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Author's Chapter Notes:
Some minor m/f interaction. As always this chapter earns it's x rating.

Darien had watched dozens of men fall to their deaths from the precarious climb through the intoxicating forest that blanketed this soft cliff of flesh. This region of the giant woman had been one of the only climbable ones so in an effort to get off of the dangerous ground over three hundred men had began the climb. This whole operation was doomed as far as Darien was concerned. Merely a diversion to distract the monsters while the palace and the royal family were evacuated. At first when he and the other men had stood in the shadowed canyon of her thighs their had been joking and nervous laughter. As they had looked up at the giant woman’s privates their were jeering and taunts by some of the men daring others to have their way with the lass. It was truly awe-inspiring at that scale. What was only a finger length on Darien’s wife turned out to be a grueling climb of several hundred feet. What was on a normal woman the most sought after locale in the world, on this woman was a deathtrap.

When the first man fell Darien had been right beneath him. The man lost his footing on a sweat soaked hair as big around as his thigh and gone tumbling past screaming all the way down. They had pressed on. The inverted landscape meant that they were climbing towards the eventual goal of her lower back by route of her crotch followed by the risky path of her crack. The smell in the thick of her bush was incredibly strong and sweet. And through no fault of their own many men were forced to climb encumbered by their own excitement, which was quite uncomfortable. Even as the thickness of the forest began to thin the smell only grew stronger. The climbable path had split into two routes traveling on either side of an large outcropping of flesh which developed into two wrinkly pink lips shielding her most intimate entrance from view. Darien had just passed these monstrous looking things and had began climbing the last portion of the vertical climb where the path began to ascend out of the shadow of her thighs. Several more men had already fallen and others had become hopelessly tangled in the densest patches of hair.

It had been then that the worst thing had happened. Nearly a hundred men had finished the hardest part of the climb and had continued over another area of the woman’s sensitive flesh. Something high above on the woman’s mountainous rear had got her attention and she brought her hand down on it hard no doubt flattening the soldiers who had taken the route. Her entire backside shook with the impact. Then even worse, she had shifted and let pass a thunderous blast of gas that had echoed like a peal of thunder. Her whole body shook with what Darien guessed was laughter then her body moved and Darien watched as the canyon of her crack closed on any remaining survivors there. Those two giant muscles had clenched together with terrible finality before they had relaxed again. Darien had prepared to continue his climb and pass the same way past the bloody smears that had been colleagues when the entire woman’s body had shifted. Darien’s only choice had been to hold on as the gigantic woman stood up.


John stood up and breathed in deeply. The pain in his chest was gone. Which was remarkable considering he was certain that he had several broken ribs. He closed his eyes and simply allowed himself to respire in peace. Something wasn’t right here. John looked around half dreading what he might see. Sure enough the surroundings were familiar but distorted. Then he saw them. In the clearing only a little ways ahead were two women, one standing, the other laying on the ground. Both were naked and both were very familiar to him. John recognized them immediately despite the fact that the perspective was remarkably different. He was eye level with them instead of running for his life among the debris at their feet. The one standing up was the blonde that had nearly crushed him beneath her foot earlier that day. And the brunette merely two days ago had wiped out his entire town in a most undignified fashion. And he had seen her before, much like this. He watched them for a moment perfectly content to have escaped their interest for now.

They were strikingly beautiful which only drew more resentment from John for placing such contradiction in his hatred for them. They had killed everyone he had ever known. People he had loved were given the most disgraceful of deaths from the most remarkable creatures. But now she was the only person that he knew. This stunning brunette who dealt death so casually to every insignificant thing that failed to draw her notice. And now she was here. This moment was one that John had been looking forward to.

Seemingly on cue she sat up, reclining casually on her elbows. Her hazel eyes found John immediately.

“Hi.” She smiled and motioned for John to come closer.

John took a few hesitant steps forward. The blonde woman saw him now and waved which caused her breasts to rock tantalizingly back and forth.

“I know you.” The brunette said as she took another drink from her beer. “You were the guy who was so upset about something. Tiny people or some such weirdness.” She laughed and called over to the blonde woman. “He must think he’s a bug or something.”

“He doesn’t look like a bug to me.” The blonde responded, her eyes drifting slowly the entirety of John‘s body.

John blushed realizing he was nude. He looked back at the blonde who smiled politely at him. She held something in her lips that glowed orange when she breathed in and smoked when she exhaled.

“So bug man. What’s your name?” The brunette said.


“That doesn’t sound like a bug’s name to me. Well, John. That luscious lady over there is my friend Jenna and my name is Sarah.” Sarah motioned again for him to come closer. “Come here. I’ve missed you John.”

“How is that possible? You don’t know me. I’m just a spec to you.”

