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Story Notes:

This story is a sequel to The Gift http://giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=6084


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Stacy and Jessica woke up on their couch, still naked and filthy from their game. Jessica looks down at her girlfriend resting her head on her chest. "Hey there," she says, "Looks like you're back to normal. You feeling better?"

"Yeah," Stacy replies, "I think I'm back to normal now. That was pretty scary. Glad to be full size again. Just too bad I didn't win. I was looking forward to you being my sex slave."

"Well, don't lose hope just yet, I think I owe you for earlier," Jessica says.

"What time is it, anyway?" Stacy asks.

Jessica looks out the window. "Looks to be getting dark," she says.

"Do you know how late that sex shop you got that game from is open?" Stacy asks.

"Uhh, pretty late, I think. Why?" Jessica asks.

"I'd like to end our anniversary right, with you in my pussy," Stacy says, "but I want to talk to that clerk to sort things out so you aren't in any danger. Maybe I can just get a normal shrink ray or something. Last thing I want is for you to be in any real danger."

Jessica responds, "Well, I think it's still open, but can this wait for tomorrow?"

"Pleeease?" says Stacy.

Jessica sighs, kisses her girlfriend, and responds, "Sure. I'll pack up the cards and drive us over."

Stacy kisses her back and cheers a little. "I'm going to have my little Jessica-toy tonight!" The two put on their shoes, Jessica's pile of shoes still in the middle of their bedroom floor. They drive over to the sex shop and notice the only person there is the clerk at the register.

Jessica recognizes the clerk immediately and walks over to her with the box of cards in hand. She says, "Excuse me, miss? My girlfriend and I have some concerns about the game you sold us."

The clerk looks up from her computer. She responds, "Oh, do you have a problem with my game?"

Jessica responds, "Well, it's just a little on the dangerous side. You see, my girlfriend nearly died because a card made her start shrinking away to zero."

The clerk responds, "Did you not want something to spice up your sex life?"

Jessica says, "I did, but killing my girlfriend isn't really spicing it up. What the hell? Can I exchange this for something else?"

The clerk responds, "Sorry, no refunds on used merchandise."

Stacy turns away from the rack full of sex toys she's looking at and yells at the clerk, "Listen, bitch. This thing almost fucking killed me. You're going to exchange it now."

The clerk stands up, a tad taller than Stacy and responds, "Excuse me? I said no refunds. Please leave."

Stacy continues yelling, "Hell no." She punches over a rack of condoms on the counter and continues, "I will burn this fucking place to the ground if I don't get an apology for what your shitty product did to me, bitch."

The clerk comes out from behind the counter and calmly walks up to Stacy. She pushes Stacy a bit as Jessica rests her hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down. The clerk says, "The name is Katie, not bitch. Now if you're so insistent on having your way, we can play a new game. This one doesn't have the shrinking to zero issue, and it lets either one of us shrink. Whoever loses their height first loses. And if you win, I'll give you an apology, an exchange, and any object from my store you want. Not to mention in the process you'll have plenty of chances to get your revenge on me. Maybe I'll even be shorter than you sometime during the game."

Stacy spits back, "Let's do it. I'll kick your ass and shove you up mine." She laughs at the thought. "Oh how I want you squirming inside my anus. You have no idea the things I'd love to do to a bitch like you."

Jessica says to Stacy, "Babe, don't you think we should just walk away? We don't know what she's capable of."

Katie looks at the two and says, "It doesn't matter, Jessica. The doors are locked, and Stacy already agreed." She extends her hand to Stacy and gives her a watch similar to the one from before. It blinks to life and reads 5'6" as before. In the top corner she sees 5'8", presumably measuring Katie's height. Katie steps back, and continues while shuffling the deck, "Now, Jessica, please sit down," motioning to a chair. Jessica hesitantly obliges and sits in the chair. As soon as she does, metal bars clamp around her, trapping her in place. She struggles, but the bars don't give and the chair is bolted to the floor. Katie says, "Oh, right, that chair locks you in. Only I know where the key is. We wouldn't want you interfering with the game, would we?"

Katie sets the deck on the counter between her and Stacy. She explains, "Okay, so in this game we take turns drawing. If one of us is unable to, the deck can draw for you. If either of us are set to shrink to nothing, we lose instantly and regain our original heights. As agreed, my wager is an apology, a refund, and any item in my store. Even the special items in the back room, which I have a feeling would be your choice. And you wager will be Jessica."

"What!?" Stacy interjects.

"She looks like she would be quite the nice plaything, and I'd like to keep her. So when you lose, she becomes my sex toy," Katie responds.

"Fuck no!" Stacy yells, clenching her fists.

"Careful with that temper, Stacy," Katie says, "If you break the rules or quit, I win. And as you know, my toys can enforce the rules."

"Stacy, help!" Jessica shouts from her chair.

Katie pushes a button and the chair puts a restraint over her mouth. Katie says, "Can't be having you as a distraction, Jessica. Now, I'll go first since you're new to this, Stacy." She reaches forward and draws a card. She reads it off, "'Interruption Card. This card may be saved and used once to cancel any later card.' Awesome. Okay, Stacy, your draw."

Stacy glares at Katie with sheer hate as she draws a card and reads it: "'Double Round. Draw another card and double all size effects.'" She continues to glare, her face unmoving as she draws again and reads the new card: "'Boob Names. Each player's cup size now changes to the first letter of their names, returning to normal at a rate of one cup for each of their own turns.' Oh...oh god no." Stacy looks down in horror as her own chest inflates from a B cup to a C, then a D, and her boobs inflate rapidly past S and onto ZZZ, maxing out the size.

