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A Letter on My Appetite By: Drew Nightsin              Molly looked at the blank pieces of paper in front of her. The pen shook in her hand as she tired to put on paper what she could never say to her human niece. She heard the normal noise from her left drawer. She looked at the locked drawer wondering if she should have a snack. However, she chose not to; it would take more time from writing this letter. She finally started to write down the secrets and horrors of her life.       Katie, I am writing this letter in the hopes that I can talk to you about this; rather than handing out a letter for you to read. Yet, if I can’t talk to you; this letter has to do I guess, and I am sorry; please forgive me. Well, for the past 18 years I have been lying to you about my power. You know that I am a “Shrinker”, and I am thankful for you openness and letting me be your legal guardian (Your more of a daughter to me not just a niece).Which is why I am writing this to you. You know I use power to shrink people (mostly women I date). Yet, I have not told you what I do with them. I don’t want to terrify you in anyway but…I…eat them. I want to explain how this all started. So you can understand my reasoning for eating your fellow human beings. I also want to explain why I kept it from you for all this time. It started when I was your age. It was the first day out of High School. I and your mother were invited to a party. Our mother (your grand mother) had given birth to me and she had brought your mother into our family. Your mother being human was not a problem for me or your grandmother. Your mother was one year younger then me. I or your grandmother never looked at your mother (Liz) as anything other than apart of our family. This is important for me to say because she also looked at us as family too. Even when my powers were awaking I never tried to use it own her. Reason why I bring this up is I am sick of anti-Shrinkers saying that Shrinkers use their powers on human family members! If they do it’s against laws that we have as a race! Anyways, back to the subject at hand. It was the first day of senior summer for me and the start of the summer before Liz was going to be a senior. Your grandmother let us go to the party since it was at the house of Ben (yes, this is me and your friend Ben). He had grown up with I and Liz he was also another Shrinker. He was very much the guy the girls wanted to be with. Even if it meant being in his belly where all his shrunklings went too. I know that sounds like he was cruel but he rarely ate shrunklings (to tell the truth I can’t recall the last person he shrunk). Anyhow, we get to the party we met up with our friends. See, me and Liz belonged to a click that people around our town called “The Chick Eaters”. There was me, Liz, Ben and a few that you know of. You and my friend Jenny back then was called “Cheerbelly” because she ate cheerleaders of both the local high schools and a local college near by. Your godfather Randy, we called him “The predator of preps” because he liked to go after preppy girls. Then there was Katie (your godmother and your namesake) which we called “Bloody Kat” for her liking for any girl as long as she could chew her to bits then swallow her. Most of the group was into swallowing people alive (all but Bloody Kat). Nevertheless, we got there and we were parting with our little group. Then The Shrinkers started to shrink the humans that were invited to be the “true fun”. That was all but a few humans including your mother (Liz); she was looking on with a smile. You see, we shrunk (and still shrink) people that are criminals, mean, and cruel people. All the other humans just laughed it off as being part of the fun. One girl even offered Ben a blowjob if he shrunk and ate her (Ben being always the gentleman refused). Our group had collected about 12 girls (others being grabbed by others Shrinkers at the party).We knew what we were going to do with them. See, we had designed a game to make it more fun. We take those old fashioned pops that are filled into bottles. The reason not beer was the fear of puking half digested people (That is a mode killer I tell you). We put one or two in the bottles (usually naked because its more fun having tiny naked bodies rub against the inside of your mouth). Then we would see who could drink the bottle with the shrunklings in it the fastest. I and your mother never took part cause of a few reasons. One, your mother never liked the idea of a normal sized human consuming a shrunkling. She did not mind us doing it but she always felt wrong about the idea (no matter how many times me or any else from the Chick Eaters tired to egg her on). Two, up until this point I did not eat shrunklings. I just shrunk women then gave them to the others in the group. Third, I did not want your mother to see me eat my first shrunkling. I did not know how I would react; I did not know if I would chew, swallow, or spit the poor girl out. So I and your mother stayed on the sidelines as the others played. Yet, that night was different; that night Ben gave me a bottle that had two girls init. “What is this” I asked him. Ben just smiled “Look at them”. I look and there in my bottle where Cathy and Debby Harrison. They were two whores that had troubled your mother since her freshman year. They had giving her so much hell of being from a Shrinker family she was scared to death of going to school. I look at Ben and the other then I looked at your mother. I smiled at her; she smiled back with a “Do it”. Those words then turned in to a chant form the others. I leaned back in my chair; titled my head, and I started to drink. The others kept on chant (even your mother was chanting). It was not long till I felt her sweet little naked bodies enter my mouth. I swirled them around in my mouth as I start to make loud gulps with my throat. I felt the vibrations of their as they were swallowed. I even felt them enter my belly. Everyone just looked at me waiting to see what I would say. I looked at Ben “So did I win the race?” everyone laughed. “Yea Molly, you did” He handed me the left over two (the normal prize for the winner). I walked over to Liz. She was smiling “way to go sis” as I sat next to her. She put her hand near my belly. “Whoa I can actually