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Previously in A Shrinking Game: Jessica bought her girlfriend Stacy a game for their anniversary at the sex shop after lamenting the lack of new things for them to do in bed. Despite being a hardcore domme, Stacy agreed to let Jessica shrink her in the game with the promise of Jessica being her little plaything afterwards. The game went awry so the two went to the shop to complain after they finished playing. Stacy mouthed off to the clerk, Katie, who turns out to have been using magic to create the games herself. They play a duelling version and after Stacy loses, Jessica is surrendered to Katie. After the duel, Stacy refuses to leave, so Katie shoots her and absorbs her into an odd machine, leaving only a microscopic speck of Stacy left in the to drown in the blood puddle.

A Shrinking Adventure: The Abuse

Jessica tugs at the restraints on her body while tears roll down her face. Katie calmly walks over and clips the battery onto Jessica. She says, "Now, my prize, I promised you a lot of fun, and you can take my word. The only question is what to do first." She clicks a button and the battery whirs, slowly shrinking Jessica. She continues, "I could make you a piece of dust and let you live on my lip. Or make you a nice little piercing. But after that stunt you pulled earlier you still need something a bit more punishing, don't you?"

Jessica sobs, "Please, stop! I'll play your games if you bring back Stacy."

Continuing to shrink her, Katie says, "You have nothing left I want. Your girlfriend is nothing but fuel for my magic now, and soon you will join her. After making a detour through your penance. Now, tell me, would you rather be a toering or a clit piercing as I go out to get something to clean up this blood?"

Jessica just ducks her head and cries harder, unable to answer.

Katie says, "Crying wasn't an option, bitch." She hits Jessica in the back of the head, toppling her out of the chair and onto the floor. Jessica cries into the floor until Katie kicks her over. She looks up at Katie and realizes how small she's become again. Katie is already a looming goddess, an unfathomably powerful demoness ready to torment her. She winces, anticipating the worst, but still feels her vision blank out briefly as Katie kicks her in the head, sending her sliding across the floor, retrained only by the wire clipping her to the shrinking machine. Katie continues, "Now, since you apparently didn't like those options, you get new ones. Are you going to be my snot rag or my sweat rag?"

Jessica musters up what little strength she has and crawls away. Katie takes two steps and presses her foot on top of the tiny woman. Her foot covers the tiny body entirely, already, and the size disparity only continues to grow. Katie pushes down a bit, and taunts again, "None of those? I can make you as small as I want. Maybe you can be trapped in my nose, held in place only by my snot. Or maybe I can let you cling to the stubble in my armpit, left to pray my sweat doesn't wash you away. I could make you even smaller though. Until you're nothing more than part of the sweatstain. Or maybe I can put you on the rim of my asshole and let you rub against my panties until you're nothing more than a shitstain. Do any of those sound appealing to you?"

Jessica just cries, unable to speak with the ever-growing foot on top of her. She gasps for air as Katie lets up, only to have her heart sink deep into her gut as divine fingers pluck her off the ground, pulling her into the air at an incredible speed. She rolls into Katie's palm, overwhelmed by how small she's become. Katie unhooks the clip from Jessica. She looks down at the little speck in her hand. She says, "So, since you failed to decide, I'll help you out." She walks over to a shelf and grabs a lipstick with her free hand. She puts it on, turning her lips a bright, menacing red. "As promised," she says, "you're going to be stuck to my lips for awhile." She pressed Jessica onto her lip, engulfing her in the red goo and immobilizing her, reduced to nothing but a nearly invisible lip ornament.

Jessica struggles but is unable to make any progress. She weeps at the loss of her girlfriend and her own impending doom, intermittently hoping with all of her energy that Katie doesn't lick her lips and wipe her out, either damned to be drowned in saliva or digested. The breath going in and out of her goddess's nose sweeps past her like a powerful gale. She can't open her eyes to see what's going on outside because the lipstick is everywhere. Even if she could move her arms to rub her eyes, she'd only rub more lipstick in them. Katie looks in a compact mirror and chuckles softly when she can't even see Jessica. The chuckling alone overwhelms Jessica, like booming from Heaven and a hurricane-powered wind.

As Katie is locking up, a woman taps her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, miss," she says.

Katie turns around and responds, "Yes?"

The woman recognizes her and her expression immediately turns clearly irate. She says, "A couple days ago you sold me this game, and now my husband is stuck at home at a fraction of an inch. He can't go to work like this. How do I get him back to normal?"

Katie responds, "He should have thought of that before being such a piece of shit. The game only penalizes bad partners."

"Okay, whatever," the woman says, "How do I turn him back?"

"You can't," Katie answers. "You have to let the magic take its course."

"What the hell?" the woman exclaims. "You better fix this or I'm going to the police!" Katie turns and looks through the window in the door for a moment. The woman pokes her and snaps, "Are you fucking listening? Fix this now!"

Katie turns back to the woman. "Tell you what," she says, "I think I have a way to get him back to normal. Come inside with me." She turns the key back to unlock the door and leads the woman inside. "Stay here for a moment," she commands. She brings out a new deck of cards.

The woman sees the deck and says, "I don't have time for your stupid games, lady."

Katie interrupts, "Don't worry, this will be quick, I promise. The only way to undo the magic prematurely is with more of the same magic. Now since it's a cancellation magic, it requires more power. If you want the power, then you just have to beat me in a game."

The woman responds, "I don't have time for this voodoo bullshit. Just fix my husband, now."

Katie picks up the deck and shuffles it. She says, "Look, if you don't want him to grow back to normal now rather than later, that's fine. But wasting my time is going to cost you. I can just cast a spell that will make his new size permanent if you don't want to play."

The woman's eyes grow wide. She snarls, "Fine, bitch, I'll play your fucking game."

Katie turns to her and sets the deck on the counter midway between them. She says, "My name is Katie, not 'bitch'. Anyway, this game is similar to the game you and your husband played, except instead of being a one-sided shrinking game, this one has us on a more even playing field. Each turn we draw a card. The first one to be in a situation where they would lose all of their height loses. Oh, I almost forgot our little toy." She scrapes some of her lipstick off and smears it on the desk. She walks over to the battery and presses a button. On the counter, Jessica restores to three inches tall. Katie explains to the woman, "This is our tiny. She'll default to three inches. She can't win or lose, only be abused." Jessica shudders, looking at the two giantesses before her. Katie continues, "If you really feel generous, you can at any time sacrifice five inches of your own height to give her default one extra inch. Oh, and of course, here's your watch." She gives the woman a watch like the previous watches. Katie says, "You probably haven't worn one before, but they're pretty intuitive."

The two women strap their watches on. The screens flash to life. They display "Katie: 5'8" Tiny: 3" Megan: 5'6"."

Megan looks at Katie and asks, "How does this thing know my name?"

Katie responds, "Don't worry. It won't be your name for long. Now, I'll go first." Katie draws a card.

