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The forest clearing was an unbroken expanse of green, dotted with the buildings of it’s citizenry. Great stretches of irrigated farmland supported the many villages and cities that dotted the glade. On all sides, at the hazy boundary of vision, stood the towering trees that had surrounded, hidden, and protected the people who had lived here for precious undisturbed generations. The tremendous size of the trees became a comfort, in the same sense that a range of mountains tends to connect one to the scenery. It is the sense that anything so large does not possess the ability to move, and must be rooted to the earth. That knowledge is what makes it a comfort. The tens of thousands of people who had grown up in the shelter of these giant trees had no reason to believe that their comforts and preconceptions would be stripped away. But this would be the day that all notions of safety would vanish in the shadow of two towering teens.

Their initial appearance had provoked something of a mass confusion. Thousands of people just stood staring at a sight that could only be labeled as impossible. As they watched giant garments were shed revealing the great expanses of forbidden skin in a humbling scale. Finally the dumbstruck nation was shaken to action as impossibly huge steps carried the impossibly huge girls towards them. Without a care or notice the blonde placed her bare foot in the center of the capitol city with disastrous results. But the two girls passed over the remainder of the city and lowered their nude forms over the farmland to the north.

For the second time in three days the brunette’s ass blotted out the sky for an unlucky village. Hundreds of helpless specs overshadowed by her towering form raised their arms in a hopeless placating gesture of defense. Sarah did not so much as feel them as she sat down. Smearing hundreds beneath her buttocks and newly shaven privates.

The blonde sat more gracefully, her impact finding only open farmland. She unknowingly managed to spare the entire village of Hilldale untouched in her shadow. She then commenced to applying copious amounts of suntan oil to her chest and stomach. The previously safe village met a unique end however as the blonde giantess turned over. As she rotated on to her front, she was oblivious to the tiny people screaming and running from one gigantic mountain of a breast lowering on top of them. The wall of freshly oiled skin shifted under its own ponderous weight. The mound of tit flesh buried everyone and everything beneath it. As she lay flat on her chest her breasts pressed deep craters into the ground perhaps suitable for lakes someday in the future. At the blonde’s summons the giant brunette crawled the short distance over to the blonde to help apply the tanning oil. Barely noticeable on the brunette’s rear were tiny red spots of blood intermixed with dirt and debris. Curiously a brown box no larger than an Advil avoided the worst of the destruction. Caught helplessly by the sticky moisture there, an entire house still mostly intact clung to the side of the canyon of her crack. It slid slowly down towards tightly clenched orifices below, taking it’s occupants with it. The temporary mercy afforded this house was short lived. The brunette stopped and knelt on her calves, her butt cheeks closed mercilessly on the tiny house pressing it and the people inside into a mess between two walls of muscle and fat. Hopelessly adhered next to her butt hole to be cleaned off at her next visit to the ladies room back at camp. Little deaths of no consequence to the women who caused them would be a constant throughout the day. The two of them settled back, laying their outstretched nude forms open to the sun’s warming rays. They sipped on their beers and enjoyed the privacy of nature.

* * *

The general gave the order and six thousand soldiers equipped with spears and swords set out to meet the enemy. John still reeked of two day old urine that wasn’t his own and his disheveled appearance was a stark contrast to the ordered formality of the general he was accompanying. He was kept close at the general’s side walking at a brisk pace towards the two giant intruders. From what John had understood about the general’s plan was that he, being the only one who had encountered one of the women before, would be kept as an advisor, and if at all possible try to communicate with the giant woman. How the general planned facilitate just such a communication was not entirely clear to him. Currently the general was looking at a map with an intrigued look on his face.

“Just ahead should be the village of Hilldale.” The general looked up expecting to immediately confirm the fact.

The village of Hilldale was not there. Resting in the place Hilldale had been was a bulge of breast peaking from beneath the giant blonde’s slowly breathing chest. The road the army was on simply vanished beneath a titanic boob. The general gave the signal to halt, his order relayed down the long column of soldiers by a system of colorful flags. These signal flags were needed to communicate with such a long column. Although John couldn’t imagine that the entire formation of six thousand men would appear to be any longer than a couple inches to the lounging giantesses. The general proceeded to confer with one of his other commanders for a few moments on the best course of action.