Katie watches as her own chest starts at E and grows not six but twelve sizes to a Q cup. Both of their shirts and bras rip right off. Stacy falls to the ground before she can adjust to the new weight of her chest. Jessica looks on from the sideline, secretly aroused at her lover's new huge chest. Katie has less trouble, having started larger and with K being much earlier in the alphabet. She smirks and says to Stacy, "Guess you could have had a worse first draw. My move." She snags a card from the top of the deck as her chest drops two sizes, down to an O cup and reads her new card: "'Kiss. Players kiss each other. Whoever pulls away first gives 5 inches to the other player.' Come here, bitch. I have to make out with you now." She pushes Stacy onto her back and climbs on top of her. She presses her lips against Stacy's and reaches her arms around the truly massive tits.

Stacy was too busy figuring out her new breasts to really listen to the card and shoves Katie off of her. She yells at her, "Get the fuck off me you dumb whore! Ew!"

Katie stands up and looks down at Stacy, still struggling on the floor. She says, "Fine by me. Now you get to see the size stealing feature I added to this game."

"What?" Stacy asks, caught off guard. She looks at her watch, too familiar with the process. It ticks down to 5'1", and she recalls the card she barely listened to Katie read. The counter in the corner that read 5'8" has counted up to 6'1". Stacy looks up and notices the counter that was at Katie's stomach level was now only at her hips. Meanwhile Stacy's pants and panties are now far too big for her and fall to the ground, and Katie's tear right off having been stretched past their breaking point.

"Pretty impressive, huh?" Katie says. "Now, it's your turn, so please get up and draw a card."

Stacy rolls over again. Her boobs drop to a single Z cup, relieving her a little bit of back strain. She grabs the edge of the counter and pulls herself up enough to draw a card. She slides back down to the floor and reads the card: "Ha!" she shouts, "'Critical Hit. Shrink your opponent to 1mm tall.' Looks like you're about to be a fucking germ!"

Katie nonchalantly picks a card out of her pocket and rereads it: "'This card may be saved and used once to cancel any later card.' So nice try, but no luck for you." Stacy sighs in despair and rage, defeated in what she'd hoped to be an early victory. Katie grabs a new card from the deck as her breasts reduce to an M cup and reads it, her boobs reducing to an M cup in the process: "'69. Players give each other oral sex. Whoever cums first gives up 8 inches.' So, little girl, how is your pussy eating? Mine has been described as out of this world." She walks over to Stacy and puts her knees on either side of the smaller girl's head. She drops her pussy on top of her, giving Stacy a head start. "Ahh, I like that. Lick my clit some more. No, not like tha--yes, that. Oh god, more of that." Once Katie is satisfied with Stacy's licking, she leans forward and laps at Stacy's pussy. Stacy immediately gasps in pleasure, pausing from licking Katie. "Did I tell you to stop?" Katie scolds. Katie continues licking, causing Stacy to spasm uncontrollably. Not one to be outdone, Stacy tries biting Katie's labia. Katie screams in pain and leans back, crushing Stacy's head under her gigantic ass. "Going to play dirty, are we?" Katie asks, "Well, I guess I won't be so nice then." She lifts Stacy's lower body up so she can lick her pussy while Stacy is pinned under her ass. She resumes licking Stacy's pussy, sliding her tongue from vagina to clit and circling her clit a few times, only to dive back into her cunt to repeat the process. After only a few more licks from Katie while facing her gigantic ass up close, Stacy climaxed, squirming under the oversized woman, and losing eight inches in the process as Katie grew even more.

Katie stood up, pausing for a moment to give Stacy a good view from beneath her. Then she walks back to her side, now standing 6'9". She says, "You can still reach the counter, even at 4'5", so get up and draw."

Stacy slowly rolls over and gets onto her hands and knees, then grabs the side of the counter and pulls herself up. She says, "You didn't have to suffocate me you fucking bitch. I hope this card makes you my permanent butt slave."

Katie responds, "I can assure you no such cards exist in the deck."

Damn, Stacy thinks to herself, this bitch invented the game and knows every card in the deck. In fact, she may have stacked the deck. I don't remember her shuffling.

Stacy asks, "Before I draw, may I shuffle the deck?"

Katie answers, "Fine by me. Just don't bend my cards up. Printing magic cards isn't exactly cheap."

Stacy picks up the deck and riffles it. She thinks to herself, what did she mean by magic? Is magic even real? This shrinking and growing stuff is strange for sure, but if she's a witch or something, I should be even more careful.

She finishes shuffling and draws a card: "'Reversal. The watch grows your opponent to ten feet tall for ten minutes. If she can make you orgasm in that time, she returns to her previous height. If she fails, after returning to her previous height you take half of her height.' Again? Goddamn." She sits down in resignation, her now X cup boobs still prohibitively large for her to manage. "Can we get this over with? I already know you're about to win this card."

Katie laughs as she grows to ten feet tall, careful to avoid bumping her head on the ceiling. She wonders if Stacy's spirit has really been broken so easily. Without wasting time, she crawls over to Stacy, now under half her size and sits her ass back on her head. She taunts, "So, Stacy, how did you like my ass?"

Stacy tries to tell Katie off, but she's unable to open her mouth.

Katie grinds her butt in Stacy's face, enjoying her power advantage. She says, "I have over nine minutes left. Do you think I should enjoy my perch for a few more minutes?" She then begins bouncing on her butt, and Stacy's head. She continues, "Now, you may be pleased to know that the game magic also offers some protection. So while normally a goddess such as myself bouncing on you might be dangerous, or even fatal, you can rest assured you're entirely safe. In fact, I can promise you that you'll make it out of here just fine tonight." Katie farts, adding to Stacy's suffering and reminding her of her dreadful game this morning. She continues, "Now, Jessica, on the other hand, will not be. I have other plans for her. To start, I will be making her incredibly small. How small? I haven't decided yet. Maybe like a barbie doll. Then I could package her up and disguise her as a sex doll. Did you know there's a growing market for small women sex dolls? And Jessica has all the right holes for all the wrong abuse."