Katie reads, "Hacky Sack: Kick the tiny back and forth. If your opponent fails to kick it or kicks it poorly, she shrinks six inches."

She looks up at Megan and sets the card down. She plucks Jessica from the counter. "Now," she explains, "we're going to obey the card. As it says, if you lose, you shrink." She drops Jessica and kicks her with her boot. Jessica wails as she flies through the air, meeting Megan's sneaker. At least it's a bit softer, she thinks, only to be booted once again. The two kick her back and forth like a ball, bruising her up significantly. Katie laughs, "Nothing like opening the game with abusing the tiny." Her laughter thwarts her, though, as she misses her kick. "Damn," she says. "Okay, your turn."

Megan glares at Katie as she draws a card. She says, "What the fuck was that about? Who is that tiny woman?"

Katie responds, "Just my prize from last time."

"Prize?" Megan asks.

Katie answers, "I always offer something when I play these games. So in return my opponent has to wager something as well."

Megan says, "I didn't wager anything!"

Katie laughs, "Hehe, I didn't bother explaining because you have nothing but yourself to negotiate with. When you lose, I get to keep you. And, by extension, your husband."

Megan steps back in astonishment. "What?" she objects, "I never agreed to that! You can't just-"

Katie interrupts, "I don't care. Just read your card."

"But," Megan starts.

"Read, now, or the game will penalize you," Katie threatens.

Megan reads, "Dare: Give one dare. If she succeeds, give her an inch. If not, shrink her 4 inches." She comments, "What kind of shit card is this?"

Katie says, "I'm surprised you didn't get to it when you played with your husband. I guess he really failed you quickly."

Megan says, "Shut the fuck up. Let's see you shove that dildo up your ass." She points to a particularly massive dildo on the wall.

Katie casually walks over to it and takes it off the wall. She walks back to Megan, picking up Jessica on the way. She retorts, "Let's at least make this a little fun." Megan's jaw drops as Katie places Jessica on the tip of the dildo, holding it straight up.

As Katie removes her pants, Jessica quickly considers her options. She has spent far too long in assholes in the past day, but she also doesn't want to make another bad fall. Katie squats over the dildo, her asshole looming over Jessica, looking like a leviathan hungry for a sacrifice. Right as Katie sinks her ass around the dildo, Jessica throws herself onto the ground. Dazed from the fall, she's unable to move herself away before Katie's asscheek slams on her. Better than being inside, she thinks.

Katie remarks to Megan, "What a waste of a dare card." Both players feel a tingle as Katie grows one inch taller and Megan one inch shorter. Jessica feels the weight of the giantess increase ever so slightly, and the pressure with it as her ass presses harder into the floor. Katie pulls the dildo out and drops it haphazardly on the floor. She reaches for a new card.

She looks at it and comments, "Well, this is easy enough." She reads, "Shrink!: Your opponent shrinks 6 inches." She watches Megan's despair growing as she dwindles to under five feet tall.

Megan snatches another card. She says, "We'll see how long your luck lasts." She looks at the card. "Haha!" she cackles. She reads, "Amazon: Shrink your opponent to half your size if she is not already that short." She comments as Katie shrinks, "Looks like your luck has run out, bitch!"

Katie grabs the deck from the counter and places it on the floor before she shrinks. Can't let her have that level of control, she thinks to herself. As she shrinks she grabs another card, acting quickly to mitigate this misfire. She reaches only three feet tall and her clothes fall off as Megan laughs. She steps out of her shoes and away from her clothes. She thinks, I guess I'm getting better at being on the downfall, too. She reads the card: "Shoe: Put your opponent and the tiny in your shoe."

She says, "Of course, since you're bigger, you just have to somehow put yourself in my shoe. But first I have to get the tiny." She walks over to the dildo. Megan watches, surprised by her utter shamelessness as her clothes have fallen entirely off. The sight also makes her aware of the looseness of her own clothes. Katie gets to the dildo and sees Jessica is missing. "Dammit. Where are you, slave?" she shouts. "If you don't get over here for your penalty, the game is just going to penalize you worse."

Well-acquainted with the powers of this wicked game, Jessica comes out from behind the counter and walks hesitantly towards Katie. Katie struts over and picks her up. "That's a good little toy," Katie says, "Maybe I won't have to turn you into a shitstain after all." She reaches her shoe and tosses Jessica in. She looks up to Megan and says, "Alright, now you can put it on."

Megan puts the shoe on. Since Megan's already become smaller, Jessica finds plenty of space in the toe section to hide. Megan looks down at Katie. She asks, "So, tell me why I shouldn't just crush you right now you little bitch?"

Katie responds, "Well, if you kill me, your husband will be stuck forever since the power to restore him comes from me. Also if you engage in foul play, the game has ways of penalizing you. Too much violence is a quick way to find yourself microscopic. Or worse."

Megan scoffs and picks up a card from the ground. As she bends over, her pants fall down. She blushes and pulls them up with her free hand.

Katie taunts, "Aww is someone shy?"

Megan pushes her down. "Shut up, bitch. What the hell kind of card is this?" She reads her card: "Size Roulette: You and your opponent take turns pressing the button to randomly gain or lose between 1 and 12 inches. Whoever quits first loses half their height and must lick the tiny's feet."

Katie answers, "Look at your watch. There's a button now." Megan looks and sees a rapidly changing number with a flashing negative sign and a big red button. Katie continues, "We take turns pressing it until one of us refuses. At which point someone will be licking the tiny's feet."

Megan says, "Okay." She stands up and looks down at Katie from a few feet back. She asks, "Who first?"

Katie says, "You drew, so you."

Megan presses the button. It reads "3". She smiles as she sees the number in the corner of her screen go up to 5'2". Katie quips, "Lucky shot. My turn." She presses and gets a -4. "Dammit!" she mutters.

Megan laughs. "Alright, again," she says. She presses the button and gets a 9. She laughs even harder. "Wow, I've never even been this tall!"

Katie quickly presses the button again, crossing her fingers. She also gets a 9. Suddenly Megan isn't quite so daunting anymore. Megan eagerly pushes the button again, continuing her luck streak with an 11. Her clothes stretch as her expands, her things now level with the counter. Once again she is gargantuan. The power rushes to her head, distracting her momentarily from her acquired nakedness. Katie presses the button again, getting a 10. At this rate, she thinks, we're going to be past where we started. Megan sees the button activate for her again and hits it. Her heart sinks the moment she sees a -11. She stops laughing and stares in silence as she falls to only a few inches taller than her normal height. Suddenly her nakedness is very apparent to her, and she picks up her tattered shirt to cover her body. Her bra is completely unusable, and her pants are ripped. She asks, "Do you have any clothes I could borrow?"

Katie answers, "Nope. I'm surprised your clothes lasted this long, honestly." Megan sits down and covers herself with the remains of her clothes. Katie presses the button again and gets a 12. "Thank god," she says, "Almost back." She looks at Megan for a moment. "It's your turn."

