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This camp was the lamest thing Sarah had ever been to. Even though she was only four days in to it she was certain the boredom would kill her. Most of the other girls were heading to the lake to swim, but Sarah decided to go sneak off instead. The forest was inviting and secluded. She was certain that no one would come looking for her for at least a couple hours so she decided to strip down. When she was younger being naked was one of her favorite things and nowadays the opportunity was a treasured one. She untied her top and tossed in on the ground. A brisk wind caused her nipples to immediately perk up as she stretched. She slipped out of her bikini bottom and ran her fingers through her nicely trimmed bush. Breathing the cool air in she looked around lazily. Spotting a sun soaked rock she strolled over to it and looked down. There were some strange brown mushrooms growing on the surface. Each of them was smaller than the nail on her pinkie finger, and there were at least a few dozen in a small patch that could've fit on a dinner plate. She reached down and casually brushed a few of them off, then content that they were harmless she turned around and sat down letting the smooth rock warm her ass cheeks. 

* * *

The tiny hilltop village overlooked the valley. It was a small village with only a few dozen huts clinging to the stone surface. Many people were outside enjoying the sunlight of the early afternoon.

Most never even saw it coming. The few that were looking that direction saw an impossible sight. A nude woman of tremendous proportions walking across the valley. Each footfall resounding with a dull thud, each footfall causing her breasts to bob in rhythm, each footfall bringing her closer to the village. Before they could even spread the warning her shadow fell over the hill top village. Two towering tan thighs held the girl's crotch a little above level with the cliff side. The frightened villagers stared dumbly at the girl’s trimmed pubes. Many gazes drifted lower to the tight pink lips that resided in the valley between the girl’s thighs. Others could not help but look up to see the undersides of two huge breasts casting their shadows over the cliffside. Without warning a massive hand fell from the heavens and crushed two huts and half dozen villagers immediately beneath it’s weight. Fingers as large around as the homes themselves lazily traced the contours of the rock seemingly stirring the wreckage of the houses. It then dragged the debris to the edge of the cliff sending any survivors tumbling to their deaths on the rocks below. The hand retreated and the girl's whole body pivoted. The graceful movements of her thighs accompanied the echoing footfalls far below. Many villagers waved their arms over their heads trying to get the girls attention. Their frightened cries powerless to reach the girl's ears. 

The curves of her body caught the sunlight as the cleft of her back side turned towards the village. Her two round ass cheeks, each being nearly twice the size of the entire settlement did not care for the pitiful attempts of the villagers to catch her attention. Her buttocks hovered over the village for a moment before it began lowering. The huts offered no protection to their occupants against the girls all-encompassing rear. Her pink butt hole peaked from between the parting cheeks to greet the hundreds of villagers about to be ground to paste under the weight of her tremendous ass. The millions of tons of weight fell most heavily on either side allowing a high survival rate to those who dodged the meaty cheeks and ended up trapped in the dark canyon of her privates. A drop of sweat that had been trapped in her crack for the greater portion of the day gathered on the tight opening of her butthole, two men who were spared being crushed out right by the giantess were now helplessly glued to that sensitive flesh. Her pussy lips pinned many of the villagers between her cunt and the sun soaked rock. Each of the tiny refugees were dwarfed by collasal mechanisms of her sex whose moist folds were unwittingly collecting and suffocating dozens of people. 

Leaning backwards her crotch greeted the afternoon sun, hoisting the only survivors stuck to her labia into the sunshine. Unaware of the people glued to her genitals she idly dropped a hand between her legs and fingered herself lazily, either grinding the tiny people into paste against her clit, or dragging them deep into the suffocating confines of her moist center. Several people caught in the sticky event were dragged into her patch and became hopelessly tangled in the course brown hair there. She slowly shifted her weight and rocked slightly back and forth guaranteeing that any caught beneath her are now unrecognizable as people, instead they are merely stains.