“What kind of talk is that? You’re right here and you don’t look at all small to me.”

“Me either.” Jenna chimed in as she finished her cigarette.

“That’s because none of this is real.” John said. “None of it.”

“Wow, that’s a shame. Right Jenna?” Sarah pouted slightly.

“Big one.” Jenna replied.

“So what if your right then? What if I am just a big ol’ meanie who pissed all over your parade? What then?” Sarah took another swig of her beer.

“I don’t know.”

“Shouldn’t you reason with us? Try to get us to stop stomping all over your friends?” She emphasized her point by playfully patting the ground with her bare foot. “And quit standing over there like some skittish cat. Come over here and talk with me.”

John weakly obliged. He walked over to her side and sat down. His naked ass sank slightly into the mossy ground. Sarah’s naked body right next to him seemed to exude pure heat and desire.

“I think I heard some screams.” Sarah giggled.

John looked down between his thighs and indeed saw the tiny houses there. He squinted to make out the tiny running forms of people quickly fleeing where he had settled. With some embarrassment he noticed that his exposed privates had settled resting on the ground there. It was grotesque to see those fleeing him and imagining those who weren’t so lucky.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Sarah purred.


“That feeling of power… Sexual power.” Sarah reached one confident hand between John’s legs and found what she was looking for there. “Don’t deny it. I can feel the proof right here. You like this.” She moved her hand in a slow and deliberate motion.

John tensed but didn’t pull away. He turned his head. He couldn’t look at what was happening to him, or into Sarah’s intense eyes. He found himself staring at Jenna that statuesque blonde of perfect proportions. His conscious mind was in disarray but his unconscious feelings dictate exactly what he wanted. As he stared at her, Jenna lowered herself onto her haunches and placed her hands on her knees. Her two bare feet rose from her toes to the roundness of her heel which became the taught line of her calf leading to the soft the curve of her rear. She sighed.

“What’s she doing?” John said weakly.

“What’s it look like dummy?” Sarah chuckled. “Don’t look. She can’t go if your looking. She has a shy bladder.” Sarah placed her free hand under John’s chin and slowly rotated his head til he was looking at her again. “Does it feel good?” She asked. Her hand brushed his cheek before descending to join her other.

“Yes.” John said nearly breathlessly.

He couldn’t help himself and stole a glimpse of what was happening below. He tried to resist this. He tried to pull away. To push this woman off of him. To run away. But his limbs felt like lead. Like dead weights holding him right where he was. Every part of body felt numb with one glorious exception. He looked down again. The tiny things screaming inaudible screams as the shadow of her hands and his shame moved back and forth over them.

“Those poor people.” He gasped.

“Yeah, you’re giving them quite a show.”

“None of this is real.”

“It’s real to them.” She pointed to the tiny spectators trapped between his legs. “It looks like you’re about ready to make it even more real.” Her adept hands moved faster and faster.

John turned his head trying to find anything to focus on but the sensations he was feeling. His eyes drifted across the cloudless blue sky, the forest treetops, then the naked crouched form of that blonde murdering giantess who was again drowning countless helpless people beneath her. John gasped and his face was once more pulled back to Sarah’s

“Eyes here.” She said dead serious. “You’re not going to last much longer. So I wanted to say this before it happens.” She paused, though her hands did not. “I’m not a bad person. I just don’t know. How could I? If this isn’t real then find me out there where it is. Remember.” She leaned towards him.

“Find me.” She sealed her request with a kiss.

It was the best thing John had ever felt. He melted into that moment and lost it. The corners of his vision grayed and grew blurry. The world rolled aimlessly before his eyes. Two beautiful smiling women, flashes of green foliage and blue sky. Then his own body stretched out below him. His weakly sprawled arms. His outstretched thighs. And between them the softening length of himself. His mind cried in outrage and shame as he saw the puddle that the girl had summoned. A pool of white swirled and mixed with debris and struggling pale forms inundated in his seed. Then it was gone and all he saw was black.


“Hold on!” Darien cried out as the rumbling grew louder all around.

He looked around once again trying to regain his bearings. He saw the blonde arching hair that he clung to for dear life. He followed it to it’s origin a few feet over head where it sprouted from the pink flesh there. That same pink flesh was stretched in every direction as a ceiling or a sky above him. Other pale blonde hairs were all around interwoven into a brier patch of tangled pubes as thick around as tree trunks. Darien could see other terrified men in similar predicaments in various positions trying to hold on. Looking around he realized he was directly in the no man’s land between orifices. In front of him and slightly to the left was the giantess’s huge wrinkled labia now stretched with a fair distance between them. On either side were groves of pubic hair where dozens of men held on for their lives. It was like an inverted landscape with it’s own hills and valleys, peaks and forests. Behind Darien loomed a gigantic butt hole that seemingly clenched and unclenched at random shaking the hair he held onto.