Megan responds, "No, I think I'm done with this."

Katie picks up Jessica and extends her hand to Megan. She says, "Then you have to lick its feet."

Megan apathetically takes Jessica, quickly licks her feet, and hands her back to Katie. Katie picks up another card and places Jessica back on the counter, now that she can reach it again. She reads her card and comments, "Ooh, this is a new one I've been working on. We'll see how well this magic works. It says, 'Clothing Transformation: Choose any piece of clothing for the tiny to turn into and put it on. The tiny remains this way until needed for a new card.'" She picks up Jessica and looks at her. She taunts, "So, what's it going to be toy? What kind of clothing do ou want to be?"

Jessica responds, "Um..um, maybe like a shirt sounds alright," hoping maybe, just maybe Katie will have a change of heart.

Megan interjects, "Wait. The card just says put it on. It doesn't say who. Can I have her?"

Katie asks, "And why would I give her to you? I rather like your new disposition."

Megan offers, "I...I'll do something for you. I'll torture the tiny if you want!"

Katie responds, "I have a better offer. You convert fifteen inches to the tiny to make this a more balanced fight, and you're responsible for keeping it in check. And I choose the clothing."

Megan hesitates, but accepts: "Okay, deal. How do I convert the inches?"

Katie says, "Just committing to doing it should do it." She looks at her watch. She continues, "Yep. You're already shrinking. And this tiny is now a thong!" She watches with anticipation as Jessica's body is morphed into a fleshy thong shape. A bit stretchier, with a few features noticable, like the face in the pussy region of the thong, but not quite a complete thong transformation. Katie sighs, "Oh well. Good enough for now." She hands the Jessica-thong to Megan who hurriedly puts it on, covering her nether region.

Megan scoots closer to the deck and leans forward to grab one, still not totally comfortable. She reads the new card, enjoying her new thong: "Size Bonus: If you are above your normal height, grow an extra foot."

Katie taunts, "Haha! If you didn't just trade your height for a thong, you'd be even bigger now! Sucks for you I guess." She leans forward and picks a card. She looks down a bit and says, "Hey thongica, how's it like for you?"

Jessica tries to scream, but has no mouth to scream with. She can only take in the constant sensory overload of Megan's pussy directly before her senses while feeling her body slid up the woman's asscrack. She tries to scream or wiggle or do anything, but is completely immobile.

Katie reads her card: "Relief: If you are under 18 inches you grow to 24 inches." She comments, "Damn, another useless card. Your move."

Megan relaxes a little bit, more comfortable with something covering her snatch, unaware of the tormet she's putting Jessica through. She picks up another card: "Interior Fun: Place both your opponent and the tiny in your pussy, shrinking either if needed. If neither orgasm while inside, they are stuck that size and stuck inside you until removed. If either one can get the other off, they are returned to before."

Katie suddenly finds herself rapidly shrinking, now only a little taller than the deck. Meanwhile Jessica's body reforms, and she falls down right in front of Megan's now-bare pussy. Megan asks, "Do I have to do this?"

Katie walks toward her. She answers, "Yes, you have to obey the card." As she gets closer she realizes she's actually shorter than Jessica now. She checks her watch and confirms: she's only four inches to Jessica's six.

Megan picks her up and dangles her in front of her face. She says, "So it looks like you're completely helpless now."

Katie adds, "Well, only as far as the magic will let you go. If you don't put me in soon, it'll penalize you."

Megan stares for another second and lowers Katie to her pussy. She pushes her in first, followed by Jessica. She moans, "Oh, this..this isn't too bad." She leans back and pushes the two farther in while fingering her clit. Jessica is relieved to be able to move again and wiggles around. Remembering the text of the card, she reaches out and rubs Katie's pussy. Katie moans, suddenly made aware of her objective, but pressed too tightly into Megan to do anything. After only a few minutes of pleasure, Katie yelps in pleasure. Jessica uses her feet, sticking out of Megan, to pull herself out, leaving Katie inside. She backs away from Megan, walking away to ease herself. Meanwhile Megan continues to finger herself to climax, greatly loosening up her pussy and letting Katie make her way out, completely soaked in pussy juices.

Katie falls out of the giant pussy. Megan looks down and after recovering says, "That was actually pretty good. I wouldn't mind keeping you two as fucktoys of my own." Katie is taken aback by Megan's sexual turn, but is generally relieved by her own height restoring.

She crawls over to her side as she continues to regain her size. When she's tall enough, she picks a card off the counter. She says, "I'm sure you'll get to be my fucktoy as well." She reads her card: "Humiliation Gauntlet:" She pauses as she sees the rest of the text. "Ohoho, this is going to be fun!" she laughs. She continues, "Do each of the following to your opponent and the tiny until one of them surrenders: spit, sneeze, fart, piss, shit. If the tiny surrenders, it must lie in your fluids until removed. If your opponent surrenders, she loses five inches." Katie immediately walks over and spits in Megan's face.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Megan exclaims.

Katie responds, "Just following the rules." She walks over to Jessica and kicks her over by Megan. Then she spits, missing her. She spits again, this time hitting her spot-on, knocking her down as she tries to get up. "Any surrender? No? Good," Katie says quickly. She feels a tingle in her nose come on and proceeds to sneeze on Megan, getting a bit of snot on her partial shirt. Then she gets on her hands and knees about Jessica and sneezes on her. Jessica is nearly blown away, but a glob of snot hits her and keeps her stuck down. Some of it gets in her mouth, forcing her to focus on coughing it up. Katie continues, "Now for the fart round. Everyone ready?"

Megan takes her opportunity to stand up. She says, "I think I'm fine up here. Go ahead." She smirks at the still slightly shorter Katie. Katie turns around, presses her ass against Megan, and farts.

Katie responds, "Well, you're not the fun target right now, anyway. But rest assured I will treat you to the full gauntlet when you're my permanent toy. Now for the tiny."

Jessica finishes coughing and yells, "I surrender!"

Katie sighs, "Aww, what a shame. I guess I'll have to keep you in my panties tonight so you can still get the full experience. Until then, I do hope you enjoy the little bath I made for you?"

Jessica just lies in the puddle of spit and snot, feeling too broken to even fight it. Megan draws a card and says, "I think you'll be the one getting abused you fat cunt. Let's see here." She looks at her card and reads: "Sex: Shrink your opponent to 6 inches and let her and the tiny try to get you off. If she does then return her to whatever size she was and continue the game. If she cannot within fifteen minutes then she remains at six inches, or her original height, whichever is shorter." She remarks, "I know I said you were good, but I'm not sure you're good enough to get me off again so soon."

Katie shrinks in place, though this time at least no shorter than Jessica. She walks towards Megan whose legs are still spread apart. She grabs Jessica by the arm on her way and commands, "Help me get her off if you don't want me to grind you into a paste when I grow back."

