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Author's Chapter Notes:


Kane stood on the tan mound of the giantess’s right ass cheek. He along with a hundred other men had hiked up the back of her leg and ended up finally at the pinnacle of her behind. The group, still breathing hard from the accent, listened carefully for the commander's next orders. Many of the men looked rightfully nervous to be in such a precarious position. Kane looked across to the other group a few hundred feet away on the opposite cheek. They looked miniscule against the curvature of her derrière as Kane assumed he and his group must look like. And between the two groups of men was very dangerous territory.  

The commander spoke up and ordered everyone to rest for a moment before heading down the other side into the small of her back. This is a risky move, to stay in such an exposed location for so long.

As many of his compatriots sat down and rested Kane decided to look around a little. The opportunity to admire a woman at this scale was something Kane never expected or really wanted. But curiosity would drive him to observe his surroundings.

He left the rest of the group and walked a little closer towards the valley that divided the two mounds of flesh. He carefully placed his feet avoiding where drops of sweat were beading on the skin beneath him. Using the tiny hairs that jutted regularly from the skin’s surface he steadied himself as he neared the divide. Looking down over the curve he found a disturbing sight that made his heart quicken in his chest. Directly below him was the giant girl’s asshole. The pink folds of flesh converging in a muscular ring. At this size it looked completely alien, unnatural and threatening. At least it was clean, he thought, even at this distance the only smell he found was that of a greasy sweat and oil.

He noticed something then, a few specs were moving below him. At first he didn't recognise them until he realized that is was a line of soldiers like him, moving up the valley. They had just completed the climb up through the woman’s blonde nether hairs, a mission that Kane was both happy he had not been selected for, and envious of the journey. These men now climbed past another orifice and now were carefully picking their path around this new obstacle. The task was a difficult one because of the slope of the fleshy walls on either side. The men eager to get out of there climbed over the pink wrinkles keeping as much distance between themselves and the most menacing portal to the goddess’s insides.

Kane watched them curiously until suddenly he was aware of a faint buzzing noise coming from behind him in the direction of his group. Kane started back towards his group as many of them readied their spears. The buzzing grew louder and then some kind of flying creature landed on the tan flesh scattering a few soldiers who scurried to get away from it. The buzzing ceased as the thirty foot tall lanky winged creature regarded the soldiers with it’s black multifaceted eyes. It took a step forward with it’s six spindly legs no wider than the soldiers spears. Than a long pole dropped from the closest thing it had to a mouth. It extended and to the crowd of soldier’s amazement a sharp point pressed against the flesh of the giant woman they were standing on. It punctured and sunk in several feet. Almost immediately the alien creature began fattening with bright red blood filling it’s rear. The commander ordered his men to drive it away. Kane had no idea what the hell it was but he drew his short sword and charged towards it. As he neared he saw that it was surrounded by the group. Then all at once the buzzing resumed and the creature lifted off and flew away. The men cheered and raised their weapons in celebration when suddenly a shadow rushed over all of them. A gigantic hand swung overhead blotting out the sun. Kane was still a hundred feet from his group and immediately looked up to see the palm of the girl’s impossibly large hand falling towards him. Kane turned to run, his feet slipping on the sweat covered skin. The others didn’t stand a chance. He ran for his life hearing the screams of his comrades behind him and than a deafening impact like a peal of thunder. The giant hand smeared the entire group against her ass cheek. Kane was thrown from his feet as the flesh beneath him rippled with the impacts tremors. Than all at once he was falling. Tumbling through the air as two meaty walls of flesh rose up around him. He hit the opposite wall of the canyon and slid down rolling end over end. Kane finally managed to get a hold and slow himself. He finally came to rest at the pink convergence of muscle that guarded the giantess’s insides.


“Damn mosquitoes.” Jenna said quietly as she withdrew her hand from her ass. She brought it up to her face and looked for the mosquito’s remains. A few tiny dots of red blood were all the proof that she needed. She then frowned. “Promise you won’t be mad.” She said as she looked over at Sarah.

“For what?” Sarah asked

“For this.” Jenna’s face contorted in a mock expression of exertion and a loud fart followed. “Ahhhh.” She sighed in contentment.

“Gross. Why do I hang out with you?”


Kane held on for dear life only a few feet from oblivion. More soldiers were completing the climb and realizing what was going on. Two men tried to throw a length of rope to him. Kane had just gotten his hand on it when a deep rumbling was heard beneath them. The two men’s faces went white with terror. They dropped the rope and scrambled away from the orifice trying to hug the canyon walls or grab onto stray strands of hair. Kane looked down as the hole contracted pulling at him. The giant anus bulged briefly before parting slightly for a fraction of a second. A column of hot wind issued out bursting Kane’s eardrums instantly. The titanic fart sent him and a dozen other men hurtling like rag dolls hundreds if not thousands of feet into the air. Those who weren't thrown clear were just as unlucky as the powerful muscle instantly contracted pulling a half dozen whole men inside.

Nearing the pinnacle of his flight Kane, whose ears were bleeding and bones were broken, could look down at the lounging woman and see her as that; a woman and not a landscape. It was a merciless bit of insanity as his brain fought with the panic of free flight, dieing, and overwhelming sexual signals. The one thing that caught his attention most was the faint red handprint left on her right ass cheek. He fell back to earth to die a tiny, unnoticed and completely absurd death.


Jenna couldn't help but blush. She wasn't actually that much of a exibitionist and frankly the fart had been much louder than she had expected. After a moment Jenna rose up on her elbows and reached for her beer which rested plainly on some more of that fine moss that seemed to be everywhere.

“How did you get a hold of this beer?” Jenna took the last swallow of her beer. She had only had two but she was feeling pretty tipsy. A combination of an empty stomach and the warm sun.

“Michael got them for me from the councilor’s fridge.” Sarah said plainly.

“Sounds like he really likes you. He could get in a lot of trouble for that, probably lose his job if anyone found out.” Jenna rolled onto her back and sat up. She was craving a cigarette pretty bad.

“Yeah. I keep trying to get him to come out here with me.” Sarah watched a cloud pass by overhead.

“Why? What do you want to do out here?” Jenna stood up. Almost losing her balance in the process.

“You know, fool around… fuck… whatever.”

“So… is that why you brought me out here?” Jenna said half seriously.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”


The echoes of the blast were just subsiding when those who had survived the passing gas, and managed to remain in the canyon faced their next test. Dozens of men realized all at once that the walls of flesh on either side of them were closing in. Men fled in any direction available. Some tried to press onward in hopes of reaching the relative safety of the girl's back in time. Some tried to climb the steep walls on either side. Others fled back the way they came into the forest of hairs which covered the steep descent past the girl's sex. Most quickly realized it was too late.They cried out n panic and tried to brace themselves against the flesh. Tiny futile hands pressed against uncaring flesh. Screams became muffled then silenced. The cheeks closed pressing the helpless men into pulp between the muscular walls. when they relaxed again only tiny bloody smears remained.

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