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Author's Chapter Notes:

I couldn't resist adding my own chapter!




Tom, approaching the beachfront, noticed a cute girl in a bikini walking down the road ahead of him towards the beach. She couldn’t have been more than five feet tall. He decided that this was a clear injustice and fixed it immediately, quickly making her twenty times that size. The 100-foot young woman was now lying down along the road itself, apparently more than happy to use it as a sunbathing spot since she was so big. Tom grinned at the sight and with a moment’s thought, shrunk her bikini just enough that it was a little tight on her immense body. She didn’t notice anything of course. To her and the rest of the world, she’d always been this big and she’d always worn clothes this tight.

Not everyone was enjoying the view as much as he was though. A car had pulled up in front of the sunbathing giantess and instead of doing the polite thing and finding another road, was beeping its horn at her indignantly. A man and his wife were sitting in the front seat with a little girl in the back, all dressed in beach attire.

“Can you move?” the man shouted. “You’re blocking the road!”


“So?,” the sunbather replied, clearly not taking the little people in front of her seriously. “The beach is too small for me. Where else am I going to go?”


“If you’re too big then you should just stay home!”

The man was clearly not giving up, intent on berating the enormous girl. Tom didn’t like seeing men bullying people so he decided to fix the situation a little more, shrinking the car until it was no more than a foot long.


The giantess laughed.

“Aren’t you small enough to just drive on the sidewalk? I’m not blocking that.”


“We’d get stepped on,” the man called out, his voice now so very hard to hear. “It’s safer on the road.”


Tom hadn’t thought about that! He didn’t want to inconvenience anyone after all. So with that in mind, he grew the little girl in the backseat to her original size. The little girl was now walking down the sidewalk past the sunbathing giantess, foot-long car held underneath one arm. Neither the tiny mother or father seemed at all alarmed and the giantess was barely paying attention. But the girl was already looking a little tired from lugging her parents and their car around and Tom didn’t want her to get tired before she reached the beach. In the blink of an eye she had sprouted up to seven feet tall and the car, now only an inch long, was attached to a little necklace she was wearing. Such a nice girl to walk her tiny family to the beach.


Meanwhile, the sunbather yawned and held up her iPhone, the little gadget itself bigger than a person. She rolled over onto her back, knocking over roadsigns and streetlamps in the process and tried to angle the iPhone to take a selfie without having to get up.

It slipped through her fingers and she dropped it, the mobile phone bouncing off the pavement and smashing through the window of a shop and knocking over the display mannequins.

“Whoops,” she said, sounding entirely unconcerned.


The owner of the shop, who Tom could only assume had been busy cowering inside before, mustered the outrage to run out onto the sidewalk.

“What do you think you’re doing?”


“Uh, taking a selfie? Why?”


“You just ruined my business! Do you know how much this’ll cost to repair?”


“Probably a lot of teeny people dollars,” the giantess said jovially. “Hey, can you go grab my phone for me?”


“What? Get it yourself! And I’ve already called the cops!”


“I don’t want to reach into your tiny store! My hand will barely fit through your window and it’s full of broken glass. I’ll cut myself. You’re small enough that that’s not a problem and you’re probably strong enough to drag my phone back out, right? Do you have any idea how much a phone my size costs?”


Tom decided that the girl was being perfectly reasonable. At her size, she probably wouldn’t be able to reach in there safely. So he did the polite thing and shrank the store until the entire building was only two-feet high. The seven-foot iPhone was now lying on top of the ruined building, having completely destroyed it. The girl was able to pick it up without any danger!


The shopkeeper however, was continuing to be unreasonable. He was only six inches tall now and to the 100-foot girl he was likely just a speck. He was shouting at her even more than he had been before! Something boring and rude about his livelihood.


“What?,” laughed the girl. “You’re going to have to speak up, little guy.”

It took her almost a minute to understand the man’s grievances and once she did she just giggled.

“Oh, I can pay for that. This should be fine, right?”

She flipped him an immense dollar coin without looking, the huge coin landing atop the six-inch man and crushing him instantly without her even noticing. She was preoccupied with making sure her phone wasn’t damaged.  


The peace didn’t last however, police sirens sounding in the distance as they responded to the shopkeeper’s call. Two police cars rounded the corner and stopped right in front of the girl, who was lying on her belly along the road. Four policemen got out, their sirens still going.

“Listen! You are under arr-“


The girl slammed her palm down on one of the empty police cars like someone silencing an alarm clock, smashing it into the ground and stopping the siren. She jabbed her finger through the top of the other, pulling the roof out and turning it into a convertible.

“Do you mind? I’m trying to catch some rays here and I’m sick of interruptions!”


The policemen scattered and pulled out their guns but the girl, without moving from her position, picked up the flattened police car and with just the faintest grunt of effort, squashed it into a ball of twisted metal between her hands. She was much stronger than she used to be, even taking into consideration the difference in size.

Tom made another wish and while nothing physically changed, a new idea entered the girl’s head. She quickly snatched up all four officers, ignoring their pathetic small-arms fire. She shook their guns off of them and then one by one, slipped them down the front of her tight bikini-bottoms. Her hand quickly followed, pushing them all deeper as she began to moan in pleasure.