Jessica whimpers and gets up out of Katie's spit puddle. The two make their way to Megan and Katie gives Jessica a boost into the giant pussy. "Get in there!" she shouts, pushing Jessica inside Megan. She uses Jessica's exposed foot to climb up to Megan's clit.

Megan moans softly under her attempt to laugh. She taunts the two, "You'll have to do a lot more than that to get me off." Hearing this, Katie kicks at Jessica and starts rubbing Megan's clit. She grinds her body against it, grinding up and down and in a circle, trying to find what works for Megan. With just the right circle, she gets a moan out of her and continues it. Meanwhile, inside Jessica struggles, tired already from the abuse, but afraid of what might happen if she doesn't get the giantess off.

Ten minutes pass and Megan remains sitting upright. Jessica gives up her struggles as the vaginal contractions overpower her anyway. Katie begins to need regular break intervals with only weak rubbing. Megan says, "I'm starting to dry up down there. Are you going to get me off or not?"

Reinvigorated, Katie starts furiously rubbing at her clit, only to slip and fall onto the ground. She moans in pain, stunned from slamming her head into the floor. She responds, "Fuck you, bitch."

Megan laughs. "Not so tough now, are we?" she taunts. "You have two minutes left. Are you going to get up?"

Katie picks herself up and Megan suddenly scoots forward, pinning her under her. "No fair!" Katie shouts, "You have to let me get you off."

Megan says, "I am. You can reach my cunt from here. Go ahead and get me off."

Katie kicks around to free herself, but is unable to get out from under Megan. She tries rubbing at her labia, but she continues to not have a substantial effect. The timer on her watch ticks down to zero and flashes. "Shit," she mutters. "This is not going in my favor today.

Megan sees the timer reduce to zero. "Well, well, guess you're stuck at that size, now, haha!" she laughs.

Katie says, "Yes, now get off of me!"

"Fine," Megan says and gets off.

Katie stands up and brushes herself off. She says to Megan, "Now I can't reach the counter, so you have to draw for me."

"Haha, aww, the little bitch can't even draw anymore," Megan taunts as she picks up a card. "Here, let me read for you, too. She reads, "Smother: Sit on your opponent's face. If she can push you off or last ten minutes, let her go. If she surrenders, she loses two inches per minute. If she passes out, you steal half of her height. Have the tiny under your opponent for the duration of this card." She comments, "Easy, enough." She carelessly picks up Katie. She tilts her head back and pulls Jessica out of her cunt. She drops Jessica on her face followed by Katie, just careful enough to ensure her ass is pointing down. Then she slaps the two off, to the floor. "Easy enough," she says.

As the two tinies lie on the ground, Megan draws her next card. She reads, "Lawn Work: Whoever has the least pubic hair gives the other 5 inches and eats them out. Tangle the tiny in her pubes, shrinking it until it's possible." She mutters, "Dammit."

Thank god I only trim, Katie thinks to herself, pleased to see Megan shaves her pussy. The three all start tingling, Megan giving five inches to Katie, bringing Katie up to nearly a foot. "Let's get this over with," Megan sighs. She picks up Katie and holds her by her legs. Katie flips upside-down and screams as her legs are pulled apart. Megan winces and slides her tongue between Katie's legs, grazing her labia. She drops Katie, who bounces off her leg onto the ground. "Ewh," Megan grimaces.

"Afraid of a little pussy?" Katie taunts. "There's still one part left." She looks over at Jessica who has reduced to a tiny even to Katie. She checks her watch and laughs, "Only a sixth of an inch? How pathetic." She walks over and picks her up to tangle her up in her pubic hair. She makes sure to use what hair she has to tie up Jessica like a nice little ornament. "This looks kinda nice. I might have found a new role for you," she says to Jessica.

"I still can't reach the deck," Katie says to Megan.

Megan says, "Fine," and grabs another card, having to extend herself farther now that she's a bit shorter. She reads, "Breasts: You and your opponent try to pick up the tiny with your breasts. If you do so first, your opponent shrinks six inches." Before Megan can even finish reading, Katie starts trying to pull Jessica loose. Seeing her opportunity, Megan leans forward, overshadowing the distracted Katie. Still over four times her size, she's able to easily drop her chest over her and squeeze her breasts together, effectively picking up Jessica with her breasts. After holding them for a second, she lets go and stands up.

"Goddammit," Katie mutters again. "I thought for sure that was mine." She looks up at Megan as she draws another card. She's no goddess at this scale, but still far too powerful. And she seems to be growing too comfortable with her clothes off.

Megan reads, "Tissue: Put the tiny in a tissue and blow your nose. If it sticks when you shake it, your opponent loses six inches." Katie grins at first, though loses her grin when she realizes such a small tiny is likely to stick. She finishes getting Jessica lose and extends her to Megan.

Katie says, "Here. Tissues are behind the counter." Megan jumps and pulls herself up to lean over the counter and grab a tissue. She takes Jessica from Katie and puts her in the tissue and blows her nose. Jessica braces herself as she is completely deafened by the sound of Megan forcefully blowing into the tissue. A glob of snot hits her, though this time many, many times her size. She never really noticed her bad snot smells until now, but she thinks she certainly won't forget it. Megan pulls the tissue away and shakes it. The glob starts to fall, but she balls it up before it disconnects. Having successfully trapped Jessica in her used tissue, Katie shrinks again. Perhaps I was wrong, she thinks, this woman is becoming very, very powerful now. "Alright, my turn," she says, unconcerned with Jessica.

Megan looks at Katie's card quizzically. She reads, "Breast Enlargement: Your breasts double in size for five turns." Katie looks down at watch her already-sizeable breasts inflate, taking over her chest. The sudden weight gain tips her forward. "What the hell kind of card is that?" Megan asks.

"Just draw your card," Katie says.

Megan draws again and stares a moment at the card. She asks, "What inspired these cards, anyway?"

Katie responses, "What's it to you? They're for this game."

"Yeah, but," Megan says, "This card says 'Armpit Licking: Both your opponent and the tiny must lick your armpits for two minutes. If the tiny is small enough, it remains stuck there until removed by a card.' Why would you even want that?"

Katie says, "The point is to be undesirable. By this point most players would love for their opponent to have to be sucking at their armpit."

Megan grins. She says, "I guess you're not wrong." She reaches down and grips Katie tightly in her fist. She places her on the counter for a moment as she picks Jessica out of the snot and uses it to stick her to Katie's forehead. Katie starts to protest, but is gripped ahead, knocking the wind out of her. Only her head and feet stick out of Megan's fist as she's whisked up to Megan's armpit. She laughs, "Get to licking, now."

Wanting to get the timer going and done with quickly, Katie sticks her tongue out and half-heartedly licks at the cleanly shaven armpit. She gags at the strong taste of scented deodorant, though realizes it's probably better than the alternative. Megan then presses the two small women into her pit forcefully, sticking them for just a moment long enough to clamp down her arm, trapping both under her arm. Katie closes her eyes and continues to lick, steadily wearing down the timer. After two minutes elapse, the watch flashes. Megan laughs, "Ha! I'm just going to keep you there. Fuck your stupid game."