* * *

The sensations greeting her from between her legs were wonderful. A warm radiance from the rock coupled with a tingling senstation were making this afternoon outing exquisite. Unfortunately another growing pressure down there caught Sarah's attention. Masturbating was certainly on the itinerary but other biological needs would have to come first. She had drank a lot of juice earlier at lunch and her body was telling her she couldn’t hold it much longer. Standing up she looked around to make sure no one was around to see. She took a few steps forward, then casually squatted where she was. That’s the beauty of nature; no cold toilet seats to worry about, just pick a spot and, look out below. Framed between her thighs she saw those same tiny brown mushrooms dotting the ground between her feet. She wondered what they were. But, no matter. She relaxed and let out a little breath before that familiar tinkling sound echoed up to greet her ears.

* * *

The bare foot descended with terrifying speed. John watched as many dozens of fleeing people were caught in it’s shadow, then crushed flat. It settled with such horrible finality. Nothing impeded it’s progress, even the largest of the town’s buildings and huts were nothing in comparison to her littlest toe. John looked to his right and saw her other foot falling into place. it’s terrible shadow covering  several dozen houses, a whole neighborhood. Then with a muted crunch and a cloud of dust they were gone. The tremor of the footfall nearly shook him off of his feet. There she was, taller than anyone could even comprehend standing completely nude over thousands of terrified people. Her feet covering huge portions of the town with it’s citizens crushed under them. Her bare legs rose to heaven thousands of feet over head. And at their pinnacle was something breathtaking. It was so far out of scale it was hard to imagine. Two pink lips nestled between smooth thighs. A forest sized patch of hair above it. John’s gaze went higher. Past her flat stomach were two mountains of flesh that swayed gently. Nipples at their peak were rock hard in the breeze. Through the valley between her tits John could just make out her face. He did not know what to expect, malice, cruelty, something. But what John saw was worse. She looked unconcerned, uncaring, even unaware of the hundreds of people she had just squished between her toes. It did not appear she was through either. As John watched the titanic girl began to move again. As John prepared himself for the footfalls he realized that her feet remained firmly planted. She was bending at the knees. Her powerful thighs began guiding the rest of her body closer. A terrible grinding sound came from both sides of John as her bare feet pivoted grinding the remains beneath them into the earth. Her ass cheeks slowly parted as she lowered herself. John was certain he was about to be crushed beneath the woman’s privates. He had thought the view before was imodest, but now it was becoming grotesque, yet captivating. The huge scale was becoming quickly apparent. The thick lips parted and moist pink flesh was exposed. Her clit was easily three times the size of John’s house. Looking as far back as he could he could see her clenched butt-hole. It was big enough to engulf him without feeling it. It was all rushing towards him at an incredible rate, like the sky itself was falling.He braced himself to be crushed flat by the pink mass when it stopped in mid air hovering only a few hundred feet up. John looked around and saw that he was part of a crowd that had gathered. Many were still fleeing pushing past those who merely stood and stared. The buildings on either side of him were emptying of people. Above them all was an awesome sight, and John could now feel the heat pouring off of the exposed flesh. The strong scent of a woman washed over him, making him momentarily dizzy.

He wondered what happened next. There was no time to run, his puny steps wouldn’t cover in a thousand what she could in one. The gigantic woman’s underside visibly trembled. Her anus was pursed tightly closed. Her thighs held her in place over the thousands who watched unsure of what would happen next. Then as the crowd watched her tremendous pink lips spasmed then relaxed. The tight flesh above the crowd parted ever so slightly and allowed a view of two dark orifices. One of her huge hands curled beneath her body and two powerful fingers stretched her lips wide apart. The dark tunnel to her insides now gaping. The crowd cried out in panic as a deep rumbling was heard accompanied by a moan far above their heads. Both sounds echoing for miles. A terrified voice from the crowd screamed.

“She’s pissing!”