feel them, what is it like?” I told her the truth I said “It feels like all best little guilty pleasures packed into one.” As I licked the other two up and down. I then started to suck on them. Then titling my head I swallowed the two together whole. Randy notice the act “Holy crap, Molly just did a double header” everyone just started to laugh. I laughed too but deep down I knew something happened inside me. It was something that could never be changed back. That night I became a predator. After that night I started to try my hand at being a shrunkling eater. It was not hard I went to the local college. It is the easiest hunting grounds in our world if you’re a Shrinker looking for prey. There were all kinds of hot tasty female human all over the campuses. I also tried my hand at types of ways to eat them alive. Just dipping them in cold chocolate is the best if your on go and need a pick me up. A bunch of them in a bowl with cold milk make a great breakfast meal. Shrunklings in ice cream is with out a doubt the best way to relax after a hard day. On pizza is cool too (but alive its fun to chase them around the pizza pie). The worst is in alcoholic drinks (somehow they always come back up). Your mother was having with my new hunger aswell. She would make up different for me to try too. The two of us reduced crime on that campus by 37% (Like I said before. The Chick Eaters never ate a shrunkling that did not have it coming). At any rate it was not long till Liz met you’re farther (Roy). It was a very great passionate love affair (as much as I heard from your mother). I never met your farther. I and your Grandmother never understood why. Since, we were family and Liz so in love with him. We got are answer when Liz got pregnant with, and she was going to have us met Roy for the first time. That day…I was woke my phone ringing. I picked it up the phone to hear your mother crying. “Liz, what happened?” I asked her. Your mother was beside her self. “Roy…he…he heard about you and mom…and he walked…off to our bedroom…and he…he…he shot himself!” I shot strait out of my bed “What was there a note or something?” Her voice was now shaking with shock “Yea, there…was…was a note he…did not…want…a…Shrinker lover…as…as a…wife! So…so…he killed himself…to escape…the…shame of having…me…as a …wife!” I just stood there shocked; all I could do was to start crying with your mother. I am sorry you had to hear of your father’s suicide like this. The only reason why it is now coming up is that your mother told me never to tell. For fear that you would blame us in some way. I only followed her wishes. I felt since I am being honest with you I tell you everything. For the next few months were very dark days for us. Till this day I feel guilty for what happened. I know it seems odd but it is true. Nevertheless, the day of your birth was the end to those gloomy days. Your mother felt that your birth was a clean start for her. She was never happier then the first 6 months of your birth. Then…one night after she got off of work…she was murder by the H.L.F. Yes, even back then The Human Liberation Front (the most bloody of the anti-Shrinker groups) was around. I do not have the heart to tell how they killed your mother, but I will tell you it was very gory. I and other Chick Eaters took the law into our own hands (Cops back then did not care what the H.L.F was doing). Through our search we found that three women were the reason for your mother’s murder. We shrunken and ate those whores one by one till one was left. I followed her for days till I knew routine. One night, after she got home I met her outside her door. I didn’t even give her the chance to turn around. I shrunk her on the spot. I shrunk her to 6inches (that’s big for a shrunkling); however, I had plans for the little whore. I took her over to your grandmother’s house and I and she prepared a sauce for the whore to be covered in. We then roasted her slowly and alive. I not to proud to say I enjoyed her screamed as she was cooked alive. However, understand that she took a knife to your mother (my baby sister)! She had to pay for it. In any case it was not long till she was ready to be eaten as me and your grandmother sat down to eat the cooked whore. I thought to myself as a gnawed on one of the little whore’s legs “Do you think Liz would approve of me lowering myself to the H.L.F prejudice of my race?” I then promised myself I would shield you away from my horrors and sins a commit in the name of hunger. At least till you could understand it. So, that’s my letter on my appetite. Before I end this letter I want to explain a few things. One, I or any one else who I named in this letter would ever hurt you. We all help raised you and, you belong to an extended family of Shrinkers. Second, I or anyone else has ever looked at your friends as prey (although your friend Kelly looks like she would make a great pet; nothing more). Last, I love you and what ever happens now is up to you. If you don’t trust me for any reason I will not blame you. Yet, remember if you chose to stay you will have a loving family (like before) but no secrets or lies.  I love you no matter what, Molly  Molly set the pen down on the oak desk. She silted the letter in to a yellow envelop. Just then Katie came home from work. “Hi, Aunt Molly” Katie greeted her Aunt in her normal fashion. Molly walked up to Katie “Katie, we need to talk.” With that Molly took Katie’s hand and leaded her to the couch and told her everything.  ………The Next Night……Ben and the others met outside of Molly’s home. It was Friday night and they were ready to hit the Shrinker bars. Bloody Kat ran the door bell. Molly greeted them “Hi guys, mind if someone else comes?” They all looked at each other Jen asked “Who?” Before Molly could answer Katie Came out dressed to go out and party. “Why me of course Cheerbelly” Katie answer in a joking manor. The rest of the group just looked each other and laughed “Yea sure, more the merrier” was the uniform reply. Molly and Katie came out and walked to Molly’s car. Just as everyone get into there cars Bloody Kat yelled to Katie “Your mother would be proud Katie dear”. Katie just smiled knowing that these people were her family. She also knew that nothing would ever change that.        
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