Katie smirks, finding a sudden light in her situation despite being trapped in a much larger woman's armpit. After many seconds pass of Megan laughing in defiance of the magic, she feels a tingling. She checks her watch and sees her height diminishing as the world around her gets bigger. "Fuck!" she shouts as she lifts her arm, letting the two fall out of it.

"That's what you get," Katie scolds, "when you disobey the game." She stands up and pulls Jessica off her forehead. "Now I'm sure she's small enough, so stick her under your arm."

Still recovering from having her defiance smacked down, Megan hesitates in picking up Jessica. She gently does so, and sticks her under her arm. Jessica sticks easily to the deodorant, letting Megan put her arm down. Katie says, "Now draw me a card. Unless you want to shrink again."

Megan picks up a card and slides it over to Katie, face up. Katie reads and laughs maniacally. "The card is," she reads, "'Tables Turned: You and your opponent switch heights." Megan's shoulders drop as her hears this. Katie feels her old self returning as she grows to four feet tall. "It'd have been real nice if you didn't lose three inches, but I guess you had to learn your lesson somehow." She picks up Megan from the ground and places her on the counter. "Here you go. Now you can draw your own cards even though you're tiny and pathetic. But get going. You don't have much left to lose before becoming my toy forever."

Megan starts tearing up, but proceeds to pull a card from the deck. She flips it up and looks. She says while starting to sob, "Tiny Kill: If you can kill the tiny in 30 seconds, your opponent shrinks to its size and fulfills all of its roles." She falls to her hands and knees, letting the relatively-larger Jessica fall out from under her arm. She screams, "What? I don't want to kill her!"

"Fine," Katie says, chuckling at the breakdown, "don't then." Jessica walks off to the side as Megan collapses on the counter. Katie slowly counts down with one hand on the deck. "Lucky you, tiny, the one worst nightmare for you turned out to not be such a threat since someone hasn't come to terms with how utterly powerless they are before me."

The thirty seconds pass and Katie picks up a card. She reads, "Restore Tiny: The tiny now defaults to 3 inches." Jessica grows nearly as big as Megan, but still keeps a small distance between them. Katie says, "Aww, and I was enjoying it at that size. Oh well, I always have time later. Your move." Seeing Megan unable to get up, Jessica walks to the deck and starts pulling a card off. Katie smacks her back. "No. Toys don't get to play with the people. Sit back down before I trap you in a shoe." Jessica quickly steps away from the deck and sits opposite Megan.

Megan stands up and says, "You're just a big fucking bitch. What did she even do? What the fuck gives you the right to shrink people and abuse them?"

Katie says, "Hey, it's a fair game. Now draw before you turn into dust."

Megan groans and finishes pulling off the top card. She reads, "Heal: All of your injuries are healed, at the cost of 8 inches." As Katie starts to shrink, she grabs the deck and the tiny women and moves to the floor.

"Refreshing," she says, "but probably not worth eight inches. Oh well. She reads the next card: "Nipple Hanging: Shrink your opponent and the tiny both to 1/4 inch for the turn. Place them both so they are hanging on your nipples. The first one to fall or leave your nipple loses. If the tiny loses, it now defaults to this size. If your opponent loses, she shrinks 5 inches." She giggles as the two become very small, almost like dust. She says, "Looks like if you lose this round you're mine. Hooray!"

Megan's stomach drops. Jessica turns to her and says, "Don't worry about this one." Megan is momentarily confused, but picked up by Katie. She places each tiny woman on one of her nipples. Just as she's about to tell them to start hanging for their lives, Jessica releases from the body-size nipple, falling through the air, bouncing off Katie's leg and into the floor. Megan starts growing back and releases as well.

Katie looks around on the ground for Jessica and spots the speck. "Well," she says, "looks like you are you useless to do even the simplest of tasks after all."

Megan picks up Jessica and places her on her shoulder. "Thanks," she whispers.

"What is this?" Katie says, "An alliance of toys? Maybe you two can live in my ass together when we're done. Would you like that?"

Megan picks a card and glances at it quickly. She says, "No, I'm just keeping it where we can see it. Anyway, my card is 'Effect Swap.' It just says 'Save this card. At any time it may be used to swap the remaining effects of the current card played.' Your move, then." She breathes slowly. I don't know what prompted this girl to be nice to me, she thinks, but I guess this bitch is even more evil than I thought.

As Megan thinks, Katie draws. She reads, "Feet: Give the tiny a 10 second head start. You and your opponent try to stomp on the tiny. Whoever pins the tiny under their foot first shrinks the other 5 inches." She looks at Jessica sitting on Megan's shoulder. She says, "Guess you better get running."

Jessica says into Megan's ear, "Just put me down by your feet and I'll wait under it." Megan nods and places Jessica down by her feet. She raises one in the air slightly as Katie counts down under her breath. Jessica lies down in the shadow of Megan's foot and waits for the countdown. Seeing what's going on, Katie raises her foot above Megan's head.

"Three, two, one," she says, and stomps down her foot. Megan reflexively puts her foot down, too, pressing Jessica into the ground. Both women wait, each covering another with her foot. Then Katie starts shrinking and lets up. "Shit," she mutters. She sits down, awaiting Megan's next move.

Megan lets off of Jessica who gasps for air. She picks her up and places her on her shoulder. She whispers, "Thanks for that. Sorry it got crazy for a minute. I'll get you back for it."

Jessica responds, "No problem. Just please win so you can get away from this psycho bitch."

Megan responds, "Yes. Who the fuck is she anyway?"

Katie interjects, "Enough yammering. Draw a card already." She reaches forward and slides the top card over to Megan.

Megan flips the card and reads: "Dwarf: If your opponent is taller than 4 feet, shrink her 12 inches."

Katie says, already drawing the next card, "Well that was a waste of a turn." She looks at her card, grins, and reads, "Entrapment: Put on some clothing if you are not wearing any. Trap the tiny. If you cannot, shrink until you fit in your opponent's clothes and be trapped in them."

As Katie looks around for the best clothing option, Megan whispers to Jessica, "Fuck. Do you want me to use my effect swap to help you?"

Jessica responds, "No, save it. Plus I'm small enough now she might not be able to trap me, and then you can shrink her and the game will be ours."

As Megan's about to respond, Katie reaches down and sticks her wet finger on her shoulder to pick up Jessica. "Sorry about the spit," she says, "but I couldn't pick you up normally what with your being a piece of dust. Anyway what with how small I am, I guess you lucked out."

Jessica suddenly finds herself free falling, tumbling through the air, catching glances at Katie's still nude body and brief glimpses of Megan's horrified expression. She lands on a soft surface with the distinct scent of Katie's feet. Well, it could be worse, she thinks. Katie's foot slams down on top of her, squishing her into the heel groove.

