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Tags: female growth, BE, slight muscle growth, gentle female domination


Harry grabbed the big wooden door that just appeared out of nowhere, and pushed it open. He felt a bit nostalgic, holding that same door again after such a long time. The door across the painting of Barnabas the Barmy. He stepped inside and closed the door, which unseen by anyone else, disappeared from the corridor. The room itself choose to look much more inviting than before. It wasn’t that same greyish color with stone and some dirty mirror that they used in fifth year. No, this room had a nice fireplace that was flooding the room with warmth. The floor was covered with fluffy carpet, the kind where you just want to lay down on it and forget all your worries. There were two nice armchairs right before the fireplace, and a king sized bed tucked into the corner. The ceiling was surprisingly tall, much taller than a room like this would need. Harry felt a smile form on his face as he just stood there taking everything in. The Room of Requirements. The Come-and-Go Room. It felt like home.


After coming out of his reverie, he glanced down at the paper in his hands. It was a letter that arrived that morning via owl. It was from Tonks, surprisingly. It asked him to come here, meet with her. It was really short, not saying anything more. So after getting rid of all the well-meaning, (clingy) friends, he came right here. Writing cryptic letters was really unusual for Tonks, so it must have been something important. He swept over the room with his eyes again, and finally spotted a female figure lounging in one of the armchairs. As he stepped more into the room, he saw the figure turn her head, and after recognising him, she stood up quickly and walked towards him.


“Harry, I’m so glad you came!” Tonks started with a wide grin. She was wearing muggle outfit like most of the time. She had a simple T-shirt and shorts on, with a pair of sneakers finishing her outfit.


“Yeah, hi Tonks.” Harry started a bit awkwardly. “So, I got your letter...obviously. Why did you want to meet like this?”


“Come on, let us sit down first.” she took his hands and dragged them back to the armchairs. After they both plopped down, she turned serious. “So...”




“Haha” laughed Tonks a bit nervously just to fill the silence. “Alright, I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just start speaking.” she sighed, bracing herself. All the while Harry had a bit of a bemused expression on his face, still not quite sure what this all was about. “So, as you know Harry, I’m a metamorphmagus.”


“Yeah, you showed me when we got introduced. You changed your nose and stuff to make us laugh.” Harry remembered with a smile.


“Yeah, so, as you might imagine, It’s a bit hard for me on the dating front. I mean, what man wouldn’t take the possibility to have the perfect looking girlfriend when presented with the chance...Most of them pretend to like me, and when we start to get kind of serious, they always drop the ‘so I heard you can change...’ bomb on me. As you can imagine, this usually kills the mood.”


“That sounds horrible Tonks, and on behalf of every men I apologise. But I’m still not sure where I come in.”


“I’m getting there!” she said a bit forcefully. “Sorry...So where was I...Oh yeah, so I never met any decent blokes before. Well, not until I met you. And, I know we didn’t have that kind of relationship, so I can’t be sure that you wouldn’t fall into the same pit as all the other guys. But you are so sweet...” she admitted bashfully.


“Tonks, I..-”


“Please, let me finish. You are so kind and caring even after all you have went through. And I guess I wanted to thank you for seeing me as a person and not a sex object. So I guess I...I wanted to say thanks.”


“Ooookay...you’re welcome?” asked Harry a bit uncertainly. Tonks leaned forward and looked deep into his eyes.


“No, you don’t get it. I meant thank you. In a way only a girl could.” Tonks implied heavily. And after a few seconds that took Harry to digest the meaning of her words, a strange mixture of emotions flashed across his face. There was fear, confusion, hope, but then it settled into a disbelieving look.


“Are you sure Tonks? If I understand correctly what you are saying...well that’s quite something.”


“Oh, I am.” she purred, and it caused a pleasant shudder to run through his body. “By the way, you don’t have any secret girlfriends right? Wouldn’t want to encroach on a claimed territory.”


“No...” he muttered disbelievingly. He couldn’t believe this was happening. One of the most common wet dreams of every guy on the planet was this exact scenario. Well, obviously not with Tonks, but any girl who wanted to say thanks in that special way. While this small thought process ran through his mind, Tonks hopped onto her feet and grabbed his hands. Pulling him to his feet, she moved in real close, their chest touching.


