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That Sinking Feeling



?Arghhhh!? Neil cried out as pain erupted in his stomach.

He sat up in bed, awakened by the severity of it, bending forward and clutching his stomach, his facial expression told of his discomfort!

This was nothing new, he?d been getting ?stomach cramps? as he called them for over two months now, both the severity and regularity had increased, but still he refused to see a Doctor.

Neil Keen was a stubborn man, you couldn?t tell him, o? no Neil always knew best ?I don?t need to see a Doctor its only a stomach ache!? he kept on telling Tracy his partner.

?What? Ere! What time (yawn) is it?? Tracy asked groggily as she stretched her voluptuous body.

?Ten after four Hon, now go back to sleep.?

?You getting pains again??

?Just a ?ARGHHH? little.?

?Doesn?t sound little to me?please promise me you?ll see a Doctor.? Asked a concerned Tracy, she mouthed his exact reply as she?d heard it so often these past couple of months ? I?m ok?its only stomach cramps.?

?I give up.? Tracy said as she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Neil remained sat upright in bed until the pain had subsided before he too went back to sleep.

* * * *

Neil had at last realised there might be a problem and had seen his local GP whom referred him to the local Hospital for some scans and today he would get the results.

Sitting in the waiting room Neil looked about and thought to him self ?just how many of these people were time wasters?skivers, hypochondriacs.? After all he like many others only visited a Doctor when it was really necessary and he was proud of that fact as he didn?t like wasting his or there time.

?Mr Keen?Neil Keen, the Doctor will see you now.? The receptionist called out.

Neil shook from his day dreaming and taking a deep breath walked confidently toward the Doctors office.

?Good morning Mr Keen?please take a seat.?

?Hiya Doc?don?t mind if I do.? Neil responded.

Dr Imran Patel had been a local practitioner for the best part of 30 years and really knew the local community, which was why he sent Neil straight to the hospital, as he knew this man didn?t waste his time.

?Well Neil there?s no easy way of saying this so I?ll not beat about the bush?we believe you have a malignant growth in your upper intestine and another pressing onto your stomach wall.?

Neil?s heart sank; sure he had guessed that something was wrong?but not this.

?Are you sure?I mean could it be a mistake?? Neil said as he fidgeted in his chair.

?Sorry Neil the tests are 99% conclusive, I?m sorry??

?What do we do now? It can be treated?right!?

Dr. Patel looked up over his half glasses and shook his head ?no Neil I?m sorry?if only we?d caught it sooner?all we can do is to give you something for the pain.?
Neil could feel his eyes filling up?at 23 he wasn?t ready to die?not at any age!

?There must be something?someone that can help me?please Doc?I?ll pay?whatever it takes, please??

The Dr sighed heavily while consulting his notes and thinking of possibilities ?well there just might be a chance.?

Neil face lightened up ?what Doc?what chance, anything?I?ll try anything!?

?Well there is an experimental radiation procedure that we could try?but first you have to sign a disclaimer?I think you should take it home and read through it very carefully before committing to the treatment.?

Neil took the disclaimer from the good Doctor and both he and Tracy read through it thoroughly after he?d broken the bad news to her. What choice did he have?try it and possibly be cured, although it was only a slender chance it was better than the alternative?certain death!

So the next day Neil returned the disclaimer to Doctor Patel whom intern revered him to ?Global Scientific Research Centre? GSRC for short.

* * * *

?SHOOOOWEEEEEE! Would you look at that?? Neil commented to Tracy as he pulled up the long drive to the impressive looking building built into the hillside.

?I?ve never seen anything like that?its amazing!?

Indeed it was an impressive building, hidden from the main road by a forest of trees and sculptured perfectly into the hillside.

?Well that certainly isn?t a blot on the landscape!? Neil said joyfully as he headed down a steep road going under the building to where the car park was.

Exiting the lift into the main reception area they were both amazed at just how white everything was, with the strong lighting it seemed that everything was glowing.

At the reception desk Neil gave the young woman his disclaimer, she smiled and invited them both to have a seat.

