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Story Notes:

This will likely end up being a collection of moments like this that don't fit into the story itself, but are very much a part of Tor's and Eric's world.

The doctor was petrified. He couldn't seem to move his feet when the giantess reached out for him. He couldn't even run. His eyes were locked with hers and he found himself unable to look away from that frozen violet gaze. Even when her fingers pinched around his body none-too-gently, he couldn't even scream. He didn't know what sort of mind control the giant woman had over him. But he knew he was a doomed man. Still locked in her gaze, he put up no resistance as she pulled his clothes away. Even when his glasses were taken away, he could do nothing. It wasn't until she broke her gaze by slipping his head inside her mouth that he began to panic. He struggled, kicked and screamed into the void. He cursed her in all three languages he knew. He beat at her tongue as it slithered up his face and wrapped around his head, inexorably drawing him inward.

"Let me go!" he shouted, alternating with "Run, Amelio!" The tongue slid over his shoulders and her pleased hum vibrated him to his very bones. He felt the tongue wrap around his torso as her hand let go of him. He felt gravity change and his legs flop upwards as she crouched down and lean forward. "Run, Amelio! Save yourself!" But there was no use in exhausting himself. Amelio could not hear him. Even if he did, he was petrified, unable to move. His gaze was locked with the giantess' and he could not think beyond breathing.

The doctor was dragged further inwards. Now his hips were inside her mouth. His genitals were dragged across her teeth and he cried out from the pain. Her tongue quickly slid beneath him, tasting every inch of him as she slurped his legs inside like a noodle. The cavernous maw was filling up with saliva, threatening to drown him before her tongue could break him. He tried to stand only to have his feet knocked from beneath him. She pressed him into her cheek and stuffed him down against her gums. Light flooded the darkness for a brief moment and Amelio's head entered.

The assistant began screaming, just as the doctor had. Except his was not of anger but of primal fear. He was terrified. The giant woman slowly drew him in, tasting, teasing and humming in what could only be a pleased manner. Apparently she liked Amelio's taste more because she suckled on him longer. She wrapped him in her tongue, flipped him beneath it and brought him out again. She placed him on her molars and gently chewed, not enough to break the skin, but just enough to squeeze out a little more of the darker skinned man's flavor.

She left Amelio alone only to pull the doctor from where she was keeping him. She played with both men together, rolling them across her tongue, pressing them to her palate and suckling on them like candy. Finally, their fate was sealed. She separated them and swallowed. Amelio was first. She directed him to the back of her mouth where the entrance to her throat gaped open. She pinned the doctor in place with her tongue and opened her mouth to give him just enough light to see the fate of his loyal assistant.

The poor man screamed as he clawed madly for purchase but failed to find any. He slid down her esophagus without any effort on her part. The doctor cried out for his friend. He didn't have to wait long for his own descent. She tormented him by letting him slide to the back of her mouth instead of being forced by her tongue. Then she swallowed.

The doctor traveled down the tight, narrow tube. He felt like his body was going to be crushed if he stayed there any longer. Just as he was about to pass out from lack of air, a tight ring of muscle opened in front of him and he fell. It was a completely uncontrolled descent and he splashed into a murky puddle. There was no light in the stomach, for that's where the doctor knew he was. He couldn't tell how big it was, how empty or full it was. He couldn't see a thing.

"Amelio!" he called to his companion. He cried out as the stomach dropped and pitched forward. She had apparently crouched to pick up the boy she had left behind. The doctor could only hope that Eric was not the next person on her menu. He was flattened to the bottom when she stood. There was only a brief moment of respite until the gravity returned, stronger than ever. Then everything was a gentle rocking motion. She must be riding her massive horse.

"Amelio!" the doctor called out once more. "Amelio, my friend, are you alive?"

"Doctor!" the younger man yelled. His voice sounded small, terrified. "Doctor I am alive. But I cannot see a thing. I can only feel the moisture and the wrinkles around me. What is happening?"

"We are in her stomach, Amelio. My friend, I am against the wall of the stomach. If you can follow my voice, do so. Come to me and we can try and disturb her and make her vomit us back up."

There was a faint splashing sound as Amelio gained his feet and slowly made his way in the darkness towards his mentor and friend. When he felt the doctor, he collapsed against the older man and sobbed bitterly. "Will anybody in the town realize what has happened to us?" he cried.

The doctor tried to comfort the younger man. "I'm sure somebody will connect the dots. Little can be done for us, but I believe your family is safe. Rocio and the children are safe."

Amelio's sobs increased. The doctor spent the next several minutes comforting and calming his friend. The last thing he wanted was for Amelio to have a panic attack and lose his breath in this humid prison. "Come now. Let's try and disrupt her stomach. Perhaps there is hope for us yet."

Together, they began pounding, kicking and scratching at her stomach lining. They did everything they could think of to irritate her. But nothing worked. The stomach growled around them, protesting its mostly empty state. Their footing was lost when she dismounted. The two men were sent tumbling back into the pool of mild digestive fluids. There was the faintest of tingling, something like how the skin would feel after a harsh scrubbing with lye soap, but nothing to cause immediate blisters. Still, the men regained their footing as quickly as possible.

