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‘Disgusting,’ Katie scowled, her full lips pouting above a sparkling lip stud.

‘Aww no, he’s cute,’ Pip laughed, her elven features filled with delight as she looked down upon the tiny man that trembled on the low table. A mountain range of empty bottles and glasses rose behind him, relics from the night before.

‘They’re all disgusting!’ Katie groaned, scrunching her hair in her hand, the long, light brown locks tumbling across the back of her suntanned arm. She leaned back into the piled cushions of the sofa and turned her deep shaded eyes to the television screen on the far wall, skipping through tracks to find a song she approved of. ‘We should just crush him and get it out of the way,’ she added absently, not deeming the man she had condemned worthy of her full attention, ‘They’re no better than bugs.’

The man squeaked his protests, falling to his knees in desperation.

Pip laughed at his demonstration, brushing a line of dark hair from her eyes, ‘That’s not fair is it little guy?’ she cooed. She leaned over, a pale finger tipped by a jet black nail outstretched towards him.

He held out his hands as it crashed into him, knocking him onto his back and raising tiny cries of fear and pain. He squirmed as Pip’s fingertip lowered onto his torso, completely smothering his body from the neck down.

‘You’re not disgusting are you?’ She asked rhetorically, the small amount of pressure she applied to his chest choking the air from his lungs. ‘He’s just really tiny, it’s not his fault. Besides, they make good pets.’

‘Ew,’ Katie retorted, casting a sideways glance at where their captive struggled beneath her friend’s fingertip, ‘why would you even want to touch one of those things never mind keep one in your house?’

‘They’re fun,’ Pip beamed, ‘you can make them do stuff, watch.’

She lifted her finger, and adjusted her position on the sofa. The miniscule man on the table flopped like a landed fish, sucking in great gasps of precious air.

‘Ok little guy,’ Pip commanded, one hand on her hip, the other pointing to her new pet, ‘stand up.’

The man groaned, his body shaking as his chest bristled with pain, he rolled onto his side, coughing up blood tainted saliva.

Pips perfectly shaped eyebrows shifted into a frown. ‘I said stand up,’ she snapped, her melodic voice tinged with irritation, ‘come on, I’m trying to help you here. If you can’t be a good pet I will smush you.’ She moved her finger back over him ominously.

The man cried with fear, scuttling to his feet. His body burned with pain as he stood shivering in the shadow of the giant girl’s hand.

Pip beamed down at him, ‘Good boy, now jump.’

The man barely hesitated, the insanity of his new reality rapidly normalising. He leapt into the air, his muscles protesting.

‘Higher,’ she ordered as he landed clumsily. He leapt again, forcing himself upwards.

‘Higher,’ Pip repeated, never blinking, her face painted with vague amusement.

It was fear that threw him upwards, his legs kicking frantically before landing in a heap. Pip laughed at his slapstick though from Katie he earned nothing but a renewed scowl.

Pip’s finger slid towards him, ‘What a good boy,’ she grinned, ‘now how about a kiss?’

Obediently he dropped to all fours and planted his lips on her fingertip. He withdrew for a second, his eyes meeting hers before his kissed her again. He had not been given permission to stop.

‘See,’ Pip nodded to her pet, ‘they’ll do whatever you want.’

‘All I want them to do is go pop,’ Katie sneered, ‘come on, stop playing and squash him.’

‘Aww but we killed the last two,’ Pip whined, ‘can’t we keep just this one?’

Katie smirked, lifting a dime from the table, ‘Flip you for it?’

Pip sighed, ‘Fine!’ She groaned, lifting her hand away, leaving the little man trembling wide eyed on the table, still on all fours, ‘heads.’

‘Ok,’ Katie straightened, her eyes on the helpless creature before her. The sound of her chunky wedge sandals settling on the floorboards caused his legs to give out beneath him. ‘Heads you win, tails he loses.’

The ping of the coin against her thumbnail rang like a church bell. All three watched as the silver coin span through the hair, reaching towards the ceiling before falling back to earth. Katie struck out, snatching it from the air and slapping it against her wrist.

She lowered it towards him before moving her hand away and revealing his fate. ‘Tails,’ she grinned wickedly.

Pip shrugged and smiled apologetically, ‘Tough luck little guy.’

