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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, let me know how the stories going. Suggestion welcome, review, yadda yadda, you know.

Tom continued his trek towards the city on his quest to change the world for the better with his mystical reality changing powers. He currently was looking for a new target when he came across a large football oval where it appeared a high school was hosting some sort of athletics carnival. There were a couple hundred teenagers dressed in shorts and shirts participating in various athletic exercises like running laps, long jump, shot put, and high jumps. This looked like an interesting test sample to play with.


As expected, with practically every event the boys were in a far lead with girls only scraping at their lowest scores. With the girls lagging behind in the long run to throwing only half as good in the shot put. It appeared that they were outmatched in every physical sport they versed the boys in and it wasn't hard to see why. Most of the boys were at least equal height to the girls if not taller and were clearly far more bulky in the muscle department. Tom decided to mix things up a bit.


Most of the girls were roughly equal heights with the boys in the younger years with each being on average about 4' 6". However, the differences became increasingly prominent the further up in age the students went with the average female height being about 5' 6" and the boys reaching over 6' tall in year 12.


Tom watched as some of the students lined up for shot put which simply involved picking up a heaving ball and throwing it as far as possible. One of girls stood up in front of the group for her turn.


"Come on, Casey" Said the teacher in charge "Just throw the shot put as hard as possible"


"Yeah, I know" Casey said as she picked up the miniature boulder and lifted it over her should and throwing it about 8 feet.


"That's the way Casey! That might be the best score out of this group"


"Yeah, for the girls maybe" Said of the boys in back, causing a series of snickers among the boys.


"Well, hey, let's see you so better, Cameron!" Casey flared.


"Oh, I wouldn't want to make you sad by defeating your, um, amazing score with such little effort. But, if you insist" The boy named Cameron stood up from his seat and walked over to the pile of shot puts picking one up.


He lined himself up and lifted the ball over his shoulder before throwing it at least 10 feet. Turning around he gave a slight smirk to Casey who looked rather annoyed before sitting down and high fiving his friend.


"And I don't even think I'm that good at shot put. I'm sure someone like Mark could do far better then me" Cameron rubbed it in even more. He was definitely getting any smiles from the women with even the teacher giving him a annoyed look.


Similar events occurred at the race track where the middle class students were performing the long run. The teacher rose the gun over his head and fired. As expected, the female immediately began to give way to the faster, stronger boys who captured and maintained the lead. Even Erika, who was the fastest female runner in the year, was only in the lower ranks of the boys and had little to no hope in taking the leas She simple wasn't equipped with versing the boys.


"Wow, Erika sure is showing what she's made of" Mr. Thomas said to Mrs. Teller as they observed the students running around the field.


"Yeah, she's my finest runner on the track team. She's even giving the boys a run for their money"


"Well, maybe the lower boys who don't run often but she's clearly still very talented. For a girl I mean"


"Yeah. She'll go quite far if she continues trying"


Tom had seen enough and decided to make his move. Closing his eyes he thought about what he wanted changed and u[on opening them he saw the effects were almost instantaneous. The younger girls, who used to be only about 4'6" had began to grow and were slowly reaching the impressive height of 8 feet tall. Now seeming more like miniature she warriors then high school students. Not only that, but the younger boys who use to be similar heights to the girls had now been reduced to a mere 3' tall. Making them only come up to just below the larger women's waists. They looked like large dolls standing next to the once small girls.


The effects were even more prominent on the older students where the height difference was far more prevalent. Well, the differences were still very prevalent but in the opposite direction with girls who use to only measure roughly 5'6" now reached an incredible scale of 10 feet tall. These girls were now demigods to the boys who had now seen themselves reduced to a diminutive size of 4' tall making them come up to just above the girls knees.


Tom laughed at the thought that it would now be easier for the boys to look up the girls skirts. Of course if they were caught they would probably get beaten literally to a inch of their lives.