Suddenly Katie's taunting breaks through Stacy's feelings of defeat, and Stacy claws at Katie's thigh, digging her nails in deep enough to make her bleed. Katie jumps up and yelps in pain. Stacy swiftly gets on her feet. She says, "Over my dead fucking body. You won't be laying one finger on my girlfriend. I'll fucking kill you!" She lunges at Katie, her fist extended, but Katie nonchalantly puts out her hand, with over eight times the area of Stacy's fist, to block.

Katie says, "I still have six minutes. And even if I failed this challenge, I would still beat you easily." She then pushes back on Stacy, causing her and her oversized chest to tip back and then swing forward, landing flat on her face. She continues, "But let's not waste any more time. You're getting a little feisty and I want a card that will bring you down to a more manageable size." She steps on Stacy's back. She hears a loud crack but proceeds to drop to her knees and once again lick Stacy's pussy, causing Stacy to helplessly moan and squirm under her. Once she finishes, she stands up and walks back to the counter. As Stacy lies on the ground reaching the end of her orgasm, Stacy says, "Yes, cum for me. I want you want me, dear. I know you're amazed..

She picks a card up from the deck while Stacy remains helpless on the floor. Her chest drops to a K cup as she reads the next card: "Oh, I like this one. It's one of my newest additions, but in your sorry state I think it'll work alright for me: Violence. If you are larger than your opponent, for every minute they do not hit surrender they steal two inches from you until they reach your height. If you knock them out, they lose a foot to regain consciousness.'" Upon finishing reading of the card, Katie steps on Stacy's arm, breaking it.

Stacy recalls her experience with these kinds of cards. She looks to her wrist and sees a surrender button appear on her watch. Suddenly Katie's massive foot crunches her arm. She looks at it, in shock from the trauma. She tries to hit the surrender button, but with both arms broken, she can't do it.

Katie says, "While it will cost me two inches a minute, I have enough of a lead for this to be well worth it." Before Stacy can respond, she pulls her up by the hair and knees her in the face. She then proceeds to kick her in the stomach. Then she slams her against the counter.

Stacy's vision goes blurry a few times. With both arms useless, she's unable to resist Katie in any real way. She tries kicking at first, but the repeated blows to the head make her unable to pay attention to the fight. She's slammed against the counter and then the floor. After a few more blows, she notices she's grown a bit. In the corner of her eye she sees the numbers 4'9" and 6'5". In pain from the head blows, she tries to pull her arms together with her shoulders. She manages to clap them a few times, but Katie catches on and picks her up and throws her against the wall.

Jessica watches from the corner as her lover is abused horrifically. She cries as Stacy slams against the wall and goes fully unconscious. She instinctively tries to scream, but her mouth is still stuck shut. She rails against her restraints but to no avail.

Stacy wakes up, watching Katie make her way around the counter. As she shrinks to regain consciousness, she manages to roll so her boob presses the surrender button. She glares at Katie, more full of hatred than ever yet. She starts to speak, but Katie cuts her off.

"Looks like you lost everything you gained," Katie says, "Score is 4'1" to 6'3". Since I doubt your broken ass can draw, I'll read the top card for you: 'Strip. If your opponent is wearing anything make her strip, shrinking her 1 inch for every second she takes.' Aww, too bad for you I'm already naked. Well, it's not all bad. I am naked after all. I know Jessica over there has been enjoying the view." Jessica tries and fails to protest. Katie continues, "Well, at least your chest gets a little smaller. Still a V cup. Not that you'd be standing any time soon anyway. Now, my move."

Katie draws another card, this time for herself, her breasts returning to an L cup. "Well, looks like this card ends the game in my favor," Katie says, "But unfortunately it's not useful yet. It says, 'Vore. If she can be swallowed whole, eat your opponent. This ends the game.' Wouldn't that have been nice? Oh well; I guess you won't get a full tour of my digestive tract. Jessica, on the other hand, might just get the opportunity." Katie proceeds to walk over to Jessica and open her mouth wide in her face. She continues, "Would you like to get a closer look, Jess?" Jessica slams against the bars, but is still mute. Katie continues, "Well, it looks like Stacy isn't doing much good to stop that, so I suppose she wants you to be my snack."

She walks back towards Stacy and the deck. Katie says, "Now, let's see if your turn gets me anything more useful." Stacy's chest diminishes again, to a T. Katie reads her card, "'Shrink! Your opponent shrinks 6 inches.'" She shrinks down to 5'7", just under her original height. She says, "Well bitch, it looks like you caught a break. Not for long, though."

Katie draws another card with haste. Her chest returns to a J cup. Still sizeable, but almost fitting for her. She reads the card: "'Shoe Cleaning. Have her lick your shoes until they are clean.' Easy enough." She picks her shoes off the ground and drops them in front of Stacy's face. She says, "Listen bitch, I'm being nice to you. My shoes aren't even that dirty."

Why would she be nice to me, Stacy thinks. She just beat me half to death and is in the process of taunting me, but now she'll make a round easy? This has to be a trap.

Katie says, "Now remember if you refuse you lose instantly. And I can assure you the penalty is all the worse for poor sports. If you actually play to the end, I might let Jessica eat real food instead of the discharge from my cunt." As she sees Stacy licking at her shoe, she drops to a knee and helps move the shoe around, allowing Stacy easy access to the dirt, first around the outside, then into the sweat stains on the inside. After a few minutes she takes it away. "Good enough," she says. She walks over to the cards and says, "Now, your turn."

Stacy remains lying on the ground, still building the energy to stand up without her arms. Katie reads the card to her, "'Fun with Boobs. If you can hold your opponent up with your boobs, do so and hold her there, penalizing her one inch for every turn until a card has her removed.' So Stacy, can you hold me up with your boobs? While your R's are quite impressive, I don't think you can even hold yourself up."

Stacy lifts her head and looks at Katie. Despondent, she responds, "No. Draw your next card."

