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I have no clue how any of this came to happen to me but I guess I'll feel you guys in.

It was a normal day, Waking up, heading off to work at the daily mart, come home, and get shrunk on a queen sized bed.

Well that was a short boring day when I think about it but besides that. I am on a bed is all I can remember from the last few hours but I do know I'm not in my room.

The bed that I passed out on was closer then my room that was upstairs and since we didn't have a couch that wasn't taken over by our over grown white retriever I decided to go into my sisters room.

She wasn't home since she works kinda late so I was both relieved she wasn't gonna be here for awhile and afraid that I might not find help to get me back to my normal height of 6”4.


I got to my feet after about a few minutes of wobbling around on the incredibly soft blanket she owned and walked for what should've been to the door by now if I was normal size.

I had no clue how small I was or even what I would possibly look like to anyone else if they had even seen me.


When I got to the edge of the bed I could already tell that I had to have walked and stumbled for a few hours It was easy to tell it was a few hours since I could hear my sister walking through the front door calling out to see if anyone was home.


You could hear her drop everything on the kitchen table like she usually did and start speed walking towards her room. She got to the doorway of her room and instantly took a pose of irritation. Hands on her hips grunting at the mess I left on her beautiful bed.


Let me tell you a bit about her. Her name is Scarlett, she's a beautiful 5”9 tall blonde with ocean blue eyes. Usually she wears her booty shorts with a long white shirt draping down over it.

But today she was wearing tight jeans and an off-the-shoulder shirt which complimented her 36C breasts quite well.


She started over to her bed whispering in anger about me leaving my dirty clothe on her bed. I watched as she leaned over me and grabbed my shirt pants and boxers nearly crushing me with her knee.

I was surprised she didn't see me but I guess it's hard to focus on anything when you're ticked off about someone leaving clothe all over your bed.


When Scarlett got back to her room she shut the door behind her in relief no one else was home yet; that she knows of.


She walked over to her closet and started to undress hanging up her shirt and putting her jeans in her clothe basket.

Then she pulled out her normal lounging shirt that showed off her belly and some of her underboob.

Scarlett normally walks around the house when no one is here with her panties showing which I always thought was a bit uncomfortable for me since she seems to also do it when I'm home with her.


She resumed to mess around in her closet straightening up everything before closing it and jumping in her computer chair twirling around in it and messing with her hair a bit. I was stuck watching her fondle her boobs every now and then and listening to some movie she's been watching.


After a few hours had passed and walking back and forth end to end trying to find a way down the bed side I saw Scarlett get up. She walked out of her room and calling out to see if anyone was home. She quickly returned and locked her door.


She walked over to her closet and grabbed a box of something and pulled out a long flesh like toy and started glistering at it with her eyes. Scarlett walked over to where I was forcing me to be nearly face to crotch with her panties as she towered over me. She bent to one side dropping them to the ground exposing her plump pussy. I stood there in disbelief and awe as she presented my view with her wet slit completely unaware of my presence.


She started moving one of her hands towards her clit and started to rub it with her index finger sliding her finger down pushing it into her cunt a bit before she turned around and slowly began to sit. The whole time she was doing that I was there screaming out her name up until she turned around and started to fall towards me with her ass.


I was shocked and put into overdrive by the fear that consumed me. I ran, I ran like no one ran before trying to avoid being crushed into a blood stain on her ass and her bed.

But it was no use running, I was too small and it would've taken an hour to get out of the way. I was instantly sat on feeling every bone, every organ I had in my body being crushed all at once knocking the breathe out of me.

Luckily she re-positioned herself on her bed lifting herself up and moving closer to the middle of the bed and I quickly gasped for air.

I laid near her left thigh grunting and moaning in pain as she began to moan in pleasure rubbing her toy against her wet cunt vigorously jerking her body from the sensation.


It was too hard for me to get to my feet with the bed shaking violently from her bouncing from excitement.

She was fairly new at pleasuring herself, you could tell from how quickly she was to reach climax.

She had to of came three times already screaming in pleasure wetting her bed more and more and lubricating her toy with her glistering juices.


