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In the course of only a few moments an entire city was washed away. Where a bustling community once stood only a pale yellow lake remained. As the tremors of footfalls faded into the distance, the forest was again utterly silent. This entire tragedy had not even peaked the interest of the giant girl who caused it. She had simply chosen this spot at random, squatted, and snuffed out the lives of thousands. To her it was simply the call of nature. The expected response to a sensation of pressure from her lower regions. Two gigantic footprints and a puddle were all she left behind.

The shore of the tepid lake was littered with debris and the remains of the once proud citizens of this unfortunate town. And mixed in amongst the devastation a tiny speck was stirring.

John’s head spun to murky consciousness. All at once pain surged from every part of his body. The first thing he did was convulse and disgorge several heaving mouthfuls of urine from his lungs and stomach. As if that wasn’t unpleasant enough, John was immediately aware of a tearing sensation in his chest. He cried out in choking pain rolling onto his back in the clingly mud. He concentrated on taking short shallow breaths as his vision began to clear. Thoughts rushed through his head with no clear beginning or end, and none of them made particular sense. Trembling earth, crashing liquid, and some odd sense of the erotic. John forced those thoughts from his head, he knew one thing; something very bad happened here. He had to warn the others. There were dozens of other cities in this vicinity many much larger than this one. John struggled to stand, his feet mired in acrid smelling mud. The pain in his chest was unbearable but he began to walk. He had to warn them.

* * *

Sarah slipped into her little black bathing suit. She adjusted her top and started walking back towards the camp. She could faintly hear the other girls swimming down by the lake. They sounded like they were having fun but Sarah had other plans. She wanted to see if her favorite counselor was around. If she could catch him alone for once, maybe she could better get to know him. Sarah walked into camp and looked around. There were three log bunkhouses, two shower buildings and the lodge. She started to head towards the girls bunkhouse to change, but decided she wouldn’t mind seeing Mike dressed like she was. She knocked on the counselor’s bunkhouse door. The door opened and Mike stood there with a questioning look on his face.

“Oh hello Sarah, you need something?” Mike’s gaze drifted down her body for a split second before he caught it.

Sarah smiled noticing Mike’s slip. “Nothing in particular, just checking how you were doing.”

“I’m doing fine.” He chuckled. “Why aren’t you down at the lake with the others?”

“Because I’d rather be here with you.” She looked down coyly.

“Do you have any idea how much trouble I’d get in?”

“I’d be worth it.” Sarah took a step forward with a hand on the door.

“Not right now, the camp director’s coming. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Mike closed the door as Mrs. Forbes walked by. Sarah waved to her and walked to the girl’s bunkhouse.

Sarah sat down on her bunk. Her bare feet were sore from walking on all the hard terrain and she unconsciously brought her foot up and started massaging it. Little bits of dirt and debris clung to her muddy toes as she worked her fingers over them. She ran a finger between her two littlest twos and examined the gunk that had been clinging there. The little muddy clump on her finger had something moving in it. A tiny little pale ant had been trapped between her toes. She looked at the thing curiously. Then brought her fingers together and slowly ground them over each other.

“Gross.” She wiped her fingers on her bunkmates bed spread and then grabbed her towel and headed to the girl’s shower house.

* * *

Before everything went black Marcus had seen some incredible things. Everyone he knew was dead without exception. Which didn't help him as he tried to think objectively about what had happened. The giantess had appeared so quickly no one could do anything. She crushed his entire village beneath her lower regions. When she sat down Marcus had unwillingly become intimately acquainted with her naughty bits. He was nearly crushed by them, in fact he had seen others who weren’t as lucky. He had watched a full grown man smeared into nothing by the woman’s pussy. He had watched others as they were dragged deep inside her by her uncaring finger. Marcus had nearly met the same fate but he was deposited in the tangling brown hair of her strip. Covered in her sticky juices and trapped hopelessly in her nether hair he had no choice but to bear witness to what happened next. The giant girl did not pause long after destroying Marcus’s village. Apparently unsatisfied. She destroyed another city with the contents of her bladder. It was a strange sight from his perspective. A rumble, then a deafening roar, then watching people like himself running for there lives before she drowned them. Since then he’s been in a daze, unable to reconcile the events of the past day, nor able to come to terms with the fact that he’s now trapped in a forest of pubic hair beneath a sky of tight black fabric. He had no choice but to wait and see what fate had in store for him next. He felt the impacts of her footfalls all the while wondering how many people were being caught beneath them.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed. The black sky of fabric lifted away and again bright light poured over Marcus. He craned his head up as far as he could. He had never seen his captor’s face. She was now bent over occupied in slipping her swimming suit bottom down her thighs. This afforded Marcus a rare view of her face. Past two inverted mountains of flesh with rigid towers at their pinnacles. Through the shifting valley between them, Marcus saw her face. Sparkling hazel eyes and perpetually pouting lips. She did not look like a murderer, she looked innocent and unaware of how many lives she had ended today. She stood up straight, sending her face out of Marcus’s sight. Marcus’s whole world pivoted as she turned. He tried to get an idea of where they were. It was white everywhere, giant squares covering the walls and floor. The sound of rushing water filled his ears nearly causing him to slip from rationality at the reminder of the tragedy that he had just witnessed. The source came into view. A cascading shower of water tumbled from high above. The giantess stuck her hand in the stream and let it run over her palm. Then a step forward and the cascade crashed into the giantess’s breasts high above Marcus’s head. A wall of water rushed over the titanic mounds and spilled onto her flat stomach following the contours of her body towards Marcus. It hit him all at once nearly dislodging him from his pubic prison.