It was immediately apparent that it was true. At first only a few house sized drops leapt from her body and fell to the ground. The impact of each shook the earth giving some idea of what was to come. One drop plummeted towards where John was standing in the crowd. It caught the light and glistened pale yellow. Tumbling through the air it picked up speed and crashed into a store only a few steps from where John was standing. The roof gave in instantly and a wave of warm piss washed out the first and second story windows. John dove out of the way as men and women were inundated by the liquid. They were thrown violently down and swept up again. The piss filled the street up to John’s knees as it washed away. Then John looked up just in time to see the full stream burst free. The sound was deafening and overpowered the terrified people in the crowd wading through the river the first drop had left. The stream flowed freely from between her, more fluid than any of the people had ever seen at once. The waterfall of piss made land-fall a few hundred feet away from John. It hit the ground with such force that it tore apart buildings and people a like. Those not lucky enough not to be caught by it’s full force were thrown like rag dolls. Soaked and mangled bodies tumbled through the air crashing into the crowd all around John. The Yellow jet of liquid was tearing into the ground sending rocks and debris tumbling from the crater it was excavating. The relentless stream shifted left tearing a quarter mile path across the towns center. John started running, not thinking at all, just running away. He slipped and fell face first in the mud. The dirt street had turned into a bog since the first drop hit and now people struggled through it. Some becoming completely trapped by it. John rolled onto his back wiping the mud from his face in time to see a stray drop thrown from the stream hurtled towards the earth it landed squarely on a group of fleeing people. They were pulverized into the street as the piss poured over them, some of them knocked unconscious or killed by the impact. John struggled to his feet just in time to be hit full on by the wave spreading from that drop. It knocked him backwards and submerged him. It knocked the breath from him and filled his mouth with the acrid liquid. He pulled himself free of the flood and coughed. His feet now struggled to reach bottom in the murky liquid. He again tried to make forward progress. He looked back and up to see if he was getting away. He looked up and his eyes latched onto the mountains of flesh on the girl’s chest as they bobbed from side to side. Further still he saw her bored face gazing down between her legs. Watching with curious eyes as her body emptied itself onto the ground. One hand placed casually on her knee as an impossible amount of urine drenched the space between her feet. John was amazed that this person, if you could call it that, could be so uncaring about the disaster she was causing. John stumbled forward chest deep in urine now trying to outrun a tidal wave behind him. The rush of urine over took him and sent him tumbling along with it. His eyes burned as he fought to keep them open. A naked woman’s broken body spun past him in the yellow rush. He was being pulled along at such a rate he could barely make out the submerged terrain around him. Shattered houses and ruined streets now thirty feet beneath the crest of the torrent. He tried desperately to find his way back to surface. Kicking with all his strength he found the air he so desperately needed. Treading water to keep from submerging again he looked around. He was being swept along in a river of piss that rushed away from the still powerful column of urine pummeling the center of what was quickly becoming a lake or an inland sea. He watched an entire house floating near him uprooted from it‘s foundation. The roaring column of urine stopped.

John looked up at the girl's face. Still calm she scanned the lake with her eyes. Then settled on a hill that she had not yet been submerged. A few houses were untouched there and a group of people had crowded onto it and were pulling others from the yellow sea around them. John watched with horror as the girl's eyes found the dry hill. Some of the terrified people on the hill looked up in time to see. They screamed barely audible screams and raised their tiny arms to fend off the coming horror. The tremendous girl moved her hips ever so slightly, then her soaked pussy lips clenched hard forcing a jet of pee directly onto the spot. The previously untouched hill was wiped clean of anything. When the stream hit hundreds of people disappeared. The buildings disintegrated, in fact even the hill itself was torn apart and submerged. The jet subsided to a trickle again and than to nothing. John looked at her face and saw her smile slightly, than the eyes moved again. They looked directly at John. He watched in horror as her thighs slowly moved this time aiming for the floating house John was swimming near. The gigantic girl let out a moan and rocked forward as another stream rushed from her body. It sped towards John catching the sunlight. She missed the house by a few hundred feet then corrected her aim. The torrent swung across the surface of the lake sending out twenty foot tall waves until in hit the house sending splintered chunks of wood flying everywhere. The stream did not cease and hit John full on. He felt some ribs crack as he blacked out.

* * *

Looking down again she saw that her business must have disturbed some ants. She could barely make out their little pale forms scurrying away from the puddle she was making. She didn’t care. The tiny little bugs had no defense against her most mundane of activities. Bored once again she played target practice. It looked like some of those ants had gathered on a clump of dirt. She clenched, pivoted, and released, and in truly anti-climactic fashion the clump of dirt disappeared along with it’s inhabitants. When she finished she let her ass bob a few times to shake off drops then stood up. Standing fully nude in the sun she felt great. She looked down at the puddle she had made and giggled slightly. Hope those ants know how to swim--she thought as she walked away. She would definitely have to come back here soon.

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