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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, here's the next chapter. Rmember, this story has no plot and if just the scenarios involving a man chinging reality for giantess results.

Tom was still amazed by the new powers that he had but desperately wanted to test them out some more. Seeing two young woman casually eating two men with no repercussions was incredible and it was directly because of him that it happened. Does that make him a murderer? Probably, but with his new powers he wouldn't really need to focus on such worries anymore. The world was his test site now and the people in it were the bacteria in his petri dish.
Walking down the street, he was looking for his net victims when he noticed a group of joggers making their way down the path across the street from him.


It was a group of about eleven people (6 men and 5 women) decked in running clothes and panting with sweat. It would appear as if the men were clearly in the lead as they confidently ran in front with the poor women panting behind them.


"Can we take a break, James?" Asked one of the women, a petite blonde running in the middle.


"We will when we reach the end of the street. There are some benches down there we can rest on. Come on, us boys are hardly breaking a sweat. What happened to that woman power you always go on about?" James gave a bit of a chuckle at his reply as he picked up the pace ever so slightly. The boys were able to match it easily but the woman fell noticeably further behind.


Tom decided to even the playing field a bit. Or maybe just turn the tables completely opposite and see what happens. All the woman were roughly, on average, 5' 5" to the men's 6' 2" stature. Combine that with the men's obvious greater muscle mass and it was no wonder why the males were in the lead so easily. But not for long.


Before his eyes, the woman grew until they were about averaging 8 feet and shrank the boys until they were about 4 foot 10 inches. The men also become a bit less bulky in muscles, looking more like average men rather then the health nuts they were, and the woman's bodies developed a firmer tone to them. Not too muscly but definitely noticeable. Compared to the men now they were true amazonians with the boys looking more like young children coming only up to just above their hips.


The results were instant with the woman now powering must the men in an almost casual jog with the boys huffing and puffing in strain. They looked like they might pass out if they didn't get a rest soon and Tom wondered how long the group had actually been running. Obviously not enough to effect the 'little' woman running alongside them.


"How *pant* much longer?" Asked James in an obviously strained voice


"Oh, I don't know" Pondered the now leading blonde "At least until the end of the street. But I think we girls can go a bit further then that. Ain't that right?" She asked to the group with the woman giving a approving yes. "So, we might go until the next block over, actually" The blonde had quite a smile on her face as she increased her obvious job much to the disdain of the men. 


"But some of us are tired now" Whined James "I ... Don't know how much longer I can go"


"Oh, I'm sure a 'big' man like you can keep up with a bunch of girls. Men are naturally stronger after all. you don't want to be beaten by some girls who aren't even trying do you?"


The men gave a groan as their ego took a blow. They couldn't give up now otherwise they really would be lower then these women. If they tried harder then they were sure they could keep up, or even out run them.


The group run further into the distance with tom giving a chuckle as he saw the dynamics change. Maybe those men will learn to appreciate the women instead of using their superior strength to pick on them. Although he doubt they would ever be able to do that again anyway and with a second laugh he took off down the street looking for more fun to have.


The next event Tom found that peaked his interest was a young women dragging her two disobedient children by heir wrists as they continue to hit and scream at each other. This poor woman looked like she was at her wits end and able to break down and Tom knew he had to step in with some ... special help. 


The two children, a boy and a girl, looked to be about 6 and 7 years of age respectively and were beating each other over, if Tom heard correctly, a candy bar. What annoying children these must be and are i clear need to discipline of some sort.


Using his power, the children shrunk from their 3 and a half foot stature to about 1 foot making them come up just below their now gigantic mothers knees. He also grew the tired mother from about 5 and a half feet to a colossal 9 feet tall making her a mighty Goliath to the now tiny children. The terrified kids now only came up to the mothers shins and instantly buckled under her annoyed gaze. Reaching down she picked the children up by their shirts, holding them in front of her face.


"If you can't learn to behave in public then you can stay in here" She said, disappointed as she opened up her purse.


The two children screamed apologies to their goddess but she wouldn't have any of it. Opening the purse she dropped them unceremoniously inside and took out a tissue from within. Giving a quick blow on the tissue she dropped it back into the purse causing tiny squeaking screams before snapping her bag shut and trapping the naughty children in darkness. Walking down the street the woman allowed her back to sway back and fro as she began texting in her giant phone. Tom doubted those children would ever give her a hard time ever again. In fact, he doubt the world would ever mistreat her judging by her now impressive and intimidating scale.