He screamed and begged as her hand reached out towards him, snaring him between her thumb and finger. Katie stood, rising to unimaginable heights, her eyes upon him, her grin wide as Pip lowered him to the floor.

She released him several feet, on his scale, from the floor causing him to land painfully.

Spurred on by adrenaline, he leapt to his feet and surveyed the alien world before him.

The table filled most of the sky; a massive, half empty, wine bottle discarded beneath it. Before him the sofa stretched on for miles, the darkness beneath a clear if temporary haven. To his right Pip’s brown boots, one lying upon its side like a fleece trimmed cavern, dominated the landscape.

He acted automatically and darted for the safety of the sofa. Anticipating his move, Pip swung her legs from the sofa. The sound of her black denim jeans hissing across the fabric filled the air before her pale foot slammed down in front of him. The size of a building, it cut off his fastest route of escape. Her bare toes spread, inviting him to end his life between them.

The force of the footfall almost sent him sprawling onto the wood. Despite his injuries he pivoted well, running diagonally towards the safety of the sofa.

‘Ah ah,’ Pip chastised, smirking as she blocked his path with her other foot. She stomped down hard for effect. The second blast knocked him from his feet, his arm sending sparks of pain coursing through him as it twisted beneath him. Pip smiled down at him as she turned her foot on its side, her sole becoming a wall larger than a ferry, sealing his fate.

‘Not so fast little guy,’ she smiled, ‘you ready Katie?’

Katie fixed her short black skirt and nodded, ‘oh yeah.’

Her first step shook his bones.

He wept and begged, pleading to them both as her foot settled expectantly mere feet away from him. Atop a black suede platform her sun kissed toes twitched with excitement, each large enough to smother a car beneath them. Her foot extended upwards, his eyes following the golden legs as they disappeared into the heavens.

High above, the face of his executioner scowled down at him. Her eyes dark with disgust, her sumptuous lips pushed into a cold sneer. She took her second step.

He pissed himself as her heel collided with the earth, the shockwave punching him in the gut. How could this be happening? His mind boggled as her shadow consumed him. The last thing he remembered was being in the club and now?

He screamed as the tan sole of her shoe, stained with grime, filled the sky. He begged and sobbed, promising them anything, as it drew closer. His ears popped, the ground shaking, the world rumbling with pressure as Katie lowered her foot upon him.

He scrabbled backwards as best he could, desperately trying to free himself from the shadow that crept ahead of him, the light just out of reach.

The sound of his legs being compressed beneath her reached his ears barely a millisecond before indescribable agony exploded across his brain. His body twitched upwards, an automatic reaction, crashing against the lowering sole before being dragged back against the floor. He vomited as his pelvis was destroyed, his manhood ground to nothing but paste beneath her unstoppable force. His left hand disappeared, the bones popping like cooked corn.

Katie smirked while Pip watched in fascination, as their latest victim was obliterated beneath her. A twitch of her ankle severed the mush of his lower half from his torso. She lifted her heel, moving the ball of her foot backwards to expose her prey to the morning light. There was a wet squelching as she twisted her foot back and forth as though snuffing out a cigarette, liquidising his lower half beneath her weight.

The sound was barely audible above the tiny creature’s final screams.

Reduced to nothing more than a head, a chest and a single arm, he flapped weakly, pain blasting any scrap of identity from his mind. Through eyes stained and stinging with blood, tears and sweat he looked up desperately at Pip’s titanic form. Silently he prayed to her, worshipped her, and begged her to save him, though he knew he was far beyond help.

She smiled sadly and waved him goodbye as Katie lifted her foot over him again. He had barely turned his head to face her before she drove her foot down upon him, obliterating him with a single, wet crunch.

Katie stood victorious, her hands on her hips as the last of their toy was squashed into nothing beneath the sole of her shoe. Her toes gripped her insole as she ground her weight into him before stepping off of his remains.

Two small splashes of blood, peppered with chunks of blood and gore were all that remained. A third stain upon bottom of Katie’s shoe went unnoticed. She dropped back down onto the sofa and skipped through a few more songs. ‘See, I told you they were disgusting,’ she smiled sweetly to her friend.

‘Yeah, I guess,’ Pip admitted, the tiny human remains by her foot swiftly forgotten as she picked up her phone and idly scrolled through her newsfeed.



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