“Being this close to the enemy I think it would be prudent to divide our forces to minimize casualties from individual incidents.” The general said as he rolled his mustache in between two fingers.

“Indeed you’re right, it has already been hard on morale to see losses in such large groups to single sources.” The commander said nervously eyeing the bulge of flesh where Hilldale had been.

“We’ll split into two groups subdivided into one hundred man units.” The General continued still pulling at his pointy mustache. “I shall take half west of here.” He said pointing down a road that more or less followed the curve of the blonde’s body towards her feet over a mile and a half away. “You lead the remainder east.” The general pointed towards an overland route that wound over some small hills as it approached where the blondes head rested on her arms a few thousand feet away. “As soon as possible divide your forces into smaller groups and look for points of attack. Communicate by flags or runners from here on.”

The commander nodded and signaled to a blue flag carrier to announce marching orders. John watched as the orders were relayed down the line by a series of flags then returned signaling a readiness to march. The general smiled at John and gestured west with his sword and began walking. John followed a few paces behind. He gazed at the huge woman lying to his right, admiring the curves of her body like a perfectly formed landscape. Their was a shine to her skin that caused the sun to catch and accentuate every perfect line on her nude form. About a thousand feet to John’s right the bulge of breast beneath her body greeted him. John wondered casually how many people perished beneath it. The sensation was morbidly dull, after all the destruction he had witnessed in the last three days, he simply could not muster a care for them . The lines separating violence and sexuality grew thinner in John’s quickly eroding sanity. John’s eyes continued to follow her body down. Her shoulders fell to the small of her back and then up again forming into two perfectly round mountains of flesh separated by a canyon which narrowed and deepened as two walls of muscle and fat closed around it. As John’s imagination followed its course it began a steep descent downwards as it’s walls flowed away into two taught thighs. The canyon widened over more sensitive ground flowing around a circle of clenched wrinkled skin, and now almost vertically descended over the vast vestibule of the woman’s sex which was faintly hidden beneath a fuzz of hair parting in a clearing around a tender pink opening. The daydream ended there with the moist warmth and smell almost palpable. John broke from his daydreaming for a moment to look back over the three thousand soldiers behind him. Without exception they gazed at the woman as well, some with obvious arousal and amazement others with sheer terror. They would all have plenty of time to think about it, her tan legs stretched far into the distance presenting another thirty minutes of marching at the vary least. As another flag went up the column began to separate and form into smaller hundred man groups that began to distance themselves from each other. By the time they reached her knees thirty distinct marching groups were moving generally westward.

* * *

Sarah was certainly happy she had found this clearing.

Sarah lay there staring at the clouds passing overhead. Her skin eagerly soaked up the warming sunshine as she lazily took another sip of her beer. Camp was turning out okay she thought. A little boring, but she had made a few friends, and managed to steal some beer from the councilor’s fridge with the help of Michael. So right now she was content to lay there in the warm afternoon sun. Jenna lazily mumbled a question.

“So what was it like?”

“What was what like?”

“Well I noticed the new bare look down there and I was wondering what it felt like.” Jenna’s eyes remained closed as she spoke.

“You’ve never shaved.”

“Nope, all natural. Just never really felt the need. Besides I think my boy fried liked it.”

“It’s kinda weird, I feel naked.”

“You are naked.” Jenna giggled a little bit.

“No I mean it just feels more exposed.”

“So why’d you do it?

“You know…” Sarah insisted.

“Oh, gross.” Jenna laughed a little more. “So what’s that like?”

“You’re disgusting, why do you care?”

“Just curious. I heard you can get them from a toilet seat, you sit down to do your business and BAM--”

“Shut up about the toilet seat.” Sarah said blushing a little. “That’s way nasty.”



“What did it feel like?”




“Weird how?”

“It’s just weird to think about. You’ve got these little things chilling down by your V-jay-jay just hanging out. It’s like their whole lives. And when you go to the bath room they’re there watching you and when you do other stuff they’re there watching you.”

“Other stuff like fucking Michael?” Jenna giggled again.

“I didn’t fuck Michael I already told you that.”

“I bet that was a wild ride for those little guys, probably didn’t have a rubber so he just blew his load all over your bush. And the little dudes were running for their lives screaming NOOOOO!!!! Tsunami!”

“You’re so retarded.”

“Do you think he has a big dick?”

“I hope so.”


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