"My move," Megan says. She flips a card and reads, "Feet Cleaning: Your opponent must lick your feet. If they refuse, they lose 4 inches."

"Well, someone's determined," Katie says. "I guess if you really want your feet licked, I can arrange that." She picks up Megan and licks her feet, making an obnoxious slurping sound in the process. "All clean?" she taunts as she looks at Megan's soaking wet feet. "Good," she says as she drops her in her other shoe. "Whoops, my bad," she says as she draws her next card. "I'm kind of a klutz, as you can see. Now what card do we have for you now? 'Unaware: Your opponent goes unconscious for a minute. Hide the tiny on her somewhere.' Oh cool."

Megan suddenly falls unconscious as Katie reads the card. Katie lifts her foot and scrapes Jessica out. She steps out of her oversized shoe and picks up Jessica. She taunts the tiny, "So, can you guess where I'm going to put you?"

Jessica sighs in resignation. She says, "Her butt?"

Katie responds, "Well it's no fun if you're already expecting it. I guess I can save that for later, then. For now," she trails off as she places Jessica in between her lips for a minute. Jessica struggles to no effect at all, getting almost no give from the giantess's lips. Katie places her on a bunch of Megan's hair and ties a small knot keeping her stuck in place. Then she drops a bunch of hair on her, covering her. Jessica struggles, but her limbs are tied. She can only hope Megan doesn't have lice.

Megan comes to, on the floor. How did I end up here, she asks herself, and what was the last card? She looks over and sees Katie sitting. Katie sees Megan awake and says, "Hey tiny, it's your move. Hurry up."

Not wanting a repeat of her shrinking, Megan flips a card. She continues to wonder, the card said "Unaware", right? What could that mean? She looks at the new card and reads quietly, "Repeat: Repeat the card your opponent just played." She looks up and sees Katie fall over unconscious. What the fuck, she thinks. What am I supposed to do now?

Jessica continues tugging. After hearing the new card she revitalizes her efforts wriggling about with the full thrust of her core. Megan feels a small itch on her head and scratches at it, her nails catching on the knot and Jessica, dislodging her from Megan's head and trapping her under her nail. Megan brings her hand down and Jessica falls from the nail. Feeling the pressure of time, she pounds at Megan's toes. Megan, lost in thought, fails to notice. She starts pacing, catching Jessica underfoot. Jessica frees herself from the hardened sole relatively easily. Thinking quickly, she positions herself in the way of Megan's next step. Megan's next step hits her, launching her right at Katie. Finally catching something of a break, she lands square between Katie's breasts. Well, she thinks, a nice place for now.

Katie comes to and sits up. Jessica tumbles out from between her breasts and catches herself in Katie's navel. "How'd you like that card?" Katie asks.

"What card did I even repeat?" Megan asks.

"You didn't figure it out? How did you fulfill it?" Katie asks.

"I don't fucking know. I said I don't know what the card is!" Megan responds.

"Odd," Katie says, puzzled. She reaches for the deck and grabs a card. "So close," she laments. "'Hard Vore: If your opponent is under three inches tall, chew her up and eat her. If she is under half an inch tall, feed her to the tiny.' Guess I don't get a snack, yet."

Horrified, Megan draws a card of her own. She asks, "Where did the tiny go, anyway?"

Katie responds, "I'll tell you if you shrink me with that card in your hand." She smirks.

Megan looks at the card and asks, "Any other options?"

Katie asks, "Maybe. What's the card?"

Megan reads, "Ultra Punishment: If either player is smaller than the tiny, they are shrunk to 1mm and punished by the tiny."

Katie says, "Well, that's boring. Tell you what. I'll tell you where the tiny is if you agree to put her in your butt."

"What?" Megan says, "What the fuck kind of deal is that?"

Katie picks a card. She says, "Hey, the offer is on the table." She looks at her next card. "Although," she continues, "this next card looks pretty fun for the both of you. If I tell you where the tiny is, you have to agree to not use the effect swap card. For the rest of the game."

Megan responds, "No way, bitch. I'm not falling for that trap."

"Your loss," Katie says. She reads her card, "Biggest Boobs Ever: Shrink your opponent and the tiny to 1 cm tall, put on your bra if it's not on. Place each in a cup. The two race to escape. If your opponent wins, the tiny now defaults to 1 cm. If the tiny wins, your opponent converts 10 inches to the tiny."

Megan and Jessica both start feeling a tingling sensation. Katie leans forward to pick Jessica out of Megan's hair, but as she does she feels something roll down the bottom of her stomach. She scratches at it and feels a very tiny body. "Ha!" she exclaims. "That explains a lot. But I need a bra now." She picks up Megan, who's shrunken entirely to one centimeter, holding both captive in her fist.

Megan shouts to Jessica, "Just get out, I have a plan."

Jessica responds, "You'll shrink away to nothing!"

Megan says, "I have the effect swap. It'll help us out."

Suddenly Megan is dropped onto a godly breast. She tumbles down to her nipple when suddenly the bra is tugged very tight around her. Despite her feelings of rage towards the bitch, she can't but help feel a certain calmness come about her as the breast hugs her.

Katie pulls her bra tight as Jessica is falling down, keeping her a bit higher up on her breast. She sits back and waits for the two to move. Jessica starts making her way to the side, glad Katie's double sized breasts have worn off by now. Even still, her boobs are normally massive, and at this size traversing takes serious effort. She shimmies her way up and sideways, trying to breach the cup. With her reduced size, the bra doesn't quite fit Katie anymore, leaving some weak spots in tightness. Jessica keeps at it while Megan waits. Jessica hits a weak spot and reaches out. She nabs a thread around the hem. Most be close, she thinks. As comforting as Katie's boob is, I need to get out. She uses the rest of the hem to pull herself up and out, throwing herself over the top. She rolls out, and as she rolls she feels a strange tingling. At the same time, Megan starts feeling it and smacks the effect swap button on her watch. Then to her surprise, Katie starts tingling, shrinking right out of her bra as the two tinies grow.

Katie looks at her watch and realizes what just happened. Her bra falls on the ground, and Jessica and Megan climb out. She now stands at only 2'1", Megan still at five inches, and Jessica now up to two and a quarter. "Clever play," she says to Megan, "but now you have no defense left. And I'm still four times your size."

Megan responds, "Down from six times, bitch. And I have more where that came from." Jessica stands up, relieved to no longer be among goddesses. Megan flips the next card and reads, "Vore: If she can be swallowed whole, eat your opponent. Any card that requires she be out of your stomach is skipped and she loses five inches."

Katie sasses, "Well, that was a waste for you." She picks up another card.

Megan says, "At least it's out of the deck..." Jessica walks closer to Megan, still only half her height.

Katie reads her next card, "Labor: Give your opponent and the tiny a razor and choose a body part of yours for them to shave. If either one cuts you, steal 3 inches from your opponent each time." She laughs, "Looks like I keep getting all the fun cards. I'll be right back with those razors." She stands up and walks away.

