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Author's Chapter Notes:
Well, since two authors decided to add to my story I thought I should at least add something. Thank you so much to Rabbithole and the mystery writer for creating those two previous chapters. Unfortunately we will never know the identity of the mystery writer, but he will live on within our hearts. Of course, I know who he is. But I have to assume he wants to stay anonymous since he didn't write his name. Anyway, I took a little inspiration from Rabbithole and a few other sources for these stories.

It had been a long day and Tom was getting tired. He didn?t change reality so that he could stay up and never sleep since he loved sleeping so much. However, he did use his powers to make his sleep as peaceful and relaxing as possible. After all, he had worked hard all day to improve the very fabric of reality. He walked into a random house and willed it to be his and went to bed, waking up the next morning with excitement for what the next day should hold.

Getting out of his (now) unbelievably comfy bed, he walked to the kitchen to make breakfast and turned the kitchen TV on to watch the morning news. There were a few reports playing and he decided to give them a little adjustment as he skimmed through the channels.

In one news report, a woman was beaten and raped. He changed it and the report now read an attempted rape resulted in perpetrator being crushed under foot. A second report talked about a company who, through shady dealings, bought all the tickets to a very rare and amazing musical leaving the Oakdale Girls School in the mud as their tickets were cancelled. Apparently the school had raised money to get these tickets and they now had neither the tickets nor the money. In an instant, the report told of negotiations that went on between the girl?s school and the business executives and they had come to an agreement. The video showed a group of girls smiling for the camera with about 13 tiny black dots standing on the palm of the front and centre girl; the business executives. They appeared to be half an inch each and waving uncomfortably as they stood atop the hand of the giant eight year old.


Tom changed a few more events as he ate his breakfast before he left ?his? house, ready for another fantastic day. As he stepped out of his house a thundering sound shook his ears. A team of jets appeared to be going over head and were drowning out all the sound in the town as they flew so low. Tom, believing this to be incredibly rude, did the honourable thing and reduced each jet gradually. Over time the jets shrunk smaller and smaller, almost appearing to stay in one spot as they ceased to make distance. What was also noticeable was that the jets were getting closer and closer to the ground until they were only a foot above the average head. By this point they were no bigger than flies and were barely going a metre a second.

The jets got smaller and smaller still until they weren?t able to avoid the movements of the giants around them. They were flying along the path when a sweaty woman was jogging by, panting and huffing as she ran. The jets seemed like they were trying to move out of the way but since they were the size of gnats they crashed straight into her shoulder. Of course, they training had taken over and they deployed their parachutes before they crashed and were swooped up into the air as the woman passed. Now tinier than the tiniest, the shrunken jet pilots had to slowly floating in the sweaty smelling air left by the jogger. However, they didn?t have to suffer for long. Another woman approached and she looked like she had a terrible cold. Her face and nose was red and she was sniffling up a storm. Storm, being the key word since as she walked passed the shrunken pilots it definitely did feel like a storm. Unfortunately for them, as the woman approached them she chose that time to give her biggest snort and sniffed the entire squad up a single nostril. The woman gave her nose a quick scratch as she continued moving as if nothing had happened.

Looking at the entire scene with his super eyes, Tom hoped that the pilots training involved fighting the bacterium and immune system of a sick woman who did even know of their existence.


Tom walked on and later approached a movie theatre. There appeared to be a few movies playing but they all seemed to be standard action movies. Tom gave a quick jerk of the head and a new movie appeared: ?Attack of the fifty foot woman?. Why not show one of the classics, it is fitting after all.

As Tom went to walk away he heard a slight commotion coming from a younger girl of about 12 and a teenage boy.

?Come on, I want to see the giant woman movie!?

?Lacy, we?re seeing blood curdler 3, and that?s that?

?But that?ll give me nightmares!?

?Well, you shouldn?t have begged to come with me than and had mom force me?

Tom didn?t like the attitude of the young man and decided to even the odds slightly. The young girl grew from her 4 foot height to 9 feet tall while the 18 year old went from an impressive 6 feet down to 3.5, shorter than his sister was. Now the little girl was almost 3 times taller than her mean older brother and was able to get her way much easier.

