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 It was a very quiet morning. The birds chirpped as the sun rose. A tiny boy about the size of a ant laid on the floor near two pairs of socks. He was curled into a ball. He was sleeping soundless. But next to him was a huge bed. A girl layed there sleeping cutely. Her hair shining in the light and her furry ears standing tall beautifully. Nice fresh air filled the room.

  The boy woke up. His name was Shane and he was only 16. He looked around and saw huge things around him. He jumped and looked around more. He could see shadows the rising sun was making. He saw one shadow that looked like a cat. He got up and started walking around. The accidently bumped into the two pairs of socks. He looked inside of them. 

  Suddenly he heard the springs of the bed sound as the giant cat girl got up. She yawned and streched. She rubbed her eyes and smiled. Shane quickly went in one of the socks to hide. She got up and picked up her socks. And placed the one that Shane was in. He saw 5 giant pretty toes head toward him. They impacted him as he was under her sole.

  The giantess placed the other sock on and got down. She felt a tiny object on her left foot. Shane felt a bit of ressure on his torso. She walked and felt it again. Shane coughed it bit. She could hear a tiny squeaky cough. She sat down removed her sock. A tiny boy fell out.

  ''Huh'' she said. Her tail sway side to side and her cat ears twitched a bit. Shane rubbed his torso and looked up at the giantess. ''Uh oh'' he said to himself.

 The girl looked down closely at the small boy. She squinted. ''Hm? A boy?'' she said to herself. ''Uh, yea a real boy..''Shane said a bit nervous. ''AHH!!!'' screamed the girl all frighten. Shane covered his ears from the loud booms of her voice. ''Calm down!'' he yelled. ''Hm?'' the girl hummed and picked up the tiny Shane. She poked him a few times. ''Hi there my name is Twixy. Whats yours?'' she said with a cheerful smile on her face. ''My name is Shane, nice to meet you'' he said nicely a bit. ''Nice to meet you to'' she replied, ''Also may I ask you something? How did you get this small and appear in my room?''

   Shane scratched the back of his head and said ''I dont really know. I just did.'' Twixy thinked for a minute and said ''Well since I dont know how to grow you back, you'll stay as my little play toy.'' Shane froze and the hair of the back his neck stood up. Toy? He really didnt like that idea. Twixy placed him down on the floor. ''You wait here let me finish making my bed, brush my teeth, and shower'' she said smiling and got up. Shane slowly looked at the door and ran. Twixy finished making the bed and turned around. She saw Shane heading toward the door. ''Hey!'' she yelled and placed her bare foot infront of Shane.

    Shane slammed on her soft. It was quite soft. He fell back. He looked up. ''Trying to escape huh? Now just be happy on how much fun we're going to have'' Twixy said placing Shane on her cabinet. Shane sat back and sighed ''Am I really going to live like this forever'' he asked himself. He placed his hand on his forehead and saw Twixy go in the bath room with some cloths and closed the door.

   After 45 minutes Twixy came out. ''Ok Shane. Ready to have some fun?'' She said doing a cute smile and setting her eyes on me. ''Yea'' he said smiling thinking how fun it would be. ''Great'' Twixy said picking Shane up and placed him on the floor. ''Lets play footies'' she cheered. She placed her giant bare foot on the tiny boy and tried to pick him up with her toes. Shane could feel her toes wiggling around to grab him. ''Also if you can try licking them'' Twixy said. Shane would start licking the sole of her paws and toes as she told him. He could hear Twixy giggled. But Twixy had more plans for tiny ol Shane.

Shane kept licking her furry paws. Twixy kept giggling cutely. She took Shane out from between her toes and brought him to her eyes. ''Awwww, now that was fun, wasnt it?'' Twixy asked. Shane didnt find that really fun just playful. Soon something caught his eye. He turned his head and saw a small figure running toward the door. ''Uh, Twixy. I think theres a bug in your room'' Shane said. Twixy looked at the figure running. ''Can it be? Another tiny person!'' Twixy cheered and walked toward the tiny person.