Katie looks hungrily at Jessica. She licks her lips as she grabs another card. She reads the card: "'Hide and Shoe Seek. If she is under a foot tall have her hide in one of your shoes. Put on one. If she is in the one you put on, she loses 3 inches and remains in your shoe until a card frees her. If not, let her out. If she is a foot or taller, have her lick a shoe clean. If she refuses or fails, shrink her halfway to a foot.'" She looks at Stacy lying on the ground and feels a twinge of sympathy, and another twinge of boredom. She says, "I'm not going to help you again, Stacy. And this time, the shoe you have to lick clean is the one on Jessica's foot."

Stacy looks up at Katie, glares, and says, "You. . .you cheater! You can't make me lick her foot. She's not even in the game."

Katie says, "You think you know the rules better than me? I invented this game. I am to have you lick a shoe clean. Nowhere does the card say my shoe. I see no reason not to consider her shoe. Clearly the magic doesn't have a problem with it either."

Stacy groans and turns herself around on the ground with her legs. She inches around the counter and then towards Jessica. Jessica looks down at her lover, brought from a domineering goddess once again to a diminished, pathetic state. Stacy slugs across the floor, slowly making her way to Jessica's feet. When she arrives she laps at the dirt on her sneaker. She recalls nearly ending up inside of it this morning, and now she's licking it from a safer perspective. Katie merely watches on and chuckles.

Stacy finishes licking Jessica's shoe with some positioning help from Jessica, who has control her her ankle still. She rolls over and says to Katie, "There, I fucking did it." Suddenly she feels the shrinking sensation flood her body. She looks at her watch and it begins ticking down to 2'6.5". She screams, "What the hell? I did it! I fucking did it!"

Katie leans against the counter, and responds, "No, the challenge was for you to clean her shoe." She swings forward and walks to Jessica. She then pulls her sneaker off and points the inside toward Stacy. She continues, "The insides of these things are filthy. You failed, and thus you are now even closer to being a worm." She reaches her arm down to Stacy. She says, "Now, I'm tired of drawing for you. You're going to draw for yourself."

Stacy grabs her arm and tries to pull herself up, but cannot. Katie laughs, "I suppose you forgot your arms aren't going to work. I guess I'll have to be nice one more time." She then leans down and picks up Stacy and carries her over and sets her on top of the counter. She says, "I suppose since you're the size of a child you can sit on my counter. Now draw."

Stacy attempts and fails to move her hand to draw a card. The deck responds to her attempt and flips a card. Stacy is astonished. She says, "What the hell was that?"

Katie says, "I told you, the deck will fill in when you can't draw. Now read the card."

Stacy reads, "'Boob Comparison. Whoever has the larger boobs steals an inch for every cup and band size larger.'" She pauses and then says, "Oh thank god. Finally." She looks down at her watch as it displays its calculations for the two naked women. Next to Katie's name it displays 36-H, and to her own 16-P. Katie wins 20 for band and Stacy wins 8 for cup, summing to a one foot steal for Katie. As the numbers flash on her screen Stacy's smile drops into a frown. She says, "God damn. I thought this boob curse was finally going to pay off!"

Katie says, "Well, shrinking does reduce the size of your boobs. They're kinda cute at this size." Stacy shrinks on the counter, now only 1'6.5". Katie continues, "It's nice to be big again. I think 6'7" is an alright size for me. What do you think?"

Stacy opens her mouth to respond, but Katie cuts her off: "Right, I don't care what you think." She draws a card and reads it: "'Ass Play. Lay on your stomach and place your opponent on your ass cheek. If she kisses your asshole, let her go. Otherwise trap as much of her as you can between your cheeks until a card requires her be out and shrink her 2 inches.'" She laughs, "Haha, I love this one. I based it on what Jessica did with you earlier. You two really gave me some good ideas for new cards for this game."

Katie picks Stacy off the counter and lied on her stomach, placing Stacy roughly on top of her butt. Stacy thinks to herself, how did she know about what Jessica did? Was this bitch spying on us too? If she was, does that mean she knows...? No, there's no way. Now, I just need to get this over with so I don't end up in another ass for several rounds.

Katie relaxes on the floor, wishing the carpet was shaggier for this moment. Stacy pushes her face into Katie's asscheeks but is unable to penetrate them. She headbutts Katie's butt a few times, but never manages to do more than jiggle her but. Katie taunts, "If you're just going to play with my butt, give up and you can just spend a few more turns in it. You're making me think all these cards need time limits."

Stacy switches strategies and tries nuzzling her way in, but still without her hands to help her, she cannot make any real progress. Katie' butt is too big. It's pleasantly soft, but hatred makes enjoying the moment all but impossible. Finally Katie says, "I'm getting tired of waiting and kinda like the idea of you stuck in my butt. If you don't give up now and I win, I will shrink Jessica to a speck of dust and shove her deep, deep inside my asshole until she dies. Or gets shat out and flushed away, then dies."

Stacy responds, "You, you fucking whore!" She thinks to herself, I can't win this challenge. There's no use prolonging it. I still have a chance to win, but if I don't, I should keep Jessica in mind. Maybe I can mitigate the circumstances. She continues, "I. . .I give up."

Katie says, "That's what I thought." She stands up, letting Stacy roll off her ass onto the floor as she shrinks two more inches. Moments after Stacy hits the ground and gathers her senses, Katie wraps her hand around most of her torso. She bends over, exposing her asshole to Stacy and Jessica both and then pushes Stacy against it, face first, wiping her around a little before standing up, Stacy's head stuck in her ass. She continues, while maintaining eye contact with Jessica, "Now, since you can't read your next card, I will take over for you. I must say, you've been a particularly useless game partner. I'm glad Jessica will be my toy and not you."

