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Adam leaned against the hard wall of his office building, puffing at his e-cigarette. He still wasn’t sure if he liked the flavor. It was a new one that was labeled X-treme Change. It wasn’t so much extreme as it was a cross between strawberry and lemon.

He turned off the cigarette after looking at the clock, moving off towards the door. Adam hadn’t been working at the company long, but it had so far been an enjoyable experience. His coworker, Mrs. Beth, was one of the nicest people he had ever met. At twenty two years his senior and almost a full head shorter, Adam thought of her almost as a second mother. She was kind and caring, always doing whatever she could to help her assistant. Since she worked in the H.R. department, that was a lot.

Cool air brushed passed as he entered Mrs. Beth's office, sitting down at her desk chair. While Mrs. Beth was on break he was in charge of organizing some of her files. He logged into the computer again, ready to work. But something felt off. His head was buzzing, his neck felt funny. He started to stand, intending to move towards the bathroom when things suddenly went dark.

Adam opened his eyes to a world that was strange and confusing. The hard floor stretched on in every direction for countless miles, with artificial structures surrounding him, each taller than any mountain he had seen. Yet their sharp edges and straight sides proved that they were not natural. The sky above wasn’t its normal blue either, but rather a dull gray. Surely that was only a trick, for such huge structures could not be constructed inside.

He stood up, trying to find some constant in his world that he could focus on, but finding nothing. The structures high above him started to blur at the tops from the sheer distance, but it almost looked like the edge of Mrs. Beth’s desk. But no, that couldn’t have been possible.

“Mrs. Beth!” Adam shouted, turning around again and again with a growing terror. “Mrs. Beth, where are you?” There was no answer save for a constant low hum. “Hello? Anybody?” He started moving.

There was a great shadowed place to his side, one that was under the object that almost looked like his desk. He walked along the edge of this boundary, his eyes peeled for anything recognizable. Eventually he reached the end of one section of ground, a deep gash in the floor, about six feet deep and three across, was in his way. He leapt over it without thinking too much.

Finally he stopped when he felt something in the ground under his feet. A low rumble, but stronger than anything he felt was possible. Perhaps there was an earthquake in this weird world. But no, something was moving on the edge of his vision, though it was blurred and hard to see. It must have been huge though, bigger than the mountainous structures that surrounded him.

As he watched the object came closer the trembling in the earth grew in intensity. Worried, he started to move off to the side, his eyes locked on the mountain as it lumbered across the land. Steadily it came closer and closer, its appearance slowly coming into focus, its feet slamming on the ground with more and more force.

“No,” Adam breathed, a horrid realization dawning on him. Mrs. Beth’s titanic size five shoe crashed into the earth only a pace away from him. He scurried away desperately, the now giant woman taking no notice of the bug at her feet. She plopped down heavily in her chair, her feet sliding below the desk.

“What the hell!” Adam shouted, fear overtaking him. He didn’t know what had happened but the end results were clear. He had shrunk, and no one knew. He was the size of a gnat, and at the feet of a giant.

He froze as he felt another jolting smash from behind. He turned just quickly enough to witness another foot sailing directly overhead, the sole’s pattern clear. It slammed into the ground next to Mrs. Beth, the giant girl leaning over her shoulder.

Adam had only seen Amanda once before. She was Mrs. Beth’s daughter. An amazingly attractive girl about his age, with long blond hair and a beautiful body. To say he had been attracted to her was an understatement. Now though, she could crush him without a thought.

“H… Hey,” Adam stammered, walking backwards, away from the titans. “I…” he didn’t know what to say. What would it matter? It wasn’t like they could hear him at his size. To them, his words would be nothing more than a squeak, if even that.

But he could hear them, their words booming like thunder. “Well I don’t know where he went,” Mrs. Beth said. “He should be here right now. He's even logged into the computer.”

“That’s too bad,” Amanda answered. “I was looking forward to seeing him.”

“Oh, is someone interested in my assistant?”

Amanda shrugged. “He isn’t bad looking. And I’ve never heard you say a bad word about him.”

“Good point. He isn’t a bad kid. You could definitely do worse. Hopefully he gets back soon.”

“Yeah,” Amanda said, looking around. “I hope so.”

Chapter End Notes:

Warning: Smoking E-cigs will not make you shrink. Use at your own discretion.

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