and gagged. It's incredibly realistic blonde hair strikes you as peculiar, and its eyes show signs of sadness. Was this really a doll? Maybe it was just a recording, and she had a CGI mini-person edited in. "is Tyler!" She's holding him with one hand, her fingers pinching the hands and feet that had all been tied together behind his back. She swings him up and down so that his tiny penis flops, waving 'hi' to the camera. "I finally got a real little man, so we don't have to pretend with dolls anymore." She brings her other hand up to him and he flinches. She laughs at him under her breath, and with her pointer finger, she flicks his cock. You can hear his screams of pain.

"Now onto business. Today we'll do a request by... Shywry." You can see tears streaming down the little man's face. The CGI was absolutely perfect, even the way they touched was seamlessly realistic. "Here was his request." The image of Hannah blinked away and a screenshot of the message from Shywry showed up:
'it wuld be so hot if you held him down wiht ur fingers and breathed on him over and over, forcing him to breathe nothing but ur breath, and then spit on him. ur so hot, if u ever wanna get together just lemme know'

"Well Tyler, you can read, right?" Tyler began struggling wildly, trying to break free from his painful, uncomfortable bondage. She moved him close to her face and grinned, looking at him, and then at the camera. "Isn't it cute how badly he wants out?" You barely heard her, lost in your own imagination, staring at her gorgeous jawline and beautiful face. It's like a team of professionals had hand crafted her to play the role of Aphrodite, the goddess of sex and love. "Lucky for you Tyler, it looks like to fulfil this request, I'll have to undo your bondage." Tyler seemed skeptical, but didn't struggle as she undid the knot that bound his hands and feet together. When it was gone, she dropped him into her other hand, his arms and legs flopping to his sides, paralyzed from the pain of being bound for so long. You could see the marks that the string left on his skin. She flipped him over onto his back, looked at the camera, and winked. She grabbed the camera and set it on her desk, so that the viewers had a perfect view of her desk and anything happening on it.

You saw the man drop onto the desk with a thud, and for a moment thought you heard a crack. One of his bones? You heard a soft groan coming from the tiny figure, and then saw him frantically try to get up and start running, but it was too late, Hannah's enormous hands had his arms and legs pinned down to the table. She leaned over and faced the camera so you had a good view of her, and she smiled. "I wonder if he'll pass out if I do it long enough." She turned back to him, and started breathing onto him. She breathed in through her nose, and out through her mouth. It was obvious he was holding his breathe for the first gust, and then the second gust, and then the third gust, and then you saw him start struggling. "Go ahead." She said, and then breathed onto him. "Start breathing." She breathed onto him. "You'll have to eventually." She breathed onto him again. "Oh, and don't worry," She started, and then breathed onto him. "I haven't brushed my teeth today." She giggled, breathing onto him. Finally, you heard him inhale deeply right as she was breathing onto him. You could hear him gagging and trying to cough through the ball-gag, and she continued breathing onto him. He gagged more and more. The more he gagged, the more his body tried to get a breathe of fresh air, which caused him to breath in harder, causing him to gag more. It was a vicious cycle of dread and terror for the tiny man.

A few minutes went by, and you could see the struggles of the tiny man degrading. The lack of oxygen was starting to affect him. "What's wrong little man?" She teased, and breathed onto him again. "miss the fresh air?" She put her finger over his face so he couldn't breath in fresh air as she checked the chat feed. She grinned wickedly and looked back to him. Before taking her finger off of his face, she twisted her own face to a harsh grimace. "You better be glad I'm giving you any air at all!" She yelled at him angrily, breathing on him harder and longer than before. "You better be fucking grateful that I GRACE you with the air from my own lungs!" She breathed on him long and hard again, and flicked him in the balls. His struggles intensified greatly and you could once again hear his screams of agony through the gag. She breathed on him one last time, put her finger over his face, and then started swishing her mouth around. She looked at the camera with that wicked, sexy grin. She took her finger off of his face, and let a massive glob of spit string down slowly onto his face. It plopped onto it and he closed his eyes. His face was blue from a lack of breath, and he struggled and struggled, absolutely helpless to this massive woman, pinning him down with nothing but her fingers. "Oh, I suppose you'll drown if I leave you like that." She remarked. She carefully removed the ball-gag and spat, "Then fucking drink my spit, bitch." He looked up to her through the frothy saliva blob covering his face. "Drink it!" She hissed forcefully. He weeped as he started drinking her disgusting saliva.

It was a good 30 seconds of him drinking her saliva before he finally had gotten rid of enough to take a breathe in. Right as he did, she breathed on him again, forcing him to desperately breathe in the air from her lungs. "Awwww." She mocked as she breathed on him, "Can't seem to get a good breathe in?" She spat on him again, this time forcefully. The glob of spit hit him hard enough to be audible.

All of that torture had occurred in the span of a mere five minutes, and she continued this torture for the remaining half hour of the show. By the end, the man was unconscious. Maybe dead.

"Well, it looks like he's had it." She laughed. "Don't worry, he'll live, and he'll be /lucky/ enough to join us tomorrow night for some more fun! Thanks for watching, and don't forget to leave your own requests in the comments! Bye!"

Chapter End Notes:

I know I have another story in the works, and I had this huge chapter all written out, but I lost it in a power outage and kinda lost motivation to write after that. I'll get back to it eventually.

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