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Tiffany smiled cruelly. The people screaming and flailing between her toes were sending that sensation she loved when she wedged them between her digits. She was sitting on a building this whole time whilst doing this, giving the people still inside second thoughts about leaving. The occupants were that of terrified office workers whose view was at first the sight of a giant ten year old girl with red hair that were tied in long pigtails that reached her shoulders.

She wore a white T-shirt with jeans short shorts and was bare footed. The occupant's reactions, of course, was to scream and leave the building with that mischievous grin of hers but her attention wasn't on them. No. It was on the gaggle of screaming, crying people that she was holding in her right hand.

Her large form created huge tremors that rocked the whole building making the occupants even more terrified. The lights on the ceilings of each floor flickered on and off. Debris fell from the ceilings. The girl had final made her way to the building sending everyone inside into hysteria. For those on the highest floor, they could make out the white shirt the girl was wearing meaning the whole building was only chest level to the girl!

Tiffany, on the other hand had no intentions for the building but to sit on it which she did. She opened her hand to see her catch. "One... two... three..." She counted softly to herself smiling as she watched the petrified looks of the tinies looking up at her. When she counted six, she plucked an overweight woman out of her hand who wailed horribly. She examined the tiny thing with her brilliant green eyes. "You look like a real squirmer." She said, bringing the screaming woman to her toes. She wedged the thing between her big and second toe and with the incredible uncanny flexibility she had with toes, gave the tiny thing a hard squeeze. Its arms were pinned but that didn't stop it from wiggling from the pain it felt from the young girl's peds.

Tiffany squeezed harder this time hearing its bones crack. It screamed louder. Tiffany licked her lips. She loved inflicting pain on these little things. The rest in her hand were watching the whole thing gasping, hoping that they weren't going to suffer the same fate. The thing was still alive but weeping miserably. Tiffany brought her group to her face much to their shock. "Don't worry, you're next!" Her young, feminine voice boomed with a cheerful smile on her face. They all screamed. Tiffany merely giggled.

Now their was about a dozen people desperately trying to escape their now sweaty prison of toes but Tiffany had clenched her toes with expertise skill with enough pressure to hurt them but not kill them. Her feet were hanging off the building, her hands also planted on the building as she swung her feet back and forth humming joyfully while the people between her toes were suffering. Her toes were getting sweaty and it was creating a slight odor. Given that she was so big, that slight odor was relatively putrid for the people between her toes.

One man started twitching strangely, causing Tiffany to cease her humming and feet movement. She lifted her right foot out were the man was with an intruiged "hmm?" She wanted to see what the thing's strange movement was about. The man was looking green then suddenly he vomited on her foot. Tiffany twitch indignantly. She was not happy about this at all. "Hey! Who said you could barf on my foot!?" She said, plucking the sick man out who was too dazed from his regurgitation to try and resist her grip.

Tiffany regarded the tiny thing with disgust and anger before crushing it to a bloody pulp between her fingers. Rubbing the pulped body and innards into ball and flicking it away, Tiffany returned her attention to her toe toys. "I'm done playing with you all! I don't want anymore barf on my feet." She said giving the still flailing things a wicked grin. "I'd rather have blood instead. Bye! Bye!" With that, Tiffany scrunched all of her toes in union, relishing in the deathly screams the tinies gave before... SPELCH!

Tiffany giggled. Her toes almost looked like they were painted red with nail polish minuses the guts. Hmm... Maybe I should start painting my nails with blood from now on. She thought. She hopped down from her "seat" then started stretching her arms in the air. "Ahh, maybe I should head back home. Don't wanna make mommy worry again!" She said. This was her favorite city to "play " in since it wasn't all that big compared to other cities which meant it wasn't territory material for other giantesses making this city a perfect playing grounds for a young giantess like herself.

Tiffany sighed happily looking around the city. It was quiet, not a surprise after she had made her way here. Wait... She thought, eyeing some movement in a parked Nissan a few feet away. Trodding over there, Tiffany picked up the vehicle with ease and tore the roof off turning it upside down where both a screaming young man and a screaming young woman fell out on her open palm. She threw the vehicle over her shoulder before examining them with glee . Aww! A couple! Tiffany thought. She brought the couple to her face while the two were getting their bearings after their initial fall and were now staring petrified at the face of a giant little girl who was smiling down at them.

The two hugged each other screaming. "Please! Please don't hurt us." The man begged. Tiffany giggled. "Relax little guy, I'm not gonna hurt you. Well, I was until I saw you two were together." Tiffany liked killing tinies that was true but had a thing against killing couples. They just looked so cute together when they would hold each other in fear while she could easily crush them. Something about that made her gush.

Tiffany just continued regarding the two in her hand dreamily. The couple felt a bit at ease after Tiffany assured them that she wouldn't hurt them but were now confused of why she didn't let them down already. Tiffany was so enamored in the young couple that she didn't hear the little screams of people running away from something. They were running past her feet as if they didn't realize she was just a threat as the thing they were running from. There was a distant booming noise that moved rhythmically which finally caused Tiffany to break out of her trance.