With these new changes put into place the athletic activities were suddenly turning in the favor of the girls. With each event showing the same victory over and over. In the long run, Mrs. Teller would fire the pistol to the sound of galloping coming from the women with the faint trots of the boys chasing after them. Mrs. Teller gave a small smile as her girls ran leagues around the tiny males. Looking down at the tiny frame of her teaching partner she kind of felt bad for him as he watched his boys get trampled.  


One of the girls in the shot put picked up the now tiny ball and chucked it as if it were merely a tennis ball, throwing it an easy 20 feet and she didn't even look like she was trying. The girls gave a lazy applause at such a week throw as one of the boy stood up for his turn. Mark grabbed a hold of the now massive boulder and lifted it over his head. With all his might he heaved the stone as hard as he could but only made it go about 4 feet. A pathetic attempt when compared to the girls.


"Good job Mark' Said the attending teacher "That was a pretty good job for a boy" She gave the now tiny man a pat on the shoulder causing him to almost collapse on the ground.


Tom had enough of watching this play out. He as sure the future of that school was going to be very interesting with the girls suddenly at top. But it was now time for him to move onto other prospects. He thought of the perfect place as his stomach began to rumble and he made his way to the local shopping centre where he was sure test subjects would be in high supply.


Entering the sliding doors of the triple story mall he immediately adjusted the height of a father and daughter as they walked passed him. Transforming the 15 year old punk into a 8 foot domestic goddess and her father into a 4 foot loser. She was certainly going to be a handful for him in her rebellious years as she walked ahead, not even listening to his tiny complaints of her fashion.


An interesting scenario occurred when Tom observed a couple fighting outside a clothing store. The conversation was getting quite heated with the man almost yelling down at the much smaller woman. Well, not for long. Tom adjusted the height so the one 5' woman was 9 feet and the 6' man became 2'. That should teach him to yell. His no ginormous girlfriend clearly had the upper hand but she merely shrugged her shoulders and told him to find hos own way home, leaving him in the giant shopping centre. Things only got worse for him hen Tom grew a passing mother and child to the sizes of 10 feet and 6 feet respectively resulting in the "small" child picking up the man and carrying him away as if he was a doll. Well, to her he actually was now.


Moving deeper into the plaza, Tom came across a shoe store which sold "Women shoes of all sizes, guaranteed!" Walking into the store he found an attractive middle aged woman getting help from a male attendant. He looked like he was fresh out of high school and Tom guessed this was probably his part time job while he did university. The younger male looked like he couldn't take anymore of the older woman's constant berating at his "pathetic customer service" and Tom could see him opening his mouth about to burst out at her until Tom adjusted their heights a bit.


The young man, who was once 6'4" now found himself at the hopeless size of 1'9" and the woman, who was already an impressive 6'5" shot up to about 13 feet. The tiny male now buckled under the intense glare of the giant woman as he bow at her every whim. her two feet either side of him, larger then he was tall and emitting a funky foot odor that he far too afraid to mention. He simply continued serving her every whim and attempted to pick up another giant shoe for her. Now that's customer service, thought Tom.


Tom got a sandwich from a shop and sat down at the tables, looking around for any potential targets. His sight landed upon a little boy who was sitting with his mother and teenage daughter while they ate. The boy, who couldn't have been more then 5 years old, was constantly disrupting their meal and being a general nuisance. Well, that all stopped when he was shrunk to a measly 6 inches and the two girls were grown to about 9 feet and 7 feet respectfully. The Boy was now smaller then a barbie doll and both the mother and daughter looked down at the screaming child.


The mother had obviously had enough but didn't even say anything as she picked up the child and place him in her jacket pocket where he was not only trapped but the thundering sound of his mothers heart beat and the gurgle of her stomach as she ate were all around him. The two giant women then continued their conversation as if nothing ever happened. That boy was going to have a rough childhood. The mother and daughter at least seemed happier now that a life nuisance had been reduced.

Chapter End Notes:

The next chapter will probably take place at the pool. I already have a few ideas for what can happen but I wouldn't mind some extras.

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