?Well, if force is the only thing that works with you than you can?t blame me for using it, can you?? Lacy then grabbed her older brother by the arm and picked him up with ease, pulling him over to the pay booth and forcing him to buy the tickets she wanted.


Tom was happy how that turned out and made his way further down the street. He was looking around for more things to change when a screeching sound approached from the distance. Two hot rod cars seemed to be skidding down the street at high speed with a cop car hard on their tail. It looked like the two cars had the speed and moveability advantage and was slowly getting away. Tom, believing the law should be upheld, couldn?t let that happen.

The two speeders quickly began to dwindle in size making it much easier for the cop to catch up to their decreasing forms. The cops were easily able to overtake them and bring their vehicles to a halt. The two cars looked more like they were the size of remote control cars sitting next to the giant form of the police vehicle. The people two men in the cars looked incredibly scared and nervous as a giant boot came out of the sky and crashed next to the cars as two beautiful lady cops stepped out of their cars.

The hot rods continued to shrink and were quickly being dwarfed by the solid boots of the young woman. If they wanted to, they could crash the two cars in a single step and not even feel the impact.

?Geez, Lawson, can you believe this pair? Trying to drive away from us?? The blond cop asked her red head friend as she took of her glasses.

?Yep, Steiner, pretty stupid trying to outrace the police when you smaller enough to fit on a Hotwheel set. Well, up you come, you two.? Lawson, gave a chuckled as she bent down and picked up the tiny vehicles. Each about the size of a toy car.

The ?giant? officer looked into the windows of the two cars and gave a smile. The men inside screamed in fear and their precious vehicles were trapped on the land of this woman.

?Well, where do you think we should put them? Our pockets?? Lawson asked, rolling the tiny cars around on her palm.

?Woah, hold up. Check this out. These two have two strikes already. This is their third offense already? Steiner said as she read from her little data base machine

Tom was appalled. 3rd offenders? Well, it was clear that they couldn?t be trusted on the streets and needed to be made so that they can?t hurt anyone, ever. In an instant, the cars shrunk until they were the size of tic-tacs, the men barely visible. Now they were far more manageable.

?Well, we know what happens to triple strikers? Lawson said as she put her hand behind her back. She opened up the tight waistband of her police pants and casually dropped the cars down her underwear. ?It?s going to be a hot day today boys and I can already feel myself sweating up a storm. I?d put those window wipers on, if I were you?

Tom was amazed but didn?t want the lovely officer to get a rash from the metallic cars. He shrunk the vehicles until they were about the size of flea droppings. Practically invisible.

?Lawson! They were almost microscopic. You know we won?t be able to rescue them from your sweaty crack now! They?re trapped there, whether anyone likes it or not?

?Well, if you can?t do the time? Lawson gave a grunt and a heavy fart came out ?Don?t do the crime. Otherwise you?ll have to face the grime. The grime of my arse?

The two officers gave a laugh as they went back to their cars. Tom thought that these girls were doing nothing but good for the world and decided they needed more authority. In an instant, the two 5 foot 5 inch girls became 15 feet each. Their car quickly disappeared since it was obvious the girls didn?t need transportation anywhere and could simply walk. However, the girls did look far sweatier now since they were walking where ever they went.

?Man, Lawson, those dust mites must be swimming in the sweat you?ve made so far. What were you thinking when you dropped them down there? You must have known they would drown?

?I just don?t like criminals. They shouldn?t have been breaking the law. I just thought that they could either get lost in a cell or get lost in my cell. Oh, geez, I think I can feel one driving on my poop chute. He better what out?

?Why? Are you going to fart, again??

?Nope, but he?s really irritating me down there. That?s a sensitive spot after all. If he keeps this up ?Whoops? Lawson gave a slight twitch ?Well, there he goes. My A-Hole clenched and gobbled him right up. Hopefully his friend is a little smarter than that?

