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Jenna lit a cigarette and stood there butt naked, a beer in one hand, a lit cigarette in the other. She thought it was just about as close to nature as anyone could get. Nudism with nicotine and alcohol. How was she ever talked into this?

She took the last few drags off her cigarette, finishing it quickly. She stood with her legs firmly together as a growing and familiar pressure mounted. One last puff on the cigarette then she crouched to put it out. She pressed it into one of those tiny mushrooms which was not much larger than the smoldering tip of the cigarette. She paused for just a moment to watch the mangled cigarette smolder next to a few of those weird mushrooms. A couple tiny pale ants, so small they were difficult to make out, scurried around the crumpled filter. She exhaled her last breath of smoke aiming it at the tiny creatures.

When she had been younger she was fascinated by ants. She would stop and examine anthills on her way to school. But like many things, with age, they had slipped beneath her notice. She walked to school like every other girl, oblivious to how many of the tiny things she crushed beneath her flip-flops.

She stood up, smiled over at Sarah, and drove the cigarette into the earth with her big toe in a twisting motion. She turned and looked towards camp.


No one really knew what to do. Running sounded like a great option, but which direction? The first instinct was to run in any direction as long as it led directly away from her killing feet. However those who stayed put initially survived when the woman literally stepped over them, her foot landing directly on those unfortunate bastards that chose to follow their first instinct. The goddess/woman/teenager/walking genocide--whatever you want to call her; stopped and stood directly above them. Many people still able to think of this mountain of flesh as a girl, recognized the body language when she began pressing her thighs closely together. It inspired feelings of awe and terror in those who gave any thought to the implications. Many were distracted by something else. She had something protruding from her mouth. A glimpse of fire next to supple flesh. Every few moments the girl exhaled great mouthfuls of blue grey smoke. Her chest worked like a giant billows causing the thing she was holding to flare bright red at it’s tip. It was hypnotic to watch the undersides of her breasts rise in sync with the flaring of that burning thing.

The family in the house felt the impacts of her footfalls and prayed that they came no closer. Each step shook them from their feet, the impacts threatened to simply collapse the house on top of them. When the last series of footsteps stopped they thought that perhaps they had been spared. A minute passed in relative silence. And they looked up expectantly like they were about to see storm clouds passing. Then the roof ignited. Worse than that, something pressed through it. A glowing mass of burning tobacco that flash fried everyone and everything in its path as it brutally pressed into the ground with the incomprehensible strength of the fingers which propelled it. Those who stood outside watched the house and it’s occupants get pressed into the ground, the screams from inside were mercifully short. The fingers flew away and the defeated and crumpled thing sagged to one side crushing another home beneath its weight. It bore streaks of bright red paint on the yellow wrapped tar-stained foam, the marks of the giant woman’s lips. Lazy smoke still seeped from it’s charred tip. People stood dumbstruck and baffled. They stared at the dead thing like it might rise again, a phoenix from its own ashes reborn to burn them all.

Instead they noticed that they had drawn her attention. Shivers ran down spines as two orbs swept their piercing gaze over tiny people. Some shouted and waved their arms hoping that perhaps she might suddenly repent and aid them. Their egos insisted that she knew they were here, even if she only killed them she at least knew they existed. No one could reconcile the fact that she had no idea the trouble she was causing. She blew them a kiss. Her huge glistening lips puckering and bunching together before a hurricane gust of wind propelled a fog bank of acrid smoke down on them. The disoriented coughing people fought to get their bearings in the sudden cloud. It got remarkable darker. A shadow above the smoke. Her big toe fell from the sky pushing its way through the fog. It landed squarely on the smoldering wreckage of the destroyed homes. When it twisted even the ground moaned under it’s grinding pressure.


“Where are you going?” Sarah said, casually sitting up.

“Drank too much beer, I have to pee.” Jenna turned and took a step in the direction of the camp.

“Yeah, so? Where are you going?”

“Back to the camp.”


“I just told you I have to pee.”

“Just go.”




“You’ve never pissed in the woods?”


“Well what?”

“Well of course I have.”

“Then What‘s the problem?”

“Right here?”

“Why not?”

“No way. I won‘t do it. What if someone’s watching?” Jenna picked up her red bra from where it was laying casually strewn near some weird looking moss.

“Come on, nobody’s around. Just pick a spot and go.” Sarah stared at her for a moment.

“Okay…” Jenna set her bra back down. “You brought TP?”

“You want me to wipe your ass too?”

“Never mind.” Jenna removed a small pack of Kleenex from the canvas bag. She took a few steps and picked her spot. “I can’t go if you’re watching.”

“I won’t look I promise.” Sarah covered her eyes with her hand.

“Don’t peak.”

“No one’s watching, relax.”