Tom could see stray arms and legs poking out from inside her underwear as she continued to pleasure herself and began to grow a little worried that it might be uncomfortable even for someone as big as her to try and push them all in at once. The policemen shrunk until none of their limbs were poking anywhere outside of her bikini bottoms and the girl could push them inside her one-by-one. The ground shook as her back arched and her moans came quicker and more frequent, one leg languorously kicking out and demolishing someone’s house.

Satisfied now that she was happy and no longer being bullied or extorted by anyone, Tom moved on with just one final change. She wouldn’t have any special power aside from her size and her strength but from now on, other people and things will shrink to accommodate her more appropriately. No more people trying to mess with her just because of her size!

Tom nodded as he saw another car come around the corner and, without any intervention on his part, shrink to the size of a matchbox. The small car now simply drove around the masturbating giantess, plenty small enough to just drive through the gutters alongside the road without hassling her. That was how things were supposed to work. He didn’t notice however, as he walked away, the enormous skyscraper whose shadow threatened to eventually creep over the massive girl’s sunbathing spot or how it immediately shrank down to just twenty feet tall the moment she noticed the possibility. He had not really put any thought to the long-term effects of what he had just done at all.


Tom arrived at the crowded beach without further incident and immediately began to have fun. He spotted a woman in a bikini standing by the edge of the surf and noted that she was surrounded by guys. She looked a little uncomfortable so he did the chivalrous thing, the nine-feet-tall woman now easily stepping through the crowd of 3-foot men.


Elsewhere, a boy who looked to be in his young teens was kicking over a little girl’s sandcastle.

“Stop it!” she pleaded. “How is anyone going to live in there now?”

Tom thanked her for the excellent idea and now, after just a little mental push on his part, the four-inch-tall teen was looking very nervous as the girl picked him up and put him into her now-undamaged sandcastle with all her other toys. A few other boys and girls quickly joined him, the little girl scooping up tiny people and using them to decorate her creation.


A man and a woman were walking away from the icecream truck, eating an icecream together and being sickeningly sweet with one another. Even worse, they were blocking his view. Tom quickly shrunk them down to a millimetre tall, the couple now sitting helplessly inside their own icecream cone lying on the sand. A teenage girl would later step on them by accident and complain about getting icecream on her foot, entirely unaware of the tiny smears of blood mixed in with the dessert.

The lady working the counter at the icecream truck looked overworked so Tom decided to help her out a little by making everyone currently queued up a foot tall. Now she only had to give out tiny amounts of icecream and it was much easier! It also meant that she had to lean out over the counter to serve them and give Tom an excellent view of her cleavage, which had not been nearly as big just a few moments before. Tom wouldn’t call himself a pervert but he would admit to enjoying the finer things in life every now and then.


“Daddy! I want an icecream!”

Tom turned to see a 14 year old girl pestering her put-upon looking father as the two of them passed the icecream truck. Her father just shook his head. Tom frowned and doubled the height of the girl while halving her father. Now the 3-foot single dad was being helplessly dragged towards the icecream truck by his ten-foot tall daughter. Maybe now he would spoil her a little more.


Tom surveyed the rest of the beach, idly shrinking a few more people for the little girl’s sandcastle as he did so. He didn’t shrink the lifeguards though, their job was important. Or at least, he didn’t shrink the female ones, who now towered over their ankle-high male comrades.


“Come on in, the water’s fine,” a six-foot guy was telling his much shorter girlfriend as she dawdled at the water’s edge. “I’ll show you how to conquer a wave.”

He ran forward but by the time he hit the surf he was only two-feet tall and the first wave bowled him over! His eight-feet tall girlfriend quickly picked him up and hugged him to her chest. She was, thanks to Tom’s attention, a lot curvier there then she had been and her one-piece swimsuit had been replaced with a string bikini. “Do you need my help going into the water again?” Her tone was comforting but more than a little patronising.

“Yes, thank you honey,” the boyfriend grumbled.

She lifted him up over her head and waded deeper and deeper into the water. He began to squirm and yell when he noticed the water was already up to her waist, more than deep enough to let him drown if he was dropped. She just laughed his concerns off.

“You’ll have to get over your fear of water sometime or another, sweetie!”


Tom walked further along the beach until he came along a tall young man attended to by four different teenage girls. All were clearly infatuated with him and he knew it, posing and showing off his muscles. After Tom looked away however, things were different. The man was now four-foot tall and quite scrawny besides and he was surrounded, boxed in on all sides by the girls, who were now all at least nine-feet tall and much more toned and muscular than he was.

“Come on,” one of the amazons cajoled as he tried to back off and ran straight into her thighs. “Show us your stuff, big guy.”


Tom finished his walk and deciding that he didn’t really need a swim, decided to walk back into town. Before he was gone though…he repeated what he did with the mall, making every girl grow to twice their size and every male shrink to half of his. Men were now only knee-high to women they had once been on equal standing with and the nature of the beach changed, now with mostly only women going out towards the waves and leading their fathers, sons and brothers to sit in the shallow tidepools.

