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Engrossed in his video game, Vance barely noticed the front door opening behind him. A moment passed without a break to the silence, so he paused and turned his head in curiosity. At first, he didn't recognize his sister, who normally had lighter blonde hair than he did, but when she turned to him and made eye contact, it struck him.

"Mom's gonna kill you." He chuckled lightly. She just continued to stare at him without saying a word, almost hungrily. "What possessed you to dye your hair black?" She glanced down, thinking, and grabbed her hair with her left hand, holding it in front of her face to see. What, did she not look at it in the mirror? "Did you-...." Vance put down his controller and stood up, "Did you cut it too? All the way to your shoulders?" The girl in front of him seemed more and more like a stranger, not just physically, but she was never this quiet or pondering. She looked around, as if trying to understand the situation. She looked back up to Vance, who had closed in on her. Vance gasped when they made eye contact. Her eyes... instead of being their regular light blue, they were red. She seemed vaguely concerned at his gasp.


"What did you do? What's going on?" Vance interrupted rudely. She turned around without another word, walked up the stairs out of sight, and he heard her door slam.

Vance sat at the table to process everything. She dyed her hair and got red contacts. So what? It was a shock at first but does it really matter? He and his sister may have not always gotten along, but he still cared for her. He decided perhaps it would be a good idea to go and check on her, maybe even apologize for being so taken aback. Plus, he really wanted to pique his curiosity. Why would a beautiful 15 year old girl suddenly decide to reinvent her whole look? Maybe she was jealous of the other girls in her class who were more developed than her? Even for a 15 year old, her body wasn't anything to brag about. She was fit, sure, but her body didn't look like it had hit puberty yet, regardless of how mezmerizing her face was.


*Thump, thump* He knocked on her door.

"What?" He heard from inside. She clearly was not pleased.

"Hey Carly, I just wanted to check up on you. Are you okay?" He tried to sound as nice and caring as possible, without making her feel like he was babying her.

"I'm fine." She wasn't.

"Can I come in?"

"No." Her words were piercing. She didn't sound the same. Not her voice, but the way she spoke.

"Well then can you come out here? I'd like to talk to you, if that's okay." He wanted to help her but make sure she was comfortable with how much space she had.

"No." It hurt. He couldn't help his sister. They didn't fight that often, did they? He turned around and started walking away.
"Maybe..." She began, sounding more unsure now. His face brightened as he turned quickly. "Maybe later."

Maybe later, huh? That was good enough for him. Better than a solid 'no'. He would be patient.


Later that night, caught up in his studies, Vance heard a quiet voice from outside his door. It was too soft for him to understand, so he rose and opened his door to see his sister standing there, her head reaching his chest.

"Hey." He said as soothingly as he could manage. She just stood there, staring at the ground. "Do you... want to come in?" He offered. She nodded her head slowly. Vance didn't recognize this side of Carly. He would have labeled it as 'shy' if he thought his sister was capable of that emotion. Sad? Maybe, but the way the air felt and the way she moved said otherwise. He had no clue what was going on.

"Vance..." She started. He sat on his bed and looked at her earnestly. "Do you..." She backed away and turned around. His curiosity and concern grew to frustrating levels.

"Do I what?" The words came out more bluntly than he intended.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" His face twisted in confusion. Pretty? He recognized her beauty, sure, but what a strange question. Strange until he worked out an answer.

"Whoever told you you're not pretty is a fucking idiot." He spat, trying his best to defend his sister.

"No, no," she giggled. Now he was just more confused. "Do you think I'm pretty?" She repeated intently, turning around to face him, staring at his eyes.

"Y-... yeah...?" Carly walked over to his bed and sat beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder. "Why do you ask?"

"I wanted to know if..." she paused, thinking about her wording. He could feel her breathing quickly and heavily, like she was out of breath. Her head felt cold on his shoulder, but her face was turning red.

"You wanted to know if..." He tried to rush her to get out the words.

"I wanted to know if there was a chance." She finally got out. A chance? 

"A chance for what?" She rose from his shoulder, placing her hand gently on it instead, and turning her face directly to his, staring deeply into his eyes. He was growing extremely uncomfortable, her face was way too close for him.

"A chance." She repeated. He stood up quickly as the meaning hit him.

"Uh, Carly... you know we're-"

"You're my brother." He nodded his head slowly, trying to get the point across to her. "Out of every man in my life, you're the closest to me." She stood up and walked to him slowly.

"Yes, Carly, we're very close. Because we're family." He backed away from her as she walked closer and closer, until his back hit the wall.

"Yes..." Her eyes glazed over as she stared into his. He could see her face blushing and her mouth opened just slightly. "Family..." She repeated, like she didn't even realize she was talking.

"Carly, I think you should go." He pointed to the door until she was close enough to press her body against his, pushing him against the wall. She held his arms against it with her hands. He tried to resist, but he couldn't even budge from her iron grip. When did she get super strength?

"Yes... we should... go..." Her face closed in on his. He could feel her warm, wet breath on his chin and mouth, and he could smell it. It smelled like copper.

"CARLY!!!" She snapped out of it, but still didn't budge. She was glaring at him now.

"What?" She spat.

"Get off of me!" He tried to wriggle out, but her strength had not faded.

"You said I'm pretty." She argued.

"Yes, you're pretty. But you're also my sister. This is wrong!" She lifted him up effortlessly, and tossed him onto his bed from the other side of the room. Okay, so she literally has super human strength. "Carly, how did you-"

"You want this." She said as she pointed at him. Suddenly he found himself unable to move anything except for his eyes. "Don't struggle, don't fight it... you want this." She closed in on him and there was nothing he could do to stop her. He couldn't even groan. She climbed on top of him and lowered her body onto his. He could feel her barely developed breasts against his chest, and her tight stomach against his. Her body was cold, but it was quickly getting warmer. "See?" She smiled as she wriggled her crotch onto his boner. It felt amazing, he could feel the blood rushing into his dick, making it stand at attention and she fondled it with her movements. "You do want this, don't you?" He tried to shout 'no', but nothing came out. She was writhing on top of him now, snuggling up to him as she ground herself on his cock. She grabbed his face with her cold hands and stared deeply into his eyes. "I..." she breathed the words out "want... this..." closing her eyes, she closed in on his face and planted a slow, sensual kiss on his lips. It lasted a while, and when she finally rose, she pointed at him again. "So?"

"Get." Her face twisted with shock. "OFF!" He threw her off of him and she landed on the floor with a hard *thud*. "Carly, this is MESSED UP." She arose slowly, dusting herself off, clearly unhappy.

"Your body wants this. My body wants this. Who cares if we're related? We both want this, so why not just go with it?!" She shouted angrily.

"Because I. Don't. Want. This!" He couldn't make it any more clear if he tried.

"Well too fucking bad." She pointed at him again. That's the last thing he remembered before everything went black.

Chapter End Notes:

I know I'm not a great writer; I'm using this story to practice my writing more than anything else. Constructive criticism is always appreciated to help me improve!

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