Now one has to mention here, that Harry wasn’t exactly the highest guy out there. He could thank this unfortunate fact his so called family and their luxurious room under the stairs. And of course the almost starving didn’t help. So it was no surprise that Harry was short in all his life, about 5’6”. Now that they were standing this close to each other, it became obvious that Tonks was quite a bit taller, around 5’10”. Tonks hooked her arms around Harry’s neck and leaned in close.


“So Harry,” she whispered, causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand up. “What is your dream girl like?” She lifted her head a bit to look into his eyes and waited. But when it became obvious that he won’t say a word, she sighed. “Come on Harry, no need to be shy.” Harry couldn’t stop himself from glancing down at her perky breasts. They were around C cups, not that he knew exactly how big that was. “Oooh. Of course the old classic.” she said when she caught where he was looking.


“You like my breasts Harry?” she grinned. After hearing a strange sound from him, that she took as a yes, she continued. ”But they could be so much bigger don’t you think?” she said. And before Harry’s eyes, her breasts began to grow bigger. At first it wasn’t obvious, but soon he felt her breasts brushing against his chest as they expanded, straining the fabric of her shirt. Blood rushed into his nether regions as Tonks’ breasts continued to balloon bigger and bigger, stretching her T-shirt, lifting it up so it showed a bit of her stomach.


“There, much better right?” she asked with a cheshire grin, her breasts easily in the huge category. “Come on Harry, they don’t bite.” she said and placed his hands on her breasts. After a few seconds he began to knead her globes, sending sharp spikes of pleasure down her spine. “That’s it Harry.” she muttered, and she grabbed onto his erection. A surprised sound escaped Harry’s lips, but he didn’t have time to say anything as his mouth was occupied by the invading force of Tonks’ tongue. Harry felt like he was in heaven, groping two of the biggest tits he ever saw, being snogged by a beauty. Tonks’ hands were sliding through his head, seemingly eager to devour him whole. After a few minutes of this, they finally broke apart, both panting heavily. Harry saw that Tonks’ eyes were dilated with lust, and judging by his raging hard-on, he was pretty sure that his eyes were in the same condition.


“So Harry...” she started with a shit-eating grin on her face and her hands on her hips, striking a sexy pose. “I wonder, are you a dom or a sub?”


“Ah...” Harry managed to intelligently contribute to the one-sided conversation.


“Okay, let’s do it this way.” she said, and quickly closed the gap between them again. She thrusted her hand down into his pants and grabbed onto his dick. A surprised moan escaped Harry’s lips as she began to jerk him off while standing. “So Harry, you like when a girl grabs you like this, hm?” she asked huskily, leaning to his ear again. When she felt him pulse, she grinned and continued. “You like it when a girl has her way with you, and you can’t do anything at all, don’t you.”


“Y-yeah..” he managed to groan out while enjoying her slender hand on his cock.


“Oh, but however is little old me supposed to dominate such a big, strong man like you?” she asked playfully, lifting her working hand to her pouting lips, smiling a wicked smile towards Harry. He groaned at the loss of contact and almost instinctively took half a step forward. Tonks danced away and shook her fingers at him. “Now, wait there mister...so where was I...Oh yeah...” she closed her eyes and looked like she concentrated, furrowing her eyebrows. For a few seconds Harry had no idea what was happening, her breasts didn’t look any bigger after looking at it carefully, even if he had a sneaking suspicion she didn’t plan on increasing her cup-size any time soon. Then his gaze dropped to her exposed stomach, and his blood froze in his veins. She was bulking up! On her previous smooth stomach he could now clearly see abs forming. Looking at her arms he could clearly see them becoming more defined as well. Her hips expanded slightly to accommodate her increasing thighs as power flowed through them. Before he could stop himself he reached out and touched her abs, marveling at the underlying strength. While they were covered with a layer of fat, he could feel their unyielding hardness beneath, like steel.


While he was lost in his trance, Tonks looked at him hungrily. Unseen by him, she lifted her hand, and pushed him slightly towards one of the armchairs. Harry stumbled from the sudden force, almost flying into said chair. Tonks was at first surprised by her new strength, but quickly embraced it. As Harry gazed at her with a stunned expression, she smirked and flexed her hands, her muscles bulging. Then she stepped to the edge of the chair and kneeled down. Harry was about to stand up, but he was interrupted by Tonks. She placed one of her hands onto his chest, and pushed him back, effectively pinning him down. Harry was completely astonished by her strength, it felt he was nailed to his chair, he couldn’t even budge her. The thought sent blood rushing into his already erect penis.