Boom. Boom. Tiffany's eyes widened as she felt a presence behind her. She quickly turned her head to see a pair of rather large womanly hips clad in a white dress in front of her face. Tiffany gulp and peered at the feet the hips were connected too and found herself staring at some rather pretty feet painted in clear toenail polish and clad in golden gladiator sandals that reached the smooth ankles of the legs the feet supported.

Looking up, Tiffany was meet with a pair of large breasts, even larger than her mommy's which partailly obscured the beautiful face that was smiling down at her. Tiffany stepped back a few steps, crushing a dog unintentionally that had probably ran from its owner out of fear of this new giantess.

Tiffany nervously wiped the dog's remains off her foot on the street and looked back at the woman standing before her. Now being a few steps back, she could see her fully and "fully" was a good word to describe her. Her breasts were ridiculously large along with her broad hips yet her waist was trimmed which was wrapped with a golden belt accessory that matched her sandals.

Tiffany had a better look at her face now. Her massive breasts had only left her upper face to be revealed when Tiffany was standing right next to her but now Tiffany could make out her entire face. It was smooth, flawless just like her ankles and over her white dress that only reached her upper thighs was a small jeans jacket that was open. Tiffany figure it probably couldn't close because of those big boobs of hers. She was a blonde. Her hair long was straight reaching her rather large rear. She had French Tips on her fingernails painted white and two golden rings on her left hand. Her big blue beautiful eyes was staring at Tiffany with a look that made Tiffany shiver. W-Who is this... this freak! Tiffany thought staring at her mammoth sized bust. Tiffany started blushing.

The girl smiled at Tiffany. "Hi there." She said.

Tiffany forced a smile. A rather nervous one. "Um... hi?"

"Is this your turf?" The girl asked.

Tiffany gulped again. She didn't like this woman. "Um... yes?"

The woman bended slightly, her dress had an opening at the neck revealing much of her cleavage. Hands at her laps, she bended over till she was slightly eye level with Tiffany. "Aw, well it's my turf now." She said in a rather sweet voice.

Tiffany felt herself shivering. "B-but you can't do that!" Tiffany whined. " I was hear first!"

The girl's smile was looking rather mean now. " Well, too bad. I've been looking for a place that wasn't too crowded for a while now and this city is perfect."

"But, but you're so big! You could destroy this city in a day!" Tiffany blurted out.

The girl rolled her eyes with that mean smile still plastered on her face. "I'm not stupid. I know how to destroy cities little by little." Tiffany could feel her heart racing. Her territory was being threatened by another giantess. She never thought it would happen to her.


Tiffany's widened as she heard the busty giantess's stomach growled. The girl rolled her eyes again, giggling. "Oops. Looks like I'm hungry..." As soon as she said that, tiny muffled screams could be heard from Tiffany's closed palm. Tiffany gasped realizing she still had the couple in her hand. The girl realized this too, much to Tiffany's dismay.

"Watcha got there?" The woman asked despite knowing full well what was in Tiffany's hand.

"N-No! Their for eating! Fine someone else to eat!" Tiffany said defensively, pulling her hand back.

The woman stood to her full height and gave Tiffany a rough push causing her to eep as she topple over. Still, she kept her hand clench but that didn't stop the girl from kneeling over and peeling Tiffany's hand open. The girl smiled seeing a tiny man and woman huddling together. The arrival of this new giantess and her announcement of being hungry made them quiver and scream uncontrollably as if one young giantess wasn't enough, this bigger womanly giantess had to come by. She plucked the two out of Tiffany's hand who got up quickly and gasped.

"Aww, are these your little pets?" The busty giantess said bringing them to her large eyes with a sweet smile on her face. She held them with her finger rather then her French Tips this way she could feel their small fragile bodies shake. Tiffany nodded vigorously. Maybe if she said "yes," she'd spare them. The girl brought her gazed back at the two who were begging for their lives. The busty giantess giggled. "How cute!" She cooed.

Tiffany felt relief. "Yeah, I know right! Their adorable." She said. There was a paused as the busty giantess continued smiling at the shaken couple. For a few seconds, everyone was silent until the woman suddenly tilted her head back and opened her mouth, dangling the two terrified screaming tinies above it. "No!" Tiffany screamed.

The busty giantess just let gravity do its work as they simultaneously feel into her mouth. She closed it and started sloshing the tiny duo for about three second before she swallowed them whole rather loudly. "Mmmm." The busty giantess, moaned rubbing her flat stomach with her French Tipped hand. She gave her lips a slow swipe with her tongue.

"Ah... their still alive in there if you wanna say some final words to them." She said giggling. Tiffany felt tears well up in her eyes. "Aw, don't tell me you're gonna cry over a couple of tinies now, are you?" She said. "Listen sweetie, do yourself a favor and go home to your mommy. I think this city is too big for you anyways." The busty giantess smiled seeing Tiffany's lips quiver. "I think this city is meant for a big girl like me."

As if to make her point, the busty giantess turned to a building filled with people and with a low kick from her sandal clad foot, brought the structure to a dusty mess in a few seconds, killing everyone inside.

The giantess sighed happily. "Ah... A girl can get use to this city."



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