Jessica looks up to Megan and says, "That was a smart move. Thank you."

Megan says, "Glad to help. I want this bitch dead."

Jessica says, "So how are we going to do this so you don't lose all of your height? Two cuts and you're done for." Megan thinks for a moment. Jessica continues, "She really seems to like bargaining. Maybe you can strike a deal?"

Megan says, "What kind of deal can I even strike? I don't have much bargaining power. And I have to shave somewhere."

Jessica hesitates for a moment in silence, then says, "Well, you have me."

"What are you saying?" Megan asks.

"If you offer to stop protecting me, she might let you off," says Jessica.

Megan's lip curl down. She responds, "I won't let that cunt touch you again if I can help it." Katie's footsteps start booming as she approaches, growing stronger with each step.

"Just do it," Jessica says. "Or else I will."

Katie drops two razors right in front of the two. One lands gently on the floor, the other bounces off its end and nearly hits Jessica in the head. Megan catches it just in time, but with it being nearly as long as her, she topples over. Katie laughs. She says, looking down, standing too close for comfort, "Did you two have a good chat while I was gone?"

As Megan recollects herself, Jessica shouts, "Hey, we have a deal for you."

Katie reaches down and picks up Jessica, dangling in front of her face. She raises her eyebrows and says, "Oh? What was that? I couldn't hear you down there."

"We have a deal," Jessica says. "You pick a spot on you without any hair, ending the card, and in exchange I'll do whatever you want."

Katie drops Jessica, who's grateful Katie's only a little over two feet tall, and thinks. If I make them do this card somewhere hard, I might win right now. On the other hand, toying with this bitch is kinda fun. I can always toy with her later, but I'm enjoying her hopes rise and fall too much. The deck is still so big, too. I can always meet them in the middle and then play them against each other. Yes.

She picks Jessica back up and walks a few feet away, leaving Megan alone to try to get a handle on the razor. Katie whispers to Jessica, "Alright, here's the deal. I'll pick wherever I want. You're going to cut me once, shrinking her to two inches. Then I'll do the rest so she'll be fine like you want. But then in exchange, you're going to hit her with the blades while I finish. And you're not allowed to tell her about that part of the deal, or else I will drown you in your lover's corpse's blood."

Jessica shivers at the thought of being drowned in Stacy's blood, still drying on the floor only several feet away from the game. She winces, unsure, but unwilling to risk Megan's chance, so she says, "Yes, I'll take it."

"Good," Katie says, and brings her back. She announces, "I choose my armpit. And since I'm so nice, I'll even lie down for you." She gets down onto her stomach and spreads her arms out. "The left one is fine," she says, picking the more convenient pit.

Jessica grabs a razor and drags it towards Katie. "What's the plan?" Megan asks.

"I got this," Jessica says. "Just let me go ahead." She thinks, I can't let her cut Katie and ruin the deal. She drags quickly, lifts up the end of the handle, and rams it against Katie's underarm skin. It easily pricks her, barely even slicing a hair. Damn, she thinks, this blade is so torn up I don't think we could have won. What's? her angle?

"Ow," Katie says. She whispers very softly to Jessica, "Go, now!" Megan drops the razor as she shrinks even smaller than Jessica. Jessica runs over, grabs her razor by the handle, flails around for a moment as she gains her balance, and takes a swing at Megan, barely missing. She swings again, hitting Megan square in the back, lightly lacerating her.

"What the fuck?" Megan screams. Jessica drops her razor and backs away. Katie picks up Jessica's original razor in the chaos and quickly cuts away her stubble.

"Since you're too small to draw, now," Katie says, "I'll draw for you."

Shit, Jessica thinks, she's not giving me any time to even try to make amends.

Katie reads, "You got 'Watersports: Piss on the tiny and your opponent.' I can help you out with this." Still lying on the ground, Katie picks up the two small women and places them on her back, Jessica face up on her back, and Megan standing right above her.

Megan feels her bladder suddenly fill. She glares down at Jessica. "I'm going to enjoy this you backstabbing whore," she says as she squats over Jessica's face. Jessica starts to speak, but instead has her mouth filled with piss as Megan relieves herself. She moans, enjoying the sweet combination of emptying a very full bladder with revenge. Katie chuckles to herself, enjoying the new twist.

With the requirement fulfilled, Katie draws a new card and takes a peek as the watersports continue on her back. Well, she thinks, this should be interesting. She feels the piss stop splashing onto her back and pulls Megan off, leaving Jessica to soak. "Enjoy yourself up there? Maybe now you understand this game."

Megan glares at Katie. She says, "Just because I enjoyed taking a piss on that backstabbing cunt doesn't mean you're not fucking psychotic."

"Well," Katie says, "Maybe you'll enjoy my card. 'Reversal: The watch grows the tiny to the height of your opponent for ten minutes and shrinks you to the size of the tiny. If they do not make you orgasm in that time, you take half of your opponent's height and the tiny's default is reduced by 90%.'" Katie feels herself tingling. She rolls over onto her side, letting Jessica fall off. Jessica is distracted by sliding onto the ground to notice her very slight shrinkage. Katie checks her watch to double check the new heights. Ten minutes on the clock, Megan and Jessica at two inches, herself at two and a quarter. She makes a break for it, looking around for hiding spot in her store since at their height they have no advantage.

Both start running after her. As they near each other, Megan pushes Jessica over. "Fuck off, bitch. You're not sabotaging me." Katie runs under a display rack, into the darkness below. Megan follows her, but can't see which way she flees out. Katie runs out to the right, turns around, and jumps, just catching the lip of the bottom shelf. She tries and fails to pull herself up. After failing a couple of times, she looks around and sees a price tag hanging down. She runs over to it and grabs it, using it to climb onto the shelf.

Under the display, Megan looks around frantically. Only when she sees the swinging price tag silhouette she runs in that direction. Katie sits calmly on the shelf, letting the time run down. Megan climbs up onto the shelf and spots her. Katie stands up, but as she does, Megan tackles her and takes a swing at her face. "Is someone horny?" Katie taunts. She pushes Megan off, using her slight size advantage. Then she successfully stands up.

When she stands up, she turns around and sees Jessica immediately before her. Jessica takes a stronger swing to her gut, winding her. "Just hold her down and I'll get her off!" Jessica pleads to Megan.

Megan walks over and pushes Jessica in the face, tripping her over a small bit of plastic, and off the shelf. "Fuck off, I said!" Megan shouts down to her. Katie stands back up and starts climbing the holes on the wall of the display. Megan turns around and follows her. "Get back here!" she shouts after.

Katie checks her watch. Just a couple minutes and these two will get much, much smaller, she thinks. I wonder if I can get them to torture each other for me. One way to find out. "Hey, Megan," Katie says.

Megan stops for a moment, surprised at Katie saying her name. "What?" she asks.