Jenna made sure Sarah wasn’t looking, then carefully lowered herself until her feet were firmly planted and her ass was sitting on her haunches. She opened her thighs and felt a slight breeze stir the soft hair of her pubes, a sensation that was both really great and really odd. She looked back over at Sarah who was keeping her word and not looking. “Plug your ears, too.” Jenna said from her low squat.


“I don’t want you listening.”

“Would you just piss already?”

“Okay.” Jenna said. She pouted a little before looking down at her feet.

Soft earth pressed up between her toes. It was that weird colored moss again. The space between her feet was now dimmed by her shadow, and the moss looked like it had tiny mushrooms growing throughout it. It almost seemed like it was crisscrossed with lighter spots in a grid. Jenna wondered why it grew like that. She wiggled her toes a little in the soft earth and rested her hands on her knees. Then after checking once more to see that Sarah wasn’t looking, and taking a deep breath, she relaxed, and her body slowly obliged. A few hesitant drops wandered through her blonde bush before falling to the ground. That was followed by a meandering trickle that began to splatter on the earth beneath her. Then she could hold back no longer and with a loud sigh and a shudder of relief a jet of warm piss leapt from her body and crashed noisily on the ground below. She looked lazily down at a quickly spreading puddle. Then over at Sarah who was very blatantly peaking.


“She’s spared us!”

“Praise the gods she has spared us!”

The old man screamed his delirious joy to the hundreds of others in the town square, most of them more or less convinced of the same good news. She had stepped right over the town center, her devastating foot instead coming to rest in mostly open farm country to the east, the tremor of it’s impact nearly shaking the town off it’s foundations. Her other foot remained planted squarely on the other side of town. Those gathered in the town square rejoiced in the temporary reprieve from a quick death beneath her uncaring toes. The view was now quite immodest. Which did not bother the old man at all as he continued his ranting joy.

“She has chosen to spare us! Thank you!”

The old man raised his arms to heaven just in time to see it come rushing down. The woman’s privates fell towards hundreds of terrified people. Towering tan thighs banded with young muscle lowered the woman’s underside at an incredible rate. Knees bent and rushed outward, her ass cheeks slowly stretched apart. The gigantic folds of her favors peaked from within the downy forest of her light blonde pubes. The towns folk either ran for cover or instinctively dropped where they were. The goddess squatted above them unaware of her captive audience, thousands of terrified people who were trapped within the span of her thighs, waited for what inevitably came next.


Jenna watched the puddle spreading on the ground between her legs. This whole process was taking an uncomfortably long amount of time and was quite a bit louder than she had hoped. Initially she had tried to control her stream, clench the right muscles to make this a dignified and lady-like trickle. But it was no use, it was quickly apparent she had held it too long. The flood gates were thrown wide and even Jenna had been surprised by the ferocity of the stream that pummeled the ground. She had to stifle a squeal as a few stray drops splashed against her calf. She looked down at the growing yellow puddle and the crater her stream was excavating in it’s center.

It reminded her of a time when she was twelve or thirteen that she had gone hiking. Her aunt had suspected she might have diabetes. Her family wasn’t going pay hundreds of dollars to a doctor to tell them something they could figure out on their own, so her aunt had taken her hiking. Jenna didn’t really understand this whole thing, but her aunt said that the ancient Greeks used to do it the same way. So they had hiked around all afternoon talking while Jenna’s aunt made her drink can after can of soda. After she had drank a six pack of mountain dew, hiking was getting uncomfortable so they stopped and sat down. Her aunt made her drink two more cans for good measure before instructing her to find an anthill. Jenna had been a little confused by this. She had seen her brothers piss on anthills before, she had gone so far as to beg them to stop, she had even gone to inspect the puddles afterwards to look for survivors. But she was a young women now and her aunt wouldn’t tolerate any such nonsense. So she obliged. She made her aunt look away as she had found her target. It was maybe six inches across with several entrances. It was a large anthill but it fit nicely in the span between her thighs, and easily beneath her shadow. Hundreds of ants were moving busily around excavating and maintaining their home. She looked down at their efforts knowing that it would soon all be in vain.

“I’m sorry about this.”

She couldn’t watch. The sound alone was hard to deal with. She couldn’t remember any other time she had had to go so bad. When she was done. There was nothing left of the ant’s city. It had been flooded and washed away and drowned. Her aunt laughed and said that she was supposed to piss near an anthill not obliterate one. Like a racehorse, she laughed. The two of them watched for a while to see if any surviving ants indicated sugar in her urine. They didn’t. No Diabetes. A weird afternoon excursion resulted in one clear diagnosis, one destroyed city, and one odd memory.

Jenna finished up. She bobbed her ass a couple of times to shake off the last drops then wiped herself with a tissue, discarded it, and stood up. No sooner had she risen to her full height than the matter faded from her notice. She stepped carefully over the puddle and walked over to Sarah who had another beer waiting for her.

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