Tom watched as the cops walked away, knowing they would be big enough to protect the city from evil-doer. He continued along down the street until he came to a house. A pair of houses, in fact. In one yard, a little boy and a girl were playing with their toys, screaming and laughing as they went. They both looked to be about 9 or so. A gruff looking man stepped out of the neighbour house and looked over the fence at the kids.


?Hey, you little bastards! Can?t you shut up for five minutes? I just finished a night shift and am trying to sleep? The kids were terrified as the man spat in their direction.

A woman came out of the children?s house and marched over to the fence.

?Bill, get back in your house and leave my kids alone. I was watching them from the window, they weren?t that noisy!?

?Is that Karen?? Suddenly, a woman appeared at the window of Bill?s house and was yelling as well. ?Oh, fuck of Karen! My man?s been working all night so how about you just shut you little asses up??

It was clear that one family was a normal one and the others were ? more of a redneck variety. However, derro would be a more accurate term if you understood Australian. One family was homely while another looked drunk and angry. Tom knew he needed to set things straight. In an instant, the derro house was reduced and the family shrunk until the man was only about 4 feet tall, smaller than the wife. However, this didn?t stop his anger and seemed to only fuel it. He was now angrier than he was before. Possibly because he was such a short arse.

Suddenly, two twin boys hurdled out of the Bill?s house and started running around the yard playing. They were far louder than the kids before were.
?Maybe? Karen said, referring to the newly arrived kids ?You should take care of your family, before you criticise mine?

?You fuckin? insulting my kids. Bitch?? The woman at the window screamed ?I?ll fuckin? knock you out, yeah??

?Barbara, don?t listen to her. Our kids are far better than her little cunts. And you? He pointed a finger at Karen ?You keep speaking like that and you?ll see what happens. I don?t care if you?re a girl, or not?

Tom had heard enough. The family was shrunk once more until Bill was about 2 feet high. He also grew the other family until Karen was 8 feet, making her four times the size of Bill. Both houses changed sizes and it looked absolutely insane. One looked like the house for gnomes compared to its? partner. The fence had also been shrunk and was Bills level and so it only came up to about Karen?s knees.

?Oh, is that so?? Asked Karen ?And I wonder how hard you can hit when you?re the size of a new born. I bet you wouldn?t even be able to hurt my daughter who?s only 8. She?d be able to play with your entire family like you were all toys and I don?t think you?d be able to stop her?

?Oh, you?ve asked for it? Bill started punching as hard as he could but it didn?t even phase Karen.

Tom, however, had seen enough and was ready to put this too rest. The house was shrunk once more until it was the size of a doll house. Bill was now punching the slipper of Karen and she didn?t seem to care at all.

?Okay, I?ve had enough. I think we deserve some new neighbours? Karen said.

She then kicked over Bill and walked towards his house. With a single foot, she herded the twin boys back into their house and bent over. With all her strength she started lifting the house out of its foundation but seemed to be having a little trouble. Tom quickly helped her by making her 12 feet tall.

The house was now easy to pull out of the ground. She walked over to her daughter who looked like she was about nine feet tall and handed her the house. The family trapped inside screamed with horror.

?Here you go, sweetie. A new dollhouse for you to play with? The little girl beamed with joy.

Karen quickly bent over and picked up bill and through him through one of the windows ?Can?t forget the husband?

?Thanks, mommy? The little girl started to walk into the house but seemed to be having slight trouble with the house since she was so young and not very strong. Tom quickly shrunk the house until it was the size of a shoe box and easily transportable for the little girl.

?Well, I guess next door is back on the market. I wonder if we can buy it and expand our house? Karen said as she walked into her now giant house with a smile.

Tom was amazed at what he had already accomplished this morning and knew there was more for him to do. He turned around and headed down the street, looking for more adventures to create.
Chapter End Notes:
Well, hope you guys enjoyed these. Also, out of curiosity, I was thinking of starting up a commission to get some money on the side. Just mulling it over, wonder what you guys thought. Maybe $15 per 1000 words. I don't know. New to this. But let me know what you think. And, of course, if you want, you can add to this or any other story of mine if you want.
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