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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, that was a long wait. And it's probably only going to be longer. Maybe I'll do another chapter. Maybe not. Comment if you want. That's always fun.

I alo made this a round-robin in case anyone wants to have their own fun considering I'm probably going to take a year to continue. 

Tom hadn’t finished with his escapades at the mall just yet and knew there were still many wrongs to right and situations to have fun with. Taking an escalator up to a higher floor he noticed more shops having to do with clothes and fashion and the crowd here being distinctly more feminine as a result. Looking around, all groups comprised of women with males mixed in accordingly. Whether husbands being dragged, boyfriends being dragged or children being dragged around to the clothes stores.

Walking into one of the stores Tom quickly found his next victims to play with. A girl and boyfriend shopping for his clothes with the woman excitedly going through all the items while the man just wanted to pick anything and leave.

“Come on, now. These are you’re clothes. You should take pride in what you wear” She would lament as she rummaged through the racks of shirts

“I don’t care, Mary. Just pick anything and let’s go”

Tom activated the powers and watched the change. Instantly, the man shrunk slowly down until he was roughly the size a child. The woman now had definitely more authoritative power.

“Well, I can’t find anything small enough for you”

“Does that mean we’re leaving?”

“Yep. We’re just going to have to try a kid’s store”

“What?” He exclaimed as Mary grabbed him by the hand and dragged him away “I’m not wearing kids clothing!”

“You will wear what I buy you, Greg!”

Tom laughed as he strolled away. Taking another escalator up, he came to another food court, different to the one before in size and variety. This must be the main court located within the middle floors since it appeared to expand the entire level. Looking over a railing he could see several floors below and above himself, amazed at just how big it was and if it would be big enough by the end of the day. Tom internally laughed at such thoughts as he turned away from the railings and made his way for a seat.

Tom approached the seat he wanted and shrunk down the middle aged man the occupied it. Sitting down in the seat, he flicked the 1 inch man that was now standing on the table causing him to fly across the room. Tom immediately stopped caring about him and turned his attention to his surroundings looking for fun to be had.

A few tables across from him he noticed a young couple talking loudly next to a women who appeared to be trying to read a book. The woman was in her early 30s and strong, sharp face making her very attractive. It’s understandable that the she wouldn’t complain about the noise of the teens since she was sitting in a mall. Why she was here reading, Tom couldn’t know, but guessed that perhaps she enjoyed the atmosphere. Never the less, it was obvious the teens were being far too noisy even for a mall and many onlookers were giving them harsh looks with even the woman next to them taking out some headphones to listen to music.

Tom decided to do a public service and to cut the noise down a little. The young couple, no more than 17 years each, were sitting across from each other. Holding hands and yapping as loud as they wanted to each other. Suddenly, the two were reduced from their average height of about 5.5 feet to a measly 6”. The two were now standing on the table itself among their food and talking to each other and looking around occasionally at the giants walking passed. Tom was happy that they were making less noise but wanted to push it a little further. Activating his powers again he caused the teens to shrink down to 1” each and also grew the woman reading to about 9 feet. Suddenly, the woman took up a majority of the table with her food being spread everywhere and the teens only occupied the corner. They doubted the woman, or anyone else for that matter, noticed they were there considering the goliath had sat down ten minutes ago without even referencing them.

“Hey mark” The woman spoke “Maybe we should go to a smaller food court”

“But the food is so cheap here! We’ve avoided danger before so don’t worry. Just keep a look out and we should be find”. The two teens were sitting on a burger wrapper surrounded by a few chips and burger pieces eating their fill.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cleaner came to the table and noticed a half eating burger sitting conspicuously on the edge. Picking up the wrapper she scrunched it into a ball and threw it in the big. Luckily, the teens realized fast enough and jumped off before they met a disgusting demise. However, unluckily, the woman landed in a sauce container and was having a hard time getting out. The sticky and thick swamp of tomato sauce held the straddling woman in place and she was unable to pull herself to the edge. The man ran over and tried to climb the container to get to her.