She finally finished and took out the dildo throwing it towards me after and sat up positioning herself on the perch of her bed. I was still in the same spot where she had nearly made me into a stain then I realized something, I was no longer able to get a full view of her room. She had her legs on either side of me mere inches away from where I was. I looked up and was met with the most amazing view that men only dreamed of seeing. She was dripping wet from her session and still wetting the bed with her cum. I watched her hand once more move down towards her slit and she began to finger herself in front of me spreading her pussy open wide almost inviting me to enter.

After about two minutes she came again this time squirting directly on me covering me head to toe in her nectar. I had swallowed a couple loads of her sweet cum trying to gasp for air. Scarlett finally got up off her bed and grabbed a towel she usually hides under her bed and wiped herself off along with the bed. I was also scooped up with the cum as she took it with her to the bathroom and dropped it on the counter.


Stuck to a cum covered towel all I could smell was her intoxicating scent. I went to wipe my eyes and looked over and saw her as she undressed fully exposing her bouncing breasts and hopped into the shower.



Stumbling trying to get up off the cum covered towel I finally got up still sore from being sat on by my sister.

I took the time to try and find a way to get her attention before she got out of the shower..


When I arrived at the edge of the counter top I looked down and saw a pile of clothe laying in the basket below. It was a risky leap of faith since I didn't know how hard I'd hit if I were to jump on the soft clothes below. But I gained the courage and jumped off and landed inside the basket.


I was lucky enough that I fell and survived I was even luckier that I had fallen inside one of her bras since I knew they were already softer then anything in the world.


I got back up and tried to get out of her unbelievably large bra cup but at no use I had trapped myself inside my own sister's bra and had to once again wait for an opportunity to get her attention.

Scarlett started humming a tune while taking her shower and to my surprise I had fallen asleep from her lullaby.


After what may have been a few hours of sleep I was jerked back to reality. I was completely dazed and confused at what was going on when I saw a pair of mountains dangling over me. I was in the dirty laundry basket that's for sure since the cum covered rag was with me still along with the odor of dirty clothes.

Scarlett had no clue I was inside the basket so I began to yell up to her. I yelled for what seemed like eternity before we got to the washing machines, I was scared completely out of my mind since I knew I'd meet my fate if I didn't get out or get her attention. One after another she grabbed the clothes and threw them into the washing machine until she got to her bra. I hurried to get to my feet and readied myself to jump. It was amazing that I had made it out alive! Grabbing onto whatever there was to grab I was now on top of her mounds of flesh. She began to head upstairs forcing me to hang on for dear life. Her boobs bouncing every step she took I thought I would fall off for sure and either die from the fall or be crushed by her feet.


Scarlett went into my room and called out for me to see if I was home yet, she seemed at least a bit worried.

She began to look around to see if I had left a note or something but at no use. She didn't know I was home, she didn't know where I was, she had no clue that I was nearly killed three times by her own hands already.

She was a hundred percent oblivious at what was happening to me in my new giant world.


She stood still for a bit so I took this chance to see if I couldn't get her attention again. This time I got her attention but she still didn't see me. All she did was fix her shirt and messed with her boobs knocking me forward and forcing me to dangle onto her... erect nipple?

I questioned why her nipple was hard but my mind was cut off when she started to walk again.

Basically running down the stairs, scarlett's boobs were jiggling and bobbing everywhere nearly making me fall but I was kept safe by her nipple pressing me hard against her shirt's fabrics.


She returned to her room and put on her favorite pair of underwear. This was my chance to get her attention! If I could just climb onto her nipple when she takes off her shirt I may be able to get her to see me!

I held on as tight as I could when she began removing her shirt and climbed on top of her erect nipple but once again I was ignored. I screamed punched and everything my little body was capable of doing to try and get her attention but soon I'd once again be holding on for my life.

She bent over and raised her panties up and reached for her bra. I was seconds away from being put into complete darkness and being being trapped against her giant nipple. I stood there watching as she placed her breast into the bra and the other and looked up in hopes she'd see me before she crammed me inside her bra.