"Now, what will your card do for you?" Katie says. She starts reading the card: "'Critical'--." She bursts out laughing before she can get to the text. Stacy feels the shrinking sensation and a bad feeling in her gut. Katie resumes reading: "'Critical Fail. Give your opponent 3/4ths of your height.'" Stacy's bad feeling overwhelms her as Katie's ass becomes ever larger by the second. As she gets smaller, she notices Katie's hand around her, pushing her into her ass. As Stacy nears the end of her shrinking, Katie manages to force her entire head into her asshole. Stacy screams as this happens, and the vibrations tickle Katie, making her giggle and moan a little. Katie taunts, "I like how you feel in there, Stacy. A human ass dildo, I like it! Maybe that can be Jessica's purpose." Stacy begins thrashing, and Katie continues, "Nice draw by the way. I don't think I can follow that up. Guess I have to try."

Katie draws another card, looks at it, and laughs. She says, "This looks like it can be fun. 'Indulgence. Indulge yourself for 5 minutes. If your opponent surrenders, they lose 2 inches for every remaining minute. Steal one inch every time you get off.' Now unfortunately for me if I remove you from my ass I no longer get to keep you in there. But, I think I have another way, since the card says to indulge myself."

The timer starts counting down and Katie walks behind the counter and grabs what looks like a stun gun. She walks toward Jessica who begins struggling again, worried about what Katie has planned. Katie turns around when she gets near Jessica, her butt above Jessica's face level. She leans over a bit and say, "You see your girlfriend-buttplug in there? I can see why you kept her in your butt so long. She really feels quite nice. I'm surprised she didn't have more fun with you while she had the chance. Well, I only have four minutes, left to indulge, so let's start the fun." She then jabbed Jessica with the stun gun, and Jessica began to shrink rapidly. Katie sets the gun on the arm of the chair and picks up the freed, naked Jessica from her pile of clothes on the chair. She picks up the now-eight inch Jessica and dangles her in front of her face as she walks to the counter. She says, "With Stacy doing such a great job in my ass, I figured I may as well have a few minutes of fun with the pair of you inside me."

Jessica flails about in Katie's grip, but is ultimately powerless. Her fate is sealed, and Katie slides her headfirst into her wet, awaiting pussy. She lies down on the counter, pressing Stacy deeper into her in the process as she uses both hands to force Jessica in and out of her pussy. After three and a half minutes of masturbating on the counter she reaches climax, already ready from playing with Stacy. Her asshole squeezes Stacy's neck, choking her. Stacy gags trying to breathe, even Katie's noxious ass air. Meanwhile her pussy hugs Jessica as she lets go and lets her contractions control Jessica the moving human dildo for her. She lies on the counter, deeply enjoying her orgasm. Stacy gets a little smaller and Katie a little bigger, and Jessica escapes onto the counter. She runs away from Katie, but realizes she has nowhere to go.

After the five minutes are up, Katie, sits up and picks up Jessica. She tells her, "Now that little toy only shrinks you for a little while, and with my five minutes up, you'll be regrowing. But we can't have you interfering, so the old tactics will have to do." She then tosses the growing Jessica into her chair dazing her.

Katie stands up and draws a card. She says, "Now, for your turn, you get 'Anal'. Damn. 'Shrink your opponent to 1 inch and tape her arms and legs to the top of a butt plug. Make sure she is on there good, and then set it on the ground and push your self down on it. Keep her up there. If she lasts five minutes, let her back to her previous height. If she surrenders, she gives you five inches for each minute.' Now, I suppose I can be nice--." Before she can finish, she begins shrinking rapidly to a single inch tall on the counter.

Katie stands up on the counter, Stacy now freed from her ass, but still lying on the ground, struggling to stand up. Katie taunts, "I guess you're still too broken to do anything. Not that you can even get to a buttplug in time anyway. This will be the easiest five minutes for me ever."

Suddenly a shadow covers Katie. She turns around and looks up to see an absolutely colossal, and furious Jessica. Jessica says, "So, you fucking whore, the card says you have to go on the end of a buttplug. Well, I have no trouble finding one in your sex shop. Hope you don't mind. I also helped myself to some tape." Katie tries running, but Jessica easily picks her up and tapes her to the end of the buttplug. She continues, "Now there is the issue of her only being six and a half times your size, but her ass in your face will still be nice revenge." She then gently picks up Stacy, gives her a kiss, says, "I love you, dear," and sets her on top of tiny Katie.

Stacy looks up, relieved to see Jessica okay. She says, "Are you alright? I'm so sorry I'm failing you."

Jessica kisses her again and responds, "No, you were trapped in this. It's my fault."

Stacy looks into Jessica's deep blue eyes. A wave of serenity washes over her. She asks, "Jess, can you kiss me some more? I love you."

Jessica replies, "I love you, too. We will get through this. Nobody can out-domme you." She kisses Stacy several more times, caressing her small body with her tongue, and hugging it with her plush lips.

The five minutes elapse with minor resistance from Katie. The watch buzzes and Jessica picks up Stacy and walks away from the counter to protect her from the growing Katie. She cups her hands around Stacy to shield her from harm.

When Katie regains her full height, she stands up and stomps over to Jessica. She bellows, "You dumb cunt, you were supposed to be in your chair, not boosting morale. Stop interfering with my game!" She backs off a bit and calms herself. She turns around and walks over to the deck, Jessica still paralyzed with fear of the amazon. She draws a cards and spits, "Fucking useless. 'Dwarf. If your opponent is taller than 4 feet, shrink her 12 inches.' I can't use this. Let's see what Stacy's draw is since she's too broken to draw, still. 'Explorer. Lie down and hide the card somewhere on you. She loses an inch for every minute it takes her.' See, this is the kind of card I would want me to draw since I'm big. Go ahead and lie the bitch down so we can get on with this."

Jessica reluctantly walks over and sets Stacy on the counter, remaining close. Katie says, "Don't worry, I have no interest in taking her from you right now. The cards will do that." She sets the card on Stacy, chuckles at it being wider than her, and then picks it up. "Well, that was easy," she says, "You can take it back now."

"Her," Jessica says.

