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Story Notes:
If this story gets reviews wanting more, I'll add more. First 4 chapters already written. Review please!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Find a seat and park your ass in it, this is gonna be one heck of a journey!

"The following is an emergency report from High Command, all attention must be given."

*Broot... Broot...*
"This is Command, reporting all state approved announcements and orders. Recently, a small band of rebels, self proclaimed the "Free Radicals", was caught at our Denver base. After many hours of interrogation in many ways, none of the members of the band gave any information. Because of this, their usefulness has come to an end. Their execution will be public. All people that live within 20 miles of the Dallas base must witness this. It is of utmost importance that these ideas of freedom and democracy be disposed of. The execution will be at 1800 hours in 4 days. July 2, 2022. I repeat: All people that live within 20 miles of the Dallas base must witness this. If you do not arrive, it will be the last mistake you ever make. Command out."


Red turned off the radio set. He lived in a small town, within the 20 miles that "High Command" required all citizens to attend the execution. He would be one of the few thousand attending. Thanks to the Incursion event, most of humanity was gone. Red's parents, his friends, his life... all of it was gone. He lived by himself in this town, the nearest person he knew living a good 30 miles away. But that didn't mean he was alone. At night, he would face his demons in nightmares, over and over again. Sometimes, he refused to sleep, bringing him to long nights of lonely thoughts. Besides his demons, the 201st Company of Galactic Troops would come from the Dallas base and, if they could find him, they'd hurt him... hurt him emotionally, mentally, and physically in a form of rape.

All of the Galactic Troops from the Second Incursion were women. The First Incursion, five years ago, was all men, but they were regular sized people, who were rooted out of humanity after their masking shields revealed who they truly were: awkward men who were rather weak in strength of mind and body. They eventually left after a resolution by the U.N., peacefully asking them to return to X37, or what they called "Earth". In their time on Earth, they did nothing more than spook a cat or steal a newspaper. They were asked to leave. They did.

But the Second Incursion from three years ago contained all women, and not just any women. Women of great size, great strength of mind and body. They did not leave as requested; they destroyed New York City, in a fury after being demanded to leave what they called their "inheritance". Earth, they said, was their property, being so closely linked to their own planet. They set down a type of plague, one that decimated human populations. People began to glow and slowly died a pain and cruel death. Now, the world population was nearing 12 million. Red was the sole survivor of his family.

*thump-wa thump-wa thump-wa thump-wa*

Red snapped out of his muse. That sound, there was only one thing it could be. The 201st Company, they've come to get me. Adrenaline began to pump throughout his body. A voice called out to him, and it confirmed his fears.

"I saw a report of someone living here. Is anyone here?"

The voice was familiar. He did not know exactly who it was, but if it was who he thought it was, he would surely suffer. For the one he feared had done the same thing for the past 2 years. She'd come along, late at night, and rape him. She almost broke him by the end of the first year, but he was headstrong, and he pulled through, yet not without consequences. He had not spoken for almost 2 years, not even by himself. He rarely heard himself in his own dreams, but when he did, it sounded like a thick, guttural scream, often begging for mercy. It's so messed up, he thought as he dashed to the basement, that I don't know what the hell I sound like. Not even in my own dreams.

A few more thumps, and the next thing he knew, down the hallway, out the door was the largest pair of boots he'd ever seen. Oh... Oh no... He thought, knowing it was far too late to run. Instead, he stood stiffly, unwilling to run out. If she wants me, he thought, she'll have to grab me.
Through the roofless home, she saw someone. There is someone living here... he looks so stiff, she mused.Quickly and easily, she leaned down and swept him up, not knowing he'd learned his lesson long ago about attempting escape.

"Hey there, little guy. I won't hurt you, I promise."

It's not her, he acknowledged, in a mixture of relief and glee.
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