Within minutes a man approached in a white Lab coat and introduced him self ?Hello Mr Keen I presume?and no I?m not Dr Livingston? he smiled at his own joke ?I?m Dr Victor Flankenstein, nice to meet you.?

?Yes hello Doctor, and please call me Neil.? He replied with a wispy smiley voice.

?It?s the Flankenstein I know, believe me I?ve had the jokes all my life?ARR Its alive! Its alive.?

All three giggled as he raised his arms and made like the Frankenstein monster.

The ice was well and truly broken ?and who is this sweet young lady??

?O? I?m sorry, this is my partner Tracy.?

?Hello Dr pleased to meet you.?

The good Dr wasted no more time as he asked them to follow him while he explained just what was going to happen.

?First you?ll get suited up as the heat will be pretty intense, but each session will last no more than 30 minutes, but you will need to remain over night just so that we can keep an eye on you and take note of any side effects. As you know by signing up for this that it is still in the highly experimental stage and we can?t know of what might happen to you??

Neil looked at Tracy and smiled as she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze ?I know Dr, but if there?s a chance?no matter how small I?m prepared for anything.?

?Good?now here she is the future of modern medicine The Thermal Cellular Reducer.? Dr Flankenstein announced as he opened the heavy double doors.

Both Neil and Tracy stood there mouth agape at the sight before them, the room had to be 400ft wide by at least that in length and easily 50ft high and sat right in the middle was this huge machine with more cabling and wires coming from it than either of them could ever imagine.

?Well?? enquired Dr Flankenstein.

?Its?its?huge.? Tracy uttered.

?I don?t know what to say Doc?very impressive!? Was all Neil could muster?

The Doctor smiled at their reactions ?Please follow me? he requested.

?Doctor?what exactly does the machine do?? Enquired Neil.

?Arrr I?ve been waiting for that question?well as the name suggests we target the cell or growth in this instance and then begin to Shrink it?we don?t burn it, we don?t kill it?we just shrink it until its so small it might as well not exist!?

?You mean even if this works I?ll still have these growths inside me??

?Yep but only on the microscopic scale and at that size your bodies own antibodies will probably sort them out.?

?Wow it sounds like Science Fiction!? Tracy remarked.

?That it does?but we?re hoping to make it Science fact with the help of Neil here.? The Doctor smiled reassuringly.

Neil was shown to a chamber adjoining the gargantuan machine and asked to strip down and put on the suit provided.

This done he exited back out the room where two nurses met him and guided him down into the belly of the machine. Once there he was told to lie on this disc shape marble surface so that lying on his back it arched slightly and then his arms and legs were fastened tightly much in the fashion like when you see a knife throwing act at a Circus, the only difference being that Neil was laid flat.

?It?s ok Mr Keen everything will be just fine?just relax.? One of the nurses reassured him as they left the enclosure.

Neil felt scarred and alone and worst of all he had an itch right on the end of his nose!

?Ok Neil if you?re ready we?ll begin.? Came Dr Flankenstein?s voice over the speaker.

Clearing his throat Neil replied ?Yea I?m ready?lets do this.?

Suddenly the surface in which Neil was fastened to began to slowly turn and raise toward the ceiling, faster and faster it went while his body was bombarded by bright lights and searing bursts of heat?he was scarred shitless!

30 minutes later and the machine whirred down to an eerie silence, Neil had never felt so ill, his face was caked in his own vomit and although the machine had stopped he still had this sickening sinking feeling in his entire body.

He turned his head as the two nurses?s entered the domed room, before he could say a word he was doused by two extremely powerful water jets sending tingles over his entire body.

The water was cold but quickly bought him round and certainly made him feel one hundred percent better.

?There we go Mr Keen?treatment one complete, wasn?t too bad was it?? The nurse said as she began releasing his arms and legs from there restraints.

Neil found that he could hardly move, his strength it appears had been zapped by the machine?this was totally unexpected!

Dr Flankenstein accompanied Neil to his recovery room along with the two nurses and he agreed that the tests that needed to be done could wait until tomorrow as it would be best it Neil was left to sleep.