Tom continued watching and made one final move and shrank the two down to 1 millimetre in height and once again grew the woman to about 11 feet. Now the teen lovers were nothing but crumbs and the woman was a goddess who took up the entire table. The area was now littered with food that she was eating to fuel her now gigantic frame and had no idea she was sharing the table with a couple half her age. Picking up a chip, the woman dunked it in the sauce and quickly dumped it in her mouth. The tiny French fries were barely chewed before swallowed practically whole by the cavernous maw. Unknown to her, the tiny woman was trapped on that chip and was now making a one way trip down her throat. The man looked at the lump travelling down the giantess’ neck with fear at what just happened and knew he needed to act fast.

The man run passed the mountainous burgers and milkshakes until he was in front of the woman reading her book. Jumping up and down, he waved his hands screaming for her attention but knew he wouldn’t get it unless he was on higher ground. Looking around, he quickly saw the only thing he would be able to ascend: a large, rubbery bulb that had some stickiness on the outside and what appeared to be a small cavern in the centre. He couldn’t tell what it was from his able but knew he would have a much better vantage point within the hole and so quickly jumped onto it. Once he made his way onto the ledge and into the hole did he realize the mistake he had made. If the sticky .yellow cream that surrounded the man didn’t scare him, then looking up and seeing the woman scratching her ear did. The ear that had no earphone in it. The earphone that he was currently standing in.

Before he could react, the woman picked the bud back up and inserted it into her right ear and quickly turned her music back on. It wasn’t too loud since she didn’t want to distract herself from the book but it was able to cut out the noise from the mall. The boy was rocket into her ear from the momentum and became stuck in a boulder of wax. He tried to scream until the music came on and drowned him out

Tom watched in amazement as the girl was swallowed whole and the boy was shoved inside of an ear. He noticed the woman give a slight irritation and knew that she must be able to feel something was wrong within the ear bud. Acting quickly, Tom shrunk the boy down to about 1/10 on a millimetre so that not only did he cause no irritation but there was now no way for him to escape his waxy prison.

Finishing his fun with that, Tom now turned his attention to other sights to influence and quickly found some targets.

He found a teen sister who appeared to be looking after her younger brother who could be more than 8. She was on the phone and trying to talking to friends and he kept trying to get her attention or throwing food bits on the floor. In an instant, the boy was about an inch and running around on the table avoiding the giant fingers that were trying to pin him down. He was far more manageable now. Even more so when the sister took the gum out of her mouth and stuck him into it, effectively preventing all movement.

Another table had two mother whose two little boys were kicking each other under the desk. Why were little boys so hard to manage and making noise. Well, once they were shrunken to 1” they seemingly seemed to disappear. That was until tom noticed that necklaces had appeared on the necks of the mothers. They appeared to be small cages that housed a small, bored looking person in each. Poor boys, they aren’t going to have a productive life if this is how they will have to live.

Finally, he grew a small girl of about 7 to 10 feet tall as she was leaving a store with her parents. Both her mother and father were now being dragged by her instead of the other was around. This made Tom curious as to what she will be like growing up now that she could do whatever she wanted. If the looks on her scared parent’s faces were any consideration, she would become quite a menace.

Once Tom had finished messing with some small situations he was going to leave until he found one last fun thing to mess with. A mother was having lunch with her daughter and boyfriend. The girlfriend got up and went to the bathroom and left her boyfriend with her mother.

“So, I hope you’re going to treat my daughter well, Jeffrey” The woman said sternly now that the two were alone.

“That’s not much of your concern, no offense. I’m dating Cindy, not you” The boyfriend then whipped out his phone and started texting.

Suddenly, the woman grew to about 8 feet and the boy shrunk to 4.

“It’s not wise to mess with a daughters mother” She said threateningly “Especially one that is twice your height”

The boy looked up at her “What are you going to do? You can’t stop me dating your daughter. You might be her mother but she can make up her own mind. And threat mean nothing unless you’re willing to go through with them” Jeffery stood his ground but his voice had a definite nervous tone to it.

