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Story Notes:

This story has no plot.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is really Just an explainatory chapter with vore fetish towards the end. This story will mostly focus on Toms adventures of changing realtity and watching the result. There won't actually be a plot.

What an interesting day this had turned out to be and what an interesting day it was further going to become. Never in a million years did Tom believe he would be seeing what he was currently seeing and the rush of fear and excitement mounted closer to a climax. Sitting just across the street from his house was 2 gigantic teenage girls chatting away as if nothing was strange despite the fact that both young women stood taller then the house they were sitting in front of. The strangest part was that no one cared about these gigantic beauties and walked passed them as if nothing was amiss, even as the two young men held within their grasp screamed for mercy. Tom, as it appeared, was the only one who knew that a mere minute ago these girls were no taller then he was and it was through his new powers that he had done it.


Who was Tom, though? Put simply, he was a regular person who was going through a slight rough patch in his life as most late 20 year olds do. Recently laid off from his job at an office building and the crushing debt of university hanging over his head he needed things in his life to change. Just to push him in the right direction and set his course straight which was possibly why he had stayed up late researching ways to improve his situation. From self help tapes to pyramid schemes he couldn't find anything to help improve his luck until he had come across a peculiar advertisement flashing in the corner of his screen. "1 Drug To Change Your Outlook. Change Your Reality For The Better". Maybe it was the fifth glass of wine he had drunk but something about this seemed to draw him in. Clicking the ad he was startled when he heard a knock at his front door. looking over at his desk clock.


"11;30? Who the hell could be visiting?" he got up from his chair and made his way from the living room to the entrance, placing his wine glass on a small side table.


Opening the door he found a regular delivery man holding a small package in one hand and a clipboard in the other. He didn't look tired, despite the lateness of the night, or apologetic in his demeanor about disturbing someone so late.


"Yo, you Mr. Tom Rogers?" He asked casually. It took a while for Tom to respond.


"Uh, yeah. Is there a problem or something?"


"Nah, man. Just got a package for you to sign for" the man handed the clipboard to Tom who quickly signed it.


"Right, it's just that people don't usually make deliveries this late at night"


"Yeah, I guess that just shows the dedication we have for our customers" That answer didn't make much sense. Delivery companies wouldn't make deliveries this late no matter how much love for their customers they had.


Explaining this only yielded further confusion on Toms part as the delivery man continued explaining how it was completely normal for such unorthodox business practices to exist. And when Tom pointed out that no other delivery company did such things the man merely shrugged and said that his company had always operated as so, as if this was a normal part of reality.


Closing the door Tom opened the package and found that it contained a single pill bottle with about 50 (As per the label) blue pills called "Real Pills: Pills to change reality". Tom chuckled and thought about how he might just sue the drug company that made these if these pills didn't truly change reality. Faulty advertising he might just argue in court. Turning off his laptop he went to bed, figuring he would worry about his troubles in the morning. But before he turned off the light he gave one last look at the small bottle sitting on his bedside table. In his drunken mindset he whispered "Fuck it" and opened the bottle before popping one in his mouth. With all these weird things happening he doubt any of this was real and he was probably about to wake up. Hopefully, still with a job if this truly was a dream. 


No such luck. With a pounding headache Tom pulled himself out of bed and slumped against the wall moaning in pain. "I wish hangovers weren't so bad" he groaned before his head becoming noticeably clearer. The pounding subsided and clear thoughts came back. Sure, he was still in pain but it wasn't ... As bad. Thankful for the slight reprieve, Tom had a shower and prepared for a long day of job searching. Maybe asking around town and getting information would yield positive results. Get his name out there and whatnot. Slipping the pill bottle absentmindedly in his jacket pocket he exited his house.


Across the street were the Standford girls who often spent their mornings drinking alcohol on their front lawn despite the obvious legal repercussions of being caught. But they didn't care, their parents didn't care and the cops didn't see enough crime in this simple neighborhood to regularly patrol or question late teens about their possible alcohol. no, these girls had free reign to chill out as much as they wanted until a couple of local boys showed up. Before entering his car Tom looked across the street to see what might unfold.
Rick and Micheal were two local hooligans who liked to drink and smoke and womanize. Not a very good combination but it had served them well so far.


Seeing the lovely Standford girls stretched out on their front lawn, provocative poses and alcohol in hand obviously peaked their interest somewhat and they made a beeline straight for them. The two girls, Miranda and Susan groaned as the assholes approached and didn't want to have to deal with this so early on in the morning.


"Well, hello there beautiful" Rick said to Susan 'Enjoying a little grog on this fine morning, are we?"


