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Corrina yawned as she scrolled through her Twitter feed. Her shift had been boring, mostly the usual crowd. She sat alone in the break room, perched upon a threadbare stool. Her perfect brows were knitted into a slight frown as she skimmed the inane tweets.

She crossed one leg over the other. Should someone enter the small, white walled room and sink to their knees before her; her stocking clad foot bobbing above their head, they would have noticed something curious. Poking out from beneath her left foot, desperately grasping at the black fabric, was a tiny, olive skinned arm.

Her black Doc Martens stood side by side. A splash of blood stained the yellow sole, trailing to where something pink and broken was pushed between the scuffed grey treads.

Corrina yawned again, covering her mouth with her slender hand. ‘You really are shit at this aren’t you?’ she moaned in a bored tone. She lifted her foot, revealing the miniscule man that laboured beneath it, ‘I should have killed you instead of your friend.’

Her captive gasped, sucking air into his lungs. He clasped at his chest, the bones aching from where the impossible weight had pushed down upon him. ‘Please,’ he whimpered.

‘Oh shut up!’ the goddess above him scowled, lashing out with her foot. The tip of her toe slammed into him, throwing him across the linoleum. A pained croak escaped his lips as the air was battered from him. He rolled onto his side, blood trickling from his lips.

Corrina’s eyes narrowed, her lips curling into a thin sneer, ‘Did I tell you to stop? Get the fuck over here!’

She slid her foot towards him, flaring her toes. The injured human rose to his knees, trembling with pain and exhaustion. He choked, blood flecking the bile that spewed from his throat.

She raised an eyebrow, ‘Sorry, did I fucking stutter?’

The man squeaked and scrambled across the grey floor. He threw himself at her toes, his face and hands pushing into the warm, fabric clad flesh. Corrina rolled her eyes and turned to her phone.

‘Shit!’ She gasped, noting the time. She flicked her toes, knocking him backwards.

He cried aloud, holding his face in his hands as a torrent of blood erupted from his shattered mouth and nose. Corrina ignored him, reaching down to pluck her boots from the floor.

‘Break’s over little guy,’ she sighed, ‘you should probably start running.’

The shrunken man at her feet looked up with horror as she slipped her foot into her shoe and began to tie the laces. ‘But,’ he stammered, blood bubbling from his lips, ‘but you said if I worshipped you, if I did what you said, you’d let me live, you promised.’

A thud shook his bones as her booted foot hit the floor. ‘Yeah,’ she sneered, brushing the ball of her foot with her fingers before sliding it into her other boot, ‘but I didn’t say for how long. Break’s almost over so that’s you done. I’m going to squash you like the dirty little bug you are.’

His mind raced, his heart thumping in his bruised chest. He took a step backwards, then another. Like a flood, fear broke over him. He turned, his feet pounding across the lino. Blood still leaked from his face, leaving a grisly trail across the tiles.

The impact of her boot hitting the floor caused him to stagger. He regained his balance, running faster than ever as her shadow darkened the world.

She caught up with him in a single footstep. His screams of terror increased as her foot filled the sky above him. The pressure popped in his ears as the sole of her boot started to lower.

‘No, please, no. No, please,’ he blubbered, falling forwards as her heel hit the ground, ‘Please, have mercy, please!’

Corrina smirked, her hands on her hips as the ball of her foot connected with something soft and squishy. She tapped her foot, raising the small sound of muffled cries and crunching bones. She checked her phone and slipped it into the pocketed belt that encircled her waist.

‘That’s it, back to work for me,’ she smiled, ‘time to die.’

It was over in a heartbeat. With a twitch of her ankle her boot slammed into the ground, reducing the sobbing human beneath it to a sad paste. She twisted her foot back and forth, destroying all trace of the young man.

Steadying herself on the counter she lifted her foot, swinging her leg upwards to reveal her bloodstained sole. Two pink smudges, like wads of gum, stuck to the treads. She wrinkled her nose at the gory sight and wiped them away with a napkin.

She crumpled it between her fingers and dropped it into the trash. Straightening her belt, she blew out an irritated breath before opening the door and heading back into the restaurant.

Fifteen minute breaks were not long enough.


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