* * * *

The following morning Neil awoke and immediately noticed how much better he felt, he sat up in bed and stretched out his arms.

?Great?working again.? He said as he pulled back the sheets.

?ARGHHHH my legs, what the **** what have you done with my legs.?

Neil looked down to see his legs all right but less than half their original length!

The nurse quickly placed a cold compress on his head, it was three days since the treatment and still Neil was in a state of delirium.

?He will be alright?won?t he?? Enquired Tracy.

?Well everything went as planned and all his vitals are normal?so yea one would think so!? Dr Flankenstein replied less than convincingly.

* * * *

Neil opened his eyes and sat bolt upright, pulling back the sheets he breathed a sigh of relief as his legs we?re still there and normal.


Neil quickly covered his ears as they were assaulted by a loud rumbling voice, it was then that he looked up to see the face of one of the nurses peering down upon him?only her face was the size of a billboard!


Neil sat up!

?O thank god?we we?re so worried.?

Neil heard the voice and looked up, but only saw the ceiling?suddenly he felt his hand being clasped by another, he turned to see Tracy sitting at his bedside.

?Tracy, thank god?wow that was some trip.?

?You scarred us all half to death, you?ve been out for a week you know.?

?A week?**** a whole week!?

Doctor Flankenstein entered the room and was relieved to see his guinea pig awake and feeling well.

Neil went through various tests and after another couple of days was ok to go home.

?Right then Neil we?ll see you three weeks from today, hopefully the second treatment won?t be as bad.? Dr Flankenstein said hopping this was true.

?Three weeks Doc?it?s a date.?

Tracy drove Neil to his parent?s house where they were staying over night before the longer journey home.

* * * *

Three weeks passed quickly and Neil once again found himself fastened to the cold hard marble disc shaped surface.

As before he felt ill and was delirious for a week but other than that he felt fine.

Six treatments down the road and there was a marked improvement with his growths, they were less than half there original mass?it was working and hopefully with another 4 sessions he would get the all clear.

?Well Neil you?ll be glad to know that the treatment was a complete success, the growths have all but gone, you can get on with liven your life once more.? Dr Flankenstein joyfully announced.

?WAHAY! That?s great news Doc.? Neil screamed as he and Tracy embraced each other.

?Right I?ll need to see you once a month for the first 6 months and then once a year they?re after.?

* * * *

Neil was dressed and ready for work, it was four months since his last treatment and everything had gone to plan the Dr was pleased with his progress and it appeared that he had no adverse side effects?yet!

?See you tonight babe.? Tracy called out as she left for work.

?Yea, tonight.?

Neil finished reading his paper and drank down the remains of his tea. He then entered the cloakroom under the stairs and bent down to retrieve a pair of shoes, it was then that he felt it; a rush of hot blood seemed to flow through his veins making him gasp for air and the feeling of palpitations in his chest almost made him loose his balance.

?Wow, that was some weird feeling.? He said to him self.

Picking up the shoes he closed the cloakroom door and sat on the stairs to put them on, at first he didn?t really pay any attention, but as he sat down he noticed that his trousers felt a little loose and the sleeves on his shirt that bit longer. Then when he slipped his foot into his shoe he noticed that even with the laces pulled tight they were still a little loose.

Not really given it another thought he left the house and entered his car ready to drive to work?but even that felt funny somehow! Bigger yes that was it, it felt bigger, he even had to put the seat forward one notch.

?Strange?? He shrugged his shoulders and drove to the office.

His day passed without further incident until he got home.

?Hello?I?m home.? Neil called out at he entered the front door.

?Hi Hon?I?ll be down in a minute, dinner won?t be long.? Tracy replied from up the stairs.

Neil removed his tie and sat down on one of the armchairs in their front room while he watched News at six on the BBC.

Tracy entered the room dressed in a baggy t-shirt and jogging bottoms she jumped up and sat across Neil?s lap as she planted a huge kiss on his lips.

?Well had a good day?? She enquired.

?O? you know same **** different day?you??