   The stomps made the person fall. It appeared to be another boy. The boy looked frighten and tried to crawl away. Twixy placed her bare paw on the tiny guy so he wouldnt escape. Twixy kneeled down placing Shane on her head. She gently picked up the guy with here toes. A sky blue shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Twixy smiled and said ''Hi there.'' ''Hello...''the guy said a bit nervous. ''What your name? And how did you shrink?'' Twixy asked him. The guy saw Shane on Twixy's head. He wondered if the same happened to him.

    ''Im Lassic and I just appeared here at this size like a few minutes ago'' the guy said. ''Im Twixy your new care taker'' Twixy said letting him go from her toes. ''This is Shane.'' Twixy pointed at the boy on her head. ''Whats up?!?!'' Shane yelled down. ''Nothing much!''  Lassic yelled back. Twixy placed the two shrunken boys in her bed.  ''Ok, now that Im in charge lets play a game'' she said playfully, ''The game is hide-and-Seek. I'll count.'' Shane's eyes widen. ''How are we suppose to play this game?''  Lassic asked. Shane replied ''start hiding.'' Shane slid down the blanket and went to hide somewhere under the bed.

   Lassic  looked around for a hiding spot. ''Also the one who I find first licks my paws!'' Twixy said. Lassic  quickly hid under the pillow. ''Ready or not here I come!'' Twixy yelled and looked around. Shane stayed quiet and peeked a bit out of his hiding spot, to see where Twixy was going. Lassic  just stayed still so the pillows covering wouldnt move. Twixy started searching evetywhere in her room. As she looked in her closet, there laid another tiny person. 

Twixy looked down closely at the tiny boy in the closet. She giggled ''Awwwwweh, look at you.'' The boy was a bit afraid and didnt know what was going on. Twixy gently picked up the guy and poked it. ''Hey stop that!'' the guy yelled. ''Huh, excuse me. I wouldnt be talking that way if I were you'' Twixy said tighting the grip of her tail, ''Now little one whats your name?'' ''Brandon..'' he said.

Mean while, Shane and Lassic were hiding. Shane peeked out of his hiding spot to see what was going on. He saw Twixy holding another tiny man in her hands. He wondered what was going on. Quickly Twixy turned around and spotted him. This time he was going to get it.

"Aha! I found you! You aren't
very good at hiding are you?" Twixy said, standing up. She held him with
just one hand, so he couldn't fall. Shane looked over her hand at the ground, which was so far away it frightened him, so he looked away quickly, and instead of down, he looked up, at her. Twixy was watching him, and enjoying seeing him scared. Twixy put him down on her bed and stood over him, watching him, her blue eyes staring him down. 

Twixy started moving her toes to point out that she wanted him to lick and massage them, but Shane didn't think about that, he was to frightened to do so. He knew he could be crushed right now if she wanted to.. that he'd better do as she said, or else he'll be in major trouble. Shane started licking the sweat off of Twixy's Paws. Twixy rubbed her dirty sweaty paws all over Shane. Squeezing and putting him in her toes. He wanted to gag of all the dirt and grime he had to swallow and lick off her toes. Twixy smiled and giggled of how grossed out he was. Even though it was undeniably gross, he knew what he had to do.

After a few minutes of paw punishment, she picked him up and sat up on her bed. Twixy quickly picked up Brandon and brought him to her bed. "This is how things are gonna work, I'm gonna set you down, and you go and hide." She said, as she got up and walked over to the door. "Now I'm gonna close my eyes, and count for a few minutes, so you have time to hide." And she closed her eyes, and started to count. 

"Alright.. I've got to find a place to hide.. Then if I win, hopefully she'll change me back.." Brandon said to himself. Finding a place to hide wasn't too hard for being his size, but it was getting to the hiding spot that was the hard part. He wasn't exactly the type of person that goes running and stays active all of the time. He was pretty tired by the time he even got halfway to his spot. So where did he plan to hide? Behind dressers, under some clothes, there were multiple choices he could make, but he had to be careful and think about where he was going to hide. He decided that he would be the safest underneath her dresser, it was too heavy for her to move, and there was limited space for her hand to be able to fit under it. So he ran for it. He was almost there, but she began counting down from 10. He thought she was going to find him before he made it. "Okay, ready or not here I come.." She said, as she started searching her room. He was waiting, breathless, but he made it under the dresser just in time. All he could do now was wait till she gets tired.

Chapter End Notes:

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