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“Antonino! Antonino!” a voice screamed. The sudden and loud noise caused me to wake up. Not being much of a morning person, I rubbed my eyes and tried to collect my thoughts. Today was my first day of senior year and already things weren’t going to well. If my own mother had to wake me up, I knew that my phone failed to alert me. With my eyes tired and closed, I moved my tired body over and reached out for my phone on the nightstand. I grabbed it and laid on my back, slowly opening my eyes. 7:26! I was supposed to wake up at seven! However I calmed myself down and realized I only needed to be ready by 8:30. I had time. I put my phone back on the nightstand and soon my vision was perfect. However, I thought it was tricking me. For some reason, my bed seemed much larger as well as the walls and ceiling. I started to feel uneasy.

Shock coursed through my body with what I was realizing. My old bedroom was not the same size it was last night! Soon waves of panic spread into my brain. “Am I dreaming?” I rubbed my eyes once more and got myself out of bed. Scanning the room, I noticed that it was huge, almost 30ft tall! However, the furniture itself was proportionally to my size except my bed, which was a bit more grander. Moving over to my dresser, I quickly analyzed my room. Everything was as it was last night. Soon I opened the drawers with everything in its rightful place. I quickly threw on some clothes and started to slowly become comfortable with how my room was. “Heck, maybe I finally noticed it,” I said to myself. Then I turned my head to the door. It was massive! The door seemed to be an appropriate size for a giant himself! More confusion entered my head and I tried to fight it, accepting my current predicament. As I struggled to wrap my head around the situation, I heard a tapping coming from my door. “Open up,” the deep voice commanded. It was my father. “It’s unlocked, “ I answered.

The door opened and in the frame was my father in his usual business attire. He was taller than me, at least six foot, and had a darker skin tone than mine, being Hispanic himself. Behind him was the hallway, just as massive as my room. I noticed the door had two knobs, one small and low on the door, while another was huge higher up. “Get ready, Anthony. Don’t be late.” That was all he said before moving into the hallway. As I stood there looking at the giant door, I heard my mother and him have an exchange. “I’m on my way to work, Kathrine. Antonino is getting ready,” he said. “Alright, take it easy Thomas.” The door closed behind him and the roar of the car was heard.

“Why is everything huge!” I said to myself. This was no dream. It felt too real to be one. Soon my mind drifted into thinking about food as my stomach grumbled. I looked down at myself and checked to make sure I was good to go, not forgetting anything. Before I took one step, a thundering noise emanated from the hallway. “What the hell!”

Footsteps, by the sound of it. Big ones. I stared at my door frame and heard the booming as bare feet slapped on hardwood floors. Soon a high-pitch voice called out, “Sweetie are you ready?” Then titanic feet thundered forward as she made her way towards me, standing at the door frame. “Good morning. Are you all ready for breakfast sweetie?” Petrified, I fell to the floor in awe of her. In front of me stood the tallest being I’d ever laid eyes upon, and soon I realized this was no dream. She was gigantic, as the Sicilian woman had to be twenty feet tall by my estimate, clothed in tight fitting jeans and a light blue t-shirt. Her long silk-like black hair was done up in a professional looking pony tail. Her big brown eyes blinked awkwardly at me, with a look of concern.  She took another thunderous step closer to me, her body filling my entire view. “Anthony, sweetie? Are you alright?” A tremendous hand came down from on high as my mother reached for me. Scared stiff, I let out a tiny squeak as her hands wrapped around my chest and she lifted me up into the air.

As I felt my body go weightless, I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was no dream. My mother’s thumb, easily the size of a summer sausage, pressed into my chest. Her long red painted nails pricked my back and arms as she lifted me up to her eye level. For the first time in my life, I was terrified of her, of what she might be able to do to me at her now much increased size.  A second powerful hand wrapped partway around my waist, further securing me. A giant finger stroked my head as she spoke. “Did I catch you off guard again?” I was speechless. She smiled playfully and then clutched me to her breast in a hug. “Oh, schools not going to be that bad. You’ll like it, you’ll see. Just try to keep an open mind.”

