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Story Notes:

As I said in my last work, I am still new to this and would love critiscm. If you enjoy this read, I would recommend reading "A Normal Day At Work..." as well.

My friend Caitlyn and I haven't been hanging out much lately. I imagine its because she's at work, and she's got a new boyfriend. I have had my feelings for her, but that just made hanging out with her that much better. When she offered to take me out to go catch a movie, I was thrilled. So, me and her went out and watched a movie we both wanted to see. I got up near the end of the movie to use the restroom, then came back and finished my drink. After the movie ended, we got back in her car, but I was feeling rather ill. Something I ate? She got on the highway, and it was already 10pm. But, the highway wasn't the way back to my house. Where was she taking me? Slowly, my clothes then became looser around me. I tried to tell her, but she was blasting her music so loud I couldn't hear my thoughts. After a while, all I could see was light flickering through my clothes. The car then began to slow down A giant hand reached into the clothes and pulled me out. To no surprise, I was greeted by Caitlyn's blue eyes staring at me, but with a grin on her face. "Thank god." She said "I was worried that powder I put in your drink wasn't ever going to work!" "Wh-what?!" I stammered. "Oh, its nothing. You're just going to be my new plaything for a while. Dildos and penises are nice,but I want to feel something wriggle and squirm inside of me." Before I could say anything, she slipped me down her C cup bra and said "I can't wait until David sees you!"

She drove for another 5 minutes before getting out her car. Pressed up against her nipple, I couldn't keep a steady grip enough to climb with every jiggle she made. A door creeps open. "Hi babe!" "Hey, honey. Did you get your new toy?""Oh yeah. He's all set and ready to go." She said, giggling and pressing her hand against me. Before long, I was greeted by David's face kissing his way down her body. When he kissed me, he stood up, picked me up, and taped me to the tip of his dick. Once again, Caitlyn's blue eyes met me. "now, don't fall off. The fun is just beginning!" Her lips draw closer and closer towards me, then her tongue starts wrapping around me and his dick. Eventualy, I was all the way inside her mouth, as she bobbed up and down on David's dick. Her tongue constantly glazing over my body as she blew her boyfriend. After what felt like an eternity of being close to death, I see her lips again. "Good, you're still there. We aren't done with you yet!"
Then, his dick dragged down from her lips to her boobs. I was surrounded by her mountainous boobs, and then she pushed them together with me in between. He started titty fucking her, but pulled his dick away. David then shoved me against her nipple before bringing me back to her face. Immediately after seeing her face, her skyscrapper building rose and continued to shift positions until I was met with her bare ass. She bent over, grabbed her cheeks, and I was slowly pushed towards her asshole.
My screams were eventually drowned out the second my head entered her ass. It was hard not to gag at the smell from the inside of her ass, but I was pushed slowly deeper inside of it until my feet were all that were outside her ass. Then David began to thrust and push my body against the inner linings of her ass, while she moaned and kept saying "Faster, faster". I tried to wiggle free, hoping that if I got loose, it wouldn't be as unbearable. But there was no room, every movement I made only made her moan louder and louder.
Then, light broke and her ass got father away from me. I was then greeted by her shaven pussy.
I was immediately forced up against her clit, still strugling to get free. It didn't take long for David to move me down to her wet pussy lips. Instantly, my entire body was swallowed up by her vagina. As David went faster and faster, so did I in trying to get free of this tape. He then slowed down and tried moving his penis in a specific spot as I tried to escapre. But her moaning only became louder as I realized it was her g-spot I was up against. I finally got a grip on a rip on the tape and waited until he got back to fucking Caitlyn to get off his dick. When he started pulling back, I set myself free.
It worked, but now I was trapped inside of her vagina with no way out. His dick was coming back, and I quickly ran to as far back as I could in her pussy. His dick wasn't big enough to reach this far, but her wet pussy made it impoossible to keep steady footing. I then heard the unfateful words from David "I'm gonna cum!" She then told him to pull out and put it in her mouth.  While that was going on, I made my way to the front of her pussy and jumped out, only to be pushed back against her clit as she furiously masturbated until she came.
Stuck to her fingers, she brought me back to her face. "You didn't think I didn't feel you escape? Its not like I would let you die after such a good preformance." She wiped me off in between her boobs, and pulled out duct tape. "Now,you stay here while I cuddle." I was then swallowed up by her boobs and listened as her breathing subsided. She quietly murmured "I still need you to make work more fun" before falling asleep.

Chapter End Notes:

I'm still not sure right now if I want to continue the story (there is plenty of room for acontinuation), but how I want to do it is still unclear. For now, I will say the story is done until I can connect the dots.
Again, critisize my work. Its how I know if I did okay or poorly.

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