Once again, the woman grew and the boy shrunk with her now being 10 feet tall and him being only 2. He now had to stand on his chair while the woman was able to easily crane over him, even while sitting.

“Look here” She said, poking him in the chest “You better watch your mouth or you might end up somewhere you don’t like. You think you’re her first boyfriend? What do you think happened to the others? It’s hard to defend yourself against a 10 foot amazon. Especially if you’re a 2 foot pipsqueak like you. I don’t know what she sees in you”

“Better to be too small then a giant freak!” The boy was now quite angry and that removed most of his well-placed fear. “I don’t give a fuck what you say! I’m dating her and there’s nothing you can do about it! So just deal with your problems, okay?”

One last change. The woman grew to 13 feet in total while the boy shrink to 6 inches. He was now standing on the table with the gigantic, well-manicured hands of this woman on either side of him. Looking up at her, the boy was wishing he hadn’t said what he just did.

“Hmm, maybe you’re right. I should deal with my problems” Just then, her stomach gave an audible growl “And I just realized we haven’t had our meal yet. And a giant freak like me has to eat quite a bit. I think you might be able to help out with that, in fact”

Like a snake, her hand shot out and her fingers wrapped around his tiny body, constricting him and preventing him from screaming. She then lifted him up and slid him into her mouth before sealing it shut. Even though he was 6 inches big her enormous mouth was more than large enough to encompass and torment his tiny body. Pushing him around with her tongue, she coated him in saliva before pushing him to the back of her throat and letting out a heavy *Gluck* as she swallowed him whole. He felt amazing as he slithered down her throat and it wasn’t long before be fell into her stomach.

“Ohh, that feels nice.” She moaned at his struggles “I hope you don’t get buried under all the food I’m about to eat.

Just then her daughter came back. “Where’s Jeff?”

“Oh, he got scared off”

“Mum, you can’t keep scaring away my boyfriends”

“Oh, he’s still here” She lifted up her shirt and showed her stomach that poked out every few seconds as if there was an animal trapped inside trying to push its way out. “He didn’t pass my test”

“You ate my boyfriend” The daughter looked upset but near not to anger her mother considering she was a giant.

“I won’t have you dating someone who can’t show respect!” The mother held her mouth as she gave a slight burp.

Tom was astonished by what he had just seen. The changes he was making were making the world a better place!

Getting up, he went to leave the mall until he got one last idea. Looking around he made his wish and watched the changes unfold. At once every woman within the store grew twice their height and every man shrunk to half his. So now, a woman who was the same size before would now be 4 times the size on the same man now. And with these changes the world around adapted. Suddenly stores were popping up selling man collars and tiny clothing. Mothers were walking along with sons held in special purse compartments. Men and fathers were being carried around by hand or on the shoulders of those bigger. However, as Tom left there was one change that he didn’t notice. The people he had shrunk we even smaller and the woman he had grown were even larger.

The girl buying the boyfriend clothes was now looking in the Barbie section for his attire. The teen trapped in the woman’s ear now found himself in a valley with it taking him hours just to reach the exit and that was if there was no wax in the way. The younger brother was now trapped under his older sister’s nail trying to free himself from her dirt. The boys in their mother’s necklaces were now so small they were trapped in rings on their fingers instead. And the little 7 year old girl was no over 20 feet tall with a father who was only 3. He had become her stool a long time ago and the single mother was trying to stop her daughter causing more chaos. Finally, Jeff now found himself only 3” in a 26 foot woman’s stomach. The sac was like a raging ocean and he was quickly sucked into her intestines.

Tom was excited about all the possibilities and finally left for new adventures. Maybe the pool or even the park. Who knew? Definitely not this author.


Chapter End Notes:

I'm thinking of doing a heavy foot chapter next or maybe butt. I love me some butt however I don't know how to implement it. If you have any ideas I'm open. Next chapter will probably have a shrunken house event.

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