Tom was amazed by how much good he was bringing into the world and went forth to continue it. He couldn't' wait to see what else he could fix and adjust and was strutting happily along some shops when he noticed a woman crossing the street. An attractive woman in a black dress and high heels, maybe in her late thirties to early forties was making her way across the road when a car came spreading down the street. The vehicle came out of nowhere almost and was 2 seconds away from hitting this woman dead.


Instinctively Tom reacted in the only way he was able to, by using his powers to shrink the entire vehicle to a more manageable size. The shiny, silver BMW, being driven by at least 3 boys and 1 girl was quickly reduced until it was no more then 3 centimeters long. The young adults, who were obviously a bunch of rich frat boys screamed as their tiny car crashed into the giant high heel of the opposing woman.


The woman in question who was on the phone when this happened, looked down at the tiny car with a look of disgust on her face. Why Can't tiny people learn how to drive, she thought to herself as she stared down at the tiny vehicle.


"No, nothings wrong" She said into the phone "Some bugs just crashed into me". As she spoke she removed her stocking covered foot from her high heel and brought it over to the stationary car. 


The defenceless inhabitants screamed in terror as the giant, pungent foot grabbed a hold of their car and lifted it into the air. They were now completely trapped and at the mercy of this annoyed woman, She would show these tiny people that driving around without looking where they're going can be dangerous.


"What's happening" The tiny girl screamed as she hugged her boyfriend in fear


"She's picking us up! Make her stop!"


"Start the car, get us out of here" Said the man sitting shotgun


"I can't, the car won't start!"


"I told you to watch where you're driving!" The boyfriend scream "You never listen Rick! You need to be careful driving around giants. They can crush us if we're not carefu-"


He didn't finish his sentence as the woman dropped the car into her shoe and watched as it rolled down to the toe section where she was sure the smell would be strongest. Smiling, she wiggled her foot into the shoe and gave it a firm stomp to get her foot comfortable until she could clearly feel the cold, metal object nestled nicely under her toes. They weren't going anywhere and after a few minutes they would understand why driving around giants is dangerous. Hopefully they don't drown in the sweat of her shoe since they will be trapped in there all day.


The occupants in the vehicle could barely scream in fear as the giant toes compressed the roof of their car creating an even more cramped space. After that their world was thrown into the ait and then shot back down resulting in a massive crash all around then. Then their world was lifted again and resulted in another crash and the realization that they were trapped in her shoe finally dawned on them. If that wasn't bad enough, it took only a few seconds for the invasive heat and offensive smell to permeate the car. It wasn't really a hot day but to the young detainees it felt like the middle of summer. The air was thick with moisture and breathing was becoming increasingly difficult.


If their windows weren't up then they'd be drenched in sweat with more pouring in. but instead they were simply being suffocated by the smell and lack of air. The roof compressed further down and the tiny people were worried that the windows might shatter if it compresses any further. if that happened then there would be nothing between them and the storm brewing outside.


Tom watched the middle aged woman walked across the street knowing that the expensive car was lodge in her shoe, hidden from the world. He was amazed at the outcome but noticed that the woman had a distinct limp in her step caused up having something foreign in her shoe. Well, that wouldn't do, he thought, a hard working woman like that shouldn't have any distractions from her daily life. Thinking about the people trapped in her shoe he imagined their car getting smaller until it was only 1 millimeter long. That should allow her feet to feel more comfortable and keep those miserable hooligans trapped for good.


Unfortunately the for young, rich tinies their situation had merely gotten worse and worse. Of course, they didn't notice the change in size to their car since to them they had always been this small. But now they were in a situation far worse then they had ever been in now that they were trapped in a shoe that was larger then a football stadium. The rain of sweat caused by the feat that was washing their car a few seconds ago had now cause a noticeable flood with the car now sinking slowly in rising foot water. The shrunken individuals would somehow have to find a way to survive in this inhospitable environment or die by the feet of their goddess.

Chapter End Notes:

If anyone has suggestions of any sort then feel free to give them. This story offers quite a bit of potential to allow any idea and still make sense.

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