“Stay put alright?” asked Tonks and without waiting for a reply, she began unbuckling his pants with both hands. In a few seconds he was completely naked from waist down, his cock standing proudly. “Oh my, would you look at that! You have been holding out on me.” she smiled at him, causing Harry to blush slightly. Then she stroked his cock a few times and quickly enveloped it with her mouth. She kept staring into his eyes as she bobbed up and down, giving him his best blowjob ever. She started humming, the vibrations dancing across his skin wonderfully. Not soon after, his body sized up and climaxed into her throat. She gulped down all of it dutifully, and when finished, kissed his penis one last time and stood up.


While Harry was recovering, the chair under him morphed into a bigger lover’s seat that could hold two people comfortably. Tonks quickly plopped down into Harry’s lap, and leaned against him, waiting.


“So, you still didn’t tell me what really turns you on. I mean I get it that you like femdom, but a bit more detail would be great.” said Tonks quietly while drawing circles on his chest with her finger. Harry looked at her, still a bit drunk on his orgasm from earlier, and considered her for a few minutes. Then he dropped his head back and stared up at the ceiling.


“It’s a bit embarrassing to be honest.”


“Please...I promise not to freak out or laugh or whatever.” answered Tonks eagerly.


“...Alright. So you know that I like how a woman could be stronger than me. But it’s not in the traditional sense that she is like a bodybuilder or anything.” he began, then quickly added. “Not that I mind your newfound muscles, they are hot as hell.” Tonks blushed, but continued to listen silently. “For some reason, since I was a small child I liked big woman.”


“...Like fat?” blurted Tonks out a bit surprised.


“Nah, like big. Tall if you like. You know, towering above me. Not even just a bit taller, but by a lot.” admitted Harry finally a bit sheepishly, rubbing his neck in the process. He almost waited for the eventual freak out, despite what Tonks said earlier. But to his amazement, she kissed him on the cheek and grinned.


“Well, how lucky you are then that I’m a metamorph right?” she said. “Oh wait, I just realized something. Wasn’t Hermione always taller than you.” The only answer Harry gave was looking away with a burning face. “Haha, I knew there had to be something. No-one can stand that much bossing around from someone if they aren’t enjoying it.” Tonks laughed slightly.


“Hey, it’s not like I befriended her at 11 because of her height!” protested Harry


“Yeah, yeah I know. But surely it played a part later on...” she trailed off. “Whatever-” she suddenly said louder with renewed enthusiasm. “Up you get.” Tonks grabbed his hand and hauled him on his feet. Then she kissed him soundly on the lips again, igniting the flames of lust in both of them again. Then she stepped back slightly. “Alright, one giantess coming up.”


Harry looked on as slowly Tonks began to stretch upwards. It was a bit as if she was slowly standing on the tips of her toes, except that she wasn’t. Her body just simply began swelling bigger. The T-shirt she wore rode higher and higher on her chest as it exposed more and more of her fit physique. Her shorts began to slightly cut into her hips as they became smaller on her frame. After a minute of tantalizingly slow growth, she suddenly stopped with a pained frown on her beautiful face.


“Oh man, these clothes are so small...” she sighed dramatically. And indeed, her shirt looked like it was painted on. “I guess I have to take them off.” she grinned and grabbed the hem of her shirt that was above her belly button already. After worming her fingers under it, she began to force its way up, but it was far too taut. She frowned heavily for a second, then shrugged her shoulders. “It looks like I’ll have to cheat a bit. I’m a witch after all.” she said, then grabbed her wand and vanished both her pants and shirt. Harry had to gulp down the saliva that gathered in his mouth just by looking at her. In front of him stood the sexiest woman he ever saw, hands down. From her strong thighs, through her wide hips and big bubble butt, her slim waist and chiseled, flat stomach, to her big breasts that were bulging out of the far too small bra, she was perfection personified. Oh, and she was tall. At least a full head taller than him.