"Wouldn't describe it as a fine morning. After all, I'm talking with you" Susan retorted, not even looking at the lanky man. Even though all four were in their late teens only the boys looked aged. Possibly all the smokes and alcohol they enjoyed.


"Now lets not get rude" Micheal said before sitting down next to them.


"Then leave."


"You know the more the merrier" Said Micheal, going to put his arm around Susan how quickly shoved his off to the side.


"I swear if you don't leave we'll ..." Started Miranda.


"You'll what? Come on, I wanna know" Rick was baiting her and she knew it.


Tom had had enough of this. He wished that the power struggles were reversed. At least them these girls would be able to defend themselves. After all, these boys wouldn't be so threatening if they were shorter and the girls bigger.


And that's when it happened. Right before his eyes the two teen girls began to grow until they would be bigger then the house when standing and the boys suddenly shrank to about half their size. All of this happened in the space of a few seconds and yet no one bat an eyelid. No-one cared. Especially not the teens who should have noticed straight away but were going about their business as if they had always had this size. Tom couldn't believe this. Couldn't comprehend this. Couldn't imagine how this could have happened. And he definitely didn't know how to react as things started to unfold.


"You always come here to flirt and yet you never learn" Susan said down to Rick who cowered under her gaze. "I mean, I don't think it's wise to mess with girls like us" She pointed to herself and Miranda who took a swig from her beer bottle that was now almost a story high.


"yeah, what could little men like you offer girls like us?" Miranda added "We have to buy everything we use specially made for our size while you guys have to scour the kids section for pants."


"Well, you know? To boldly go where no man has gone before" Micheal said, looking Miranda up and down lustfully.


"Oh, you wanna go where no man has gone before?" Miranda said with a wicked grin 'Maybe ... Inside me" She seductively rubbed her crotch before taking another swig of beer. Micheal could do nothing but nod in affirmation.


"Well, if you insist"


Miranda reached down and picked Micheal up before bringing his to her beer bottle and dangling his over the opening. 'Enjoy the trip" she said before letting and watching his tiny body fall into the liquid within. Swirling the bottle around Miranda gave Susan a sly look.


"Oh, my god! What did you do!" Rick screamed up at her before Susan's hand came down on him and pinning him to the ground. 


"Yeah, what did you do?" Susan asked " You aren't seriously going to ... You know"


"What? Drink my beer? Of course. What's wrong with that? I seriously doubt anyone is going to arrest me for drinking some harmless beer. Especially with our track record of previous arrest attempts"


"Susan gave a broad smile and looked down at Rick who gave a silent scream apparently her hand was squeezing the air out of him with its weight. Susan looked for a while before making up her mind before, just like her friend, picking up the tiny man and dropping him within her bottle.


Both girls gave each other a determined stare before bringing the bottle up to their lips and draining the remaining drops of liquor until the bottles were firmly empty. When finished they dropped the bottles to the ground that gave a resounding "thud" and patted their stomachs in content. Tom was still paralyzed and did not know what to do.


"Boy, he sure is fighting" Susan laughed, rubbing her stomach with glee "At least we won't be annoyed all the time by silly mice men" 


"I think mine has already stopped moving. You don't think he has passed out from the fear, do you? Or maybe he's simply drunk with all the beer in there"


"I bet your stomach acids have just destroyed him before he could make a move. That's one strong stomach you got there."


Tom had finally come to his senses and reclaimed his composure. What he was seeing and quite real and he simply wished for it to go away, How he wished they were back to normal and not giant anymore.


Just like before, it took mere seconds for the effects to kick in and before his eyes the girls shrank down to their usual sizes. And people were still not making a fuss. The giant bottles had been reduced to normal garbage and the girls once again lay on the grass laughing like normal teens. The troubling thing was that it would appear not all things had gone back to normal.


"I still feel him in there" Said Susan, scratching his belly. I hope he doesn't come out the other end alive. Can you believe how embarrassing that would be?"


"More for him then for you, I expect" Said Miranda, resulting in a snicker from Susan.


"True, true"


It was only now that Tom realized that maybe these strange events were caused by him. Every time he made a wish they seemed to come true and it was as if he could change the very foundation for reality itself on a whim. The possibility of such power was overwhelming and Tom needed to test them our further to be sure.

Chapter End Notes:

Basically, whatever plot elements you saw in this chater can be forgotten. I added them to give backstory type explanation for why the actual events of this story take place. This will merely be a series of short stories about Tom changing reality and seeing what happens.

If anyone wants to give suggestions of pen a possible chapter then that is more then welcome. Ideas should be freely shared.

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