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Story Notes:

First story. We're testing the waters.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The start of your sentence. A preview of what is to come.

"Mom, please! Don't do this!"

"Too bad, you lil' shit. You should have though pondered the consequences of your actions before you spoke ill of my glorious ass!"

But how could you have foreseen this as a possible outcome? Shrunken down and heavily pinched between your own step-mother's thumb & index finger, her hairy, sweaty, pungent pooper looming ominously before you... You can hardly believe your fear-stricken eyes. The wrinkled brown beast looks hungry...

"Augh! NO!" Your cries of desperation are met mercilessly with the kiss of slimy, sensitive folds. You can hear the sultry mockery of your step-mother in the distance as she commands you to "pucker up."

A distant rumbling begins to grow with frightening intensity, and you can hear the loud hissing and popping of gas rushing through a mighty shit-filled rectum. Realizing the odorous horror that is about to transpire, you frantically attempt to gasp what you fear may be your last breath. However, as soon as you open your mouth the crushing pressure of your maternal captress' giant digits rapidly intensifies, and instead all remaining oxygen is expelled from your lungs. Before you can gasp the air you so desperately need, the oily & fleshy ring that surrounds your upper body suddenly contracts, and you are rendered completely immobile & suffocated.

The pressure is painful & immense; you can hardly believe your bones have been able to remain intact. The gasp-reflex in your upper chest is begging to be relieved, and just as your consciousness begins to fade into abysmal blackness, the powerful loaf-pincher begins to loosen its grip upon your puny form. Your reflexive gasp is immediately met by the loudest, most violent & revolting multi-sensory experience you have ever had thus far in your life -- and the nightmare is just beginning.

The expulsion of thick gas from your mother's foulest of orifices immediately fills your once-empty lungs and assaults all of your senses. It has an overwhelmingly physical presence & sensation - hot, heavy, & moist. The stench is unlike anything you've ever known - earthy, spicy, abhorrent, and infiltrating every fiber of your being. The rapid fluttering of fleshy wrinkles & folds, the near-deafening hissing, popping, & squelching of gas rushing through a mucous-coated turd-tunnel -- the whole experience leaves you incredibly nauseous & delirious. You cough & gag & wretch on the fetid  fumes that fervently assault you, the stink so heavy that it leaves a very palpable & unpleasant taste in your mouth. You may as well be chewing upon one of your mother's own turds. This revolting thought momentarily crosses your mind, and you again realize just where you are and what is transpiring, and it occurs to you: she's going to have to shit soon, and you are unbearably close to the unseen terror that is undoubtedly knocking upon her back-door.

Her vile vapors continue to flow around you in quick rhythmic bursts, which you are disgusted to discover are synchronized to the contractions caused by her distant yet audible laughter. She begins to slowly pull you away from her laughing asshole as her laughter continues. You look up and to your horror & revulsion lay your eyes upon the head of the monstrous turd that you were pondering just a moment before. The muscular sphincter appears to be struggling to hold back the deadly dump as small pockets of rancid gas continue to make their escape. A sickening squelch followed by a pop causes tiny globules of shit and rectal mucous to rush towards you, lightly decorating your face and hair. You dry heave uncontrollably, unable to accept what has just happened to you. You sob and moan as you feel that you must be enduring one of the most humiliating punishments in all of human history.

Suddenly, your world rapidly shifts and you are lurched backwards and upwards -- back towards the face of your cruel step-mother. Your face meets her sultry & penetrating gaze, and as soon as you see one her large pupils dilate to the size of a basketball as it focuses on your sad state, her eyes then close and her massive head rolls backwards with laughter. You can't believe how much amusement she is deriving from this -- her shrunken step-son, covered in her excretions. You gaze in terror and awe as her massive mouth undulates with her great goddess guffaws, her tongue rolling, her white teeth glistening. You unwittingly wonder what further horrors you might endure were she to mercilessly drop you down into her gullet. You shiver with fear as you imagine being converted into one of her terrible turds. Her laughter begins to subside and she again fixes her gaze upon you.

"What have you learned today, you lil' shit?"

Despite your predicament, hearing her utter those words sends you into a momentary frenzy of rage.

"I've learned that you're a huge bitch with a disgusting ass! Fuck you!"

You spit at her and the miniscule wad of saliva lands upon the tip of her nose. Her gaze evolves into a scowl and your stomach plummets. You immediately regret your reaction and your facial expression conveys this to her. You open your mouth to apologize, but she quickly interrupts you.

"Don't bother. Save your breath -- you're going to need it. You clearly haven't learned anything yet. Evidently I'll have to extend your punishment, and a little shit like you deserves nothing less than 30 days in the hole."

Your face is now one filled with incredible fear. She continues:

"You probably saw that big dump I've been holding in all day. Have fun keeping it company. I'll let you out when I decide to let it out later this evening, and then we can further discuss your sentence. Until then, get comfy, and think about how you got to where you are now. See you in a bit, lil' shit."

Your screams are nothing but fuel for her amusement as she lowers you back down to her putrid pooper. You can again see the beginning of her eager bowel movement peaking through her wrinkled ring. You are drawn inexorably closer towards the foul beast. You extend your arms out in front of you in a pathetic effort to prevent yourself from being consumed by the solid waste, but your hands sink into the clay-like mass effortlessly. The sickening miasma is soon up to your elbows, then making contact with your face. You utter one final hoarse scream before your mouth is filled with the contents of your mother's prior meals. You choke and gag on the wet, fibrous material, involuntarily swallowing some as your dire descent continues. Her finger-grip upon you is released, and you feel the pad of one of her fingers press down upon your twitching & flailing feet. Soon you are completely surrounded by her shit. Unable to move or breathe, you quickly drift into a state of unconsciousness.

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