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Author's Chapter Notes:

I always enjoyed this story and decided to add a small chapter. Hopefully this sparks other people to contribute. 



Tom got dropped off downtown and looked around at the hustle and bustle of the city and the tall buildings. 


Almost immediately as after he got there, he saw a purse snatcher run up and grab a woman's purse. Springing to action, he immediately shrunk the man down to 1 inch before he could get away. 


The tiny man tried to tug the now much larger purse and drag it away. But the woman bent down and scooped him up with her purse. 


"And what do you think you're doing?" She said. Tom shrunk him even further to half his size. "Did you really think you could steal from me?" 


The tiny man struggled to escape her grasp. She laughed and dropped him into her purse. 


"There, you want it so bad? You can stay in there until I get home. My daughter could use a new doll." She said as she walked off. 


Please with his good deed, Tom walked off to see what other changes he could make. 


Outside of a museum, Tom saw a school field trip full of highschool kids waiting for their bus. He noticed there was an emo looking girl sitting all by herself. Every so often the popular group would point at her and start laughing. 


Feeling bad for the girl, he decided to grow her to 10 ft tall, and make her a bombshell by growing her boobs to huge G cups. 


Their bus showed up and all the kids got on, with the lonely girl at the back of the line. The buss was slightly larger than normal to accommodate her if she crouched down, but Tom didn't think that was enough. 


Right before it was her turn to get on, the bus shrank down to 1 inch long with all the students and teachers inside. 


"Ok everyone, I guess its time for me to carry everyone back" the girl said with a sigh. She picked the tiny bus up and places it in her massive cleavage for transport. 


Tom grew her all the way up to 50 ft to help make her walking easier. He laughed to himself as he thought about how that bus would have to combat her boobs sweat on such a warm day like today. 


Around the corner from the museum there was a large office building with a hippie looking woman waving a sign outside it and yelling. 


"Down with corporate greed! Save the animals!" She yelled as she marched back and forth. 


A security guard came out and started yelling at her to leave. 


Until the guard and the entire building shrank down. The building was only a foot tall, and the guard was less than an u39;". 


The woman bent down to look at the building with an angry look. 


"You can't bully me, I'm here to protect the planet from people like you!" She said. She looked around to make sure the coast was clear, and picked up the entire building. 


It shrank down even more to only ½" tall in her hand. 


"You are so small but the damage you do to the planet is so big. I'll put an end to your greed!" She said and pulled her waistband out to drop the entire building into her panties. Sealing all those people to their fate of battling her pussy. 


"Now if only I could make a real impact. Like if I could stop all that oil from being made!" She said with a frustrated look on her face. 


With a laugh, Tom made her 3000 feet tall, and teleported her outside the city so she didn't destroy any more buildings. She was so large that he could see her looking down on the city from where he stood. 


"I know, I'll just head over to the middle east where they drill it all up and stop them!" She said happily and started walking east. 


The thought of her dominating such a patriarchal society like in the middle east made him laugh, so he doubled her size, gave her H cup tits, and made her wear a skimpy bikini. He could see her tits bouncing back and forth, even from behind as she walked away, sending tremors through the city. 


He would love to see the faces of everyone over there when she showed up looking like that. 


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