Images of plummeting from his perch flashed through Marcus’s head. Rushing past her soaked glistening lips where meaty pink flesh eagerly peak from between thick walls of flesh that still bore the tiny blood stains from earlier. Falling past her towering tight thighs as they slightly shift beneath coiling shafts of water pacing him all the way down. And then BAM! he impacts on the hard white surface between her feet… Her feet, those huge beautiful crushing things. Sheets of pouring water and soap crashing down all around him, carrying him towards a swirling drain. He would never get there though. Without even caring the goddess above him would lift her foot and bring it down on him, crushing him completely beneath it’s weight. And a tiny little swirl of blood would drift unnoticed down the drain.

Of course this was all in Marcus’s head. He snapped back to reality as another cascade of water wound it’s way down the girls body and into the forest of her patch. It splashed over Marcus causing him to fight for air. When it subsided Marcus’s whole world was turning again. The rest of the huge room spun into focus. More gigantic women started in. They loudly chattered in words Marcus could not make out. Half a dozen women, two miles tall were undressing around him. Huge garments made of hundreds of square feet of colorful fabrics were stripped from young, tight, tanned bodies that were more comparable to landscapes then high school seniors. They started up showers of their own and began running building size bars of soap over there bodies. The echoes of their booming voices completely filling the space. The view from Markus’s eye level was immodest. Glistening wet ass cheeks sliding by each other. Taught thighs slick with soapy water. The titanic blonde next to Marcus’s keeper dropped something and bent to pick it up. The shear scale of her causing everything to move in slow motion. The blonde’s ass rocked to within a few hundred feet of where Markus was trapped. As she bent her cheeks parted revealing a pink butt hole and wet lips, which parted ever so slightly showing off a dark portal to her interior. It was the most erotic thing Marcus had ever seen. He grew harder than he had ever been. It was almost painful. What he would do with a woman that size he didn’t know. Entering her would be quite literal. Like walking into a warm slick cave, a football field in length. Markus had been daydreaming and when he became lucid again he barely had time to scream as a finger the size of a train hit him with unimaginable force.

* * *

The next morning light was streaming through the girl’s bunkhouse window. Sarah stirred in her bottom bunk awoken by something. Her hand was down her panties, which was not entirely unusual, but this time it wasn’t placed there idly or intensifying a good dream she was having. It was itchy, really itchy. Her eyes shot open and she sat up in bed. She threw off her covers and stretched open the front of her underwear. Jenna in the next bunk over laughed.

“Whoa girl. A little early in the day for that.” Jenna sat down on Sarah’s bed and looked down the front of her underwear. “You got something special down there?”

“Shut up… It itches.” Sarah continued to examine her lower regions.

“Uh oh. Did you and that counselor hook up? I knew he looked iffy.” Jenna laughs again as girls start to stir in other bunks.

“Seriously shut up. I’m going to go see the nurse.” Sarah grabs a t-shirt and some sweat pants.

The nurse’s office was a lot nicer than you might expect from a log cabin. Inside it was completely furnished. A stainless steel table dominated the office. Sarah looked around at the white walls and cold table and began to have second thoughts. Behind her the door shut as Nurse D entered.

“Take off your pants and underwear and have a seat on the table.” Nurse D put on some latex gloves as she gestured towards the table. Sarah slid out of her lower clothing and climbed onto the table. It was an incredibly unpleasant sensation of cold on her naked rear end.