?Alright I suppose, but that little Megan Spencer she can be so??

?Well that?s the problem with teaching the neighbours daughter she thinks she can get away with it be cause her parents know you.?

?I know, and I shouldn?t let her get to me but you know what there like at that age Sixteen but of course she knows it all.?

?Well woman never mind the moaning where?s me dinner?? Neil said jokingly.

?Sorry sir I?ll jump right to it?won?t be a minute.? Tracy rebuffed as she jumped up off of his lap.

After a hearty dinner had been eaten Neil stood at the kitchen counter drying the crockery up as Tracy washed it, he kept reaching his hand around her front and tickling her nether regions.

?Do it again and you?ll be sorry!? Tracy laughingly threatened as she squirmed form his touch.

?O? yea and what are you gonna do?? Neil replied.

?You?ll see?just you do it again, I dare you.?

Neil reached around and once again tickled her sex! Tracy span round quickly and slapped the wet washing up cloth right in his face?she burst out laughing as did Neil as he hugged her close and rubbed the suds from his face onto hers.

Suddenly Neil stopped laughing and stepped back while looking at the floor below Tracy?s sexy feet.

?What is it babe?? Tracy asked a little concerned by the expression on her lovers face.

?Shoes?your not wearing any shoes.? Neil replied as his gaze adjusted until his eyes met hers.

Tracy looked puzzled ?and that?s strange because?? as she shrugged her shoulders. Then she noticed a change too. ?But your still wearing yours?no, no that can?t be right??

Neil stood looking directly into Tracy?s eyes, now that?s nothing strange you might say, well normally I?d agree but when you?re a little over two inches taller than your partner and wearing another half an inch on your feet then I?d say its pretty strange!

Tracy stepped forward; the top of her head was exactly level with his.

?This can?t be right?you?re 2 inches taller than me! You?re bending your knees right?? Tracy said sounding a little nervous.

Neil shook his head ?no Trace my knees are locked, I?m standing up straight.?

?Take off your shoes.? Tracy instructed.


?Take off your shoes.?

Neil did as she requested and found that he dropped slightly in height and found that he was no longer eye level with her 5ft 8inch frame he was in fact shorter?at least half an inch shorter.

Tracy?s eyes opened wide as Neil stood before her?shorter than her, ?o? my god Neil?I?m taller than you?I?m growing!?

Neil looked at her a little bemused, ?err I don?t think so Hon.?

?What! Well if I?m not growing then?o my god its you?you?you must have gotten smaller!?

Tracy felt her knees weaken as she started to get light headed. Neil noticed this and caught her before she fell.

Tracy was in shock as Neil talked to her while she slowly came round.

?You burke?I should be the one your comforting?after all its me that?s lost a couple of inches.? Neil jokingly said as he brushed her forehead with a cold wet cloth.

?I know?it?s just a bit of a shock.?

They sat and talked for a couple of hours and they both came to the same conclusion that Neil?s loss of height was probably some side affect to the treatment he?d just had and nothing to worry about?they hoped.

* * * *

Neil looked across the desk at Doctor Flankenstein as he looked over his latest check up results.

?Well all fit and healthy Doc?? Neil enquired enthusiastically.

?Hmm, yea everything is fine?better than I could have hoped for?except for the loss of height, it measures out at a little over two inches since last month??

?But I won?t loose any more?right Doc! It was just a one off??

The Doctor breathed in heavily as he rose from his large leather chair and turned to face the window, the bright summer sun fell upon him casting a long shadow across the desk. ?I?m afraid we don?t know?I don?t know! As you were informed this was highly experimental and we knew there might be side effects, hell for all we knew you might have grown another head.? The doctor turned and looked Neil in the eye ?I can tell you one thing for sure, if there is any lasting side effects you?ll be in the best hands possible.?

?So you think this may happen again?? Neil sounded very concerned.

?Well the tests are all positive and I can see no reason for the first abnormality?but like I?ve said before these are uncharted waters, but you can rest assured we?ll cross them together.?

Neil thanked the Doctor and left for home knowing not what lay ahead?

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