"Whatever," Katie says, "we'll see how much lip you have to give when you're my fucktoy. My move." She draws a card as Jessica walks away with Stacy. She reads, "'Lick. Choose one part of you. Your opponent must lick that part.' Wow. I have so many good options. Where should I make it lick, Jessica?"

Jessica stares silently at Katie.

Katie says, "Not going to help? Well, I guess this card does specify it has to be a part of me. Now, I would normally say my asshole, but it's already gotten some experience there, and I fear its Katie tour is coming to an end. So instead, I want it to lick my toes. Go ahead. Set it at my feet like the bug it is."

Jessica continues to coldly stare at Katie as she walks over to her and gently sets Stacy at Katie's toes. She whispers to Stacy, "I'll be right here. Don't worry."

Katie groans, "Do you have to hover over it like that? You're ruining all of my fun. How can I cover it in my sweat and toe grime while you're standing there? You know you're only making your own fate worse?"

Jessica picks up Stacy while Katie is talking. She stands up and walks back with Stacy in hand. She says, "Go ahead and draw Stacy's card. She licked your filthy toes."

Katie laughs, "And it'd kiss you with its filthy mouth now, too I bet."

Jessica says, "And I don't mind one bit. I love her." She kisses Stacy again, for emphasis and comfort. As she does this, Katie draws a card.

Katie says, "Looks like it got an interesting card. 'Truth. Ask your opponent one question. If she lies, she loses 12 inches.' Guess now is your one chance to get whatever answers out of me I'm sure you're wondering by now."

Jessica looks down and whispers to Stacy, "What do you want to ask her?"

Stacy says, "Should we ask her about the magic? Or what the hell she is? Knowing what we're up against could be helpful."

Jessica whispers, "We could also ask about possible strategies to win. Like what her weaknesses are."

Stacy says, "Should I just ask what strategy she would use to beat her if she were in our situation?"

Jessica whispers, "Maybe. I like it, but she might just take the twelve inch deduction if the question is too good."

Katie interjects, "Today would be appreciated. I still have to close up the shop for the night."

Jessica says, "Oh shut the fuck up. You got us into this twisted game."

Katie responds, "Yes, and? It's common courtesy in games to move things along. I know you have questions. Out with them already. If it'll hurry you up, I'll let you ask two questions."

Stacy rolls over and shouts, "Alright, bitch, what the hell are you? Like, a witch or goddess or what? How do you have magical powers?"

Katie raises her eyebrows and answers, "I'm a mere human who has come across magic and learned to harness it for my own purposes. Anyone could, if they spent the time learning how."

Stacy rolls back and says to Jessica, "Alright, so I guess that's a good thing. Now, next question. You go ahead."

Jessica asks, "If you were in Stacy's situation, how would you win the game from this point?"

Katie answers, "Impressive question. I would focus on being able to play for myself. In fact, I would probably make a deal trading my access to assistance for something helpful in the game. Now, I have answered your questions and have not shrunk, so I will be drawing my card now."

As Katie picks up a card, Stacy asks Jessica, "What do you think she was talking about with her game advice?"

Jessica answers, "I think you know. She thinks you're better off alone if you can get an advantage in exchange for my leaving you be."

Stacy asks, "Do you think we can trust that advice?"

Jessica answers, "She didn't shrink, and the magic hasn't failed yet. So, I guess she must be telling the truth. And nobody knows this game better than her."

Stacy says, "Yeah. I guess so." She rolls a bit and shouts to Katie, "Hey, would you be interested in a sort of trade? Jessica stays out of the game and I get an advantage?"

Katie says, "Perhaps. Let's see if you can deal with this card first. And we'll see if Jessica can stay out of the way for five minutes as a trial run. 'Mini Smother. Restrain her to a couch or chair and sit on her. If she lasts five minutes let her go. Otherwise shrink her an inch for every 30 seconds off.' So Jessica, please do the honors and put her on that chair and then step aside."

Jessica kisses Stacy and sets her on her pile of clothes on the restraint chair. Meanwhile Katie walks behind the counter and flips a switch prior to walking over and unceremoniously plopping her ass on top of Stacy. Stacy struggles at first, but has grown used to Katie's ass. Even at this size it's soft enough. She's played this challenge at a smaller size with Jessica before, so this isn't too bad. After a minute Katie manages to grind her into her ass crack. She flexes her ass in an attempt to move Stacy inside, but fails. Stacy even manages to laugh at her failed attempt. Four minutes pass and Katie says to Jessica, "This is kinda boring. Did you enjoy it?"

Jessica pauses for a moment, and says, "I thought it was alright." She wonders what Katie is up to.

Katie says, "Did you do anything to make it more interesting?"

Jessica says, "Yeah, I," and pauses, realizing she should not give Katie any ideas. She continues, "Uh, well, I grinded a bit. But taunting her was the real fun for me."

Katie glances at her time running low and responds, "You lie. I know you farted on her. Did you think lying to me would help you? Well, I'll tell you what, as a courtesy I won't fart for the last twenty seconds here. Instead I'll save that for when you're acting as my new thong string." She looks at her watch again, sees the time is up, and stands up. She turns around and looks at Stacy, lying in the chair, blinking as she adjusts to having light again.

Katie asks, "So, you wanted an advantage in exchange for Jessica staying out of the game?" She walks over to the counter and picks up a card and starts reading.

Stacy says, "Yes, I think that would be worth both our whiles."

Katie says, "I already know you know it's a good plan. What do you want out of it? By the way, you card is 'Effect Swap. Save this card. At any time it may be used to swap the remaining effects of the current card played.' I'll set it down. Let me know when you want to use it." She draws and reads another card for herself.

Stacy says, "Well, I haven't really locked in on any one idea. Would you like to make any proposals?"

Katie says, "Well, I just drew 'Smother. Sit on your opponent's face. If she can push you off or last ten minutes, let her go. If she surrenders, she loses two inches per minute. If she passes out, you steal half of her height.' Maybe you can use that time to think."