But of course, just like the mall, this change had also affected people Tom had already changed on the beach, even if he didn’t realise it.


The seven-foot girl with her parent’s one-inch car on her necklace and who had just arrived at the beach a few minutes ago was now a fourteen-foot titan and if you were to examine the tiny car she was carrying, you would see her mother in the driving seat and her even smaller father sitting quite comfortably on her mother’s lap. The now eighteen-foot woman was no longer even aware of the one-and-a-half foot guys who had been trying to get her attention and instead they were scattering, desperate to get out of her way lest she trample one of them. The boy trapped in the sandcastle was now only two-inches tall and was getting effortlessly bullied by one of the girls also trapped in the sandcastle who was now eight inches tall. Above them and the others who were trapped, the eight-foot tall little girl continued to build their prison. The lady working the icecream truck was now 12 feet tall and was handing out icecream to her six-inch male customers with a teaspoon. One tiny spoonful was enough for at least four of them. She got up as the twenty-foot 14 year old girl approached, her 18-inch tall father clutched helplessly in one meaty fist. Together the two of them shook his money free, nobody apparently seeing anything wrong with this picture. The male lifeguards had vanished altogether, save as squirming lumps stuffed down the bra of an 11-foot teenage girl who had decided to do a little ‘shoplifting’ when the female lifeguards weren’t looking. The woman carrying her boyfriend out into the water was now 16-feet high and was easily sitting crosslegged in what should have been fairly deep water, her legs creating an artificial little tide-pool for her 1-foot boyfriend to wade around in without getting hurt. She splashed him gently, accidentally knocking him over. And the now 18-feet amazons were huddled in a circle, passing around their two-foot boytoy for personal use. When they had all finished having their way with him, one of them picked him up and stuffed him into her huge handbag. Whether he wanted to or not, he was going to have a new life from now on.


After walking up from the beach and through the little parking lot behind it, one that was now full of many different sizes of car, Tom realised that despite not going into the water, his feet were very sandy. He’d have to do something about that. He nearly just wished it off but then decided against it. After all, if he got too used to using his godlike power for trivial things he might start taking it for granted and go mad with power or the like. He didn’t want that to happen, he thought, shrinking a passing family to six-inches high so he could step over them without them blocking his way. So instead he wandered into the changing rooms past the carpark to find a tap and wash his feet off.

Instead he found a very tall man leaning up against the wall in the men’s changing rooms with his eyes closed and his pants down, a young woman kneeling in front with him with his hands in her hair. He didn’t need to actually see the details of what was going on and was immediately disgusted. Apparently, his beach-wide change hadn’t reached the changing rooms!


He fixed his mistake and the scene was now inverted, the ten-foot woman sitting on the ground with her legs splayed and her skirt hitched up. She was sitting on the three-and-a-half foot man’s face, one of his arms helplessly wrapped partly around her thigh. She was jacking him off with her free hand, grinding herself down upon his face in the process.

Tom was happy that he’d fixed his mistake and that the act was now more equal but he had to admit, not very happy about having to look at any of this. So he did it again.


Now the twenty-foot woman was curled up in a ball, groaning with pleasure and her hands cupped over her groin. The man was no longer visible but Tom had a pretty good idea where he probably was. He gave the woman a nod as it was none of his business, washed his feet and walked back out, noticing in the process that the door to the changing room was now twenty feet high. She had to get in somehow, he guessed.


He walked away from the beachfront with a smile on his face. He would find something else to amuse himself with shortly. He still didn’t have a car of course but there were other ways to get around. One of those ways presented themselves to him when he accidentally walked into them, running his face directly into a young woman’s stomach. She was nine feet tall and must have been incredibly short before being caught up in his beach-wide change and had just recently changed from her beach-clothes to a loose tank-top and a miniskirt. She looked down at him with a little interest, or at least, as much interest as Tom could see with his head craned up and her breasts blocking his view of her face.

“Hey,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind me asking but you’re pretty damn tall for the guys here, aren’t you?”


Tom just waved his hand at her.

“I’d like to buy passage for one, thanks. Just back into the city.”


“What? I’m not a taxiiiiiiiiiiiii-“

Her voice receded upwards as Tom did to her what he’d done to that girl with the bus not that long ago. She was now 100 feet tall, her clothes and massive shoes branded with advertisements and a logo that marked her as one of the city’s official modes of public transport. She was still wearing the miniskirt which seemed like less of a good idea considering her stature but Tom wasn’t one to judge. The public transport giantess knelt down, her immense hand outstretched on the ground in front of him.

“Just back into the city? Which seats would you like? They’re all currently available.”


Tom didn’t much fancy being transported via the soles of her feet the way that one bus had been.

“Bra, thanks,” he called out, making sure she could hear him.

“Good choice,” she chuckled. “Always the guys that ask.”

She picked him up, puffed out her chest and tucked him into her cleavage. Being pressed between the two walls of flesh was warm and tight but not uncomfortable.

“City centre, express, no stops. You’re the boss.”


Tom was sure that no matter where he ended up, a lot more fun was to be had.


Chapter End Notes:

It might be unoriginal but I really liked the trick Tom pulled in the mall so I had to have him do it again.

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