“You like what you see lover boy?” she asked amused by how floored he was by her. Harry nodded dumbly and began to take a step towards her, but her tsk-ing stopped him. “Na-a, not finished yet. I find it terribly insulting that these small bras are still able to hold their own against my big juicy melons.” she moaned as she grabbed one of her massive breasts and fondled it a bit. “Don’t you?” she asked as an afterthought.


“Absolutely. Those puny bras shall not prevail.” answered Harry, grinning like a lunatic.


“Good answer.” purred Tonks, and instantly she continued her growth. Her head moved closer and closer to the ceiling. Tonks moaned all the while as she kept fondling her big breast. “You have n-no idea-a how gre-eat this fee-els.” she groaned out while growing bigger and bigger in front of Harry. Her breasts formed ever bigger cleavage. Soon he was eye level with her chest bone, then even that was above him, and she kept getting bigger. Her panties already wet from the sensation grew even more so as it went on. Finally a loud snap echoed in the room and her bra went flying off. “Ah, free at last.” she sighed and her growth stopped as well. On one hand he was disappointed by this, on the other...did you see how big she got?! Tonks stepped closer to Harry and pressed his head into one of her massive breasts that were eye-level with him. He found one of her nipples in his mouth and gladly began suckling on it, while his other hand found her other breast. She whimpered quietly at the buzz his activities induced and held his head even closer.


“You have far too much clothes on mister.” she growled finally and suddenly all the clothing on Harry vanished, like hers before. Now that both of them stood there completely nude, Harry still nuzzling her breasts, Tonks thought that it’s time for the next step. Harry felt two delicate hands slide under his armpits, and suddenly his feet left the ground. The feeling was extremely strange, to be handled like that, as if he was a child. Sadly it didn’t last long, as he was deposited on the couch again, this time standing. His cock was pulsing proudly in the air again, that was quickly grabbed by Tonks. She leaned closer, and Harry only now noticed that with him standing on the couch, they were again eye to eye in height. “It’s time to show me what you can do, little man.” whispered Tonks, pumping his cock every once in awhile. Harry shuddered, but quickly nodded, eliciting an amused laugh from his partner. “It’s good to see that you can follow orders from your betters.” she elaborated. Then she turned around and bent down, her big ass thrusted in the air, there for Harry to grab. “Get to it then.” she ordered and Harry didn’t hesitate.


His hands landed on her firm backside, grabbing it forcefully. A loud groan escaped Tonks’ lips, and she swinged her ass a bit. Harry then pushed forward and gently entered her folds. It was so hot! A groan escaped his closed lips unwanted, not that it mattered. Then Harry seemingly steeled himself and began pounding away. At first he moved gently, but seeing that it had almost no reaction from Tonks, he began moving with more and more vigor. Interestingly, even if he put almost all his energy behind a trust, Tonks barely moved. After a while Tonks stood up straight, and ran her fingers through her long hair, her mouth open enjoying the sex just as much as Harry. This gave him a chance however to grab onto those magnificent orbs and knead them from behind. He run his fingers over her nipples and twisted and pulled them occasionally. This elicited satisfied moans from his partner each time, so he made sure to do it frequently. Finally he exploded in her with a loud groan, bringing Tonks into her orgasm as well. They shuddered together, and Harry’s knees gave out a little. Luckily Tonks could support his weight no problem. She then turned around, staring into his eyes while he still stood on the couch.


“Don’t think we are finished little guy.” she began and grabbed onto his junk. “But you won’t be ready for a while. Too bad, I need you now, and that’s what I’m going to get.” she said determined as if she could change the fact that he was spent with only her belief. She then gestured with her wand towards her pants that lay in one of the corners of the room, and a small flask came flying out and landing in her hand. She then pressed it into his hands, saying “Drink up. It’s a Pepper-Up potion. Should fix you up right away.” Harry gulped it down without a seconds hesitation, and Tonks seeing he finished, quickly took the flask and threw it over her shoulders and far away. Her hands enveloped his flaccid member again, and after a few seconds Harry was rock hard, ready to go.


“Man, I love magic.” he groaned satisfied. Tonks only smiled at this, then took her hand away, and grabbed both of his shoulders.


“So, before we continue I wanted to tell you a small secret.”


“Yeah..?” asked Harry half-heartedly. He just wanted to have sex again!