"You want to know what me and Jessica's deal is?" Katie asks.

"Yes," Megan answers, noticeably exhausted.

"She's been playing you this whole time," Katie says. "If she can make you lose herself, then she gets her life back. And of course she's the kind of person who only goes anywhere with emotional trickery."

"That motherfucking cunt," Megan mutters to herself. "I can't believe that fucking whore lied to me." Feeling an explosion of rage, she jumps off the wall, runs across the shelf, and jumps onto Jessica, still lying on the ground. She punches her in the face, then stands up and kicks her. Katie slides down and watches from the ledge. She checks her watch and grins as it counts to zero and she starts regrowing, and the other two start shrinking. She steps off the shelf, one leg on either side of the tiny fight below her, happy to stand again at 2'2". Megan is so blinded by fury she doesn't notice at first she's fallen to only one inch, but she definitely notices as Jessica is reduced back to less than a quarter inch tall. Her pummels begin to hit almost her whole body.

Katie looks down and grins at the fight below her. She looks at her watch to see if the size changes were done, but her grin turns into a full maniacal smile as she sees Megan continuing to shrink. Only when she's actually smaller than Jessica does she pause. Noticing the fun stopping, Katie picks the two up and scolds Megan. "Like I said, unnecessary violence is a one-way ticket to shrinking. Now you're reduced to almost nothing. But I rather enjoy you at this size." She walks over to the deck and picks a card. "At least you got a good card this time. 'Size Poison: Your opponent loses 1 inch per turn until healed.' Not that you can even appreciate that right now. You're a speck to me for quite a while now." She draws another card and shrinks an inch. "That does sting a little," she says, "I guess I'll repay you for that when you're my toy. Let's see if I can finish this now, since your card is rushing me. 'Degradation: Your opponent must give you commands. Each one you obey shrinks your opponent four inches. Limit five commands.' Well, looks like you're about to lose right now. And remember, the commands have to be possible."

Megan's heart sinks. Fuck, she thinks, this is over unless I think fast. Fuck, fuck, fuck. With this sick, twisted game, I don't think there's anything she won't do.

Jessica rolls over as the two lie in Katie's hand, in front of her giant body. She says, "They don't all have to be this turn." She coughs. Megan starts to interrupt her, but she continues, "Just make her grow me four inches to do something next turn and then the poison--"

Katie cuts her off. "Quiet, toy!" she shouts at Jessica. She picks her off and places her back on the ground. "Now," she says at Megan, "what will it be?"

Megan thinks for a moment and says, "Just one for now. Put at least half of your body inside Jessica on my next turn."

"Ha," Katie says, "that's not possible."

"Yes it is," Megan says, weakly, yet triumphantly. "You can give her four inches, which would let you fit inside her at one inch."

Furrows appear in Katie's face as she realizes the sneaky move Jessica just gave Megan. "Dammit," she says. "You're right. Your turn." She reaches and picks a card for Megan. She reads, "Ass Play: Lay on your stomach and place your opponent and the tiny on your ass cheeks, shrinking them until they fit. If she kisses your asshole before the tiny and within ten minutes, let her go and return her to her original height. Otherwise trap as much of her as you can between your cheeks until a card requires her be out and shrink her 6 inches. If the tiny beats her, convert an additional 5 inches to the tiny." She places Megan on the ground and places Jessica on the small of her back. She positions herself right above her as she shrinks, aiming to finish shrinking on the edge closest to her crack as Jessica makes her way to a similar position. As soon as she finishes shrinking and sees the timer start, she dives in, pushing the flesh away. Megan thinks to herself, what the hell is she doing? How is she so eager to get in my ass?

Jessica, still exhausted from the abuse, tries her hardest, but can't successfully compete with Katie, who handily reaches Megan's asshole, gives it a quick peck, and grows right past her. Both Katie and Jessica restore their previous heights, though Katie much larger. She taunts Megan, "Remember, when you're my toy you'll be repaying every favor I did you. And you're amassing quite the list now." Megan's stomach drops as she hears this.

"Now," Katie says, "My card is 'Blind: Your opponent is blind for five turns.' Looks like I'm drawing for you for awhile now. Let's see turn one of blindness." Megan screams as she suddenly can no longer see. She runs about frantically and Katie closes her fist to stop her from running off the edge. "Now, now, calm down. It's just five turns and you'll kill yourself if you act like that. 'Fresh Slate: All lingering effects are removed and saved cards discarded.' See? That wasn't so bad." Megan calms down as her sight restores. "Now, my turn."

Katie draws her last card and chuckles. "Heh. 'Steal: Steal 4 inches from your opponent.' Looks like that's game." Megan's heart sinks, stomach drops, and eyes water.

She screams, "No! You can't do this!" Jessica looks up and sighs. Katie starts growing back to her full height, nearly tripling her current height. She picks up Jessica as she grows, holding one tiny in each hand.

Katie says, "Now you belong to me, forever. And since your husband was yours, he too is now mine." Jessica notices the strange battery whirring on the opposite side of the counter. Katie continues, "Now I did promise repayment on your part. You did dare me to stuff that dildo inside me. Maybe you'd like to take a ride on it now. Or more recently, you had me dive into your ass. And I've been promising my other toy some time in the back of my thong as a little stain." Megan starts sobbing into Katie's hand, overwhelmed with fear and sorrow. Katie continues, "Not to worry about your husband, though. As we speak he's dwindling away to nothing, becoming a very, very minuscule speck. His existence will be drained for my power, as will yours in time, and then he'll probably be a meal for some bacterium. But never mind him. I am your world now. Your goddess. Your life is now devoted to me and me alone."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Megan screams out.

"What was that?" Katie asks, amused. "Sounds like someone really wants to spend some time in my thong." She grabs her thong from the ground and pulls it most of the way on. She places Megan on the back, shrinking her slightly for fit, and then pulls it on snugly. Inside, Megan continues to shrink. She goes from pressed up against Katie's asshole to so small she nearly falls into the fibers of the cloth. Literally all around her is the presence of Katie's divine ass. The smell is overwhelming, and the rest of her senses are blocked out. Meanwhile Katie nonchalantly puts back on pants and her bra. "So, Jess," she says, "I wonder what else would have happened to you if we continued." She walks over to the deck, picks it up, and looks at the top cards. "Oh, this one would have you become squishy and us chew you up like gum." She fans through a few cards. "Oh, or us take turns trying to spit on you from above. Not that she was any size to do that. This one would make you even smaller than you are. Oh and this one is called 'Ultraviolence'. I bet you can guess what that has in store for you. But since you were such a good sport for our deal, maybe I can be nice to you."

Jessica looks up, hopefully.

"Maybe," Katie says. "I still need to go out and get something to clean up this mess, though. But with two more people absorbed, maybe I can have some real fun with this magic. I guess I don't want to lose you, so for now I'll let you stay somewhere safe."
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