Just what was going on?

The hug ended and she started to walk out into the hallway and towards her room. “You don’t mind watching me put makeup on, do you?” I was too afraid to say anything, but muttered out, “No problem.” She smiled and walked into her room. It was similar in size but the furniture was proportional to her size, not mine this time. Walking over to her desk, she placed near her purse, which was just smaller than me. Francesca, my mother, opened her huge makeup bag, rummaging around for a bit. I sat cross legged, still in awe of the whole situation. By this point I’d concluded that this woman was indeed my mother, and in fact she meant me no harm. My mother, with little regard to my blatant staring, continued to apply her morning makeup as if this was a normal, everyday thing. She was even humming softly to herself. As she worked on beautifying herself, she talked to me, as if we did this sort of thing all the time. “So are you excited? Wondering if there are going to be any new girls this year?”

My own head swimming with questions, I suddenly decided that it would be best to play along with this situation for a bit, before I started freaking out. “Ah… yeah. That’s it.” I rubbed my head, wondering what the rest of the day had in store for me.

My mother laughed. “Let’s just hope they take a liking to you.”

A liking to me? Was she implying I was some sort of loser? “Why, what happened last year?” I tried playing stupid.

“You should know!” She poked me with one finger, nearly sending me tumbling over. “All those things those girls did to you last year? And Ricky as well?” Ricky was my best friend and the most humble and funniest guy I knew.

Francesca was finished putting on make-up and kept moving her head around checking her appearance. “Well, you just be as nice as possible, and hope they’ve matured a bit more.” A thought dawned on me. If, in this reality, my mother was this big... how big were the girls at school?

“You don’t think they’ll hurt me, do you?” I genuinely asked, more than a little afraid for my well being.

“Oh no, they just play a little rough. You know young women Antonio.” My mother pulled out her lipstick and pulled off the cap.  She handed me the lipstick and leaned down to my level. “Ok, honey.”  She puckered her big plush lips inches from my face, an obvious gesture that I was supposed to apply it for her. I held the gigantic tube of lipstick, the size of a wine bottle, with both hands. Cautiously, I drew the point across my mother’s lips. Apparently, judging by the way she was acting, I did this sort of thing all the time. When I was done she smacked her lips and made a kissy face. “Thanks sweetie! You always do that so much better. You’re going to make some woman very happy someday!” With a cheery smile, she scooped me up in her arms.

My mother casted me nonchalantly onto her made up bed. While airborne, my heart lurched into my chest for a second, until I landed safely on the frilly, flowery comforter. The carelessness with which my mother had dropped me took me by surprise, but she seemed not to think much of it. Again, it must have been one of those things that happened all the time here in this reality. Without a care, my mother stood in front of her tall mirror, checking herself out one last time. While she did this, I scanned her room and found that it was built for her scale, so to me, all her possessions looked absolutely enormous.

My mother turned to the side and ran her hands down her slender waist. Without taking her eyes off her figure she spoke.  “Are you all ready for school now Anthony? I suppose you need to eat before we head out.” I was pretty hungry actually, and replied, “Yeah, that would be good.”  In an instant I would come to regret saying that.

My mother turned to me, walked over to the bed and plopped down on her side, next to me. I felt the mattress bend under her weight, moving my whole world. As I gazed up at her in awe, she smiled. “Try not to bite this time, sweetie?” Soon she raised her arms and slipped off her top, laying it on her lap. My eyes widen.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I asked. She paused for a second and looked down at me. “What? I’m feeding you silly.” I tried my best to keep eye contact, “What about eggs, bacon or something else?” She giggled. “I eat that. You have to be breastfed. I thought you already learned this in school?” I acted dumb again and denied that I did. “I’ll keep it short. You men can’t eat what we consume. I don’t know exactly why, but just like other animals, you are fed from your mother’s breast! Now, we have to leave soon.”