A weird rumbling caused them to look up in the darkness. They couldn't see anything but their unspoken question was answered when a rush of water cascaded down and over them. It swept between them, separating them, tearing their hands from each other's. The current swirled them in opposite directions before submerging them when still more water came in. When the water finally stopped, the doctor surfaced and gasped for breath. He called out for his friend.

No answer came. He called again. And again. When he opened his mouth to call for a fourth time, a chunk of something semi-solid landed on top of him, submerging him. Water rushed into his mouth, choking him, threatening to drown him. He managed to push away and swim to the surface only to be pushed down again. The food, for that could be the only thing that was landing on him, was thick and viscous. It threatened to swallow him and drag him down to the depths of the stomach. The doctor fought his way free again. It was a hard, daunting task and he only made it to the surface before passing out due to the human body's natural buoyancy. He swam in one direction, hoping to reach the side of the giantess' stomach.

Luck was with him in this one moment. He managed to latch onto the side of her stomach as more food rained down. The doctor called and called to his friend but no reply came. He called until his voice was hoarse. When food and water finally stopped plummeting into the stomach, the doctor took a chance. He pushed himself off the wall and began swimming, searching and calling for his friend. He was forced to stop when the stomach began to heat up and churn, trying to break down the food within. Including Amelio.

The doctor cried for the loss of his friend. His heart grieved and guilt flooded him for the situation he had inadvertently put his assistant in. He had given up hope for his friend when a faint, exhausted voice rang out through the hot stomach. "Doctor!" the voice called. "Doctor, are you still in here?"

"I'm here, Amelio! I have managed to gain a hold of the wall. Where are you?"

A frantic splashing was heard. "I don't know! But something has my leg. It won't let go." More splashing was heard. "It's heavy, doctor! I don't know--" Whatever else he may have said was cut off as the stomach constricted and forced out some of their air pocket in a thunderous belch. The doctor barely managed to maintain his hold on the stomach wall.

When everything was still again, there were no more shouts from Amelio. No more calls. The doctor was left alone in silence. The heat continued to build as the digestion process picked up. The stomach churned and worked its meal of water, food and human, but the doctor somehow managed to cling to the walls. The acidity of the chyme increased. At one point, the doctor's foot slipped into the muck that boiled just below him. He screamed in pain as the acid resulted in a painful burn.

The orientation of his world changed again. She was leaning forward for a moment. The change in her position resulted in the chyme washing over him. He screamed again, only allowing the acidic mix into his throat and lungs. He pushed upward with determination and clung to the other side of her stomach, as close to the top as possible. He was covered in burns of varying degree and exhausted emotionally and physically. He didn't know how much longer he was going to last.

Once more his world changed position. She sat up. It only lasted for a brief moment before she was back on her stomach. This time, she laid down on it, compressing it to a very limited space and forcing more air out. All this time, he could only hear vague murmurs when she spoke, never getting a clear word. He assumed she was sleeping because she didn't move for quite some time. He was afforded no such luxury. He clung to the ribbed lining of the stomach for dear life.

As the night wore on, he sweated in the heat of the stomach and watched as the soupy mix churned and eventually drained away into the bowels below. When the stomach was empty, he allowed himself to drop back down to the bottom. He wept when he found the remnants of Amelio, his upper torso and head, burned and layed open to the bone beneath. He cursed the giantess and the day he accepted the human boy. He should have turned them away, told the giant woman he did not have the skills or resources to take care of the boy.

He screamed at the top of his lungs in an impotent rage, rushing and pounding on the side of her stomach walls. He was thrown back when she sat up and began moving around. He was tossed around inside her stomach. In his blind rage, he didn't feel his ankle snap. He kept running from stomach wall to stomach wall, screaming and throwing himself against them. Nothing was going to stop him from his vague notion of revenge. Nothing.

Until boiling coffee poured down on him. Much like the water, it swirled in eddies and carried him around, tossing him to and fro and leaving him void of his sense of direction. He felt his skin peel away and the coffee invade his body. He screamed in pain and rage as the hot coffee continued to do damage to his body. The final blow came when a chunk of chewed, burning hot food landed directly on top of him, forcing him under.

At that point, he no longer had any will to continue. He let himself sink to the bottom of the stomach as it rumbled in satisfaction. He grew numb as the coffee boiled away his nerves. Soon, but not soon enough, his mind went blank as the boiling liquid and semi-solid food invaded his skull and chest cavities.

Chapter End Notes:

This turned out so much better than I expected. But, of course, you guys are the final judge. Please tell me what you think!

Edit on 2/12/17 There is a shorty-short scat chapter posted to my dA and eka's accounts. It is too short to post here and I don't feel like adding over 100 words. So if you like that sort of thing, go to either site and look up this story (A Charmed Life) and find the short.

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