It was now very clear what was happening. A hundred feet in front of him the first drop pooled and detached falling lazily towards the earth below. Everything around Darien was shaking with anticipation as more bright yellow drops, each the size of a house, flowed out. Already it was more liquid than he’d ever seen and it hadn’t even begun yet. Darien watched one of the drops fall. It glistened yellow as if fell then it impacted far below. Darien then realized it wasn’t open ground beneath the woman. It was a town. The drop of urine hit with such force that it blasted apart a home and tossed it’s occupants mercilessly into the soaked street. Darien surveyed in horror the people trapped between her bare feet. He watched their panicked hopeless movements far below and prayed for them and for himself.

All at once somewhere far above him and out of sight, a colossal mouth let out a monstrous sigh and the torrent was unleashed. Darien first looked to where the urine burst from her body. All around him muscles shook and a acrid smelling breeze whipped by him from the displaced air. An impossible amount of liquid twisted from her body. He looked down when he heard the full force of the stream impact far below. An entire neighborhood was instantly submerged. Houses, stores, buildings and people were ripped apart by the ferocious liquid which snaked it’s way across the town seemingly at random leaving a path of warm destruction. People ran from it, pleaded with it, some even threw up their hands in a desperate gesture as it overtook them. It was no use. Where it passes no one survived. Another grunt from far above caused the sky to shake and the impossibly powerful jet of piss grew even more intense. Darien watched in horror as the thing snaked suddenly right flowing through the woman’s pubic hair. A soldier who was hanging there was grabbed and propelled helplessly towards the earth at a bone crushing speed. Others were simply shaken from their perches and hurtled towards the ground below. Where they made tiny splashes in the newly formed lake. The stream continued to wander across the woman’s underside taking many men with it. Smaller streams and trickles sprouted and danced along the woman’s curves sometimes snaking up the woman’s thighs.

Far below the city was completely submerged in the ferocious waters still stirred by the woman’s pissing which was sending up tremendous splashes that fell upon her feet and legs much to the giant’s apparent annoyance. The deadly currents caused by the warm jet of piss hitting the lake’s surface meant that anyone who was still alive and floating was quickly drawn into the full force of the stream crushing them under millions of gallons of piss and breaking their body on the bottom of the lake some distance below. Darien watched this deadly efficient form of extermination a few times before he had to look away. One tiny figure, a woman perhaps, swam so desperately against the current. But her feeble strokes could not outpace this fore of nature. Darien thought he heard a far off scream over the booming sound of water all around as the tiny thing was wholly consumed by the torrent of urine.

Then as quickly as it began the stream subsided in a few weak squirts. The woman’s thighs flexed and the whole world shook up and down dislodging the last few drops and more than a few of the last survivors whose screams were plainly audible now that the thundering stream wasn’t overpowering them. They fell quite some distance to the yellow lake below where they sank below the surface with a few feeble attempts at swimming from their bodies that had been broken by the fall.

Darien looked around wondering what happened next. His answer made itself quickly apparent. From the sunlight still pouring in from between her open thighs Darien saw what looked to be a tremendous cloud drifting towards him. As it drew nearer he could see that it was being held in the huge fingers of a goddess. He could here more cries of fear from many men who had already been through so much. Darien could tell that their were far fewer voices now. The white cloud seemed to be made of some kind of soft cloth or something like it. The powerful fingers holding it pressed the white tissue up and rubbed it over the flesh and hair there. It pressed her lips apart and ran along the space between Darien watched as it rushed towards him overtaking other struggling men as it came. Before he could even react it hit him. The material rushed over him grabbing at his body. He held on desperately as it rushed by carrying with it many muffled cries for help. Then it was past. Darien watched the tremendous hand push it further over the bumpy contours of her asshole then it lowered and retreated. As it rushed by again Darien looked down and saw a half dozen captive men struggling against the now yellowed material. Even worse he saw several bloody smears that had been men before being crushed into paste against the woman’s privates. Then all at once the woman’s hand released it and it fell quickly to the ground below where it sat on the shore of the yellow lake. Perhaps he should have jumped onto it. Those men had made it to the ground safely perhaps they were out of danger. Just as that thought entered his mind it was quickly forced out. Wind whistled past as the ground fell away until Darien could only see the white tissue by looking down two towering thighs. The tissue sat idly by the lake next to the woman’s tremendous bare right foot. The men trapped inside appeared now to be just specks to Darien’s high perch. Then quite suddenly the woman’s left foot soared over the tepid lake and joined the right landing squarely on the tissue and flattening it and it’s contents into the moist ground. Then she continued walking, more earth and people passing beneath her feet and Darien, having no other choice, watched.

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