“Okay, spread um.” Nurse D said with little intention.

Sarah leaned back on the table and tried to think of something else. She wouldn’t have come at all if she hadn’t thought it might be something serious. She tried to block out Nurse D’s actions. All she knew is it involved a flashlight a magnifying glass and one of those things her gynecologist used.

Nurse D flicked on the flashlight. “You’re going to feel a mild stretching, same as a pap. Try to keep your legs spread.” Nurse D’s head once again disappeared from Sarah’s view.

Nurse D had seen her fair share eighteen year old’s genitalia. It was something she derived no pleasure from. But it was her job. She inserted the speculum and shined her flashlight inside. A gloved finger intruded and removed something.

“You have crabs.” Nurse D watched the tiny thing struggle on her finger, then flicked it into a garbage pail. “Have you had any recent sexual activity?”

“No, none.” Sarah sat up slightly.

“Well, I have some shampoo. I would recommend going completely bare for at least a month.” Nurse D took out the speculum. And removed her gloves. “Make sure you change your sheets. And refrain from sexual activity.”

“I haven’t been having sex.”

“No need to lie. I found some of them inside you.” Nurse D helped Sarah to her feet. “That only happens one way. When sexual activity occurs, the little buggers sometimes get forced into the vaginal canal. A little douching should take care of that. You can use the bathroom here if you like. I‘ll get you a new pair of underwear.” Nurse D reached in to her desk drawer and then pressed a douche into Sarah’s hands.

“Thanks.” Sarah frowned. She felt odd thinking about little things living inside of her. Kind of an odd thought. She’d get rid of the little blood suckers though. She walked into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Spreading her legs she went to work.

* * *

Marcus knew where he was. He was inside her. Completely inside of her. It was pitch black and wet and warm. The woman’s scent was pervasive, invading every part of Marcus’s self. It made the stale air heavy with the taste of sex. He slid around at the mercy of soft folds of flesh that seemed to shift and move at their own volition. He was aware that he was not alone in here either. Another man? Maybe several. No way to know for sure. He was breathing heavily, growing faint from the lack of oxygen.

Then there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Marcus wiped the thick liquid from his eyes and looked in the direction of the light. Another man further forward was running towards it screaming.


A tan finger protruded and dropped onto the running man. It slid the tiny fellow against the floor of the tunnel to the edge of the opening and out. Then just like that, it was gone. And it was darkness.

It seemed like forever before something else happened. Something entered. From the direction that Markus could determine was down. It slid in, letting in a little light with it. It was a tall and white and had holes in the top. The white tower pushed it’s way past where Marcus clung to a fold of flesh. It stopped near the cieling of the cave. The smell of flowers accompanied the mysterious object. There was a gurgling sound and a rush of air. Then the top of the white tower erupted with scented water that instantly filled the entire space with turbulence. Markus was swept up and rushing downwards. Flowing through the tunnel then out into open air. Markus spun into a huge body of water. He surfaced again coughing for air and trying to get his bearing. On all sides of him were smooth white walls. And beneath him a clear sea of water with a dark hole at it’s bottom. More scented water crashed down from above. Marcus treaded water and gazed up at where he just was. A woman’s rear end was his entire sky. From between her open thighs two fingers spread her wide open. Her other monstrously huge hand was squeezing a bottle of liquid. Another squeeze and another cascade of liquid from her oversized intimate bits. Markus ducked under to avoid the worst of it. He surfaced again as the giant hands retreated. Her face peeked between her thighs and stared down into the cold water.

“Help me please! I’m down here!” Markus yelled and waved his hands.

Her hazel eyes flicked back and forth over the waters surface.

“Please don’t leave me down here.” Markus pled with the gigantic woman.

Her face left. But she did not. Her pink butt hole clenched and unclenched at random looking like some hungry alien monster. This same ass is what had destroyed Markus’s entire village only the day before.

Then it happened. Far above where Markus tread water the woman sighed and relaxed.

“No please don’t do that! NO!”

Markus’s scream was cut off. He was crushed by thousands of gallons of urine disgorged from the woman’s delicates.

* * *

“You’re saying a giant woman urinated on your city?” The City guard raised an eyebrow to the pathetic looking man in front of him. He looked like hell. Probably a vagrant just trying to get into the city walls to pick pocket.

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. You have to believe me. We are all in grave danger here. She’ll be back.” John pleaded with the guard. Who obviously didn't believe a word he said.

It didn’t really matter anyways. What could they do against something that big?

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