“Yeah. So as you know I’m an Auror. But since I’m a metamorph too, which are extremely rare, I get most of the covert-ops operations.”




“I’m getting there!” she swatted his shoulder, which actually hurt Harry more than it should have. “In order to be especially good at those kind of jobs, I went through extra training. And this training was about taking up different forms to impersonate people. Of course there were the occasional midgets and gnomes, but sometimes...” she paused dramatically. “There were taller, bigger targets.” she grinned as she said this. Harry suddenly noticed that she began to inch higher again. He watched as their eye-to-eye slowly broke, and soon he was looking into her nose, then mouth and even lower. All the while, Tonks was just standing there, enjoying the feeling and continuing her story. “There was this extremely hard mission once. I had to train for months to even begin it. You know why?” she asked, tilting his head higher since it dropped to her breasts. Harry was by now eye level with her neck.


“N-nah.” muttered Harry completely entranced


“Because I had to take up the form of a giant. Not any old giant mind you, not that they aren’t tall. There was this extremely big fellow, some gang leader. Anyway, luckily for you, I did manage to match his size, if even barely.” Tonks moaned, her hands itching to go to her moist cunt that was already dripping. By now she was big enough that Harry was almost level with her breasts while standing on the couch. And still she grew. But not only did she grow. Her breasts, already big, grew bigger, heavier, juicier. All the while retaining their perfect tear-drop shape. While Harry didn’t see it, her ass also swelled up. But there were more subtle changes. Her body became even more toned. She was ripped as hell, while still retaining enough fat in order not to look veiny or simply masculine.


“Do something useful with your mouth instead of gaping.” Tonks said cheekily after finally looking down upon Harry. By now he was just barely above her breasts, he could see her nipples from the corner of his eyes. Before he could respond, she grabbed his head with one hand and shoved it into her chest. Harry couldn’t have resisted even if he wanted to, she was by far too strong by now. Luckily he didn’t resist, but instead quickly found her nipple with his mouth and began suckling on it.


“Aaah” she moaned loudly. Her eyes were closed again, her head thrown back, facing upwards. She was already gigantic, noticed Harry, and she didn’t seem to stop any time soon. If anything, her growth sped up a bit from the pleasure she was feeling. In a mere few moments, he didn’t have to lower his head at all, her nipples were in the perfect height for him to nurse on them. However, this changed soon, as they continued their ascend. He had to tilt his head further and further up to reach them, and then even that wasn’t enough. He stood on his tiptoes to reach those mesmerizing orbs, and still they got higher and higher. Just when he felt he had to discontinue his ministrations, a huge hand grabbed his backside and lifted him up without effort.


While one of Tonks hands was on the back of his head to push it into her huge breasts, the other one held her man easily in the air. She guided his crotch to her entrance and slipped him in. Harry groaned loudly, sending delightful vibrations down her nipple and breast. Tonks didn’t wait at all, and began fucking herself using Harry as a dildo. The hand that grabbed his ass moved his pelvis in and out of her pussy. Harry continued fondling and sucking on the biggest breasts he has ever seen, even as he was practically being raped. Not that he minded, this was the single most erotic experience of his life.


Tonks still continued to grow, seemingly no height existing she couldn’t reach. Her head was just below the ceiling as she grew, the room getting higher to accommodate its occupants. Her orgasm was near, she felt it, and she worked Harry’s penis feverishly, her arm almost blurring in its haste. Harry too knew that she was near, her slit became increasingly tight, her powerful muscles clamping down on his steely member. But this didn’t happen before she finally became too big for him to suckle on her tits even while in this position. She was of such an immense size, that while he was inside her, his head only reached the bottom of her breasts, and even that was getting higher as the time went on. Finally with a mighty cry, that surely everyone would have heard in the vicinity if not for the room’s magic cutting of all sounds leaving, that she climaxed. Her hands relaxed, and Harry accidentally slipped from her grasp, landing hard on the ground with an “uff”.


While Tonks still rode on the waves of her afterglow, Harry stood up, and gazed at the titaness in front of him. He just reached her kneecaps with his head. Her slopping cunt high above his head was still dripping cum onto the floor. Almost in a trance, he touched her knee, marveling at her statue. Never before in his life did he see that an astounding beauty. Sadly, the moment was ruined by the horrible feeling that he was getting from his balls. He didn’t get to cum.