"Not again," Stacy says to herself as once again she finds herself under Katie's ass. This time Katie grabbed her ass on either side as to spread it open and trap her inside. She doesn't bother struggling, instead deciding to use her ten minutes to plan her negotiations. She thinks talking with Jessica would be really nice right now, but of course she's prematurely removed thanks to this smother card.

After a minute Stacy's thought is interrupted by a deep rumbling, followed by a familiar yet new noxious odor envoyed by a thunderous sound. Katie says to Jessica, "Sorry, guess you have to share my ass gas with your girlfriend. Hope you don't mind too much." Katie then grabs either side of her ass and slides around, forcing Stacy in farther and her face against her asshole, only to fart again, flooding her senses. After another minute and a half she farts once again, this time for long enough to deprive Stacy of oxygen long enough for her to briefly pass out. In fact Stacy only realizes she went unconscious briefly as the asshole her face is pressed against begins to double in size. Suddenly she feels a finger behind her push her in followed by the asshole squeezing her again.

Jessica notices Katie's minor growth spurt and says, "Hey, she passed out. That means you get off of her!"

Katie says, "The card just says she surrenders half her height. She still has five minutes left under my ass. But since you still insist on acting like you know the game better than me, I can make it worse for her." She then bounces up and down, each time putting pressure on Stacy and sliding her a bit deeper inside. Eight minutes in Katie manages to suffocate her again. Jessica grimaces as Katie gains another, smaller growth spurt.

Jessica swallows her pride and pleads, "Please, let off of her. She'll shrink away to nothing."

Katie says, "She has another minute and a half. She can surrender at any time, and you will take her place."

Jessica says, "What? That's not on the card."

Katie says, "No, but she would lose enough to go to zero, which means she loses, which means you become my plaything." She shows her watch reading 8'11.84375" in one corner and 1.65625" in the other to Jessica.

Jessica asks, "What if she uses her reverse effect card? Then you would shrink those four inches."

Katie says, "While that would be a good idea, she'd have to be able to tell me to play it for her. Unfortunately for her, I don't think she can even think clearly enough to think of that." She farts again and continues, "Nor do I think she can hear you and your plan." She feels another growth spurt. She says, "Guess that knocked her out again. All this oxygen loss can't be good for her brain. Oh well. Breaking her arms wasn't good for her, either." She looks down at her watch and notes, "Oh cool, I just passed nine feet tall. You know, Jess, I could have some fun with you without even shrinking you. Maybe when this timer goes down to zero and I stand up I should show you a thing or two."

Jessica steps back and responds, "Maybe you should let Stacy finish kicking your ass."

Katie's watch buzzes as time runs out. She stands up and says, "Kicking my ass? I think my ass is doing far more to her than her to it." She looks down at the chair and notices Stacy is missing. She laughs, "Haha, guess she got stuck." She picks Stacy out of her ass and tosses her onto the chair.

Katie asks, "So, Stacy, now that we're done with that fun card, would you like to make that deal?"

Stacy coughs, trying to flush out her lungs with the clean air. Still hazy, she looks up to Katie and shouts, "Yes, I have an offer."

Katie draws a card as Stacy shouts. She reads the card to herself, grins, and says, "Sorry, Stacy, I couldn't hear since you're smaller than a Polly Pocket." She gets on her knees and puts her ear near Stacy and continues, "Now what was it you wanted?"

Stacy repeats, "I have an offer. In exchange for Jessica staying out of the remainder of the game, I want to be able to veto three of your draws."

Katie looks at Stacy's card in her hand. She responds, "I have a counteroffer. Your next card is a challenge. So we bet now that if you can win the challenge Jessica going back to her restraint then you get five vetoes and Jessica can help you again. But if you lose, then Jessica remains restrained until the end."

Stacy thinks for a moment. I don't know what the challenge is, she thinks, and my arms are still useless. I might be able to beat another survival challenge, but I'm still pretty weak from the last one. I better not take the bet, just in case. The bitch is pretty stubborn, too, so I doubt she'll negotiate. Unless I come up with something totally unexpected.

Stacy says, "I have another counteroffer. No bet. I want a straight trade. So if Jessica stays out of the game, you have ten turns to win before I win by default."

Katie chuckles, "Hehe, sure." She looks at Stacy's card in her hand. "Jessica is out, and the countdown begins. It's your turn, though, and only my turns will count. I'll have no problem beating you in ten turns."

Stacy shouts, "Fine. It's a deal then."

Katie stands back up and lifts up Jessica. She says, "Alright, now you need to sit down." She places her on the chair, her pussy right on top of Stacy. She laughs, "Now don't be having too much fun you two. Stacy's card says 'Climb. Both players stand on the floor. If the smaller player can touch the top of the larger's head in five minutes or less, she steals 4 inches. If she fails, she loses 4 inches.'" The restraints come out and restrict Jessica as Katie pulls out Stacy from under Jessica. She places her on the floor and taunts, "Well, you have five minutes to scale a six hundred foot goddess. Good luck. You'll need it to save my new fucktoy."

As the restraints continue to seal in Jessica, she exclaims, "Stacy, remember your reversal card!"

Stacy's eyes open wide. The cloud of despair at her current situation clears. She looks at her watch and sees the reversal icon in the corner. She presses the button and then hits surrender. A grin spreads across her face as she finds herself growing back to taller than a Polly Pocket on the floor.

Katie curses, "Damn you mouthy bitch. You'll pay dearly for that." She picks up a new card, still tall enough to reach with ease. She reads, and laughs maniacally. She says, "So, bitch, looks like this is the end for you. 'Wrestling. Start a wrestling match. Whoever wins takes 5 inches and sits on the loser's face while reading the next card.' Care to look at your size?"

Stacy looks down and reads to herself, "4.828125. . .fuck."

