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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my first story so feedback is appreciated

It was finally time, Nick thought to himself as he unlocked the door. He clutched the transformation device he had made tightly in his pocket, it was the key to living his fantasy. The house belonged to Emily, his oldest friend, her mother and sister. They were both in college and the two had practically identical hobbies, apart from her not sharing his love of physics. He remembered the first time he had told Emily about the idea of being shrunk and how much she enjoyed the idea of him being tiny and at her mercy. She made him promise her if he ever found a way to shrink that he would tell her immediately, but in the years after they decided instead that he should shrink himself in her house and she should have to hunt him down. If she caught him then he would belong to her and would stay as her shrunken pet, but if he survived for 4 months without being caught then he could return to normal size and she would have to do whatever he said. "Once I catch you, you'll be all mine" she had said with a huge grin on her face. Well, now was the time and his hands were shacking in anticipation of what was to come. Emily was in class right now and he new her mother and sister were out. He wanted to use the shrinking device right now but he new if he planned to avoid getting caught for a while he had to choose a good place to make his camp. Part of him wanted to just shrink in plain sight and let her have him but he knew she would enjoy the hunt, and he wanted to get of to a good start with his new owner. If he ended up caught by her mom he had no clue what she would do with him and if her sister caught him, well, he didn't want to imagine all the things she would do with him. She didn't like the close relationship he had with Emily and would love the opportunity to get rid of him. Emily had said if her sister caught him there was no way she could rescue him and so he had to make sure he wasn't seen by anyone in the house and that meant he had to have a really well hidden living area.

He adjusted the heavy backpack which contained everything he thought he needed and started up the stairs. He jumped at each creak even though he new no one was home, I'm way to paranoid he thought. Then the door opened and Laura, Emily's older sister walked in. Damn, why her? Nick had just reached the top of the stairs and darted through the nearest door. He hadn't been spotted but he'd just entered Laura's room and he could already hear her climbing the stairs. Nick desperately looked around for somewhere to shrink. Behind the computer? No, to hot. Inside her cupboard? No, he could end up trapped inside when it was closed. His eyes settled on her desk and he slipped underneath it and pressed the button just as Laura entered the room. The device instantly shrunk him to about 4 cm tall, along with his bag. "Weird, I thought I heard someone moving about in here" Laura mutered to herself as she walked towards her bed to put her bag down. He didn't want to set up camp in Laura's room since it made it much more likely she would catch him, but he didn't really have a choice. Nick watched her powerful feet walk past from the back of the desk, the sense of scale terrifying him. He chose a good place, he could get round the back of the desk to store his equipment and it was just messy enough for him to be able to hide if she ever looked down here. He walked to the desks opening and gasped as he got his first view of a giant person. Laura was sitting on her bed staring at her phone. He feet idly bounced up and down, a simple motion for her that could knock him across the room. She was wearing tight fighting jeans and a plain blue shirt. Her fingers tapped away and her long blonde hair obscured her eyes. All of a sudden she stood up and walked towards the desk.

Nick turned and ran, her footsteps shacking the earth. He heard the chair slide out and and a loud bang as she sat down. He was nearly to safety, just a bit further. Then he saw a blur of pink either side and felt two soft things grab him and lift him into the air. He tried to struggle but the grip they had on him was so tight he couldn't move at all. He was held powerless by the feet of a young women. No! I can't let her catch me! He kept struggling but it was hopeless, she probably couldn't even feel it. He was waiting for Laura to pull him out and begin whatever horrible things she would do to him, but her feet just held him in place. In front of him, the blank face of a doll starred at him. Her feet still held him powerless in their crushing grip. Nick had a moment of realisation, what if she meant to grab the doll and doesn't know I'm here after all. Nick breathed a sigh of relief, he hadn't been discovered and was free to continue his shrunken adventure. Well, he was free whenever Laura let him go. He stayed still like he was a doll and hung in between Laura's feet for a few minutes. He was still in danger as at any moment Laura could realise the tiny doll between her feet was real. Suddenly she started to absentmindedly spin him back and forth between the balls of her feet. It took everything Nick had not to move as the world blurred around him. He was starting to feel dizzy when she let go of him and he slammed into the ground hard. Nick was grateful the device made him more durable or he'd probably be dead now. How could something be so soft, yet so strong at the same time?

Laura started to grind him into the ground beneath her foot and then settled her foot flat on Nick. He was completely surrounded by her warm skin and the slight fragrance of her foot and once again was unable to move a muscle. He couldn't see a thing, buried underneath her like this and he was starting to run out of air. Nick began to get worried as he still needed to breath when Laura shifted her foot slightly and his head emerged between her big and second toes. Nick gasped in lung fulls of air and tried to enjoy the break. The toes rose high on both sides and held him in a tight grip. They would squeeze their little plaything every so often which forced Nick to take quick breathes or have the air forced from his lungs. He knew he had no chance of escape and was powerless to the long toes of an unaware girl. It was nice and warm here and Nick felt himself becoming drowsy, her toes hugging him tightly to help him drift of. Then Nick felt himself yanked into the air, becoming instantly awake. Laura had crossed her leg and was bobbing her foot up and down with him still in between her toes. Such a small action for her that she probably hadn't even thought about had changed his whole world. Her toes suddenly released him and he fell to the floor like a discarded toy, which to her he probably was. He gazed up at the enormous, slender foot above him and quickly ran to the back of the desk before it tried to reclaim him. It was a lot of fun being Laura's foot toy, just an object for her toes to amuse themselves with when her mind was occupied elsewhere. He were tempted to go back but the consequences of being caught quickly changed his mind.
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