“Oh my lord, that was epic.” sighed loudly Tonks far above him. Then she looked like she was searching for him, finally she parted her gigantic breasts and looked down between them. “Whoops. Sorry Harry, I hope I wasn’t too rough?”


“No, that was amazing.” he answered, still a bit dazed but grinning like a tool. “You look like a goddess, by the way.”


“Oh, I like how that sounds mister.” she smiled saucily. Then her gaze fell to his cock, and she exclaimed loudly. “Geez, sorry, you couldn’t finish. That must be uncomfortable.” From the look on his face she deduced the answer. “Well, I just have to help you with that then.” she stated, then looked around.


“Come on” she motioned Harry to follow her, and she began to walk towards the bed. The ground shook slightly with each of her steps. Harry couldn’t even begin to imagine how heavy she must have been right then, but surely if she would stand on him, he would be heavily injured at least. Tonks, with her long powerful legs, reached the bed in mere moments, and grabbed the edge of it with a single hand. Then she dragged it back into the middle of the room, and gestured Harry to lay on top of it. He did as he was told, so seconds later he was laying on his back in the middle of the bed, staring up at the gorgeous Tonks.


“Now, for what I want to do, I’m still not quite big enough, so...here we go.” she said happily, and without further ado, her growth started up again, this time much faster. The occasional moan escaped her lips, but she firmly hang her arms on her sides, so she wouldn’t give into the sensation. “You thought I finished didn’t you?” she asked smirking down at the, to her, diminishing Harry. And still she grew, her breasts ballooning out to even bigger sizes. Harry just watched, completely mesmerized again, as his already gigantic girlfriend -what were they now anyway?- became even more immense. He estimated that his head was now completely beneath her knees, and still she grew. A few seconds later, her growth finally subsided, and there she stood in all her naked glory. More feminine flesh than any one man could handle.


“Well then..” she said simply and slowly laid down on the ground, completely dwarfing him and the bed. Then she lifted a single breast and planted it on his body. It was as if several tons of solid rock was placed on him, he was so pinned, and still her skin was velvety soft. Tonks just simply looked down on him as he squirmed, and grinned like a madman. “See, there is nothing you can do. A single one of my breasts is like an unmovable obstacle. You are completely at my mercy. But that excites you, doesn’t it puny little man.” she stated. “They are so big and heavy, much more than I ever had before. But you know what? I like them.” she lifted her other breast easily with her hand. She rolled her nipple between her fingers. “Maybe I want them even a bit bigger?” she asked innocently, and as soon as she said that, her breasts grew bigger, their weight increasing. Harry felt as if he would be crushed any moment now, and despite that, her cock was in heaven. A loud cracking filled the room, then a quick snap that echoed, and Harry dropped to the floor as the bed gave away beneath him.


“Oh would you look at that. A single tit of mine destroyed a whole bed.” It was obvious how much of a turn-on it was for her as well. “I guess I’ll have to move you then. It wouldn’t do to lay on the cold floor.” Tonks sneaked one big hand underneath Harry, and lifted him with her as she rolled onto her back. Then she slipped him in between her colossal melons. “Are you ready for the biggest tit-fuck of your life, little boy?” she asked, and without waiting, pressed her breasts together. “Would you look at that. My breasts completely overwhelm you.” and indeed they were. Harry’s body was buried in tons and tons of titflesh, only his head was sticking out. “Go on Harry, start fucking my massive boobs.” she whispered, and he obeyed without pause. Within seconds, he was writhing inside the best sea of flesh ever, pressing his rod into Tonks breast. She also began to slightly rock her girls up and down, giving Harry even more pleasure. After a few minutes Harry finally seized up, and exploded into her valley. Not like it was obvious, all Tonks felt was a small splat of something wet in her massive cleavage. Harry sighed loudly, and went totally limp. Tonks too laid down flat onto the ground, stretching out her gargantuan body. She grabbed Harry around the waist with a single hand, and plopped him down on one of her monstrous hills, then placed her hands behind her head and closed her eyes.


“That was fun. We really should do this again.” she muttered in the end quietly.


“Yeah, I second that.” Harry said just as quietly, and Tonks smiled brightly before they both drifted off, dreaming about who knows what.




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