I was overtaken by darkness and nearly crushed to a pulp against my sister's right boob and she still had no clue I was here. I could hear her as she looked for her favorite shirt and put it on cramming me more against her already tight fitting bra.


It was a few minutes later when I could hear muffled sounds of birds chirping and cars driving by, we must be outside and she must be going somewhere. I tried and tried to get her attention but my screams were muffled and my strength was halved since my arms and legs were pinned against her and the wall of fabric behind me.

It must have been getting late since Scarlett was saying goodbye to whoever she went to go so or hang out with and soon we'd be home. I was exhausted trying my best not to be crushed by the massive weight of her mounds shifting every step she took.


When we got home I was somewhat drenched in sweat and the taste of salt filled my mouth every time I gasped for air.

She had taken off her shirt and bra and I was instantly blinded by the light in the room. She wasn't in her room, she wasn't in the living room then I realized something, I was stuck to her breast.

The sweat was almost like glue to my pathetic size and when I finally gained my vision again I knew what was going on. We were in the bathroom and she was about to take a shower again! I was screwed if I couldn't get loose in time!


I struggled,forced whatever body part I could against her skin to try and get loose and finally with all my effort I got loose but I was too stupid to realize I had nothing to hold on to and fell miles towards the ground.


I thought this was the end... I closed my eyes and accepted the fact that I was about to die. A few minutes passed and I found myself still breathing, still alive by some sick miracle.

When I looked up I saw Scarlett drop her panties on me and hop into the shower again her scent once again intoxicating me nearly turning me on.

It sickened me that I was even remotely turned on from my own sister's lustful scent but one half of me didn't care if we were brother and sister.


Still confused at how I survived I began to crawl out from under my sisters dirty panties and looked at my surroundings. I had completely forgotten about the floor rug that was next to the shower!

And so again I began my journey to try and find something to get her attention with.


Scarlett got out of the shower picked up her dirty panties and bra throwing them into the dirty clothe basket and began to approach me wrapping herself with her towel.

I watched in fear as she got closer nearly crushing me under her beautiful foot but I was once again spared by an inch! Scarlett exited the bathroom and walked to her room and so I would follow.


I had no clue how far it'd be or how long I'd be this small.




It took me what felt like months to finally arrive at her door watching as she exited and entered her room every once and awhile.

I was completely exhausted so I decided to go to the edge of the door where she wouldn't step on me while I took a little nap.


After a bit of time went by I woke up to a surprise, an ant was face to face with me examining me! I was scared shitless and began to scream! The ant must backed up and ran off before being crushed under my sister's enormous foot. The force of her foot shook the ground under me stunning me. I looked up as she began to twist her foot in disgust grinding the poor ant into the ground. “Damn ants!” she said entering her room again.


I watched as she instantly forgot about killing the bug that fast and began to wonder what would she do if she saw me?

For years I've watched as she tortured, dismembered, even ate bugs mercilessly and the fear of being tortured like one of those put a shock of dread through me.


But either way this would be my only chance at hopefully getting back to my normal size, I had no choice.


I traveled to her table in hopes of climbing up and my prayers were answered! A string dangling from the top of the table was long enough to touch the ground allowing me to climb it the only question was would I have the strength to climb it? I took my chances and began my long journey up.


Scarlett sat down at her desk and began to type shaking the string as I climbed up. Nearly losing my grip a few times I just decided to wait out the vibrations until they stopped every once and awhile.

I finally reached the top and pulled myself on top of the table's surface and ducked for cover. I wasn't sure if I should go running out in the open after what she had done to that ant so I needed to find a new way of getting her attention maybe a note or something would work? Just one problem with that, anything I write would be way too small for her to see and it would take too long to do anything.


All of a sudden she reached towards me and my heart dropped! Then she grabbed a pencil a few feet next to me and her hand swiftly disappeared.


Scarlett got out of her chair and left the room for what seemed like forever and thus I took my chances to try and find something to get her attention with on her desk.

I searched and searched I even had an idea of typing out the message but I was a bit too small to even make the keys budge.