Katie continues, "All I have to do is beat you in a wrestling match and you're finished. A disgraceful end for a disgraceful cunt like you." She raises her foot and slams it down. Stacy runs out of the way just in time. The shockwave knocks her down. She scrambles to her feet and runs for the nearest rack, which she rolls under. Katie kicks over the floor rack, exposing Stacy. Stacy climbs under the tipped rack, buying her a little time.

Stacy looks around with what little light seeps under the overturned display. Various toys litter the ground. She needs something to help her win at this size or else she's done for. Or, more direly, Jessica is done for. Then light floods the scattering of sex toys around her as Katie tosses the rack away. Katie taunts, "Well, time to break the rest of you, bitch." She stomps her foot, barely missing Stacy. She stomps again and again, each time covering a lot of ground, but always narrowly missing. Finally she targets Stacy spot on, but bangs her head on a hanging light. With the adrenaline pumping through her, she shakes it off and tries stomping again, this time in her haste not noticing the dildo under her off foot, causing her to slip and fall on her back.

Seeing her chance, Stacy scrambles on top of Katie. The watch buzzes once. It buzzes a second time. Just as it buzzes a third time Katie wraps her hand around Stacy and whips her across the store. Stacy feels intense force as she flies unrestrained through the air. She smacks into a rack in the middle of the store, hitting the metal rod holding up some products, injuring her back, and falling helplessly to the floor.

Katie walks over to where Stacy is lying broken with a new card. She says, annoyed, "It's your move. And you have to sit on my face while you read. So go ahead you lucky whore." She lies down and places Stacy on her forehead and the card on her face as well.

Stacy wishes she could take advantage of her position and shit in Katie's mouth, but after the impact, she cannot move, and it takes all of her energy to read, "'Dildo
If your opponent is under a foot, shove her in you and use her as a dildo. If she is under 3 inches, use a dildo on yourself while she is inside.'"

Katie stands back up, letting Stacy fall onto the floor. She says, "Looks like that card is useless to you. Now I get a chance to redeem myself." She picks a card and reads, "'Dare. Give one dare. If she succeeds, give her an inch. If not, shrink her 4 inches.' Guess you'll be going down again. You dare is to," she pauses to think and continues, "Kiss my feet and call me a goddess every minute for the rest of the game."

Damn, Stacy thinks, she saw the dare lasting until the end of the game beating unbeatable.

Katie picks up a card and walks over to Stacy and then helps her on top of her foot. She says, "I suppose it's worth it to help you to watch you worship me."

Stacy responds, "What makes you think I won't just take the four inch penalty?"

Katie says, "Well, your next card is 'Heal. All of your injuries are healed, at the cost of 8 inches.' So unless you want Jessica to be my tampon this month, you will worship my feet."

Stacy feels the shrinking but also her bones and trauma healing. Her mental clarity is partially restored, and she feels herself able to move freely again, even if the feet under her are now much, much larger than her. She's been this small before anyway. She kisses the feet, swallows her pride, and says, "You are a goddess."

Katie cooes, "That's a good little foot pet. Now let's see what my third card has in store."

Stacy begins to fear Katie is only toying with her at this point. Was her fall intentional?

Katie reads, "'Feet Cleaning. Your opponent must lick your feet. If they refuse, they lose 4 inches.' You hear that? You get to lick as well as kiss."

Stacy sticks her tongue out and lazily licks the foot. She gives it another kiss for the minute and sneers, "There you go, goddess."

Katie draws again and says, "I could get used to you being my pet. Maybe I should have chosen you to be my prize for winning. Another day, I suppose." She looks at Stacy's card and says, "Well, I guess not even I can prolong this game forever. Sometimes luck plays a role, and in this case, luck says you lose. 'Orgasms. For every orgasm had by each player in the game thus far, lose 3 inches respectively.' You had one earlier when I ate your rancid cunt, so that means you lose."

Despite growing back to full size, utter despair fills Stacy. She falls to her hands and knees and starts to cry, "I failed. I failed you, Jessica." Tears fall from her face onto the carpet.

Katie starts returning to her normal height. She looks at Stacy sobbing on the floor and says, "You put up a good fight, but nobody is a match for me. Now get the hell out of my store."

Stacy ascends to a knee and then stands up. She walks up to Katie, now nearly eye to eye with her. She screams, "You will leave Jessica alone. I will call the police. I will fucking kill you!"

Katie pushes Stacy back. She says, "Kill me? Ha, with what? In a few moments your girlfriend will be a speck. If you lay one finger on me, she'll be a speck of shit. And what will you tell the police? Someone used magic to shrink her? Nobody will believe you. I'll tell you what. If you come back in three days, I'll give you a chance." She walks towards the counter and opens a yet-unopened cabinet. She raises a gun and points it at Stacy. She continues, "Now get the fuck out of my store before I kill you and shrink the body so they'll never find a trace of you."

Stacy screams through tears, "I don't care. Shoot me! Just leave Jessica alone!"

Katie pulls the trigger and shoots Stacy in the forehead. She drops dead on the floor.

Katie puts the gun back and sighs, "That carpet was just cleaned. I don't have long to harvest her power, though." She quickly disappears into a back room as Jessica sobs uncontrollably, unable to do anything but watch Stacy's body bleed. Katie returns with another strange device. She attached what looks like a battery to Stacy's body, but when she flips the switch, it hums softly and Stacy's body shrinks away until no longer visible in the blood puddle. A gauge on the side of the battery rises a little. Katie stomps her foot on the dust that remains of Stacy and grinds it out of existence.

She turns to Jessica and says, "Now, what to do with you, my prize? I made a lot of promises. So, what first? I am pretty hungry. Not that I would ever waste you so soon, but you could make a nice fork as you get used to your new role. For how mouthy you are, you might need to spend some time with my mouth. Or perhaps after that stunt you pulled while I was small you need to be a speck on the tip of a butt plug? I'm getting a little tired, though. Maybe we should get some sleep."

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