I was about to ask another question to avoid this situation but there was nothing in my power to do it. Before realizing it I knew it was going to feel awkward. Francesca moved her hands behind her back and undid her bra, pushing it off and onto her lap. Her massive bare bust drooped out. I was stunned. Before I could react my mother’s gigantic hand clasped around my back and pulled me in close. In my surprise was unable to do much of anything to resist. It all happened so fast, and my titanic captor was well versed in this undertaking, like it was an everyday thing.

She planted my face firmly against her areola. Clutching the back of my head with two huge fingers, she forcefully rubbed my face against her nipple, which began to harden expectantly. Course wrinkly breast flesh pressed into me as her nipple grew to the size of a tennis ball. The woman’s whole body turned slightly, and her entire breast rolled on me, covering half of my body with the soft, warm flesh of her bosom.

I tried to protest, but as my mouth opened the titanic woman expertly popped her oversize nipple in and began to hum softly. My tongue grazed against her nipple, and I heard a soft moaning sound emanating from within her. “Take it easy. You don’t have to pleasure me,” she said in a seduction tone. My face turned red. What the hell did I just do? My eyes bugged out, and as I struggled I began to feel hot liquid droplets forming in my mouth. The gigantic breast began to lactate, and the flow of breast milk became more fluid. She was going to feed me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Soon it was over and she placed me back down beside her. As she put her bra and t-shirt back on, she said, “You know, I didn’t know you were finally comfortable.” She arose from the mattress and stood over me. Her hand swooped down and gripped me around the waist. I yelped, and desperately, I clutched her wrist and squirmed. “Let's go!” she said in a cheerful tone.

Thud! My whole world shuddered abruptly as my mother made her way down the steps. Within seconds the large steps were gone as we made it to the bottom and out of the door. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her keys, unlocking her car. I looked to my right startled by the noise and saw the enormous red SUV. Behind the car were the next door neighborhood girls playing hopscotch. They were younger then me and even from a distance, the kids seemed to be my size! Then a figure drew out a shadow behind the house and walked forward. Their mother, whose name I knew, Mrs. Grovinch, appeared out to talk to the young girls. She was taller than my mother and had to be 10 feet bigger! Her long, wavy black hair was done up in a ponytail and she had a darker, tan skin tone because of her being Latino.

She looked over to us walking out and waved. “Hey Frankie! Morning!” Mrs. Grovinch had a nickname for everybody, including myself. “Taking ‘Ant’ to school?”

“Yeah, it's his big day today.”

Mrs. Grovinch smiled, “That’s good to hear. Hey, since I got you now, do you mind is the little ‘Ant’ can mow my lawn tomorrow? Jenny’s husband used to do it but they fought and he left the state.”

“Sure! He would be happy to. Tomorrow he’ll come by or you could go get him.”

“Good to hear. Have a great day Ant-man!”

I waved goodbye and thought I always mowed her lawn. Before, when the world was normal, I would cut everyone’s lawn in the neighborhood. I guess in this one I don’t. Think, sounds good to me. How the hell does a small person like me cut a lawn that seems to be an acre!

Soon we departed and entered the car. Still holding me in her grasp, she placed me in the back, which was gigantic. I noticed there were two different sizes of seat belts, however the smaller ones fitted for me were in the middle. There were only two small ones so I went ahead and buckled myself in. She did the same and we were off to the high school.  

“Mom, why did you tell Mrs. Grovinch I would be willing to cut her lawn? Did you forget I’m only 5 feet tall?”

“First of all, she got divorced. It would be unwise to call her Mrs. Grovinch. She’s Miss Penelope. If she heard you call that, I would have to wrestle her just to keep you from harm’s way. Second, your father mows our lawn all the time. You don’t see him complaining about it.”

I didn’t want to say anything else, and started to dwell on the fact that my mother would fight over me. If the women in this world are so aggressive that they would kill someone over something petty, I better think twice before I say or do the wrong thing.



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