She came back in the room out of no where and I was completely out in the open. She sat back down and all I could do was hope she didn't notice me. Stunned from fear I was as still as a street performer.

Then all of a sudden Scarlett went silent her hands out of view I looked up and once more my heart fell.

She had grabbed a glass without me noticing and put it over me.


Looking into her eyes all I could see was mischief. Her disgusted face quickly turned to a lustful lip biting as she dumped me into the glass flipping it over. She looked inside directly at me and all I was doing was standing there! Somehow I needed to get her attention and quick! Flailing my arms I began to scream her name in hopes she'd think I wasn't a bug but that just made things worse. She bit her lip hard and lit out a few words “You know, I haven't taken a piss in a while.”


My eyes were locked onto her lips as she whispered to me those words and my body once more filled with dread as I knew what she was planning on doing.

I was going to be drowned in her piss and there would be nothing I could do about it.


Scarlett picked up the glass and let out a giggle before setting me on the ground. She played with her panties in a seductive way and began to taunt me. “You little bugs are so curious about us women aren't you?” she said biting her lip again while rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“You'll love this, I promise.”


She lustfully began to pull down her panties and then crouched positioning her plump pussy again over me exposing her womanhood. Rubbing her clit and pussy all together she playfully taunted me again and again before spreading herself releasing a moan of pleasure.

“Here it comes little guy.” she said with a cheerful sexy tone as she released a warning stream into the glass filling it about half way to my waist.


I was scared for my life and yet I still tried screaming for her.

Then she released the full stream giggling as she let loose her flood of urine on top of me. The stream forced me into a corner and kept me there crushing me against the glass with no relief.

I was drowning in her piss and tried to look and keep my eyes closed at the same time each time my eyes burning from the acidic sensation of her warm piss.


She stopped the stream forcefully and looked down at me. “Awe poor thing. I almost feel bad watching you drown in my piss. Almost.” she said as she released the rest into the glass forcing me to swallow her piss several times. Her stream lasted at least four minutes and filled the glass nearly to the brim and I was there barely conscious floating.

She lifted her index finger and stuck it on top of me sticking my gooey coating against her skin lifting me out of the piss filled glass and looked at me. All I could do was look at her in complete horror as she bit her finger trying to figure out what else to do to me. “Oh I know what I'll do!” she said placing me on her tongue covering me in saliva.


She spat me out onto her hand and placed me on her dildo and grinning at me. “This is gonna be fun... For me that is.” She lowered the dildo down with me stuck to it but before she forced me into her wet caverns she picked up a bottle of lube and poured it all over the dildo and me forcing me to be coated with a thick glue like layer. She giggled as she watched me in terror as she slipped me into her moist cunt.

With a single push I was submerged inside of her with only a layer of lube keeping me stuck on her dildo.

I could hear her moan in pleasure as she started to thrust her toy deeper and deeper inside vigorously slamming her toy against the back of her vagina.

She took the dildo out with me still on it and looked to see if I was still there, I was. She let out a sigh of pleasure as she watched me struggle. “Oh little bug soon you'll be a bloody stain on my favorite toy! You're lucky you can even be near my soft delicate pussy, most boys don't even get the chance to touch it” she said rubbing the dildo against her pussy lubricating it more with her juices. She continued to grind away at her toy and slide it in and out nearly killing me several times.

At this point there was no surviving this. Scarlett stopped grinding me against her clit and turned over exposing her anus puckering in excitement ready to take her toy and me whole.

“This is your new home little bug.” she said slowly inching me closer to my prison.

He anus puckered against the dildo's tip almost inviting it in and before long I was being crushed by it's entrance. As her anus puckered and twitched against me all I could hear from her were the last words,

“Goodbye little bug!” She was completely unaware of what she had just did to her brother.

She continued to thrust the dildo in and out of her anus screaming in pleasure moaning and jerking from the sensation of fucking herself with something so pathetic at the end. She came several times covering both her toy and herself in lustful juices. After she was done she took her toy out and examined it to see if the bug was still there and began to clean it off before returning to her normal life.


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